True Blood’s Jessica Hamby: Social Media Baby Vamp or Zealot?

July 19, 2014

Find Out What Jessica Has to Say About Drinking Fairies:

Deborah Ann Woll stars as baby vampire Jessica Hamby in HBO's True Blood Season 7In Episode 4 of the final season of True Blood we see Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) struggling with her 10 week abstinence from blood – her life force. She posts a blog about how the blood of Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) running through her veins feels so good on Baby Vamp but about half way through her musings she is interrupted by Violet (Karolina Wydra) who asks her what she is doing on her laptop. When she finds out she is talking to her followers, Violet mocks her by asking,

“Do these shoes look good with my outfit? Does my boyfriend like my hair?”

Violet then pulls Jessica down a peg by comparing her blogging to the zealots in  the days of the Crusades.

“Religious zealots burned my village to the ground, killing every man woman and child that did not agree to accept their truth”.

Only to give her the ultimate compliment and say;

“…I never saw you as the leader type, Impressive.” 

Violet goes on to caution Jessica to get her last words right, as they are very important for a leader. You can watch the full video below – make sure you watch to the very end for an unexpected ‘surprise’. Let us know your thoughts by commenting below!

Source: – Last Words?

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True Blood: Episode 1 Fashion Recap

July 4, 2011

Season 4 Looks Set to Rock the Fashion Stakes:

Anna Paquin as Sookie Stackhouse in True BloodOkay, now we have finally had our fix of a new episode. The next thing is: What were they wearing? Here’s a rundown for the fashion (and vampire) inclined.


Think Alice in Wonderland for fashion for our favorite barmaid this season. We see her in just he cutest little blue dress ever! She complements the look with one of her classic headbands.


This season Jason is channeling the ‘hot cop’ look, complete with a new goatee. While those guys out in Hotshot may think he should be kept in a freezer, I am hoping he gets a chance to strut more of the cop look soon.


More tanks, more leather, more Eric. Enough said. Nobody does cool and dead like a dead viking. But he has had over a thousand years to get his style right.


On the other hand, we have Bill. He seems to have finally worked out that Henley shirts are out of fashion, and have been since he died. He is looking more refined this season, which is the only thing befitting a king. The look certainly becomes him. Of course, now he is the bad guy, and we shouldn’t be caring one way or the other how he looks!


This bunch seems to fall into two distinct categories: Hot Librarian and Frumpy. Marnie fits into the latter category. It’s strange to see a leader of a coven dressed like she has a floordrobe and no light bulb. The rest of her coven fall into the ‘hot librarian’ category.


Now here is a man who has no fear of clothes and new and exciting ways to wear them. He has chosen the Mr. T look this season. That or someone placed a ferret on his head while he was sleeping and forgot to tell him. There are more scarves worn as head gear and more pretty long tops that would look great on a girl, but look spectacular on Lafayette.

Pam, Et Al

Pam is continuing with her pink PTA look. She still looks adorable and deadly all rolled into one.

Tara has become Toni. She has ditched the new hairstyle and gone for ultra-smooth locks. She has also taken up fighting as a profession, so expect plenty of shorts and tanks for this girl during Season 4.

Jessica and Hoyt have been raiding the same wardrobe: namely Hoyt’s. They both appear in matching jeans and plaid shirts. Jessica, however, does lose this look and take on a dress once she and Hoyt have a domestic.

Can’t wait to see what the next episode brings!

Thanks to Randi for bringing us the scoop. Remember Truebies, we welcome your contributions.

Contribution credit: Randi

Source: Fashion Magazine – True Blood recap: We take wardrobe cues from what Sookie wore, what Eric didn’t and why Bill got rid of his hideous henleys

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Deborah Ann Woll’s Boyfriend Runs for Awareness

October 18, 2010

Deborah Ann Woll’s Boyfriend E.J. Scott ran in the Chicago Marathon on Oct. 11th, 2010.

EJ Scott Running Chicago MarathonDeborah Ann Woll‘s boyfriend E.J. Scott suffers from Choroideremia. A degenerative, hereditary eye disease, it attacks peripherally and erodes it until total blindness occurs.  Scott ran in the Chicago Marathon on October 11, 2010 to bring awareness to Choroideremia.  He completed this task by running the Marathon with a blindfold and a guide.

Scott said he, “trained 10 months on a treadmill so he would be ready to run the marathon”.  He wore the blindfold because the exposure to the sun while he ran the 26.2 mile race would cause further damage to his sight.

