VIDEO: Jace Everett Sings True Blood’s ‘Bad Things’ on Huckabee

August 21, 2014

Jace Everett Discusses His Music and THAT Iconic Song:

true-blood-opening-creditsIt’s every truebie’s favorite; the theme song for HBO’s True Blood. Even after seven seasons of listening to it, Bad Things by Jace Everett still encapsulates everything we love so much about True Blood. It’s hard to believe this tune was originally selected as a bookmark song until something better came along.

You can check out the quick interview Jace did with Huckabee recently. He talks about his music and how lucky he is to have his song selected for a show like True Blood. Then he goes on to sing his now famous song, Bad Things. Jace also discusses the release of his newest album, Terra Rosa, which you can purchase from iTunes by clicking here. Terra Rosa is an album which had it’s inspiration drawn from the Bible.

You can check out the full video below of Jace performing alongside Huckabee host Governor Mike Huckabee:

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Source: Fox News – Jace Everett sings the ‘True Blood’ theme song

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Happy Birthday Jace Everett!

May 27, 2014

Jace-Everett would like to wish Jace a very happy birthday! May all your wishes come true!

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VIDEO: True Blood Artist Jace Everett Performs on San Antonio Living

October 5, 2013

Jace Everett Performs New Song No Place To Hide (Down Here):

True Blood's Jace EverettWe all know the haunting True Blood song, Bad Things, but what else does Jace Everett sing?

In the video below we can watch him perform his newest hit, No Place To Hide (Down Here). This song was originally written for a movie. Unfortunately the movie never got made, but luckily for us, Jace decided to include it on his latest album, Terra Nova. This album includes 11 songs based on biblical stories.

There is a short interview before the song so we can find out a little more about Jace, his music and life for him after the huge success of True Blood.

You can view the interview and Jace’s performance by clicking on the image below:

True Blood's Jace Everett performs on News 4 San Antonio

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Source: News 4 San Antonio – MUST SEE: True Blood Singer Jace Everett

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“Bad Things” Singer Jace Everett Has a New Album!

October 17, 2011

Mr. Good Times:

Jace Everett’s Mr. Good Times albumTruebies, if you like the True Blood theme song “Bad Things”, written and sung by Jace Everett, here is your chance to hear more of his music — he has a new album out titled “Mr. Good Times”. I for one would like to hear it.

The album dropped on September 27, 2011. His previous release was “Red Revelations”, in 2009, which includes as a bonus the True Blood theme song, “Bad Things”. You can listen to a sneak peek of “Mr. Good Times” via and you can purchase the album at

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Sneak Peek at Jace Everett’s New Album

May 4, 2011

Mr. Good Times:

Jace EverettJace Everett, the man behind True Blood‘s delicious theme song “Bad Things,” is offering fans a special preview of his upcoming album.

The album, titled Mr. Good Times, is tentatively scheduled to drop early this summer. Until then, get a taste of two new tunes: “No Place to Hide Down Here” (which isn’t actually on the album) and the title track, “Mr. Good Times”.

Check them out here.

Source: – New Album Premiere

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Jace Everett Talks About Fame

January 20, 2011

True Blood’s Fave Singer Talks About THAT Song

Jace EverettFor True Blood fans, the song ‘I Wanna Do Bad Things To You‘ is just as memorable as the vampires. Recently Mark Sanders from was lucky enough to interview the man behind the song, Jace Everett.

The interviewer was quick to point out that to Trubie fans, Jace Everett is the equivalent of Mick Jagger, Elvis and the Pope all rolled into one. Jace just finds this notion of fame humorous:

“I generally take it in stride and recognize that the majority of people who love the song really love it because they love ‘True Blood. I can’t resent that. I might, on a bad day, but that’d be immature… I’ve never understood famous people complaining about fame.”

Everett, 38, is a former construction worker. He has seen enough of the music industry to be both thankful for what he has as well as being able to take everything with a grain of salt.  While being an excellent singer, Everett prefers to call himself a songwriter, even if he has well and truly done his dues as a singer. And if it wasn’t for Epic records merging, we would have heard about Jace a lot earlier on. Although, in hindsight, he is glad for his contract termination.

“If I had been successful as a mainstream country act, I would be very unhappy right now.”

He prefers the success that has come about with Alan Ball’s decision to use his song in the opening credits of True Blood. Although getting his big break was a blend of luck and knowing someone inside iTunes who decided to use Bad Things for Song of the Week.

“With Bad Things, that put me in a situation where I don’t have to deliver pizzas. I can actually spend the day in my home studio working on the next song. That’s the real freedom I have. And I don’t take it for granted.”

Everett is currently promoting his latest album, Red Revelations. Co-produced by blues-country icon Chuck Prophet, it is his own special fusion of rockabilly and old-time folk mixed evenly with his individual spooky crooning.

