True Blood Season 3 Spoiler Clip: Crystal’s Revelation to Jason

August 26, 2010

HBO has released a spoiler clip from this Sunday’s airing of Episode 11: “Fresh Blood” featuring Jason and Crystal talking after she has revealed to him that she is a werepanther.  Now what will Jason do?

Once again many thanks to BLT & Associates and HBO for sending this video to us!

Ep. 35: Clip – Jason & Crystal have a serious talk

True Blood’s Lindsay Pulsipher Reveals Crystal is a Troublemaker

August 18, 2010

She can’t give away too much information on her True Blood character, Crystal Norris, but Lindsay Pulsipher told The TV Chick that Crystal will “definitely bring some surprises and a little bit of trouble” and chaos to Bon Temps.

Lindsay learned about her character from the writers. She was fascinated by the complexity and mystery of the character. Crystal has a lot of layers and issues that she’s trying to cope with, as will be revealed as the season comes to an end.

When asked if Crystal is a non-human, Lindsay laughed as she tried not to reveal any spoilers.

“There’s some instincts that Crystal might have that might be a bit foreign to normal folk (laughs). In the books, she definitely has some supernatural powers. And I think that she has the instincts which myself, as a normal person, might not have and it was really fun to explore — I’m getting into dangerous territory (laughs).”

Moving on to Ryan Kwanten and his Jason Stackhouse character, Lindsay said that Ryan is a big practical joker. Being a great actor and really knowing his character, Lindsay finds his pranks and Jason-isms funny and spontaneous.

So what is drawing Crystal to Jason – his charismatic personality? Lindsay says that seeing him approaching her truck without a shirt definitely made Crystal notice.

“But I think on a deeper level, she’s been locked up on the compound, and I think that she might see a little bit of an escape for her, and a way for her to maybe put her past life behind her, and she kind of looks at him and thinks ‘Could he be the one to help me do this?'”

Lindsay is no different from her cast-mates in her praise for the friendly, fun and high-quality working environment of True Blood.

“…it just makes the whole experience that much more pleasant and enjoyable. Everybody on the show are such talented actors, that it really maintains this level of commitment and quality to their work, that I think is just so important. I think that people watching the show get that and understand that.”

Early on, Alan Ball provided amazing insight into Crystal’s past. Lindsay said he was instrumental in helping her create the character. She is impressed with Alan’s careful eye for detail and specific directions to keep the show on the path he and the writers want it to go.

As for the most challenging aspect of playing Crystal, Lindsay admitted that it’s maintaining the integrity of the character. The different struggles in her life, trying to “create a sense of empathy” and keeping within the complex layers keeps the role challenging.

There’s more to come of this “little troublemaker”. Keep watching True Blood Sunday nights on HBO.


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Lindsay Pulsipher on Settling into the Role of Crystal Norris

August 12, 2010

One of the mysterious new figures of True Blood Season 3 has been Jason‘s love interest, Crystal Norris. Rumor has it that she and her relatives will be causing quite a bit of mayhem in Bon Temps in the remaining episodes. In an interview with Celebrity Extra Online, actress Lindsay Pulsipher talks about her character and how it felt coming onto such a prominent show. Just don’t expect her to divulge whether she’ll be sticking around for Season 4Lindsay abides by Alan Ball‘s strict ‘No Spoiler’ policy!

Her initial reaction to scoring the part of Crystal was excitement, which turned into nervousness when she considered how popular True Blood is, how passionate the fans are, and what the expectations would be:

“Panic sets in and then you think, ‘Oh man, can I pull this off and make people excited about this role?’ So I hope that I’ve pulled through.”

Lindsay loves playing Crystal because she’s so complicated and interesting:

“[She] is just a really strong and spirited character. And I think that it’s every actor’s dream to kind of play a role that has a little meat to it. And there’s a lot for me to play with, with Crystal. She’s multilayered and she’s complex, and she’s got a lot of issues in her life right now. And she’s a little bit manic and it’s fun to be able to explore all those avenues.”

Plus, it helps that the atmosphere on the True Blood set is so friendly. Everyone loves coming to work everyday. They all enjoy being together, yet they’re also very dedicated to doing their jobs well and creating a great show. Lindsay said all those factors make it such a pleasant work environment.

