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July 18, 2014

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Seamus O’Tooles Becomes Club Fangtasia for Halloween

November 4, 2010

True Blood’s Fangtasia comes to Australia for one night only at Knox’s Seamus O’Toole’s Irish pub

The author's own costume. I chose to go as Sookie after she had been beaten up by the Rattrays

Sookie meets the Maenad

Recently Hub Productions held a True Blood convention in Australia. I was lucky enough to attend the Melbourne event. During the course of the day, many competitions were held. One was to win tickets to a Fangtasia inspired Halloween party being staged at Knox’s Seamus O’Tooles Irish Pub. Unbelievably I managed to win tickets to this event.

So what was it like?

Well, to start off with, I had won general admission tickets, but promptly upgraded them to VIP tickets. This got me a snappy Club Fangtasia lanyard as well as special entry along the red carpet, which was handy because it was freezing cold outside and my costume of choice was Sookie Stackhouse AFTER she had been beaten up by the Rattrays (Season One, episodes 1 and 2).

The VIP ticket entitled me to exclusive access to a private room all night, plus a free True Blood cocktail and canapes during the night. The cocktail I chose was one called Plasmapolitan and it was delicious. The canapes were brought out throughout the night, but most of these I missed because all the fun was happening downstairs in the general admission area.

There were Fangtasia dancers who danced on podiums at certain times during the night. All the bar staff wore fangs. There was also a special merchandise stand that sold True Blood t-shirts, Merlotte’s aprons, etc. These were all reasonably priced too.

Jessica actually goes by the name Robyn and is one of the crew for Hub Productions

And the costumes – oh my goodness! While I was the only Sookie who had been beaten to a pulp, there were plenty of other Sookie’s there in varying degrees of disrepair. There were vampires apleny too. And while I only saw one guy who resembled Eric, there were plenty of Godric‘s as well as a couple of maenads. An honourable mention must also go to the man dressed as Bob the cat. While the theme was True Blood, there was also a brilliantly made up zoombie, a girl from Gryffindor and a couple of bananas in pyjamas.

Special prizes were offered to the best dressed for the night, as well as for randomly picked VIP ticket holders. The prizes on offer were all fantastic and ranged from four-packs of Tru:Blood to signed photos, True Blood DVDs, and even a signed episode one script.

Overall, I would have to say that this was actually the best night out I have had in a LONG time!

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True Blood Fans Can Get a Transfusion

September 20, 2010

Opera Can Satisfy the Lust for Blood

Bill Compton holding Lorena Krasiki right before Sookie Stackhouse ends her existence on True Blood.It is going to be a long wait for fans of HBO’s True BloodSeason 4 will not start until next summer and while we do have dvds we can watch, there might be a need for something else.

Bluebeard’s Castle may not be about vampires, but Duke Bluebeard certainly has a way with the ladies and his newest wife is not an exception. Do you want to find out how Judith reacted when he showed her his torture chamber?  Eric Northman might get a few suggestions from this one for his dungeon under Fangtasia.

Lucrezia Borgia:  She is an  Italian noblewoman who has already killed before the opera starts, and she just might be as insane as Lorena Krasiki. During the opera Lucrezia kills an entire ballroom full of guests with her poison, and one of the targets was her own son.

Dialogues of the Carmelites: Set during the French Revolution at a nunnery, this two-act opera is based on historical events that took place at a monestary of Carmelite.  The sounds of guillotines can be heard over singing nuns.

Lulu: Where else could you find suicide, lesbians, murder, blackmail and Jack the Ripper?  I think it is safe to say that while Lulu might resemble the confused Sookie Stackhouse, the comparison stops there.

Tosca: Torture, murder and suicde are the words of the day in the opera set in 1800 Rome. Though we would never want this to happen to Andy Bellefluer, the murder of the police chief is just one of the highlights of the performance filled with sex and violence.

People who are not opera fans may not have realized just how dramatic, scary, and bloody it can be.  Now is your chance to explore this realm and possibly find a way to pass those cold empty Sunday nights until we are once again graced with new episodes of our favorite show.

SOURCE: — 5 Operas That Are Truly Bloodier Than ‘True Blood’

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Spoiler: True Blood’s Vampire King Wants It All

June 22, 2010

Do NOT read this article unless you really want to know what’s behind Bill Compton‘s kidnapping.

We met Russell Edgington (Denis O’Hare) and his boyfriend Talbot (Theo Alexander) on last Sunday’s episode of True Blood.  But we continued to be as baffled as Bill (Stephen Moyer) as to why the vampire King of Mississippi brought him across state lines.

Special thanks to TVGuide for interviewing Denis O’Hare and providing us with the inside scoop.

