Michael McMillian talks about his New Comic Lucid

September 12, 2010

Michael McMillian True Blood Rev. Steve Newlin at Comic-con 2010Michael McMillian on Lucid:

Michael McMillian, known to most of us as Reverend Steve Newlin, sat down and answered some questions about the comic LUCID that he was involved in writing. First, he thanked everyone involved in the project and stated that fans have been positive about it and he comments that he is really excited about where the book is going. Michael talks at Comic Con that his favorite part of the book that he wrote involves Twitter! The graphics look great and he definitely is very proud of the artist’s work that was involved in the comic. Michael spills the beans about where book 2 will go, he explains that it will go further into the history of magic, and spells. Book 2 will also involve some major political world powers. He does say that he could change his mind and it could be completely different.

Michael McMillian has done an awesome job with his role as Steve Newlin and looks like he is doing just as good with his comic and really seems to be enjoying himself.


True Blood’s Joe Manganiello and Denis O’Hare Share Their Views

August 18, 2010

Joe Manganiello True Blood Alcide HerveauxTrue Blood welcomed two actors to Comic Con this year. Joe Manganiello and Denis O’Hare were welcomed by fans and cast members to join them at what has become a True Blood tradition.  The video below features both cast members as they discuss their time on the show. Denis O’Hare informs us that he was actually overseas when he first got the call and couldn’t believe, he actually had to sit down! Joe has said before in many interviews, that he was chosen by fans who blogged about choosing him to play Alcide.

After the last few episodes many of us are wondering where are we going from here? How does Russell deal with losing a love that he has had for over 700 years, will Sookie and Alcide ever get a chance? While both cast members choose their words very carefully, each talked a little on this season.  Joe mainly said that while him and Sookie definitely have a spark they are both in such bad places in their lives.  Denis says this season is a lot about lose and almost every character will lose something.  Check out the below video to see the full interview.


James Frain Makes Fun of Franklin at Comic Con

August 11, 2010

Access Hollywood reporter Laura Saltman joked around with James Frain during a video interview at Comic Con.  Noting that James was not at the True Blood autograph table, James explained his scheduling conflict.  He was attending a panel for his new show for NBC, The Cape, and also for Tron Legacy, a new Disney movie.

He was a bit surprised at how much he was recognized during walking around Comic Con.  It was for his role as vampire Franklin Mott on HBO‘s True Blood.

Noting that his character is quite memorable is an understatement.  In fact, James had this to say about Franklin:

“There’s something about him that feels like he might be, you know, just between you and me, a little crazy, I think.”

Among all the joking about how over the top his character is, it was difficult to see if James was serious or speaking with tongue in cheek on his speculation for the future relationship with Tara.

James said he can see a wedding between Franklin and Tara next season. While Franklin can see a future for them, Tara doesn’t get it and needs to come around.  Was he aware that Tara bashed his brains out?!  Does he know something we don’t?

Okay, spoiler or joke?  You decide.  Watch the video!

SOURCE: accesshollywood.com


Charlaine Harris Shares her Thoughts on True Blood at Comic-Con 2010

August 7, 2010

Charlaine Harris attended Comic-Con 2010 and RabidDoll.com caught up with her on the red carpet.  In the interview Charlaine discusses her feelings on Alan Ball‘s adaptation of her books and the differences between True Blood and the books.

In the interview when asked how she feels about HBO‘s True Blood Charlaine says that it is “happy city” where she lives.  She says that she watches the show every week and that it’s party time at her house when True Blood is on.  Charlaine reiterates that she loves that the fans embrace the books and the show and that they are able to enjoy the two different entertainment experiences.  She says that she has no input on the show aside from providing the foundation with the books and she also loves that fans of the books can still be surprised when watching the show since Alan does not strictly follow the books.

It is obvious when watching the video of Charlaine that on top of being a fantastic author she is also a genuinely down to earth person. Enjoy the video!

Source: RabidDoll.com


True Blood Comic Books Featured at Comic-Con 2010

August 7, 2010

San Diego’s local network, FOX 69, featured the new True Blood comic books, published in collaboration with HBO and IDW Publishing at Comic-con 2010. The reporter interviewed True Blood comic book writer David Tischman, Chris Ryall, and Chief Creative Officer of IDW Publishing. They both writers state how important it was for the comic characters to stay true to their TV counterparts – both in looks and in words. After watching, I’m not sure what was more amusing – the reporter in the costume or the anchor playing with a Yoda doll. Enjoy watching the video.


Denis O’Hare’s True Blood Experience at Comic-Con 2010

August 7, 2010

“Well it’s definitely overwhelming but good-natured–sort of like Mardi Gras meets a science fair.” That’s how Denis O’Hare describes his experience at San Diego Comic-Con 2010. The actor was welcomed with open arms by the True Blood-loving crowd because of his scene-stealing turn in Season 3 as the manipulative Vampire King of Mississippi, Russell Edgington. Denis did an interview with the blog SieWorld in which he offers his reflections on the convention.

