True Blood Costume Designer on Season 5

January 27, 2012

On Clothing Bon Temps and Her Intimate Encounter with Michelle Forbes:

Michelle Forbes as MaryAnnAudrey Fisher, a costume designer for HBO’s True Blood, talked about the experience she has had clothing the residents of Bon Temps, Louisiana. Fisher has been researching for Season 5; her research includes informing herself on what’s in the stores nowadays, maintaining contact with companies, and keeping in touch with the actors. She and creator Alan Ball will have a costume meeting for the purpose of finding the look of the season so she can begin her designs.

Fisher on her weirdest encounter on the True Blood set:

“When Michelle Forbes was the Maenad Bride [MaryAnn Forrester] during the climax of season 2, she was wearing her giant 3-fingered claw hands and this giant 1940s bridal gown and floral headpiece, and the poor dear was so hungry but couldn’t hold her own sandwich… so I fed her. It was very intimate.”

Fisher’s favorite scenes of True Blood:

“I’m partial to the historical flashbacks because it’s so fascinating to see the characters in that new environment, watch the actors be transformed in their period costumes and witness it all unfold in the gorgeous sets… choosing a favorite scene is almost impossible because there are so many stories behind each costume, and every character and every element of their costume.”

We can’t wait to see what Audrey Fisher has in store for our favorite characters, how about you?

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True Blood Costume Design at Comic-Con Today!

July 23, 2009

alexandercostumeforeric01True Blood is everywhere at Comic-Con this weekend!  Have you ever wondered how they come up with those incredible outfits?  How do they pick out those great, hairy, barbarian warrior costumes Eric and his men wore in the recent flashback to when he was ‘made’ a vampire by Godric 1000 years ago in “Never Let Me Go“? Or how do they come up with the wild and crazy threads that bleeding edge Lafayette wears on a weekly bases?

Today at Comic-Con there will be a panel discussion on costume design in which True Blood wardrobe stylist Audrey Fisher will be participating.  The details are:

Location: HALL H Room 32AB

Time: 2:00-3:00 Costume Designers: Designing for Television Production— Characters created by writers and comic book illustrators are made real for the screen via the artistry of costume designers. Meet the women and men who are the costume designers on this year’s most popular television productions. Panel moderator Phillip Boutte Jr. (costume illustrator and member of the Costume Designers Guild, Local 892) hosts costume designers Shawna Trpcic (Dollhouse), Roland Sanchez (Lost), Amanda Friedland (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles), and Audrey Fisher (True Blood).

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