True Blood Season 3 Music: Episode 8 “Night on the Sun”

August 9, 2010

Episode 8 of True Blood‘s third season, “Night on the Sun,” was really a carnal experience. Sex, death, break-ups, make-ups, hook-ups… And we’ve got the list of songs to remind you of it all. And bonus – quite a few are available for download from Below you’ll find soundtrack list from episode 8, season 3, “Night on the Sun,” along with the artist and plot point during the episode at which the song was played.

Eduardo Ponsdomenech – Tea Biscuit
Russell confesses to Talbot about the Magister.

Eilen Jewel – Till You Lay Down Your Heavy Load*
Lafayette comforts Tara.

Fred Eaglesmith – Dynamite and Whiskey*
Tara has a flashback about meeting Franklin. Arlene talks with the new waitress at Merlotte’s – there is something strange about her.

The Sadies – Another Year Again*
Hoyt enters Merlotte’s, Tommy picks a fight.

Lucinda Williams with Elvis Costello – Kiss Like Your Kiss*
Jason and Crystal have a heart-to-heart after becoming intimate.

Deer Tick – Straight Into a Storm*
Crystal‘s dad and boyfriend show up at Merlotte’s looking for her.

Beto Villares – Nacao Postal*
Eric plays chess with Talbot. Talbot becomes bored and tells Eric to remove his clothes.

Iron Horse – Night On the Sun
Jason enters the shack and sees blood on the walls and follows the music into the back, where he sees someone eating a deer.

Otep – Head*
Hoyt drives off upset, Jessica attacks a Werewolf. Sookie and Bill make crazy love. End credits.

How about that last song? Crazy is a good way to describe the whole episode.


(Photo Credit: HBO Inc.)


VIDEO: True Blood Season 3 Postmortem for Episode 8 “Night on the Sun”

August 9, 2010

The latest Postmortem that HBO has released shows us a vampire‘s guide on how to survive an werewolf attack.  The music and guidelines that are presented in the postmortem is reminiscent of the old 1950’s public education films similar to the old “stop, drop and roll” films.  Enjoy!

Once again many thanks to BLT & Associates and HBO for sending this video to us!

Ep. 32: Postmortem – A Vampire’s Guide to Surviving…

VIDEO: Behind the Scenes to Episode 8 “Night on the Sun”

August 9, 2010

HBO has released a behind-the-scenes look into the making of Episode 8 entitled Night on the Sun with the fantastic writing for the episode from Raelle Tucker and directing with Leslilinka Glatter. This was definitely a very emotionally packed episode.

Ep. 32: Inside the Episode