She has done some great work with Ryan Kwanten in the last few episodes, so it will be fun to see how her storyline expands in the rest of the season to include other characters, too.

Lindsay also has an upcoming film called The Oregonian that she’s very excited about. She describes it as “kind of an art horror film,” in which her character wakes up after a car accident and tries to discover whether she’s alive, dead, or in purgatory somewhere. Sadly, before we know it, Season 3 will be over, and we will all be suffering withdrawal pains, so it’s nice to watch other projects from the True Blood actors so can cope with the long absence before we see their characters again! Unless they’re dead… in which case, it’s still nice to see the work they go on to do.


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A Crystal Clear Discussion with Lindsay Pulsipher: A Exclusive

July 28, 2010

Lindsey Pulsipher True Blood Crystal Norris

One of the first recurring roles that Lindsay Pulsipher played was as Heather on the show, “Touched by an Angel” and now she’s playing Crystal, a character that’s been touched by anything and everything but an Angel. We’re fascinated by the unlikely concept of someone able to tame Jason Stackhouse, but with Lindsay lending her wistful, angelic face to the role of Crystal Norris , she may just manage to capture Jason‘s heart. She sure caught and held our attention! Lindsay was great to talk to, very fun and energetic and we at really appreciate her taking the time for us! Oh.. and you’ll just love her new little friend, Mars. What a cutie and who can resist that face!

TBN: You mentioned in previous Interviews that you were inspired by your mother to get into acting? Can you elaborate on that? What was your very first performance?

Lindsay: Well my first experience in acting was at a small community theater in Salt Lake City, Utah, called Hale Center Theater. It was such an exciting time for me as a kid. I loved the creativity of acting, and the freedom to be whomever I wanted. I was definitely encouraged by my mom to pursue any artistic dreams I had.

TBN: Was your mother an actor as well or was she just supportive of your becoming one?

Lindsay: My mother acted in plays, but she decided to have six kids instead of pursuing a career in acting. One of my first inspirations was seeing my mom performing “You Can’t Take it with You.” I remember seeing her all dressed up in her stage makeup, and thought “Wow! I don’t even know that woman; she looks so different from my mom.” It just opened up this door, this creative door, for me. I really got inspired by her performance.

TBN: So your first performance was?

Lindsay: My first professional television performance was on “Touched by an Angel.” They actually filmed the show in Utah so local actors were very fortunate to get some television experience before deciding they wanted to pursue LA or New York or Chicago. We had that opportunity, and we were all very grateful for it.

TBN: And did you go on to study acting?

Lindsay: I did. I studied and took classes in Utah. And later I moved to Los Angeles where I’ve been doing mostly private coaching and scene study classes out here.

TBN: You also starred in “The Beast” along with Patrick Swayze. Can you give us a little more insight to your character? A little more detail about the show?

Lindsay: Rose, my character on “The Beast” was the complete opposite of Crystal. Rose was extremely refined, strong woman who knew what she wanted out of life, with her head on straight. Crystal, is completely opposite of that. It was really fun to play such different characters in the same year. And Patrick Swayze was an amazing person to work with. He will always be remembered by me as an inspiration, knowing what he was going through every day, coming to the set and working so hard was very inspiring.

Lindsey Pulsipher True Blood Crystal Norris

TBN: Oh yes, how amazing that he managed to do so well under the circumstances. And referring to Crystal, congratulations on getting the role of Crystal Norris on “True Blood.” Could you share with us how you got the role? How did your audition go? How did you know about the role?

Lindsay: I have an agent and manager here in Los Angeles that are really great on getting me in on really good projects. When this came up I have to say I was just really, really excited. I had two auditions, both of them were with Alan Ball, and the second one Ryan Kwanten read with me. A few hours later I got a call from my manager telling me I had booked it. I don’t know if I’ve been happier about booking a role.

TBN: How did you prepare for the role? Did you read any of the books in creating the character?

Lindsay: I think I wanted to see Crystal more through the eyes of the “True Blood” writers first, before i read the books. Once I got a sense of where they were going with her I thought, “Okay, I’m ready to read Charlene Harris’s character and take it from both sides”. It’s been an incredible journey and the character is, oh, she is just so fun to play. She has so many layers going on and just amazingly written.

TBN: Crystal plays a huge role in the story line of Jason Stackhouse. How would you describe her and her interactions with Jason?

