Trueblood’s Nelsan Ellis’s Spoken Word Debut!

January 11, 2013

Lafayette lends his voice for a song!

Nelsan Ellis who stars as Lafayette Reynolds in HBO's True BloodHey Trubies, Nelsan Ellis (who plays Lafayette Reynolds) has a different talent: he lends his voice to rapper Malachi’s new singleNew World (Part II: The Schizo Speaks).” posted an article about the True Blood star’s new venture. In the song you can hear Nelsan around the 2 minute mark with the following lyrics:

“I am the beat that never sleeps; I am the heart that gets skipped over by dirty feet on hot concrete,”

Nelsan says in the beginning of his monologue:

“My cardboard box tells a story.”

I listened to the song and really like it. You can listen to the song here on Malachi’s SoundCloud or you can listen to it by going to the article on and to do that you can click on the source below. What do you think of the song trubies let us know by leaving a comment on the comment section below?

Source:– Listen to True Blood Star Nelsan Ellis’s Spoken Word Debut – MalchiRivers

(Photo Credit: Art Screiber/HBO Inc.)