Video: True Blood’s Fiona Shaw Directs an Opera

November 4, 2011

Marnie on The Marriage of Figaro:

Fiona Shaw as MarnieFiona Shaw, whom some Truebies may know as Marnie the witch in HBO’s True Blood, has also had a notable role in the Harry Potter films, playing Harry’s dreadful Aunt Petunia. But what a lot of us may not know is that she has gained much attention from her roles in Beckett and Brecht and is a recipient of three Olivier awards. Now she is broadening her horizons by directing a highly famous opera entitled The Marriage of Figaro at the English National Opera in London.

On the play, Shaw said:

“It’s a very simple structure on one hand and then it becomes incredibly complicated.”

The play’s plot is very simple: we as the audience follow a day in a guy’s life where he’s trying to marry the love of his life but his boss is trying to stop him so he can be with the guy’s fiancée.

On her muggle role in Harry Potter versus her magical witch role on True Blood:

“I’ve got various groups of people who either live in terror or are delighted by me.”

Hey Truebies, for more info on Fiona Shaw’s play, check out the video below!

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Video: Behind the Scenes With Fiona Shaw

August 16, 2011

A Thespian and Her Craft:

Fiona Shaw as Marnie Season 4Fiona Shaw, the Irish actress who currently plays Marnie the witch on HBO’s hit series True Blood, has quickly gained the respect and admiration of Truebies.  Although a seasoned television and stage actress, Shaw may be best recognized as Harry Potter’s Aunt Petunia.  If you’d like to see what goes on behind the scenes, how Shaw prepares herself before going on stage, check out this video by the National Theatre.  Filmed while performing in Bertholt Brecht’s “Mother Courage and Her Children”, the video shows her doing warm up stretches, vocal warm ups, getting dressed, and getting into character, all the while holding conversations and just generally being lovely with people. By the end, you’re left not doubting one bit that she is the product of an eye surgeon and a physicist — what an intellect!

Check it out, and share your thoughts below!

Source: YouTube: National Theatre Discover Theatre – Fiona Shaw on Stage

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True Blood’s Fiona Shaw Discusses Her Role as Marnie

August 15, 2011

How Does She Like Playing a Witch?

Fiona Shaw as Marnie S4 Ep7From the sound of her interview with New York Magazine’s Vulture, Fiona Shaw is quite enjoying her role as Marnie the witch on HBO’s True Blood.  The actress spent weeks delving into the world of Wicca, in order to portray her character more accurately.  After visiting with witches and attending rituals, she’s come away with an admiration of their methods, and is moved by the way they conjure the dead and offer comfort to others — though she’s happy to stick with dealing with the living!  She seems proud to bring the topic of witches to the forefront, and is definitely glad she isn’t playing a vampire. She thinks Marnie was justified in defending herself from Eric (Alexander Skarsgård).  Speaking of Skarsgård, is she Team Eric?

“I’ll take him any day! [Laughs.] He’s a very nice young man. How is Sookie supposed to choose between her two vampires? It’s fantastically complicated.”

Channeling the Spirit of Antonia Gavilán de Logroño:

Shaw admits that when she started reading the scripts and saw all that Latin, she knew it would be a challenge.  Sitting at the first table read, seeing all the “vampires” in person also had an impact, but she was able to pull herself together.  She shares her favorites — Pam and Nan Flanagan (Kristin Bauer van Straten and Jessica Tuck).  When the topic of Antonia’s and Marnie’s powers is brought up, the actress poses this interesting question: “Is Antonia running Marnie, or is Marnie running Antonia?”  She elaborates:

“What happens in True Blood is they put two ideas together, and a baby is born in the third idea. Antonia has a particular ax to grind, because of her own rape and murder [in the seventeenth century]. But Antonia’s the most unlikely person to make non-vampires do something against their will, or hold hostages; she seeks only the willing. She only entered Marnie because Marnie begged her to. But Marnie has a deep desire to make her mark on the world, because she’s been overlooked. When Antonia infused Marnie, it brought out Marnie’s latent powers. And being empowered has had a huge effect on her ego. Her entire deportment changes, because how you carry yourself is all about how you feel about yourself.”

Playing Aunt Petunia in Harry Potter was never this fun!  We are certainly glad to have Fiona Shaw as part of the True Blood cast.  She is a fabulous actress, and is executing her role beautifully.  Truebies, would you agree?

Contribution credit: Vulture

Source: New York Magazine’s Vulture – True Blood’s Fiona Shaw on Playing the Witch, Rehearsing With Vampires, and Conjuring the Dead in Real Life

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Truebloodnet’s Favorite Quotes from Season 4, Episode 4 – “I’m Alive and on Fire”

July 29, 2011

Watercooler Gossip:

Truebloodnet is bringing True Blood fans their favorite quotes from episode four. Each week, fans can’t wait to see the new episode of True Blood and then race to the water cooler on Monday to talk about what happened on Sunday’s show. Here is our way of bringing those favorite scenes back to you.

Love Drunk

The first quote is from Sookie who stares at Eric like a puppy who has messed on her new carpet:

“You can’t have any more, there isn’t anymore, you drank the WHOLE fairy, and you’re going to your room!”

Eric had other plans though:

“Hey! Did you just pinch my butt?”

While Eric was frolicking in the woods, Pam was being grilled about his whereabouts by Bill. After making her mad, the third great comment of the night comes:

“You like the feel of it don’t ya, Bill? That crown.”

drunk Eric swimming S4 Ep4While Bill may not like the feel of the crown, Eric seems to love the feel of the swamp water and DOES NOT want to get out.

