Saying Goodbye to True Blood Sucks a Little Less Now

August 29, 2014

The HBO Shop Has a Special Offer on True Blood Items:

With the reality of True Blood never returning to our screens, HBO has decided to soften the blow for us truebies. Right now, if you spend $39 dollars or more in the HBO Shop, you will recieve a very special FREE gift! You can choose from the items below, but you need to hurry, as you can see the Merlotte’s shot glasses are already out of stock:

True Blood HBO Shop special gifts

And what a great offer this is. There is so much merchandise left to choose from that $39 will be spent before you even know it. I know I need to stock up on my True Blood T-shirts, DVD’s, figurines and coasters, what about you? You can head straight to the HBO Shop by clicking here.

Source: HBO Shop – True Blood Merchandise

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Order Your True Blood Funko Pop Figurines Now!

May 20, 2014

Pre-Order Sookie, Eric, Bill and More Now at

true-blood-pop-television-sookie-stackhouse-figurine_281We all know them, those cute little big headed figures of all our fave TV shows, games, comics and movie characters – well now True Blood joins their ranks!

You can order them through right now with the following characters to become availible for shipping on the 11th of August 2014:

  • Sookie Stackhouse
  • Bill Compton
  • Eric Northman
  • Pam Swynford De Beaufort
  • Lafayette Reynolds
  • Alcide Herveaux

Each figurine retails for $9.99 and stands at 3.75 inches tall. According to, these figurines will also be available for purchase in store at the following locations: Barnes & Noble Booksellers, Toys R Us, Hot Topic, Target, Walmart, 7-Eleven, as well as other specialty toy retailers.

You can pre-order directly from the HBO Shop online by clicking here.

I certainly can’t wait to get my hands on all of these!

Let us know which ones you will be buying by commenting below.

Sources: – HBO Shop – HBO announces ‘True Blood’ Funko Pop! figurines: See a first look here

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Contest: Win True Blood Merchandise from the HBO Shop

June 10, 2012

Calling All True Blood Fans!

The HBO Shop is kindly sponsoring a contest to see who can come up with the best idea for a new True Blood product. The winners will not only receive some cool True Blood merchandise, but may even get to see their idea come to fruition! So put on those thinking caps, we know you’ve got them laying around somewhere!

Up for grabs are the following prizes:

1) True Blood phone skin

2) Tru Blood blanket

3) Bon Temps Football T-shirt

4) Fangtasia T-shirt

5) Women’s Fangtasia T-shirt

True Blood phone skins

True Blood blanket

Bon Temps T-shirt

Fangtasia T-shirt

Womens Fangtasia T-shirt

Contest rules:

1) This contest is open to US residents only.

2) To enter, leave a comment suggesting a new True Blood product on this post between now and Saturday, June 16 at midnight, Eastern.

3) You can submit as many ideas as you want between now and the end of the contest. Each idea will be considered a separate contest entry.

4) 2 winners will be chosen, each getting to pick their prize.

5) We will notify the winners via their email, Facebook or Twitter account used to comment. If winners do not respond within 48 hours, prizes will be forfeited and new winners will be chosen.

Good luck, Truebies!

*EDITOR’S NOTE: The contest is over, thank you to everyone who entered! We will be posting the winners shortly.


True Blood Merchandise: 2011 Men of True Blood Calendar

January 6, 2011

True Blood: 2011 Men of True Blood Calendar True Blood: 2011 Men of True Blood Calendar

Do you find yourself daydreaming of Jason? Do you imagine Eric is your sole-mate? Now you can stare at your favorite men everyday with the Men of True Blood Calendar. Enjoy all 12 months of the sexiest men on TV!


HBO Shop True Blood Merchandise

December 21, 2010

HBO Shop is giving another go for year end savings on True Blood Merchandise from December 20-December 30th, 2010. Be sure to use the code TBLOOD20 at check out.

 Don’t forget to sign up at the Shop the Official HBO Store for savings on True Blood Merchandise.


True Blood Season 2 DVD Review

May 16, 2010

In advance of the release of True Blood, Season 2, on DVD May 25, reviewed the the series and the five disc set. I won’t recount the entire season here, as most of us have already seen it, but I will focus on the site’s review and the DVD set’s features. cites their highlights of the season, including:

1. Sookie‘s discovery of another telepath in Dallas

2. Eric‘s opinion of human children just before asking Sophie-Anne a favor

3. Bill‘s reunion with his maker, Lorena

While the site gave a very thorough and concise rundown of Season 2, I think it fell short when recounting Season 2 hits.

