Lindsay Pulsipher on True Blood

June 28, 2010

Jason Stackhouse may have a way with the ladies, but he doesn’t have much luck with love. Though things may change for Jason with the introduction of Crystal Norris to True Blood. interviewed Lindsay Pulsipher, the newest face on the third season of True Blood, on her character Crystal Norris, her love for horror movies, and being part of an HBO hit.

Lindsay‘s character comes from a religious compound in the backwoods of Louisiana. While she’s had a sheltered life, she still had to grow up rather quickly. While the character is being introduced in the third season, Crystal Norris actually shows up in the fourth installment of Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse novels.

Though a fan of the show, when Lindsay accepted the part of Crystal she decided not to read the novels right away . She wanted to experience the character through Alan Ball‘s eyes, and then create her own perception of Crystal. Recently though, she has started reading the books; she hasn’t gotten to book four yet but is enjoying the world Charlaine has created.

Not only does she enjoy the world of True Blood, as a fan of the show Lindsay found Lafayette to be her favorite character. Being of fan of True Blood isn’t a stretch for Lindsay. She notes,

“I’m a huge B-horror fan. I love all the horror films from the 70’s, so that definitely got me into something I’ve always loved. The whole world of vampires is kind of new to me. I didn’t think it was ever particularly important or interesting, but I can see why people love it and it’s definitely an interesting subject matter, for sure.”

Speaking of horror films, Lindsay notes that her favorite horror flick is hands down the original “Texas Chainsaw Massacre.” For her, it wasn’t about the fear factor of the movie, but the beauty of the grainy film.

While there might not be any scream out loud moments in True Blood, there is an undeniable beauty in the show, starting with the development of each character. As for Lindsay’s character Crystal, her development is as intense and complicated as the rest of the characters in Bon Temps. Crystal comes from a compound that doubles as a meth lab, and longs to see what else is out there. Meeting Jason becomes a physical manifestation of her desires to leave the compound. The season focuses on Crystal and Jason developing a romantic relationship and whether or not they can/want to make their relationship work.

When asked what makes Crystal so complimentary to Jason, Lindsay offers,

“I feel like for the first time [Jason‘s] kind of maybe swept off his feet; and he just kind of is looking at Crystal as this new way of life. It’s new for him. He’s not really sure how to handle true love, I don’t think, and I think that, for him, Crystal is maybe the real deal. She could be the one.”

As for her thoughts on Ryan Kwanten, the actor who plays Jason, Lindsay admires how spontaneous he can be when he is acting. He knows his character so well that he is able to improv and live through Jason. Jason‘s character is a beautiful balance of incredible writing and incredible acting on Ryan‘s part. Lindsay finds herself laughing out loud because he can be very funny on set.

What’s not so funny is Lindsay’s fear of blood through a needle, which will make her hyperventilate. Good things vampires only use fangs! It seems though Lindsay has nothing to fear when it comes to her career.

Before shooting True Blood, Lindsay did a couple of feature films. Lindsay notes one in particular:

“Do Not Disturb. It’s a Mali Elfman film. It’s sort of a vignette of short films that they edited into a feature, and that should also be doing the festival circuit later this year. I didn’t have a lot of character development in the story, but it’s kind of a sci-fi theme, and it’s really funny. The whole idea is really great, and my segment is definitely the weirdest of the five. [Laughs.] It’s kind of a sci-fi throwback to ‘60s sci-fi stuff… So I’ve got a couple things in the works and a couple things about to do the festivals.”

It seems like Lindsay is off and running with her career and fans of True Blood have been given a rare opportunity to see an actress grow into her spotlight.


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Utah Actress Lindsay Pulsipher on True Blood

June 24, 2010

Not only do Utah girls have big dreams, but they know how to make it happen! After seeing the movie “Annie” at age 8, Utah native Lindsay Pulsipher decided to become an actress.