Like many actors who play vampires, Denis did in fact have a “biting” experience. A security woman stopped him and Kristin Bauer van Straten on their way up to a rooftop party:

“[She] asked for badges or bracelets and just as things were threatening to get officious, she suddenly screamed, I mean screamed and was like, “Oh My GOD!!!! It’s Pam and the KING! She let us in the party and then we took a series of pictures with her and her friends and she directed us to bite her friend’s neck. Which we promptly did.”

As someone who is used to being around theater people (who are probably a little tamer in their affection), Denis seemed pleased by the level of passion from True Blood fans but also a little unnerved, feeling like lots of people in the crowd knew who he was. He was stopped often, but he says that everyone was very respectful.

When Denis mentions some of the True Blood swag he got, he says that his boyfriend, Hugo, was given a “VILF” shirt:

JS: Uh…”Vampires In Love Finally”?
Denis: Ooooooh, you are so pure of heart. Think MILF.
JS: I forgot what MILF stands for, too.
Denis: “Vampires I’d Like To…”
JS: Got it. Got it. Moving on.

As a fan of sci-fi himself, Denis was happy to go to the various parties and meet some of the people he’s admired, such as Mirina Sirtis, Levar Burton, and others from Star Trek: Next Generation.

His favorite part of the weekend: the True Blood panel.

“I had a really good time with the cast. The panel was a trip. Coming out into that room where 5,000 people are screaming and applauding and laughing… that was sort of a once in a lifetime moment.”

To sum it up, Denis describes Comic-Con in three words: “Freaky. Fantasy. Frolic.”

To read the complete interview click here.

SOURCE: sieworld.blogspot.com

(Photo courtesy of Denis O’Hare)


True Blood Comic Book Series with IDW Publishing

August 6, 2010

At Comic-con 2010 in San Diego, California, IDW Publishing finally released a comic book series that you can really sink your teeth into.  That’s right, Alan Ball, HBO, and IDW Publishing came together to create the first ever True Blood comic book series.  IDW‘s director of Marketing, Anna Maria White was on hand to give True Blood fans the scoop about this new way to interact with both the main characters and the universe of True Blood.

The series was plotted by True Blood creator Alan Ball; written by David Tischman and Mariah Huehner.  The amazing artwork was provided by well-known illustrator David Messina.


VIDEO: Joe Manganiello Discusses Season 4 with MTV

August 5, 2010

When MTV caught up with Joe Manganiello and Kristen Bauer at Comic-Con where they were hoping for some big-time True Blood spoilers. Not quite. Both Joe and Kristen comment on the craziness that will come at the end of season 3. Joe does go on to talk about Alcide‘s storyline in Charlaine Harris‘s novels which is a little spoilerish. Whether Alan Ball will choose to stick to that path, we don’t know yet. But it could make it interesting. Check out the entire interview below!

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Source: MTV.com


VIDEO: True Blood Cast at Comic-con 2010 with The Buzz

August 4, 2010

The Buzz had the chance to catch up with the cast of True Blood at Comic-con 2010.  All the cast members were asked a series of question from their experience at Comic-con to the special effects on the show.  A wonderful video with the cast as they share their enthusiasm for the show and for the fans. Enjoy!


VIDEO: Kristin Bauer van Straten Says Pam’s Loyalty is Tested

July 31, 2010

She looked cool, calm and collected, and Jethro Nededog of Zap2it.com asked Kristin Bauer van Straten some excellent questions about Pam, True Blood‘s sassy and sophisticated vampire.

First of all, Pam has become a regular this season and Kristin‘s reaction was, “It’s like being invited to the best party ever!”  Joking about starting off being tortured with her shirt open, Kristin said this is now a topic of conversation with the women – read the script, look at wardrobe and know it’s time to stop eating and go work out.

Revealing a little about what’s in store for Pam, Kristin said major shifts are happening in the vampire hierarchy, and the dominoes are about to spiral downward.  Pam is being pushed emotionally and physically.  We find out so much about her relationship with Eric.

Kristin said she didn’t think Pam had an achilles heel but we find she can be vulnerable.  Both Pam‘s and Eric‘s lives are at stake (no pun intended).  Her loyalty is tested to the max.  And her integrity.  We get to see Pam‘s humanity and who she cares about.  According to Kristin, everybody needs someone and Eric is it for Pam.

Asked what she’d like to see happen next season (Season 4), Kristin referenced an occurrence in Charlaine Harris‘ book 4 in the series.  Eric loses his mind and Pam and Sookie have to take care of him.

If Eric had to choose between saving either Pam or Sookie, who would he choose?  She didn’t answer, but said we would find out this year.

Making fun of Kristinalways hanging on to her purse, Kristin joked that in real life it has everything near and dear to her.  From food to cellphone (she even took photos of Alexander Skarsgard next to his cardboard likeness and emailed it to him), her cherry chapstick is very special.

Source:  zap2it.com


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