There were several well acted arcs and scenes beyond those noted above:

1. Jason‘s slow descent into the Fellowship of the Sun and his interactions with Steve, Sarah, and Luke (who could forget when Sarah tells him that God wants them to be together or when she tells him they must confess to Steve?)

2. Sam‘s shift in front of the deranged, brain-washed townsfolk (and Jason and Andy‘s reactions)

3. Sookie‘s blood bond with Eric, and the effect it has on her, in addition to her affinity to and compassion for Godric

There are too many more to recount! Luckily, the Season 2 disc set will let you relive your favorite scenes again and again. In addition to all 12 episdoes, the set also includes commentary on episodes 2, 7, 8, 10, 11, and 12 from all the major players including Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Ryan Kwanten, Rutina Wesley, Sam Trammell, Nelsan Ellis, and Alexander Skarsgard. Bonus features also include Fellowship of the Sun sermons designed to incite the vampire hate in you led by either Reverend Steve Newlin or his wife, Sarah; and, “The Vampire Report” news magazine covering all current events involving vampires with a commercial for the American Vampire League and public service announcements geared toward vampires (have you been tested for Hepatitis D?). All in all, a well conceived season with a series of bonus features designed to enhance the existing episode content and further your entrenchment into the supernatural world of Sookie Stackhouse.

Season 2 will be released on Standard DVD, Blu-Ray disc, and in digital download format on May 25 and will be available from the HBO Store, Amazon, and iTunes.


(Photo Credit:, HBO)


True Blood’s Season 2 Soundtrack Track List Released

May 13, 2010

For those of us enjoying the unique musical score of True Blood Season 1, HBOhas released the track list for the Season 2 soundtrack to accompany the release of Season 2on DVD May 25. The soundtrack will include new material and classics as well as an acoustic version of the show’s bluesy theme by Jace Everett, “Bad Things“. If the vampire and supernatural-inspired names of the songs alone don’t tempt you, music by such renowned artists as Beck, Elvis Costello, Lucinda Williams, Stone Temple Pilots, and Bob Dylan should.

The tracks include –

Howlin’ for My Baby by M. Ward

Evil (Is Going on) by Jace Everett and CC Adcock

Bad Blood by Beck

How to Become Clairvoyant by Robbie Robertson

Shake and Fingerpop by Jr. Walker and The All Stars

Frenzy by the Screamin’ Jay Hawks

Kiss Like Your Kiss by Lucinda Williamswith Elvis Costello

Gasoline and Matches by Buddy and Julie Miller

You Did (Bomp Shooby Dooby Bomp) by Chuck Prophet

You’re Gonna Miss Me by The 13th Floor Elevators

Fresh Blood by the Eels

The Forgotten People (Bon Temps Remix) by Thievery Corporation

New World in My View by King Britt and Sister Gertrude Morgan

Beyond Here Lies Nothin’ by Bob Dylan

Bad Things (Acoustic) by Jace Everett

Ain’t No Invisible Man by Jakob Dylan

You Can’t Drive Me Away by Stone Temple Pilots

Dig by Headbone featuring Bubba Kendall

Get your iPods charged for continuous play to get you in the mood for the debut of Season 3 on June 13!  (The Season 2 soundtrack will be available via HBO’s Shop, Amazon, and iTunes.)


(Photo Credit:, HBO, Inc.)


Ryan Kwanten…DOES NOT Go To The Gym?

October 25, 2009

ryan-kwantenRyan Kwanten of True Blood, is many things; however, high on the list is his extreme fitnessRyan is in simply incredible shape, which he has achieved by NOT going to the gym!

The 32 year-old Australian has led an active lifestyle, which in the past included competing in Triathlons and boxingRyan was state champion in the welterweight division, from the ages of 13-15.  Participating in these sports have left him with a leaner, more natural looking ‘beach body’ effect, compared to the pumped up appearance of someone who purely goes to the gym.