Choroideremia is mostly found in males, and affects an estimated one in 50,000 people.  Scott is not the only one in his family that has been affected by this disease.  His younger brother Kevin, and his nephew Liam also have been diagnosed with it.  Scott’s grandfather went blind at the age of 40.  He says this disease, “really has shook the foundation of his family”.

Scott who is a Improv Comedian, was pursuing an acting career in LA when his eyesight started deteriorating.  This prompted him to move in 2008 to Chicago, the city Deborah Ann Woll still lives in.  Deborah is very supportive of E. J’s. quest to help and raise awareness for CHM.

Scott said, “his diminished vision is like looking through two paper towel rolls”.  To get around he uses a cane and he wears glasses.  The theatre where E.J. performs also hosted a benefit show to raise money for the foundation.  There is no cure or treatment for this disease.  All proceeds from the benefit went to the Choroideremia Research Foundation.

Sources: – Blind Marathoner Running to Educate Public – Blind Runner Completes Chicago Marathon– Improv Comedian (and Blindfolded Marathoner) E.J. Scott Runs This Town


VIDEO: Charlaine Harris Favors Jessica at Comic-Con 2010

July 31, 2010

Hardcore fans know that HBO‘s True Blood, while based on Charlaine Harris’s Sookie Stackhouse novels, tends to stray from the source material. During her Comic-Con panel, Charlaine admitted baby vampire Jessica has been her favorite departure from the series. caught up with Charlaine afterward to get a little more information on this claim. Charlaine says while she was a little hesitant when she saw Bill initially make her, she quickly fell in love with the character and the actress, deciding it was good for Bill to have someone to look after.

Check out the entire video below.

SOURCE: Zap2it


Deborah Ann Woll Kills on Purpose in New Movie

July 2, 2010

As True Blood’s Jessica, Deborah Ann Woll accidently killed a human.  But in her new movie, Catch .44, Deborah Ann will get paid to do that deed.

The movie, which begins filiming in Louisiana on July 8th, teams Deborah Ann with another actress who plays a vampire in the Twilight films, Nikki Reed.  Evidently these two lovely actresses have what it takes to play two of the three female assasins on a possible suicide mission., in a brief article, stated that the other stars in the movie are Bruce Willis, Malin Ackerman and Forest Whitaker.  That’s a very high-powered cast.  Per, this is an independent film; a crime drama dealing with a psychopathic hitman and a crime boss.

Well, watching her wonderful portrayal of new vampire Jessica every Sunday on HBO, we’re certain Deborah Ann will be up to taking a bite into crime in this new film, due out in 2011.


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Deborah Ann Woll on Playing Jessica

June 8, 2010

Deborah Ann Woll talked with the Toronto Sun about her audition for and portrayal of the character Jessica, True Blood‘s young vampire.

When she auditioned, she thought they were in the midst of filming episode nine of Season 1.  It was supposed to be just a guest spot, which means the actor is only called when needed.  “I had no idea what I was getting myself into.”  And she’s still marveling at her luck that Jessica has become a major character in the show.

The two scenes for the audition were the tribunal and in the woods with Bill (Stephen Moyer) after Jessica was turned. Deborah knew she would have to show trauma and drama as well as some comedy.

“I remember rolling around on the ground and eating my tears, just sort of spreading non-existent dirt into my face.  But I guess that’s what they were looking for.”

Working on her southern accent took a bit of work.  Born in Brooklyn, NY, Deborah found herself, in Season 1, sometimes falling out of Louisiana in the South and into Yankee Brooklyn, accent-wise.  And it sounded very wrong to her own ears.  By Season 2, she no longer had that struggle.

Talking about Season 3, which begins on June 13 on HBO in the States as well as in Canada, we know that the story continues right where it ended on the Season 2 finale.  But we don’t know what the consequences will be for Jessica for feeding on a stranger.  What is Deborah‘s take on the circumstances?

“To give that much power to someone so young and inexperienced — and particularly this girl, who was sheltered and abused for so long — it’s a truly dangerous prospect,” Woll said.  “There is that beautiful childlike innocence and warmth and acceptance that children have.  But they don’t understand sometimes the consequences of their actions.”

And haven’t Jessica‘s uncontrolled emotions been referred to several times as a child with a loaded gun?