20 years later, Lindsay has finally made it to Hollywood from her home town of Cottonwood Heights. The only thing is, there isn’t much singing when there are blood-thirsty vampires all around you. See, Lindsay didn’t simply make it to Hollywood, but also to the set of the HBO series True Blood, where she will be a regular cast member for at least nine episodes.

Though the third season began on June 13th, Lindsay made her debut in the second episode as the mysterious Crystal Norris, who will be the new love interest for Jason Stackhouse. As Lindsay views it,

“The writers are really focusing on the relationship between Crystal and Jason…up to this point, he has never settled down, and I think she really knocks him off his feet. They have this magical relationship, and it’s brand new for both of them. It’s kind of a powerful, explosive relationship.”

With a powerful and explosive relationship comes explicit scenes. The show has been known for its sexuality and violence. With that said, the producers have been very understanding with Lindsay, allowing her to use a body double. Lindsay notes,

“I kind of knew that the show is very sexually driven, especially Jason’s character…they did tell me that they would never ask me to do something I wasn’t comfortable with. But I trust them and I knew they wouldn’t ask me. Right off the bat I felt comfortable with that.”

With a comfortable actress, comes a comfortable and organic performance. Audiences have already had a glimpse of Lindsay and now they’re looking for more of that Utah fire in Bon Temps.

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Lindsay Pulsipher talks about Complex and Complicated Crystal Norris

June 13, 2010

Season 3 of True Blood has been so shrouded in secrecy that very little information about plot development, new characters, and story line have been discussed. Luckily for True Blood fans, new character addition Lindsay Pulsipher, who plays Crystal Norris, sat down with IESB for an interview about this upcoming season.

Crystal Norris is a new character that will be introduced in Season 3 as Jason Stackhouse’s, played by Ryan Kwanten, love interest. Crystal is considered a “crazy” and “complex” character who is both fun and challenging for Lindsay to play. Raised in a secluded meth cooking compound, Crystal led a reclusive and sheltered life until meeting Jason. While running errands in Bon Temps, Crystal becomes intrigued by Jason and for the first time in her life, she wants to know someone away from the compound. During their time together, Jason thinks that Crystal could be “the one” and begins to show her how great life can be outside of her terrible backwoods compound.

Crystal though, has a lot going on in her life and probably won’t be the “most well-received character.” For Lindsay, playing Crystal creates a mixture between highlighting Crystal’s crazy personality, but also creating empathy from the viewers by highlighting what a struggle life outside the compound is. As far was what Season 3 goes, the story line for Crystal will be focusing on her relationship with Jason and her struggle to adapt to living off the compound. For fans of the Sookie Stackhouse novels, a few changes will be evident when introducing Crystal: described as dark-haired and olive-skinned in the books, on film Crystal has light blond hair and light skin.

For Lindsay, playing Crystal on True Blood Season 3 has been a wild experience. Lindsay may be familiar to some fans- she played opposite of Patrick Swayze on the A&E series The Beast. After only two auditions in front of Alan Ball, Lindsay landed the role of Crystal. Throughout the filming of Season 3, Lindsay has learned more and more about Crystal as each new script becomes available.

Throughout the season now, I’m getting to know more and more about her. [Alan Ball is] really good at keeping us on our toes and keeping us guessing. Each script can be completely different and something new is brought in. They don’t really tell us beforehand. They don’t sit us down and say, “This is what’s going to happen with your character.” With each script, we just figure it out.

Lindsay hasn’t had the chance to work with some of our other favorite cast members, as Season 3 has three to four strong story lines occurring at the same time. Lindsay has spent the majority of her screen time with Ryan:

So far, most of my scenes have been with Ryan and a couple of new characters that haven’t been on the show yet. Ryan is such an amazing actor. He’s so good at what he does and he knows his character so well. It’s just really fun to watch him work because he’s very spontaneous and he knows exactly what Jason would do in each situation. I’ve learned a lot from watching him with his character.