Since moving to Los Angeles, there’s been a change in Ryan’s approach to working out, leading him to do more body weight exercises, such as sit ups, push ups and pull ups.  He also does more interval training and jumps rope, to help with his cardio fitness.  He doesn’t compete in Triathlons any more, but has competed in biathlons in LA, winning it in 2006 and 2007.  He doesn’t believe in using gym equipment for cardio, preferring to run on outdoor trails and the beach.  The variable resistance in this type of exercise ensures that his body cannot grow accustomed to the exercise, which means it burns more fat.

If Ryan has to get extra lean for a particular scene or photo shoot, for 2-3 days beforehand he changes his diet to a ‘paleo diet’, which is mainly based around protein and vegetables, with few refined grains and carbs.  This lessening of carbs means his insulin levels stay stable, which is the key to burning body fat round the clock, as the body cannot use fat for energy when insulin levels are high.

This style of working out, without using a gym, is becoming more popular in Hollywood – it challenges the traditional structure of going to a gym, and keeps workouts more varied and interesting, which makes it easier to stick to a fitness regime.  A trainer who specializes in helping people to achieve this look is Rusty Moore, who has named his technique the Vacation Body Blueprint.  If you want to achieve the fitness of Ryan Kwanten, check out his video and report at:


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A Toast to Tru Blood!

August 17, 2009

trubloodIt’s finally here! Well, almost here, anyway. HBO will begin shipping orders of Tru Blood on September 8, 2009 – just in time for the season finale (*sob*). Wondering what it tastes like? HBO bills it as a uniquely carbonated, slightly tart, lightly sweetened blood orange drink. Sounds promising! New York Entertainment offers up these tasting notes:

Tasting notes:
• “The grossest thing about Tru Blood is its name. The drink itself is fizzy, tangy, surprisingly drinkable.”
• “Compared to most soft drinks, it’s refreshing and not too sweet. It also foams just like real blood.”
• “It’s kind of got an orange-Hi-C-mixed-with-Sprite kind of taste going for it.”
• “The cane sugar makes it sweet without it being cloying.”
• “While nowhere near as tasty as I imagine the blood of Eric to be, it has a tangy little kick to it. Consistency-wise, I was pretty happy it wasn’t syrupy and thick. Also, no sickly aftertaste like regular blood.”

Interesting description, huh? There are already fan sites devoted to making cocktails with Tru Blood (Google it, they are out there, I promise!). And fans cannot wait to get their hands on this drink! I have pre-ordered mine – a 4 pack retails for $16 plus shipping. A 24 pack retails for $96 plus shipping. The HBO store has the drink available for preorder. Since I’m a cheapy (economical, I like to call myself) I started with a 4 pack. At $4 a bottle, it will be saved for special occasions, like when Bill and Eric come to visit (oh, how I wish that would actually happen!).

The bottle itself is made of glass, with Chinese symbols around the top. Interesting, since the formula was supposed to be perfected in Japan. I’m willing to let that one slide. In my experience, things that come from a glass bottle are usually pretty darn tasty. Apparently it isn’t bad for you either – under 100 calories and the recommended daily amounts of several vitamins. Brownie points in my book!

HBO has done an excellent job of marketing this product, and I think I speak for all of the fans when I say that we are beyond excited to get a hold of this! When mine gets here, I’ll be toasting all of you, as well as the show!


HBO Launches Real TruBlood Beverage

July 25, 2009

trubloodbeverage-posterWe have exciting news! HBO is now launching the Real TruBlood Beverage this weekend, Saturday, July 25 at 6 pm PST. You may remember that HBO initially created the Trublood Beverage as part of True Blood viral campaign.  There were commercials advertising the fake drink and it could not be purchased at, but now we can!  It’s a Blood Orange flavored carbonated beverage, “All Flavor. No Bite” and the HBO Store will be the only exclusive provider.  For the pre-launch of the real TruBlood Beverage,  HBO Store will offer a 15% discount for all Pre-Orders starting Monday, July 27.

For those of you in San Diego for Comic Con, don’t forget about the TruBeverage Launch party where you can meet the cast  of True Blood.

TruBlood Beverage Exclusive

More information will be posted once the beverage officially goes live. In the meanwhile, visit to find your type of TruBlood.

TruBlood Beverage Commercial


Photo Credit: HBO, Inc


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