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True Blood Inspires Fashion Line

May 19, 2010

There are a lot of ways to promote a television show, and HBO seems to have spared no expense when it comes to their latest guilty pleasure, True Blood. Viral ads, clips, and posters designed to entice already hooked fans as well as curious new viewers abound. In an interesting marketing move, Warner Brothers Home Video has paired with Australian fashion house, Saint Augustine Academy, and designer, Alvin Manalo, to cross promote the release of Season 2 on DVD and Blu-Ray in a vampire-inspired fashion show during Australian Fashion Week. The designer debuted a collection containing pieces for both men and women in black, white, and – of course – red. Pieces included goth-inspired, yet flowing dresses, one-piece rompers, structured shirts, and metal accents. Models wore heavy boots and unruly hair. The makeup was a severa pale base with red or black lips, chrome fangs, and metal-embellished eyebrows.

Mac Pro makeup artist, Karen Hopwood, summed up the seemingly odd collaboration best when she said, “music and film are really influencing fashion”.

Mumbrella writer, Emma Tom, noted that the current return of the popularity of the vampire genre has renewed an interest in goth style and that designers such as Yves Saint Laurent, Jean Paul Gaultier, and Christian Dior have previously presented collections in the same spirit.

Although vampire fashion may not be for everyone, the fact that True Blood-inspired a couture collection is reason enough to celebrate your favorite vampire‘s style (whether Jessica‘s envelope-pushing, teenager-rebelling outfits, Pam‘s tailored suits, or Bill‘s clean cut togs). True Blood vampires are not the exotic or extreme variety presented by Manalo, nevertheless, their unique fashion sensibilities are worth a second look at Season 2, which will be released on May 25.


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Bon Temps Tattler: Hoyt’s Hot Tips!

February 22, 2010

Hoyt’s Hints for Dating newly turned Vampire;

Hello there; my name is Hoyt Fortenberry, recently my mother; Maxine decided to take my personal love life public. She is trying to start a group called Mothers against Dating Vampires, MADV. Really momma you couldn’t have come up with a more original acronym.  If one didn’t know better they would think you’re a mother against doing Viagra. But let’s move on readers.

As I titled this article Hints for Vampire Dating, I will try to give you the reader some helpful tips on beginning and maintaining a relationship with a female vampire. Of course being a male I can only speak on that end of it. But some of these hints may be gender useful.  You may ask yourself how I am such an expert. I’m not. I am a simple man from a small town In Louisiana, who has been dating a newly turned female vampire named Jessica Hamby, a ward now of a Mr. Bill Compton a local vampire here. I met Jessica on a warm summer evening in a small bar. She walked in wearing a bright summer dress. At first glance she looked like any other girl in the bar, maybe a little paler. Jessica scanned the room; she had a nervous almost scared look in her eyes. Seeing an open booth Jessica went right to it and took a seat. I only saw a lovely young woman who was new to the area. I was raised by my momma, Maxine, to always be polite, especially to new people and  women. I walked over and introduced myself, asking if I could have a seat. She agreed and then told me her name. Next she landed the bombshell. She said she was Vampire.  I don’t know still today if I was smitten by her beauty or the fact she was a vampire. I only knew that at that moment I was falling in love with her.

I have never really had a steady girlfriend and I could tell that Jessica had never really had a boyfriend so we stumbled through our initial meeting like teenagers. We’ve been together for a few weeks now and I have learned some things I would like to share with you.

1)       Manners; these are just as important with a Vampire as with a human (maybe more so because if you offend a young female Vampire she may do more than just slap your face.) Treat her with respect.  Some of these newly turned girls may have come from a hard life, be it from the streets of the city or from an abusive home life in their past. Being polite to them will a strong focal point on which to begin.  Open doors for them, say please and thank you. Smile a lot. Let them know how good they look. Just the simple things can take you a long way in the beginning.

2)      Take your date to Vampire friendly restaurants. They will not be interested in Lobster or Steak. They need blood to survive. So look for the True Blood signs on the front of eating establishments and Bars. This will show your date that you are considerate of her needs.

3)      Be careful when you decide to take her home to meet your parents. They may not be as open to Vampires as they appear. In my own case I relate it to Momma’s views. She treated Vampires much the same way as she treated Black people; she was friendly to them in public and made herself sound totally accepting of them. They were fine and she had no problem with either of them, so long as they were not dating her son or moving in next door.

4)      Finally for now, Meeting her maker. This is of upmost importance. For her maker is like her dad, and how daddy’s feel about their little girls is pretty much universal. If you mess with her they will hurt you. I have been fortunate as Mr. Compton is trying very hard to mainstream and teach Jessica to main stream also. Some others may not be so understanding. It will be up to you to use your best judgment. Remember a Vampire bite is just as lethal as daddy’s old shotgun.