Lindsay notes that Season 3 will be “richer” and more humorous than Season 1 and 2. From character development to the introduction of the were-animals, Lindsay notes that Season 3 will include much more character development:

Everybody is coming into their own. All the actors know their characters really well, at this point, and it’s just been really fun to watch. I think that everybody is going to love it and the fans are going to be really happy. All of the new characters are extremely colorful. It’s amazing. I can’t wait for everyone to see it!

Crystal will definitely be an interesting and complicated character to follow this season. True Blood premieres on HBO this Sunday, June 13th!


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Lindsay Pulsipher Revealed

June 9, 2010

Lindsay Pulsipher has been revealed, and not as a Werepanther, if that’s what you were thinking! After True Blood Season 3 premieres on Sunday, Lindsay Pulsipher may forever be known as Crystal Norris, Jason Stackhouse‘s newest love interest, but not one of the panther variety. Although Charlaine Harris made Crystal a Werepanther in the Sookie Stackhouse book series, Lindsay has revealed that Alan Ball will not in the TV series. So while Crystal‘s real nature remains a mystery, Lindsay‘s is an open book (well, almost).  Here are some facts about Lindsay you may not know:

She appeared on Patrick Swayze‘s TV series, The Beast, CSI: NY, House, The Eleventh Hour, NCIS (which a couple of other True Blood stars have also guested on), and Touched by an Angel.

She was raised as a member of the Latter Day Saints and has five siblings, although she eventually left LDS.

She has a love of vintage – clothing, movie posters, and antiques – perhaps as a result of receiving many hand-me-downs as a child!

She enjoys Audrey Hepburn movies.

She loves TV including Breaking Bad and Big Love (no irony there!).

Lindsay‘s nickname is Looper.

There you have it – Lindsay Pulsipher, one of the newest members of the True Blood cast. Tune in Sunday night to see what Season 3 reveals about her character, Crystal Norris.


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True Blood’s Lindsay Pulsipher Live on Artists on Demand Today

June 8, 2010

Lindsay Pulsipher, who has been cast as Crystal Norris on Alan Ball’s hit HBO TV vampire series True Blood will be doing a live interview with Artists on Demand Radio today, Tuesday, June 8, 2010 at 5:00pm EST. Join them in the chatroom as they will be discussing season 3 of True Blood premiering Sunday, June 13, 2010 on HBO.

Click here to be taken to Artist On Demand’s Blog Talk Radio show with True Blood’s Lindsay Pulsipher.

So tune in and call to ask questions during the live broadcast and/or join the discussion with other excited True Blood fans in the chatroom regarding the return of the show.

SOURCE: Artists on Demand Radio

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True Blood Season 3 Spoiler: Lindsay Pulsipher Talks about Crystal

June 7, 2010

We don’t yet know how they meet, but True Blood‘s Jason Stackhouse will have a new girlfriend in Season 3Crystal‘s role was cast to Lindsay Pulsipher.  But unlike in Charlaine Harris‘ books, which HBO‘s TV series is based upon, Crystal is not a werepanther, just a regular gal.

In an interview with PopEater, Lindsay said she was a fan of the hit show before she went to audition for the part and is really excited to have been chosen.  Asked if having love scenes with Ryan Kwanten (Jason) has been difficult, Lindsay gave a mocking laugh and said “it’s terrible”.  Right.

But she wouldn’t be pressured into giving her opinion about who is the sexiest guy on the show.

“Oh man, why you gotta ask me that?  Why you gotta put me on the spot like that?  They’re all … equally sexy.”

Lindsay grew up as one of six children in Utah.  She said her mom is her biggest supporter and encouraged her to follow her dream.  While each of the kids had endless chores to do, there was much love and nurturing in her family. “I never had an abundance of things.  I had a lot of hand-me-downs, but I was always happy and well taken care of.”

