Nelsan Ellis’s ‘Bolden’ Movie Needs YOU!

September 4, 2014

Calling All People in the Atlanta Area Today:

Nelsan Ellis stars as Lafayette Reynolds in HBO's True BloodAs we recently reported, True Blood’s Nelsan Ellis is set to star in the new movie, Bolden. It is a biopic based on the life of the cornet king, Buddy Bolden. Ellis has been cast in the role of Bartley, Bolden’s band manager. Currently filming is underway for this movie which is billed for cinematic release in 2015. But, if you are in the Atlanta area today (5th September 2014) and have not already auditioned for any extra work on set of this movie, now is your chance! All the casting details are supplied below:


For FITTINGS ALL WEEK – We are looking for AFRICAN AMERICAN MALES and FEMALES of all types to play 1900’s PICNIC IN THE PARK types. FRESH FACES – meaning you have NOT been fit to work on BOLDEN already. Looking for MALES who are 5’10 or SHORTER and should have a waist between 34″ and 40″. FEMALES should be no taller than 5’6, and have a bust SMALLER than a C. You MUST be available for a wardrobe fitting THIS WEEK. You must be willing to grow, trim, or cut your hair, and shave, or have your mustache/facial hair styled by our hair and makeup professionals.

SUBJECT – 1900’s PICNIC IN THE PARK (WEEKDAY of your availability – ie. Thursday Fitting)

Please Include 3 Photos of yourself:
– 1 Head shot style**
– 1 Medium**
– 1 Full Length**
– 1 Additional photo if you have any from a previous period film (ie, ‘Ring of Fire’, ‘Bessie’, ’42’,or any period film or TV show with a period feel )
**These photos should have been taken recently and MUST reflect exactly what you currently look like (well lit & in focus)

Please Submit to the email below and include the following:

1. Legal Name
2. Phone Number
3. Email
4. Age (Date of Birth)
5. Height
6. Weight
7. Hair Color/Style – Are you willing to change it? (Yes/No)
8. Tattoos (Yes/No – Location on Body)
9. Shirt/Blouse Size
10. Pant/Dress Size
11. Shoe Size
12. Current City
13. Car (Year/Color/Make/Model)

SUBJECT LINE: 1900’s PICNIC IN THE PARK (WEEKDAY of your availability – ie. Thursday Fitting)

Let us know if you are auditioning for this by commenting below!

Source: Access Atlanta – Biopic “Bolden” needs extras in Atlanta this week

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True Blood Casts A New Faerie for Season 6

November 14, 2012

True Blood Brings Rob Kazinsky On Board for Season 6

Rob Kazinsky to star as Ben in Season 6 of HBO's True Blood

Make way, Bill (Stephen Moyer), Eric (Alexander Skarsgard), and Alcide (Joe Manganiello): True Blood‘s got another hunk for its Season 6!

English actor Rob Kazinsky is set to play season regular Ben: a charming, Southern faerie favoring both women and men. Along with  assisting Sookie (Anna Paquin) and Jason (Ryan Kwanten) to discover more about their parents’ murders, he is also said to be covering a much darker side to him…we’ll just have to wait and see!

Kazinsky is most known on television as a doctor on Brothers & Sisters and will be joining Blade Runner‘s Rutger Hauer on True BloodHauer is set to play the series regular Macklyn, an ominous and enigmatic character with strong connections to Sookie and Jason.

Season 6 of HBO’s True Blood airs in June 2013. Stay tuned to find out just who these characters are!

Sources: – True Blood Exclusive: Rutger Hauer Joins Cast as Regular — What’s His Connection to Sookie? – Scoop: True Blood Adds English Hunk to Season 6 Cast as Sookie’s New Love Interest

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Spoiler: New Weres Cast for True Blood Season 5

December 4, 2011

Lions and Tigers and Weres, Oh My!

Louis Herthum (new werewolf season 5)Well just when we thought True Blood couldn’t get any juicier, it appears that the Were world is going to secure some new story lines in the upcoming Season Five. There has been confirmation that two new actors have been cast as recurring roles.

The Last Exorcism’s Louis Herthum has been cast as (reportedly) Alcide Herveaux‘s (Joe Manganiello) Father JD, who will play a “marine type” who refuses to submit alligence to the new Shreveport pack leader. Herthum has signed on for 5 episodes, hopefully the story of Alcide and his father will have a happy ending, though if it follows suit to the rest of the series storylines, I doubt that is likely.

Kelly Overton (new werewolf season 5)The second addition to the True Blood cast is Kelly Overton of The Ring 2. Overton will play Rikki, a sexy new were, who is determined to find out what has happened to the old pack leader Marcus Overton has signed on for 6 episodes, hopefully she doesn’t meet the same fate as the one she is searching to find answers about…

One thing is certain, the writers for True Blood are expanding the scope of the supernatural world, and letting the world know, that vampires are not the only sexy supes out there… though this point was already made loud and clear with the role of Alcide and the sexy Joe Manganiello.