Lindsay: Crystal is revealed slowly in the third season. Jason sees her during a drug bust at Hot Shot which is where she lives. He’s out there and he catches a glimpse of her running through the trees and they have this special, electric moment where they first see each other and then she takes off running. Later she and Jason run into each other again in Bon Temps and they have this really funny exchange, a very classic Jason moment. And their relationship develops from there. Ryan does such a good job of playing Jason. This season is really about their relationship and how it grows. As we all know, Jason loves the ladies, and he has had quite a few of them. I think Crystal is somebody different and special for him and they have a really magical relationship that develops, and takes shape this season.

TBN: Being the new girl on the set, what are your experiences on the show? Is it an easy crew to fit in with?

Lindsay: Actually a couple of the new actors and I were talking about that today. It’s amazing how you can tell walking onto the “True Blood” set that everybody there absolutely loves their job. Everyone is very close and friendly with each other, there are no egos on set. It’s just a warm, familial environment. It’s such a pleasant surprise because sometimes you walk on set and you’re the new girl and it’s not always that way, so to walk in and have everybody be so welcoming and truly happy to have you has been a great experience.

Lindsey Pulsipher True Blood Crystal Norris with Ryan Kwanten Jason Stackhouse

TBN: Have you acted with any of the other cast besides Jason?

Lindsay: Crystal does meet up with some of the other people in Bon Temps through out the season. She creates some chaos in the town, but for the most part, it’s been with Ryan.

TBN: So far, what’s been the most rewarding and the most challenging aspect of working on “True Blood?”

Lindsay: Crystal has been challenging to play because she’s a complex character. If you read the books, you know that she has a lot going on and that she’s a strong spirit. In the show she also has a lot that she’s dealing with. She comes from a very sheltered, back woods home, where they cook meth. She’s been home educated and hasn’t really been out in the real world too much and doesn’t have a lot of real-life experience. She’s had to grow up fast living the way that she does out in Hot Shot. So it’s been a challenge to stay true to all of the struggles that she is going through and play them all truthfully. A challenge is very good for me. I tend to thrive when I’m challenged so it’s really rewarding in that way too.

TBN: You know “True Blood” is such a phenomenal success. Are you prepared for the “True Blood” fans?

Lindsay: When people ask me this, I don’t know what to say because it just seems a little surreal. It hasn’t really affected me yet. I haven’t seen any of the fan reaction to Crystal yet, since she’s just being introduced. I think it’s always going to be exciting when you have such a huge fan base; it makes it more magical. I don’t know how to address it yet, but I’ll cross that bridge when i get to it!

TBN: Are there any questions you would like to ask the fans?

Lindsay: My friend Matt has this question he likes to ask, and I think it’s a question that would fit in well with the “True Blood” fans. “If you had to be bitten by a Vampire, a Werewolf, or a Zombie, which would you choose and why?”

My answer to the question was, “A Zombie, since they travel in groups, I would never have to be alone. ”

TBN: Has “True Blood” reshaped how you think of good and evil?

Lindsay: I think “True Blood” is constantly bending the rules of “good and evil” who can be trusted, and who can’t. Who’s the enemy, and who’s the hero? I think that’s one of the most fascinating aspects of the show.

TBN: If Crystal died, what would you like on her head stone?

Linsday: ::laughs:: That’s a great question. I guess something along the lines of “God knows she tried.”

TBN: During “True Blood’s” hiatus, do you have anything else coming up?

Lindsay: I’m in the works for a couple of different things. We have a nice shooting schedule on “True Blood.” Six months on and six months off. But I love staying busy, so work is always a good thing.

TBN: Do you have any charities or causes that are important to you?

Lindsay: Yes, absolutely. I support this wonderful organization called Stand up to Cancer. Patrick Swazye was actually really involved with them before he passed. I also lost my father to cancer, which was an extraordinarily hard thing to deal with. I fully support furthering the research, and finding a cure for cancer. They are a big one that I support.

Another one I fully support is a dog rescue based out of Los Angeles called The Mutt Movement. I actually just rescued a little dog from them a few months ago and she’s changed my life.

TBN: Awww. What’s her name?

Lindsay: Her name is Mars … like the planet.

TBN: And what type of dog is she?

Lindsay: She is a hairless Chihuahua mix. She’s really cute, she’s bald underneath with a little peach fuzz and she has a coat that goes from her head to her tail but it’s only on top, like she has a mohawk!

