True Blood’s Latest Emmy Nominations

July 26, 2014

Michael McMillian Gets Nominated… But NOT For True Blood!

Michael McMillian stars as Steve Newlin in HBOs True BloodRecently, HBO’s True Blood scored two Emmy nominations in the following categories:

  • Outstanding Art Direction For A Contemporary Or Fantasy Series (Single-Camera)
True Blood
Suzuki Ingerslev, as Production Designer
Cat Smith, as Art Director
Ron V. Franco, as S.D.S.A.
  • Outstanding Stunt Coordination For A Drama Series, Miniseries Or Movie

True Blood
Hiro Koda, as Stunt Coordinator

While this is pretty awesome, a new nomination has come to air about one of True Blood’s former stars, Michael McMillian (who played newly made gay vampire and ex-reverend, Steve Newlin, who also happens to be the husband of Season 7’s current baddie, Sarah Newlin).

It seems Michael has picked up a nomination for his work as host on HBO’s Game of Thrones Season 4 premiere interactive program:

Outstanding Interactive Program – 2014.

Game of Thrones Premiere – Facebook Live and Instagram – HBO

Sabrina Caluori, HBO/ VP Digital and Social Media; Paul Beddoe-Stephens, Facebook + Instagram/ Strategic Partnerships TV; Jim Marsh, Digital and Social Media/ HBO; Michael McMorrow, HBO/ VP Event Planning and Production; Michael McMillian, Host

Here at TrueBloodNet, we wish Michael McMillian, HBO and True Blood the best of luck in the upcoming Emmy awards!

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True Blood Breaks Award Barriers

July 10, 2010

Doesn’t everyone like to be seduce by a vampire? Apparently not; TV academy voters don’t seem to be attracted to fangs. While “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” received glowing reviews from both critics and fans in the 1990s, it never received an Emmy nomination.

The yearly snubs were received with outrage and when the show finally ended in 2003, the TV academy tried to make amends by staging a tribute at its headquarters in North Hollywood. Funny enough, Sarah Michelle Gellar, or Buffy to fans, didn’t show up.

With True Blood being such a success, many believed that it would be able to seduce the voters. Not only was the story line well done, but it also had HBO muscle behind it as well as Oscar winner Anna Paquin (who won best supporting actress in 1993 for her role in “The Piano”). Unfortunately, the show was only nominated for a few minor categories in crafts.

However, this year True Blood has successfully gained four nominations in the craft categories (art direction, casting, makeup and editing) as well as a nomination for best drama. Though this is a significant move on the part of TV academy,  Anna Paquin wasn’t nominated for best actress. Paquin has been recognized in the past for her 2007 work in the miniseries Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee.  Her work on True Blood has also been award worthy; she won best actress at the Golden Globes in 2009 and was nominated once again this year for portrayal as Sookie Stackhouse.

While vampires may not be the TV academy’s favorite subject, they do enjoy good writing and impeccable acting. With True Blood’s nomination for best drama, perhaps this will help change the academy’s mind when it comes to vampire shows. This is a small step, not only for True Blood but for all wonderfully written vampire genre shows. Only time will tell, but for now the biggest award True Blood can receive is the fact that millions of fans all over the world wait all week to enjoy watching their favorite telepath as she tries to make her way through a world riddled with seductive vampires.


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Lost’s Michael Emerson Wants to Guest Star on True Blood

September 25, 2009

Carrie Preston and Michael EmersonCarrie Preston, who plays red-headed waitress Arlene Fowler on True Blood, has much more sense about men than her married-four-times character. This month, she celebrated her 11th anniversary to actor Michael Emerson.

Carrie attended the Emmys on Sunday night to support Emerson, who has been nominated three years for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series. This year, he finally won, for his portrayal of the manipulative Benjamin Linus on Lost.

At an after-party, Extra spoke to Carrie and Michael, where he said that he would like to appear on True Blood in the future. Carrie has been on Lost, where she played the part of Ben’s mother in flashbacks. So, to bring that full circle, Michael thinks it would funny if he played Arlene’s father.

Truthfully, though, Michael says he would be happy to do almost any role:

“I would go on any Alan Ball show to do just about anything. I will be the face in the window, I will be the cab driver…I don’t want to be a vampire.”

Rather than a supe, Michael offers that maybe he could just be “a funny human.” People are so used to seeing him portray evil characters, Carrie agrees that he should just be a good guy on True Blood.

Michael coyly responded, “Perhaps I could be bitten in a strange place,” to which Carrie replied, laughing, “That’s for later!”

Definitely a very cute couple. Surely Alan Ball will at some point think of a character for which he could use this talented actor!


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Critics as Upset over True Blood Emmy Snub as Fans

August 22, 2009

00221917dec40ad69c8a5dFor an institution that claims to award the best in television, the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences sure does lose some of its credibility by notoriously overlooking anything that could be classified as a “genre” show. True Blood became another victim of this discrimination when the nominations were announced for the 61st Primetime Emmy Awards.

Year after year, television critics compile a list of “Dream Nominations” before the official announcements are made, clinging to their hope that, finally, the most deserving will be praised for the outstanding work they do. And then, after the nominees are revealed, critics and fans alike express their outrage at the talent that was snubbed and the mediocrity that was recognized.

And it tends to be the “genre” shows — those that use the extraordinary or the supernatural as a metaphor for something in regular life — that have the most passionate fans. An article in the Edmonton Sun talks about the transcendent power of shows like this:

[They] can take you to a different place, immerse you in a different world, show you something new.

That’s definitely how True Blood makes me feel. So why can’t the Emmy voters see that, too? The show was overlooked for Best Drama Series, and what’s more infuriating, Anna Paquin was ignored in the Best Actress in a Drama category.

The article from the Edmonton Sun remarks on Anna‘s tremendous skill in bringing her character to life:

We honestly can’t think of any other actress who could conjure the perfect combination of heroism, immaturity, toughness and vulnerability required for the role of Sookie.

Instead, the category she should have occupied includes Elizabeth Moss from Mad Men (I think we ought to give them that one — Moss is brilliant in Matthew Weiner’s compelling 1960’s drama); Kyra Sedgwick from The Closer; Glenn Close from Damages; Holly Hunter from Saving Grace; Mariska Hargitay from Law & Order: SVU; and Sally Field from Brothers & Sisters.

The last five are “perennial” nominations, meaning they are going to be nominated every year, without fail, because they are so revered in the entertainment community. Even when they don’t have a great season. Even when new, worthy actresses enter the race. It just seems like utter laziness to me, as though the members of the Academy don’t take the time to watch the episodes submitted for consideration and then objectively choose nominees based on merit alone.

True Blood did receive nods in a few minor categories: Outstanding Art Direction in a Single-Camera Series; Outstanding Main Title Design; and Outstanding Casting for a Drama Series.

Small victories are better than none at all but we won’t even get to see these awards handed out during the telecast on Sunday, Sept. 20. They have a separate ceremony for the Creative Arts Emmys, the results of which can be found online afterwards.

Even though the Emmy nominations have disappointed, the Golden Globes will follow in a few months. They showed last year that they weren’t afraid to honor the great work of Anna and everyone at True Blood!


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