How did Denis become a fan of the show?  He had not read the books and wasn’t ready to switch his allegiance from Alan Ball‘s previous show, Six Feet Under, to his new HBO series.  But watching four episodes with a friend had Denis calling his cable company to sign up for HBO On Demand so he could watch the entire season of True Blood.

So once he signed on, what did he learn about his character?  Denis said he was told that in addition to having a southern accent, Russell is a charming, powerful and very deadly vampire.  He is beyond morality and as an ancient pagan Celt of approximately 2,800 years, the king is so concerned with nature that he believes vampires should rule the earth because humans are ruining it.

About his relationship with Talbot, Denis referred to it as tragic.  As in many marriages, the two can be deeply in love but get caught into a cycle of constant bickering.  It’s Talbot‘s nature to be moody with sudden periods of darkness.  And Russell is often worrying about Talbot‘s happiness.

Now about Bill, what does the king want with him?  Russell wants to “become the first vampire president of the United States, and his first target is Louisiana.”  In order to do that, he figures he’ll have to blackmail Sophie-Anne (Evan Rachel Wood) into marrying him.

For some reason the queen wants Sookie (Anna Paquin) and the king knows this.  He wants Bill to spy on the queen to give him something to use for his blackmail scheme.  But the kicker is, “Along the way, he realizes that Sookie is actually the prize, and then he becomes obsessed with her.”  Everybody wants Sookie!  And we’re talking about a gay vampire king and a lesbian vampire queen.  What is Sookie?

In comparing the two monarchs, Denis said this:  “Russell is good with money.  Sophie-Anne is childish; she doesn’t know how to wield her power.  Russell knows exactly how to wield his power.  Sophie-Anne is cruel in a sort of off-handed way; Russell is cruel is an incredibly calculated way.  They’re both violent and autocratic, but Sophie-Anne is erratic. There’s nothing erratic about Russell.”

We noticed that Russell also likes werewolves.  He’s been keeping them in his employ for over 1,000 years.  They are completely addicted to his blood, so they are loyal to him and are his eyes during the daylight.  In the ancient druid culture, the raven and wolf work together.  In the Celtic language, Russell‘s real name means raven.  Hence his love of werewolves.

In the article Denis also revealed that the king will spend a lot of time in Fangtasia.  He will also be visiting many front porches instead of eating at Merlotte’s.

Russell is like a snake; he’s incredibly calm and incredibly charming… until he rips your f—ing spine out.  My hands have been so bloody I’ve had to come home and soak them for a couple of hours.”

Season 3 is about to spiral into the white knuckler ride the cast promised it would be.  Hold on tight!


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Kristin Bauer Has Pam’s Personality

April 30, 2010

Like her witty, sarcastic vampire character, Kristin Bauer admitted to ALIVE Magazine that she has pretty much been defiant and insubordinate much of her life. When she got the role as Pam on HBO‘s hit series True Blood, Kristin was delighted.  “Great!  I get to be sarcastic, witty, in great clothes killing people.  I’m there.”

While in art school at Washington University, Kristin did very poorly in the classes she didn’t like but excelled in the ones she enjoyed.  Her attitude carried over outside the classroom and she could only keep a job for two weeks before getting fired.  But now, True Blood will be starting its 3rd year (June 13) and Kristin‘s Pam is still co-owner of the vampire bar Fangtasia.

Acting was not in Kristin‘s original plans.  She wanted to play rock ‘n roll guitar.  But in the 90’s she was approached on a Los Angeles street and offered an acting role.  That original ambition, however, is not lost to her.  In August of 2009 she married South African guitarist, singer and songwriter Abri van Straten.

In the interview, Kristin said that since her character is not in the 3rd book of the Sookie Stackhouse series (on which True Blood is based), she has to wait for the new scripts to learn what comes next.

When she was asked which of Pam‘s vampire powers she finds most alluring, Kristin answered “I’ll go for the immortality – I’ll go for getting to stick around awhile.”  Without botox.


(Photo credit – Larry DiMarzio via ALIVE Magazine)


Visit True Blood Filming Locations

April 7, 2010

Ever wanted to see the places of Bon Temps in real life? Many sites from the filming of True Blood are spread out over Southern California and Louisiana. A website called Seeing Stars has compiled a list of all the locations, in case fans want to visit.

Fangtasia has been the sight of several important scenes. We first saw it in Season one, episode four “Escape from Dragon House” when Bill takes Sookie and she meets Eric for the first time. Jason went there later in Season one looking for some V and finds Amy Burley. Sookie and Bill return to help Eric figure out who is stealing from the club, leading to Longshadow being staked. In Season two, Bill brings Sookie to Fangtasia for medical help after she is scratched by the maenad in the woods.