Lindsey Pulsipher True Blood Crystal Norris dog Mars

TBN: Do you Twitter and would you like your fans to know what your Twitter name is?

Lindsay: You know, I actually don’t Twitter and I don’t have a Facebook. Although we did discover that there’s a couple Facebook pages dedicated to Lindsay Pulsipher, and Crystal Norris that I didn’t create.

TBN: Do you ever read about yourself on the fan sites about “True Blood” or “The Beast?”

Lindsay: You know, I generally try and stay away from that stuff. It hasn’t happened very often, but of course it’s going happen – you read something negative about yourself that might or might not be true and it starts to affect you. So I try not to read anything that’s going to conjure up comments. I do try and research and go on the websites or the magazines that I’m going to do interviews with and get an idea of what the vibe is and what it’s all about. I looked at your site before I talked to you.

TBN: Oh, to make sure we weren’t serial killers or something? ::laughs::

Lindsay: ::laughs:: Oh no, not even that, but just to see what your style was and gage it and yeah, I do that stuff but I try not to read about myself.

I have a couple of films that I recently completed. One is called “The Oregonian” Directed by Calvin Lee Reeder. It’s a sort of esoteric, art–horror film. It’s the journey of a young woman who gets into a car accident and doesn’t really know if she’s alive or dead. It’s a really, really cool, out-there film. It will be doing the festival circuit later this year.

The other one is called “Do not Disturb.” I shot it with Eric Balfour. Directed by Petro Papahadjopoulos. It’s a series of short film vignettes that they have edited together into a feature and all of the short films have a similar thread that binds them together. It will also be out later this year.

TBN: Are you in just one of the short films?

Lindsay: Yes, It’s called “Rocket Man” and it’s kind of this throwback to the 60’s sci-fi films.

TBN: Just going back to Crystal, your character. How did you develop her personality? Did Alan Ball state how he wanted her presented or did you develop her character or was it a collaboration?

Lindsay: Actually a little of both. The writers do such an amazing job of creating these characters that they make your job easy because they’re so well written and so easy to work with. There’s definitely things that I did on my own, like the physicality Crystal would have. Those things I came up with on my own. For the most part she was just written so well in such a specific way that I stay true to that and I think the final product is going to be pretty cool.

Lindsey Pulsipher True Blood Crystal Norris How many episodes will we be seeing Crystal in?

Lindsay: Crystal will be seen in nine episodes this season.

TBN: So she is a major player!

Lindsay: Like I said, she is introduced slowly which is fun. She is revealed mysteriously and by mid season she starts to heat up.

TBN: Was it planned all along that she would be in a lot of episodes?

Lindsay: I think there were varying numbers. I think when I first auditioned it was for six episodes. And I ended up being in nine.

TBN: So they must have liked how the character is going …

Lindsay: Yeah, I hope so!

Having had a chance to be introduced to Crystal in “True Blood” now, we here at can certainly understand why HBO committed to more Crystal! She’s fun, mysterious, beautiful and has Jason going six ways from Sunday! The onscreen chemistry really works well and we’re excited to see where the relationship goes in the future. It seems to us that Jason has always loved women without liking them. With Crystal, there’s a lot to like.. although who knows what lurks behind that bright surface! Finding out is half the fun! Thanks again to Lindsay and HBO for a the opportunity to interview the woman within Crystal Norris.

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Lindsay Pulsipher Talks About Crystal Norris and Jason Stackhouse

July 27, 2010

Lindsay Pulsipher had a big task ahead of her when she stepped into the role of Crystal Norris on HBO‘s True Blood.  As fans of the book know, Crystal becomes an important character but it is unclear how close to the books Alan Ball will stay.  Lindsay was a big fan of the show before taking on the role of Crystal but she did not read the books until after filming started.  Since Alan does not necessarily stick to how the characters are written in Charlaine Harris’ books, she wanted to be sure she had a strong sense within herself of who Crystal was before she read the books.

We have only seen a few small parts with Crystal in it so far but it is clear that she has a difficult life and that she is sheltered and unhappy.  Crystal may be a redneck but Lindsay wanted to make sure that she did not come across as stupid.  She told the New York Post:

“Although she is a redneck from the sticks, she’s a real person. The life that she was raised with is kind of devastating. I think it can only breed life experience. She’s got a lot of knowledge that other people don’t. And I really wanted to make sure I brought a sense of empathy to her so the audience doesn’t just see Crystal as this crazy redneck bitch from the sticks. I hope that fans really like her.”