And if you are eager to see this fabulous singer in the flesh, then details of his latest gig are below:

When: Thursday, Jan. 20, 9:30 p.m

Where: The Melting Point

295 E. Doughtery St. 30601 Athens, GA, US

Price: $7 (adv.), $10 (door)

Source: – Jace Everett I Wanna Do Bad Things To You

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Jace Everett Talks About His Success Thanks to True Blood

November 29, 2010

Every-one’s Favorite Vampire Track

It’s amazing to think that only three short years ago, Jace Everett was not so well known. But with the use of his now famous track ‘Bad Things,’ Jace has now become a household name in the vampire scene.

Gabrielle Faust from The Examiner was lucky enough to interview Jace Everett on his success and how this all came about. 

When asked about how he managed to wrangle his song onto the hit HBO show, he showed he certainly has a sense of humor about his fame:

I donated a kidney to Alan Ball’s cousin. He felt like he owed me one. If only it were so easy! To keep it brief, Alan Ball had downloaded “Bad Things” in 2006 as an iTunes single of the week. When the show came up, he gave it a whirl and it stuck.

True Blood and Other Influences

While Jace has made some money from the use of his track in True Blood, he is quick to point out that it is not a huge amount of cash. But it is enough to allow him to be more fearless in his field.

Nashville had kind of warped my mind about what you COULD write. The success of the show and my affiliation with it has helped free me from that narrow view

Everett also had plenty else to say about what inspires him, along with his greatest influences.  He lists Willie and Waylon, U2, Chris Rea, Chris Whitley, Daniel Lanois, Mark Knopfler and Chuck Prophet as some of his greatest musical influences.

He also lists boy/girl interactions, politics and religion as some of his other inspirations for song writing. Even the show True Blood inspires him, since he wrote the song ‘Burn for You’ after watching Bill catch on fire in an episode of the hit TV show.

‘Red Revelations’ and What’s Next For Jace

When asked to describe his latest album, ‘Red Revelations,’ Jace had this to say about it:

It’s a swampy, dirty slice of rock and roll; which to me is equal parts country, blues, rock, and blood.

And it seems that the music from this album just may turn out to be just as iconic as ‘Bad Things,’ with the track ‘One of Them,’ being used in the upcoming film MindFLUX.

When asked about his plans for 2011, Jace was eager to let everyone know that he will be touring in the UK and EU in the late spring and early summer. Then it will be back to the US for even more touring.

Finally, Jace was asked by interviewer Gabrielle Faust for any closing thoughts. In true Jace-style, his reply was:

Don’t let the bastards suck the life outta ya! (Unless, of course, you’re into that!)

Source: The Examiner– An Exclusive Interview with Jace Everett

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True Blood Meets Faux Blood in Louisiana Halloween Weekend

October 20, 2010

Faux Blood Music Festival Plans To Do Bad and Evil Things with Jace Everett and C. C. Adcock

Faux Blood Festival to showcase Jace Everett and CC AdcockLouisiana is about to get even bloodier.  Well, if that’s even possible.  True Blood music contributors Jace Everett and C. C. Adcock will celebrate Halloween by trekking out to the swamp and playing at the inaugural Faux Blood Festival at the Magnolia Cafe in St. Francisville, Louisiana.  The festival, which showcases local musicians, will take place Saturday, October 30th through Sunday, October 31st, 2010. 

Although Everett isn’t actually from Louisiana, thanks to True Blood, he’s become an honorary cajun local.  Everett’s song “Bad Things” is the theme song for the hit series, and his duet “Evil (Is Going On)” with C. C. Adcock is part of the True Blood Volume 2 soundtrack.

Adcock, on the other hand, was born and raised in Lafayette, LA.  Notoriously known as a swamp rocker with an affinity for reptilian foot wear, Adcock and his band appeared in Season 1 of True Blood, playing at Arlene and Rene’s engagement party at Merlotte’s.

Everett is excited about the festival and posted the following comment on Faux Blood’s MySpace page earlier this month:

Looking forward to getting Swamp fever, biting a gator, roping an inmate and annoying a Prophet. Good times people, good times…

Festival tickets are $20 for one day and $30 for a weekend pass. Magnolia Cafe is located at 5689 Commerce Street, St. Francisville, LA, 70775. For more information, call 225-721-7003.

Sources: MySpace– Faux Blood Music Festival

Jace Everett – Tour Dates

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Music to Vamp By: An Interview With Gary Calamar

September 21, 2010

A picture of Gary Calamar.Gary Calamar is the music supervisor for HBO‘s hit series True Blood. In an interview with IFC, Gary explained that the specific songs and music are a delicate balance when chosen for an episode, or scene location. For example, tunes for Merlotte’s is “upbeat bar music, rockabilly, southern rock”.

For the most part, Gary says the music for True Blood “has sort of a dark undercurrent to it like a lot of New Orleans blues seems to have. Those classics – Slim Harpo, Willie Dixon and Howlin’ Wolf – those are what really kind of speak to me as the sound of Bon Temps.”