Sources: Deadline

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Two New Hotties Cast for True Blood Season 4

March 11, 2011

True Blood Season 4 Spoilers

Excitement is in the air with True Blood filming its fourth season. With filming underway so is one of my favorite things about television: casting! According to, two more gorgeous guys will be coming to Bon Temps.

The 411

Brandon Molale as Officer XBrandon Molale has been cast as Officer X and is described as being 6’4 and from Concord, CA. His credits include Mr. Deeds, Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, NCIS (just like several other members of the True Blood cast), Reno: 911 and others. He is also described as being very athletic and was the guy behind Adam Sandler’s football stunts in the Waterboy.

While the name Officer X doesn’t tell us much, it certainly does make you wonder what he’ll be doing in Bon Temps with that kind of a description doesn’t it?

Randy Wayne as MattRandy Wayne has been cast as Matt and is an Oklahoma native. He is best known for his role in To Save a Life and most recently has been seen on The Secret Life of the American Teenager. But in addition to being an actor IMDb credits him as being a writer and producer. As it turns out he is one of the producers for a film called Open House which stars True Blood’s Stephen Moyer (Bill Compton) and Anna Paquin (Sookie Stackhouse). It really is a small world after all.

Both actors have been listed for two episodes so far and I for one can’t wait to see what they’ll be doing.


Source: – True Blood Cast

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SPOILERS: News for True Blood Season 4 Episode 3

January 3, 2011

The Latest True Blood News

Kristen Dos Santos of E! News has given True Blood fans a couple of new scoops on the upcoming Season 4 of True Blood. She shared a little about Denis O’Hare possibly coming back to True Blood in the future, as well as a few spoilers for some of the earlier episodes in Season 4.

Monica: Will Denis O’Hare be back on the new season True Blood?
It sure sounds like it because sources tell me that there will be a big storyline in which we see vampire attacks on YouTube—which is classic Russell Edgington, no? However, it turns out it’s not Russell, but rather an underground filmmaker who is capturing various vamps on video and then posting on YouTube for the world to see. Needless to say, this is not going to improve relations between the bloodsuckers and conservatives of the True Blood world. As for Denis, I’m told he is expected back at some point but so far no concrete plans (i.e. contract) in place. Might be another season or two.

Jonathan: More True Blood spoilers, please!
In an early episode, Pam is going to get a “hot and stupid” sack o’ meat to chew on who actually enjoys being bitten. And Tommy will get an intriguing offer from a prospector. Producers are also casting a Spanish-speaking badass chiquita who’ll be a recurring role in episodes two through six.

More on New Roles Being Added

Several new roles on True Blood are also being cast (some of which have been mentioned above). The roles range from being in several episodes to minor screen time in one episode. That episode will be the third of the new season, and is titled “If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin’.”

First among the characters being cast is Antonia, who will appear in episodes 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. The character is described as being fierce, and those who audition must speak fluent Spanish and be between their 20s and 40s.

Another role being cast for is that of a Vampire who has 8 lines and 2 scenes. He’s caught on tape feeding on a woman, and is desperate to escape the dire consequences of his actions.

A Young Woman will be seen being fed on by the aforementioned vampire, and she is described as being pudgy. She has 2 lines and 1 scene, in which she will be seen in a grainy youtube video.

Someone had to take the video of the vampires feeding on people, and that is the Camera Operator. He’s in his 20s, and loves being on camera to warn America about vampires by filming vampires feeding. He’s a righteous, somewhat dimwitted yokel who has a beard. He has 1 speech and 1 line.

Tommy Mickens will have new things in his future too. He’ll have an intriguing offer given to him by a slick prospector (who works for an energy company) named Paul McClatchy. Paul will have 2 speeches and 4 lines.

Another new minor character will only be known as Fangbanger. He’s described as being hot and stupid. He gets bitten by Pam, and tries to command her to do things, only to be disappointed when she leaves. He’ll have 3 lines and 1 scene.

Finally, there’s the Conservative F*ck, who debates AVL representative Nan Flanagan on air. He’s a smug conservative who has 1 speech and 1 line.

It sounds like we Truebies have a lot of new details to mull over while we continue to wait for Season 4. Let us know what you think of these new spoilers in the comments.

SOURCES: E! Online — Spoiler Chat: Smallville, True Blood, Vampire Diaries, House and More! — Casting Calls for 4.3 “If you love me, why am I dyin'”

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True Blood Season 4 Spoiler: Casting Call for New Character

October 21, 2010

New True Blood Character Being Cast

According to, True Blood is currently casting a new series regular. Her name is Marnie, and she’s going to be taken over by a witch, which could lead to some interesting new plot twists in the upcoming Season 4. Though very little is currently known about Marnie, it seems as though she’ll be a new original character for True Blood.

What do you think of this new information? How might Marnie be important to Season 4? Let us know what you think in the comments.

UPDATE: Thanks to the help of some lovely commenters, we’ve realized that Marnie is most likely Marnie Stonebrook, better known to Southern Vampire Mystery readers as Hallow.

SOURCE: — True Blood – Season 4 – New Series Regular

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