One of the benefits of portraying Crystal is working with Ryan Kwanten although Lindsay admitted that being Jason Stackhouse‘s current girlfriend made her nervous.  As we have seen, Jason‘s girlfriends do not tend to last very long on True Blood.  We first saw Crystal briefly, crying in the woods during a drug raid on the compound where she lives, however our first real taste of her came during a scene where Ryan chased her in a cop car and attempted to get her name and phone number, all without wearing a shirt.  The scene was a hit with fans and when the NY Post asked Lindsay if she knew it was going to be such a hit she replied:

“I loved that scene. It was such a funny, classic Jason Stackhouse meeting [laughs].  I was happy that the fans really loved it. It’s great, really funny.”

Jason is not used to having to chase a woman so he is even more drawn to Crystal because she is making it difficult for him.  After this week’s episode we now know that Crystal is engaged but we are still left with many questions about who she is.  Lindsay reveals that we have just begun to get to know Crystal saying:

“She has some secrets and brings some surprises for sure. We are just getting to the tip of the iceberg with Crystal in season three. She brings a lot of color.”

From what we have seen so far we are definitely looking forward to seeing what the deal is with Crystal and the Norris family.  Season 3 is shaping up to be the best one yet.  According to Lindsay it’s just going to keep getting better.

“Oh my gosh, as a fan, I totally geek out thinking about how exciting this season is.  It’s so fun and so exciting – I describe it like a Thanksgiving dinner.  It’s so full, it’s so rich, there’s so much going on that I think fans are going to be so pleased with this season.”


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Lindsay Pulsipher Talks Working with Ryan Kwanten

July 20, 2010

On last night’s True Blood, we FINALLY got to see a little more of Lindsay Pulsipher’s character Crystal. Given, we still didn’t learn much about her… but it was very apparent she and Ryan Kwanten have chemistry. And there may be more to come.

Zap2it spoke with Lindsay about her experience on the A&E show, The Beast as well as what it’s like working with Ryan Kwanten.

Lindsay‘s mother, an actress herself, supported Lindsay‘s desire to act. She got a role on The Beast, which was an experience in fandom, thanks to the show’s star, Patrick Swayze.

“I have to say that was really eye-opening for me. When we had to go out for cast dinners or a party or when you are out shooting, there was so much attention around [Swayze]. People were so enamored. How could you not? He was such a lovable person and he had a huge fan base.”

Now on True Blood, Lindsay‘s character has only been seen in glimpses at the alleged meth lab, until last night. But despite her upped screen time, Crystal still remains a mystery.

“She was home-schooled and she never really left the compound. I was actually misquoted as saying it was a Christian compound, which it’s not. It’s not a religious kind of thing. It’s just some red necks who live out in the woods cooking meth.”

Okay, that’s some info… but we all know there’s got to be more to Crystal. And whatever that “more” is, it’s got Jason Stackhouse all worked up.

“She brings complications for Jason‘s character for sure. I feel like for the first time maybe he sees something in Crystal that he hasn’t had in the other girls that he has been with. He’s kind of swept off his feet a little bit and he might think, ‘Oh, she could possibly be the one.'”

Considering “Jason Stackhouse” was trending big time on Twitter last night, fans might be liking what they see between the two. But don’t think it was easy. Lindsay learned early on with Ryan, she had to expect the unexpected.

“[Ryan is] an extremely giving actor and even in the audition he was right there and very available and present… I have realized that he is an extremely spontaneous actor and he’ll throw in a little ad-lib. That totally works for the scene and he was doing that in the audition, you know, he was kind of ad-libbing and improving a little bit, keeping me on my toes. And it works because I think that I was able to play off that. And it worked because I got the part.”

Oh, I wonder how many Truebies would want to trade places with Lindsay, maybe just for one shoot.


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Crystal Norris Stirs Up Bon Temps

July 18, 2010

A certain resident of the town of Hotshot is going to be stirring up the emotions of a certain man from Bon Temps. Yes, Crystal Norris is going to be a source of curiosity for Jason Stackhouse.