Lindsay also mentioned that we will be seeing her in nine episodes in season 3 and that we may be seeing her in following seasons as she has signed a contract for several season but as Lindsay states “it’s up to HBO and the powers that be.”  So now, as Crystal, let’s hope that Lindsay finds a happy relationship with Jason and won’t follow in the footsteps of his other love interests.

Season 3 starts this Sunday, June 13.


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VIDEO: True Blood Season 3 “Waiting Sucks” Promo with Jason and Crystal

April 12, 2010

Another Sunday night has past and another day closer to the premiere of Season 3 of True Blood on Sunday, June 13th.   As promised HBO gave True Blood fans another “waiting sucks” promo of season 3 this time featuring Jason and Crystal. By the looks of the scene this is when Jason encounters Crystal Norris in the woods and they seem to be getting acquainted. As HBO‘s promos state “waiting sucks” for the return of season 3 of True Blood.

Season 3 In Production: Jason

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Lindsay Pulsipher Describes Jason’s New Love Interest

February 16, 2010

True Blood‘s Lindsay Pulsipher gives fans some insight into Crystal Norris, Jason Stackhouse‘s Season 3 love interest, in an interview posted on

The actress, who starred alongside the late Patrick Swayze in A&E‘s “The Beast,” describes what it is like to be the new girl in Bon Temps.

“Coming into True Blood, especially now, when it’s a really established show with a huge fan base and with the caliber of people that are running the show, it’s definitely different. I’d be lying, if I said I wasn’t a little intimidated to come into the show.”

She said her first day on the show was “a little bit like starting your first day of high school,” but her nervousness dissipated upon meeting the cast and crew, who she described as nice, welcoming, friendly and professional.

Lindsay remained enigmatic when describing her character’s story line and first encounter with Jason:

“She’s a mysterious girl. She does encounter Jason Stackhouse, in a funny way, and they have this amazing connection, and it goes from there.”

She was more forthcoming with praise for her co-star, Ryan Kwanten:

Ryan auditioned with me and he’s an amazing actor. He’s extremely giving, spontaneous and innovative, and he’s super-humble and almost shy. I’m blown away by how great he is.”

Lindsay played secret agent Rose Lawrence on “The Beast,” a character she described as strong and self-aware. The character was a departure for Lindsay, who said she has “always played the girl in distress or a really emotional character that was going through a lot.” She said it was fun to play Rose, a girl who “was very put-together and knew what she wanted in life.”

Lindsay said she also enjoyed working with Patrick Swayze.

“He was so inspiring, coming to set, knowing what he was going through, physically and with his health. It just inspired me to do the best that I could do. He couldn’t have been any more amazing. He just really gave everything.”

Fans can view episodes of “The Beast” on Crackle, the online video network for Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Lindsay also plays opposite “24” alum Eric Balfour in “Do Not Disturb,” a series of short films about incidents that happen in the same hotel room over time. Her segment, “Rocketman” was directed by Petro Papahadjopoulos and has a sci-fi element to it, she said.


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True Blood’s Lindsay Pulsipher Talks About Being Crystal Norris

February 4, 2010

Daemon’ recently sat down with Lindsay Pulsipher for an interview to discuss her new role as Crystal Norris on Alan Ball‘s hit HBO TV series True Blood. As we all know Lindsay will be portraying Crystal Norris who is described in casting calls as a young girl in her 20s who is barefoot wearing a sundress and shares an electric connection with Jason before disappearing into the trees. We know that her character is to become Jason‘s new love interest.

Lindsay discussed with Daemon’ her most recent work on the show, “The Beast“and talked about her character, Rose Lawrence. She also explained her introduction to the True Blood team and shooting her first scenes on the set and some of her upcoming projects.

The Beast has recently become available on and Lindsay was asked how she felt about that and responded by saying that she was very excited and how much she wanted everyone to see it. When asked about her work on The Beast, Lindsay talked about how great it was to work on the show. She stated that she had the opportunity to work with some amazing people. She had a lot of fun playing the character, Rose, whose role in the series actually changed after the pilot episode, when the show was picked up to become a series. Lindsay also discussed how it became hard when Patrick Swayze, who played one of the lead characters on the show, became ill.