These scenes are filmed at Alex’s Bar at 2913 E. Anaheim St., in Long Beach, CA. Decorated in blood red, it attracts a punk rock crowd with lots of piercings and tattoos, so it won’t be difficult to imagine Fangtasia!

Merlotte’s Bar and Grill is the main site of the show, where all the characters interact, whether they’re working or drinking. If you take the Warner Bros studio tour, you will pass by the bar’s exterior. It’s a rugged cabin set on the studio back lot called “The Jungle.” It is located at 4000 Warner Blvd, in Burbank, CA. The interior of the bar was created by set designer Suzuki Ingerslev. It is in a studio called “The Lot” at 1041 N. Formosa Ave, in Hollywood, CA.

The exterior of the Compton house where Bill lives was originally shot at a place called Roseneath Plantation in Louisiana. It was built in 1845 and served as a hospital for injured soldiers during the Civil War. The plantation is about 20 miles south of Shreveport, on both sides of Highway 5 between Gloster & Kingston, LA.

Establishing shots in early Season one were filmed there, notably for episodes two and three when Sookie and Bill take a walk and then when she comes back later to find Malcolm and the other vampires have unexpectedly dropped by. The plantation is not open to the public, but the producers had a replica built in the Santa Monica Mountains south of the Malibu Creek Ranch. This is also where the Bon Temps graveyard and Sookie’s house are. This allows them to do extended outdoor filming, but since it’s easier to shoot indoors at the studio, there are also replicas of Bill’s and Sookie’s front porches. They are on “The Lot” along with the interior of Merlotte’s.

When Bill, Sookie, and Jason returned home from Dallas in Season two, episode ten, “New World in My View,” they find Bon Temps trashed by the riots and orgies of the townspeople under Maryann’s influence. These scenes were filmed around the main square of Clinton, LA.

In Season one, episode eight, “The Fourth Man in the Fire,” Andy and Terry Bellefleur are fishing on a lake, when they catch sight of Sam running naked through a field. This swampy area can be found in Lake Bistineau State Park in Dowline, LA. In a very interesting coincidence, Sam Trammell has mentioned in interviews before that he learned after they filmed there that one of his ancestors owned that land!

In the Season two finale, Bill and Sookie get dressed up for dinner at a French restaurant, where they dance and then he proposes. This was shot at The Stockade Bed & Breakfast at 8860 Highland Road in Baton Rouge, LA. This is another historic Civil War-era site, built by the Union troops as a fortified camp after they captured Baton Rouge from the Confederacy.

The Fellowship of the Sun church that became the location of Sookie’s imprisonment, Godric’s reappearance, and the showdown between the Dallas vampires and the Newlins‘ soldiers, took place at the SkyRose Chapel in Rose Hills Memorial Park. It can be found in Whittier, CA, about 15 miles from Los Angeles, at 3888 Workman Mill Road.

The Hotel Carmilla for vampires, which was set in Dallas, TX, in the story, is actually the Sofitel Hotel at 8555 Beverly Blvd, in West Hollywood. It was used for several episodes in Season two, when Bill, Sookie, Jessica, Eric, and Lorena come to stay. The rooftop scene were Godric meets the sun in “I Will Rise Up” was filmed at a different place, the 1000 Wilshire Building in downtown LA.

These are some of the most notable sites used for the show, but the Seeing Stars website has an extensive record of locations, even if they were only seen once in an episode or in the main title sequence. There are maps and pictures included with each.

Now we can add one more way to deal with True Blood withdrawal until Season three premieres in June–visit some of these filming locations and imagine yourself there with the characters!


(Photo credits: Seeing Stars)


Patrick Gallagher as Chow

January 4, 2009

Patrick Gallagher

Patrick Gallagher

Patrick Gallagher as Chow


Raoul Truillo as Long Shadow

January 3, 2009

Raoul-Truillo © Ann Hayunga

Raoul-Truillo © Ann Hayunga

Raoul Truillo as Long Shadow


Ginger – Tara Buck

January 3, 2009

Ginger © 2008 HBO, Inc.

Ginger © 2008 HBO, Inc.

Ginger – (Tara Buck)

Ginger is a  human waitress at Fangtasia who was aware of embezzlement at the club, but glamoured to hide the identity of the thief. She is questioned by Sookie before Bill stakes Long Shadow. Season 1 character


Chow – Patrick Gallagher

January 3, 2009

Chow © 2008 HBO, Inc.

Chow © 2008 HBO, Inc.

Chow (Patrick Gallagher) is a vampire and bartender at Fangtasia. He is a replacement for Long Shadow and escorts Bill to the Tribunal for staking Long Shadow.


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