We know that Jason hasn’t been very lucky in love so far, falling for people like Amy (the drug dealer) and Steve Newlin Jr‘s wife Sarah. However, this latest attraction could have a very different outcome for Jason.

Lindsay Pulsipher, the woman behind Crystal, says that Crystal is immediately intrigued by Jason, and he’s equally attracted to her, so they’re going to have a special connection.

However, we don’t yet know how this relationship is going to affect the communities of Hotshot and Bon Temps. After all, Crystal has a secret which may be taken directly from Charlaine Harris‘ books.

How do you think Crystal‘s secret is going to affect Jason? How will their relationship affect the communities they live in?


(Image Credit: HBO Inc, screenshot by Isis Nocturne)


Entertainment Weekly Spotlight on “True Blood’s New Blood”

July 18, 2010

True Blood’s third season has been shaken up by the presence of fascinating new characters added to the mix of our familiar favorites. Five of these newcomers to the cast are featured in the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly. They talk about their characters and some of the things they faced on the job.

Denis O’Hare, the veteran thespian behind Russell Edgington, discussed the difficulties of portraying a vampire–having to ingest large amounts of the sugary syrup used for blood, and trying to pronounce S’s when wearing the sharp speaking fangs. Neither Denis nor any of the other actors hinted at their longevity on True Blood, but the article does say that the King’s “never-ending appetite for political play is his downfall.” According to Denis,

“My trajectory is a tragic one. At one point I end up with rotten teeth.”

Russell’s companion, Talbot, is portrayed by Greek actor Theo Alexander. The character was initially envisioned to be British, but Theo wanted a chance for the part:

“When I read it, I said, ‘He’s very sensual, he’s very Dionysian, he’s very Socratic.’ He reminded me of Greek royalty. I wore my kimono [to the audition] because he’s wearing his robe in the first scene.”

Theo and Denis enjoyed spending time together before the filming to come up with some backstory for their characters’ 700-year relationship. Talbot’s not just there to be a pretty face with the snarky comebacks–executive producer Alan Ball hinted that his actions as the season continues would have “pretty far-reaching consequences for a lot of people.”

In league with Russell and Talbot is Franklin Mott, played by James Frain. He says it was a mark of his inexperience playing a vampire that he struggled to remove his fangs when everyone else could just pop them right out. According to James, Franklin truly does have feelings for Tara, but “his idea of love proves he’s a psychopath” in that his view is so skewed and narcissistic.

Moving on to the werewolf of the group, Joe Manganiello entered the show as Alcide Herveaux, protector of Sookie as she ventured to Jackson, MS. In the article, EW actually acknowledges a fan site for being the first to nominate Joe for the role–that’s the power of popular demand, folks! On the subject of the nudity that’s expected to play a werewolf (or any supernatural creature, or any human, really!) on True Blood, Joe mentioned that there are a few options for actors to cover–or not cover–themselves:

“A sock, a thong, and the ‘manty’ or man panty. You can go sans sock, [but] I come from a good Pittsburgh upbringing that raised me to wear a sock.”

Finally, we’re introduced to Lindsay Pulsipher, who is still a great mystery to viewers because we’ve only glimpsed her twice thus far in the season. Her character, Crystal Norris, grabs the attention of womanizer Jason Stackhouse. Lindsay says she’s different from other girls Jason has been with:

“She’s not so eager to jump into bed with him. She’s unaware of how courtship works.”

It seems that her storyline is going to be revealed slower than others, but Alan said that the people of Bon Temps will face danger directly related to Crystal. (How’s that for cryptic…)

Of course, there are a few other newbies in Season 3, but this was a great feature on these characters/actors and definitely gets us interested for what’s in store for them!

SOURCE: Entertainment Weekly

(Photo credit: HBO Inc.)


Lindsay Pulsipher – True Blood’s Mystery Woman

July 12, 2010

Four episodes in, and we still don’t know much about her. But that will change. Lindsay Pulsipher is that mysterious blond running around in the meth lab we’ve only seen glimpses of. She gave an interview to, answering questions about her character, Crystal Norris, and what we can expect throughout the rest of the True Blood season.

It all began with an audition. Two auditions, really.

“I had two auditions, both with Alan Ball in the room. The second one Ryan Kwanten auditioned with me and a few hours later I found out I got the part. It was a very fast process.”