Asked if it was true that show creator Alan Ball said he did not want opera music in a vampire show, Gary could not confirm it. However, Alan did tell him he wanted non-traditional music without the overly dramatic type heard in previous vampire movies.

Actually, Alan found Jace Everett‘s “Bad Things” to use as the theme music and Gary said they got lucky with it. During a writing break, Alan found it on iTunes.

“We all liked it but we all kind of thought that we would eventually find the one. But the more we placed other songs against it we realized that it actually was the one. It was perfect and it had just that right combination of menace, romance, sexiness, and humor to it.”

Every episode of True Blood is named after a song. According to Gary, this is difficult due to budget concerns. Some licensing can be too expensive or just not available. In a few cases, the episode titles were changed because the song didn’t work out as planned. But, as music supervisor, this touch makes his job more fun and interesting.

And it’s actually the writers who provide the song ideas. With the mood they set, sometimes they’ll write a song into the script.  But it doesn’t work 100% of the time. Gary said that putting the song up against the picture will sometimes show it’s just not a good fit. That’s when Gary provides the “Plan B” music.

In one example, Gary talked about a song titled “Hitting the Floor”, which was to play during a scene of an actual severed head hitting the floor.

“But the song was not working. Well, I actually knew of a great song by P.J. Harvey called “Hitting the Ground.”  So, we changed the title [from “Floor” to “Ground”] and it still worked thematically.”

Working at night as a DJ, Gary listens to a lot of music, which helps him with ideas for True Blood. Now that he has the feel for what the series ‘sounds like’, it’s a little easier for him to read the script and find the right song to recommend. Once the music is approved by Alan, it’s Gary’s job to check on the license and negotiate the deal for use.

Nathan Barr is the show’s composer for original score and often it’s a song that leads into the score. So both Nathan and Gary need to be in sync. But what about the show’s characters?

“Yeah, each character definitely has their own taste and their own type of music that might be playing along with their theme. It depends on what’s going on in the scene, but Jason‘s taste is much different than Sookie‘s and Sam’s taste is much different than Lafayette‘s.”

In discussing the budget for music, Gary sighs when he thinks about a Led Zeppelin song that worked perfectly for a particular scene.

“But they’re just way too expensive and you know, don’t really do television unless you want to pay them an exorbitant amount of money. No TV show could really afford to have Led Zeppelin. Then it’s my job to find something that’s even better for a fraction of the price.”

I, for one, think he’s doing a really fine job.

Source: (1st part2nd part) – The Man Behind the Music of HBO’s “True Blood”

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True Blood Season Finale Premieres Evil Is Going On Song

September 12, 2010

Jace Everett True Blood SongwriterTrue Blood Season Finale Premieres Jace Everett’s Evil Is Going On:

After three seasons, the opening song for True Blood, Bad Things by Jace Everett has not gotten old. Instead it’s the cue to get ready for a great night of vampire drama. Fans love the deep voice that comes with tuning into HBO at 9:00pm on Sunday nights.

When the series came to him to use his song, Jace‘s career was ready for that kind of exposure. He’d previously been picked up by Sony, but was dropped from the label after a year and one album. The country crooner noted,

“So really what was going on with me before [‘True Blood’] was not a whole damn lot…I was working really hard and making very little money.”

That’s all changed now. With the success of True Blood, Jace has experienced a new jolt in his career. During the season finale, not only will fans here the familiar opening tune, but they will also hear Jace’s collaborative efforts with C.C. Adcock twice in the song Evil (Is Going On). The song will make its appearance during a memorable moment in the show as well as the end credits. The song is remake of the Howlin’ Wolf classic. Jace said,

“It was just a great song…It’s just a blues song but it’s got this menace to it that really has a heavy vibe. So, we just tried to emulate that and hopefully amplify that and bring it to the 21st century and hopefully Wolf wouldn’t be to mad at us.”

The Story Behind Bad Things

Jace’s success started with one song, which started off with one perspective and change into another. At first it began with letting go of the anger he felt for a guy who owed him money and soon it changed into something much more sensual and sexy.

The song’s sexual tension is amplified when in connection with the flashing images True Blood opens with. When Jace had to rerecord the song to meet the minute and half intro, he was blown away and became an HBO convert. He noted,

“Second season we finally decided we can splurge and get HBO, so we watch [‘True Blood’]…It’s kind of like trash TV with a brain and heart and I love it. I think it’s funny and sexy and spooky and it’s just really cool to be associated with people who are firing on all cylinders.”

Evil (Is Going On) is on the True Blood Soundtrack Volume Two, and carries some big names including Beck, Lucinda Williams, and Elvis Costello. There’s one guy though, Jace is proud to be on the album with and that’s Bob Dylan. For Jace, love him or hate him (he loves him), Dylan is a legend.

Source: -‘True Blood’: Jace Everett on the songs that will begin and end Season 3

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