I hope these tidbits have been helpful comeback next time when we will discuss Time management; or should I work a swing shift to allow more time for dating.

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True Blood Cast Talk With Fangoria

September 13, 2009

sookieDuring the production of season 2 of True Blood, the website, got a chance to talk to the stars of True Blood about filming the series and about wrapping up season 2Fangoria was on the set of True Blood as cast members continued filming for season 2. Fangoria noted that even though the cast was filming a scene full of drama and conflict the cast and crew looked happier than ever! Fangoria talked to Anna Paquin who plays our beloved, telepath, Sookie Stackhouse, about filming her scenes for True Blood and how she has been involved in some pretty physically intense scenes. Anna had this to say:

“On this show, I get beat up all the time. I mean, I’ve always been really active and I’ve done a decent amount of that [physical action] before. Not a lot, but that’s fun to me. I love that stuff.”

Anna also commented on how thrilled she is about the show’s phenomenal following:

“You never really know how people are going to react, but even just from people who enjoyed the books and were fanatical about that, there was a pretty good indication that people might be pretty into the show and they were, and that was awesome.”

Fangoria also talked to Stephen Moyer who plays Sookie’s vampire love interest, Bill Compton, and is also Anna Paquin’s real-life fiance. Stephen spoke about the diversity of the vampires featured on True Blood:

“They look fantastic, the Dallas vampires. We’ve got amazing tattoos, we’ve got big bad guys, we’ve got small Asian guys, we’ve got a 6-foot-6 blonde woman, we’ve got everything. We’ve got every kind of vampire you can imagine.”

stephen-moyerFangoria also talked to Stephen about his portrayal of a very burnt up vampire, when his character Bill ventured out into the sunlight in an attempt to save his beloved Sookie. Stephen explained that in order to turn into a crispy vamp the crew had to create a full mold of his head. Stephen explained the process and how sometimes they leave it on too long and they have to wrangle you to get it off – Ouch! When asked about playing Bill on True Blood, Stephen had this to say:

“Every week, it changes—I think I add to it. The more that Alan [Ball, series creator and show runner] gives me—all of us—to do—it might be a twist on a character that you haven’t thought of, so you end up adding layers, rather than changing. It’s like, ‘Oh, right, here’s another facet of Bill’s character that we’ve only ever hinted at before.’ So in this season, we see him go back to the ’20s—we see a different Bill in the ’20s—and then we see a different Bill again in the ’30s. I think one of the great joys of playing a vampire is that you can flash back to any point in that person’s history and see things that they’ve done, which obviously people now will never see. So we’ll get to know more about him than perhaps Sookie ever will.”

Fangoria also asked Stephen about his co-star Deborah Ann Woll, who plays teenage vampire, Jessica, on the show:

“I’ve ended up with a teenage vampire daughter who’s a nightmare,” Moyer laughs. “Not even Eric can handle this little thing. Sookie and Bill become these kind of odd surrogate parents for this girl, Jessica. [Woll] is amazing. She is just phenomenal to work with.”

Fangoria also spoke with Ed Quinn, who plays the human hating Deputy Stan, a member of the Dallas Coven, and discussed wearing “fangs”. Ed explained that it is hard at first especially when you go from talking normal to almost instantly having a lisp. Ed went on to say that they are a bit hard to put in but once you get used to them its not so bad.

“The first scene I actually shot, [Alexander] Skarsgard did, so I got to watch him [talk with fangs in his mouth]. They’re kind of tough to get in, but once you get them in, they’re amazing. They’re kind of scary. They feel dangerous. My lips are really bruised today, because I’m such a rookie with them, but yeah, last night, I had to do the whole, ‘Stop, fangs!’ “

ed_quinn_cThis phrase is heard pretty often on the True Blood set when the cast is told to stop the action and place their fangs in their mouth. Ed helps fans out by describing the all too famous “fangs”:

“They take about two weeks to make. You go and they take a mold and they build this retainer, and they fit up over your gums and they fit above your teeth and they’re really, really secure and they’re wickedly sharp. They actually have little holes—they’re actually hollow, I can actually suck through them—I could drink a bowl of soup through them. I mean, they look amazing, they feel amazing and they’re pretty fun. So, to be a fan of a show like this and then to get to work on it, to get to show fangs and get to run around at vamp speed, is pretty cool.”