Having the creator/show runner in the room didn’t really phase her, though. After all, she’s a fan of Alan Ball‘s previous work and of True Blood.

Then the all important question: Team Eric or Team Bill?

“I think it would be interesting to see a Sookie/Eric relationship happen, mix it up. I think it’d be fun and interesting for the audience for sure.”

Sorry, Bill.

Lindsay then gives a little insight into her character since as of yet we don’t know a whole lot.

“… she’s kind of grown up on that compound and lived a very sheltered life. She hasn’t really lived outside of that drug world and when she sees Jason there in the woods I think something is sparked in her that she’s never really experienced before. That’s a life and possibly a relationship outside of her compound. This season you’ll definitely see a meeting between Jason and Crystal and a relationship blossom and explode.”

While she won’t reveal where she falls on the supernatural/human scale (although I think this has been revealed elsewhere if you’re interested), she does reveal there will be some intimate scenes between Crystal and Jason. And she had no real issue filming those sexy scenes.

“… there’s so much going on outside of the actual work. You go into your professional mode and you don’t think too much outside of the work. Usually it’s not a big deal because it’s all about the work and it’s just another scene. I think you have to look at it through your character’s eyes as opposed to your own.”

Lindsay confirms her character gets to interact with a few other folks in Bon Temps, though not everyone she would have liked. Unfortunately, she doesn’t name names. However, she does let it slip that she may have the opportunity next season… while simultaneously NOT saying whether or not she’ll be back for season 4.

Her favorite episode she shot?

“The season finale is going to be incredible. We just wrapped. It’s going to be incredible, so exciting and there’s so much going on. There’s a lot of typical cliffhangers and it’s just really, really exciting.”

But let’s not rush to the finale. We have so much to enjoy before we get there. Lindsay will appear in nine episodes in season 3. And she enjoyed working on the True Blood set.

“It’s one of the most friendly and welcoming sets that I’ve ever worked on. Everybody is buddies and everyone is friends. There’s a lot of goofing off and joking around. It’s very easy to be on set. The crew and the cast get along just great and are constantly interacting with each other. There are no egos at all. It’s just a real fun set.”

Considering her character hasn’t really appeared much yet, Lindsay hasn’t really experienced the crazy fandom that comes along with True Blood. Surely that will change once audiences get to learn about Crystal.

Lindsay will not be attending Comic-Con with the True Blood crew, but she’ll expect it’ll be a good time for everybody.

Lindsay‘s been on A&E’s The Beast and now on True Blood, so she’s got some TV experience. But is there a difference?

“I feel our generation is so blessed because we have such great television available now… I feel like every cable network are all producing such amazing TV and such great shows. I feel blessed to have been a part of two really amazing shows and I feel like our generation just gets to experience some of the best TV in history.”

What do you think? Do we have some of the best shows ever? Or is True Blood really it right now?

Be sure to check out there entire interview here.


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True Blood Welcomes Lindsay Pulsipher as Crystal Norris

June 30, 2010

Lindsay Pulsipher has always dreamed of being on the big stage, and even though she in on the TV and not on Broadway, I don’t think she is complaining. True Blood viewers saw a mysterious glimpse of her on last episode where she is going to play Crystal Norris. Jason and Crystal are going to become very close and have a special relationship.

“The writers are really focusing on the relationship between Crystal and Jason,” she said from Los Angeles. “Up to this point, he has never settled down, and I think she really knocks him off his feet. They have this magical relationship, and it’s brand new for both of them. It’s kind of a powerful, explosive relationship.”

While True Blood is known for it’s eye brow raising scenes, Lindsay says that she is not worried about it because she has talked to the show and they have agreed to allow her to step out of the scene when she is uncomfortable with the nudity. She said that she has a very trusting relationship with the producers.

Lindsay started acting school shortly after graduating from her high school, it was then she was picked up for a stint in “Touched by an Angel.” Later, she starred in “The Beast” which included the recently deceased Patrick Swayze. Lindsey thought that Patrick was an amazing actor.
So what does Lindsay think about her new opportunity on True Blood?

“Right now, my opportunities are really great, and I hope ‘True Blood’ makes it more available for me,” she added. “I think this show has an amazing fan base. I’m hoping this will lead to other things.”

Welcome aboard, Lindsay, we can’t wait to see Jason and Crystal in their “explosive” relationship.


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