When asked about her favorite episode of The Beast, Lindsay claims it is the pilot episode. She said the episode reminded her of a feature film in the way it was shot and the cinematography. For her it raised the bar for the rest of the series. Lindsay also explained that her best experience on the show was getting to work on scenes near the end of the series with Patrick Swayze. Lindsay said it was a surreal moment for her, getting the chance to work with someone who she had admired for so long.

The conversation then moved on to True Blood. Lindsay stated that she has already begun shooting scenes for the highly anticipated season 3. Lindsay was able to tell us a little bit about her character, Crystal Norris.

“I can tell you a little bit of what I know. I still don’t know. Like I said, with TV you kind of get thrown all these curveballs. But she’s this mysterious girl that Jason Stackhouse sees. He sees her in the forest. You know how he is with the ladies. He’s quite the ladies man. He sees her through the trees and his interest is piqued and then she runs away. They meet up again later in Bon Temps. They have this really amazing connection and then it goes from there.”

Lindsay also compared working on True Blood to working on The Beast and admits that every project is different and that she has not spent that much time yet on True Blood.  At the time of this interview she had only shot one episode. She admits she was a little intimidated walking onto the set of True Blood but thanks to the cast and crew she fell into place almost instantly. Lindsay also admits that it is different when you are on a show from the beginning, as she was on The Beast, and when you walk into a show that has already had a couple of seasons and you are the new girl.

Lindsay then explained about how she prepared for her roles on The Beast and True Blood.

“Well, I’m a very visual person. When I’m reading a script or if I’m preparing for a scene I really like to create the story in a visual sense. I take myself out of the character completely and almost watch the character as a spectator, if that makes sense. I’m observing the character as a third person. So I don’t make it too personal so that she’s her own person. I read it like I do a novel. When you read a book you create this image in your head of what these people are doing and the story in your head is more of a visual thing. I guess that I do that with scripts, too. I almost look at it as a spectator as opposed to being right in it. I know that sounds cheesy but then I feel like I can then learn from watching it if that makes sense.”

Lindsay went on to discuss some of her upcoming projects that have just finished and a couple of feature films. One is a series of short films called, “Do Not Disturb”, by Mali Elfman and Maureen Flanigan. Lindsay says that it is like a “sci-fi” vignette. Another film that Lindsay just wrapped up is called, “The Oregonian”, which was directed by Calvin Reeder. Lindsay says this film is also kind of an art film and a bit on the bizarre side. Lindsay is also in pre-production on a film called, “The Story of Bonnie and Clyde”.

Lindsay admits that she doesn’t watch a lot of TV but if she could go back and be on a show that aired in the past it would be the “The Wire”. Well True Blood fans are excited and anxious to see her and what sort of action is going to occur between her character and Jason in season 3! It looks like the makings of a phenomenal season with a phenomenal cast!

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True Blood Season 3 Casting News Update: Crystal Norris

December 30, 2009

Although we are all well aware that Lindsay Pulsipher has been cast to play the role of Crystal Norris the main news is her status on the show.  According to

“… she’s been cast as a series regular, effectively confirming that Crystal will be a major player in season three.  This is either good or bad news, depending on how you look at it. On the one hand, Jason might actually fall in love with a woman who won’t die on him (right away, at least) or turn her entire anti-vampire cult against him. (Again, not right away, that is!).”

Since she is to be a new love interest for Jason Stackhouse (Ryan Kwanten) with whom she shares an “electric connection” it will be interesting to see how Alan Ball is going to expand her role from what we have all read in casting calls to make her a regular for season 3.

It seems so far away till Season 3 of True Blood returns in June when we find out what will happen next for everyone in Bon Temps.


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