I guess running around at vamp speed would be pretty amazing. Have you ever wondered how our vampires seem to be able to move at the speed of light? Ed also explains this amazing feature:

“You run just like a typical goofball and they speed it up,” he laughs. “They go, ‘Run’ and you go to a certain place, you stop, and then they say, ‘Reset and action,’ and you start again. So it’s all the magic of filmmaking that makes you run around real fast, but it’s nice to know that they’re going to cover me in post.”

steve-newlinFangoria also spoke with Michael McMillian who plays Fellowship of the Sun Founder, Steve Newlin.

“I have to end up in a certain place so the camera can see me, but there is actually quite a lot of freedom on this show, and one of the things I love about acting on it is there’s a lot of freedom for play and a lot of freedom to try things differently each time. So that’s been one of the most rewarding things and I get to work with a cast that loves to try new things each time. One of the first days I worked, I worked with Ryan Kwanten, and he was great to work with, because every time he did a take, it was something different and all brilliant and all usable.”

And no interview would be complete without speaking to Alexander Skarsgard who plays vampire sheriff, Eric Northman. Fangoria asked Alex about the show’s fanbase and how phenomenal the response has been and Alex had this to say:

“I was kind of overwhelmed, I guess. I wasn’t surprised, because I knew that it would be good, but I didn’t realize that there were that many hardcore fans out there,” he laughs. “And so it was very flattering and overwhelming. I was out of the [U.S.] when TRUE BLOOD premiered, so I didn’t really understand how crazy things got.”

eric northmanWhen asked about his character and portraying Eric on the show Alex commented:

“I have gotten to explore the character a little bit more and go deeper. I was just basically introduced in season one, so season two has been great for me. It’s been a lot of fun, because it’s involved a lot more, in many ways. It just keeps getting better and better. I’ve had some great, great moments that I’ve enjoyed tremendously.”

Well, us fans are gearing up to enjoy the season 2 finale of True Blood tremendously, and we are sure that this cast will not disappoint!

SOURCE: Fangoria

Photo Credits: HBO Inc.


True Blood Love Triangle

August 27, 2009

Hoyt & His Newfound Love InterestThere is certainly an interesting “love triangle” of sorts developing on True Blood, however it is probably not the kind of love triangle that normally comes to mind.  Though it is not the one that appears to be developing between Sookie and two of the hottest vampires, it does involve heat – heated arguments, that is.  Yes, I am speaking of Hoyt, Jessica and of course, Hoyt’s mother.

Hoyt’s mother – the typical bitter, mad at the world spurned woman – and she is not going to make things easy for Hoyt, especially when it comes to his relationship with Jessica.  Now that she is under Maryann‘s spell, there is just no telling how heated things will get.

Hoyt – what can we say about him?  He’s goofy, but sweet and has the best of intentions.  He’s brow beaten by his mother, to say the least – and he is totally enamored with Jessica.  Though he started out a relatively unseen character, he is certainly becoming central to the dynamics of the True Blood series.  Hoyt is growing up.  He is maturing and learning that he cannot continue to let the world push him around, or else he will never leave his mother’s nest.

Jessica is probably one of the funniest characters and very likely one to whom many young women can relate.  Her home life is not that different than those of a lot of other females – strong father/weak mother – and that can make for a bad combination when that female is finally let out into the real world.  Quite often, those types of girls become the prey for those seeking to corrupt everything and everyone around them.  And so it was with Jessica that fateful night she met the vampires.  It is truly interesting to watch Jessica mature as well.  She is finally leaving her shell and growing into her own.  She should be grateful that it is with someone like Hoyt; it is so obvious to see how much he cares for her.  He means her no harm and only wants to take care of her.  It will be fun to see how their relationship plays out.  Will she “make him”?  We know what just took place on Episode 10 – or do we?  We could see the attack coming.  We were pretty certain that Hoyt’s mother would anger Jessica to the point of attack – and who could blame her for lashing out?  His mother is a piece of work, to say the least.

Hoyt’s mother certainly can bring out that kind of uncontrollable anger.  She is the stereotypical, small-town/small minded, gossip queen that plagues so many of our communities.  She starts off sweet like honey and by the end of the conversation, one can feel the poison just oozing from her deepest, darkest places.  Though Hoyt is the quiet type, I have a feeling that he has the ability to flip his mother’s world upside down.  She would be wise to give Jessica a chance, but I think we all know that is not going to happen.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out.  As the end of Season 2 really ramps up, I have a feeling, Hoyt and Jessica will become one hot item – and his mother – well, what happens to her is left to be seen.  Suffice it to say, it probably will not be good.  She would probably make the most irritating vampire of all time, should it turn out that Jessica has “made” her.  I chuckle to think of that.

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