“There’s big gators in there you crazy viking, get on out and let’s go home before one of them chomps off your you-know-what!”

Eric, we can’t let that happen, you better get out of that water!

Cat Scratch Fever

Quite a few great quotes came from Jason’s ordeal. Viewers first find Jason tied to a bed where a woman from Hot Shot is taking full advantage of his situation.

Jason tied to the bed S4 Ep4

“Well, I don’t know why you’re crying, I’m the one getting raped,”

he says to her.

Next one comes from Luther who yells to Jason:

“Breed, Ghost Daddy, breed!”

The fifth quote comes from Crystal Norris who finds Jason in the woods after he has escaped and killed Felton. She is very happy to see him and even happier that Felton is dead.

“I’m big momma kitty now.”

And that you are Crystal, that you are.

Witchy Woman

The witches this season have been dangerous and full of great lines. Since Marnie has cast the spell on Eric, Lafayette,  Jesus, and Tara have 24 hours to have her reverse the spell. She tries to tell them that she can’t remember. Lafeyette will not hear any of that!

“You get her ass on the gotdamn Goddess line and you tell her to turn this curse a-f***in-round!”

Well, that’s one way of putting it. While that group is trying to reverse the spell, Nan Flanagan is giving Bill Compton hell about sending Eric to the Moon Goddess Emporium.

“Some old hippies levitated a dead bird, so what?”

Well Nan, it was a little more than that, which Pam later learns when she says the famous line,

“Are you f***ing retarded?”

I think it’s fair to say that Marnie won that fight.

Love Comes in All Kinds

Quote number eleven is from Debbie Pelt who is not concerned with Alcide helping Sookie:

“You’re in my bed, boy — I aint worried about no Sookie.”

Debbie obviously did not see how Alcide and Sookie looked at each other.

Number twelve and thirteen have to do with families. First, is the shocking revelation of finding out that Bill is related to Portia Bellefleur:

“You’re my great-great-great-great-granddaughter.”

I don’t think Portia thought it was that great. The next wasn’t a spoken line, but a great one nonetheless.

“Baby not yours”

was found written on the wall at Arlene’s house. It appears that the baby wrote it, but I am skeptical.

The Tangled Webs

The last two of the night come back to Sookie’s love triangle. While the situation between her and Eric hasn’t escalated, it is obvious that Eric would like more with Sookie.

“If you kiss me, I promise to be happy.”

Yes, Eric I would be!

Bill & Sookie “lies” S4 Ep4

Bill soon shows up at Sookie’s house and asks to search it looking for Eric. Sookie feels a need to protect him so she tops the night with the best quote of the night.

“When have I ever lied to you? Ever?”

Well they do say there is a first time for everything.

So this is our list from episode four, did you find your favorite quote of the night?

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Fiona Shaw, Resident Witch

July 6, 2011

Marnie is the New Bad Girl:

Fiona Shaw, who plays Marnie the witchFiona Shaw is set to be the newest bad girl on the True Blood block. For those of you who are anti-vampire, Marnie the witch will be your new favorite character.

Marnie is the leader of a coven that is determined to re-animate the dead. This is not great news as far as the vampires are concerned, since it will give the witches cause to control them. Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) is sent in to threaten the coven, and at the end of episode 2, we find that this may have dire consequences for him.

Fiona is very quick to add that while her character may turn out to be arch enemies with Eric, she has her eye firmly placed on Lafayette, played by Nelsan Ellis:

“My character is certainly very pleased to meet Lafayette, who I realize has more powers than he knows.”

It will be interesting to see where this storyline will go, and how much of an influence Lafayette will actually have in defeating Marnie. Or will he choose to overturn the vampires?

Only time will tell.

Source: OMG! From Yahoo – What A Witch! Meet ‘True Blood’s’ Coven Queen Fiona Shaw

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Season 4 Gallery Images

June 26, 2011

Courtesy of HBO:

Just a few more hours to go, everyone!  Here are a few photos from the set of True Blood’s season 4:

Sookie Season 4 (Sexy Beast article)

Eric Season 4 (Sexy Beast article)

Pam Season 4 (Sexy Beast article)

Hoyt & Jessica Season 4 (Sexy Beast article)

Marnie & Jesus Season 4 (Sexy Beast article)

Breathe, Truebies, breathe!  The hour is almost upon us.  We hope you enjoy the show, and don’t forget to check back regularly for more news!

Source: – Sexy Beast: Inside True Blood Season 4

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Video: True Blood Season 4 Teaser

April 7, 2011

Waiting Sucks: Pam

Pam faces off with a witch to help her makerEarlier this week HBO released the next clip in its Waiting Sucks campaign and this particular scene takes place after Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) falls victim to “amnesia” and Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten) is on a mission (in a super sassy outfit!) to get her maker back to normal. However, it’s immediately obvious that no matter how threatening Pam is to Marnie (Fiona Shaw), the witch isn’t planning to reverse the spell she’s put on the vampire Sherriff. Watch the clip below.

From the sounds of that laugh at the end of the clip, Marnie is going to be quite a handful this season. And it sounds like Shaw is just the person to play her. According to Lauren Bowles, who plays Merlotte‘s waitress Holly, Shaw is a very focused actor:

“If there’s one thing Fiona Shaw could never be accused of as an actor, that would be phoning it in. I have seen the woman (on two hours sleep) learn an entire monologue in Latin and perform it with faultless elocution that would have made the Pope proud. She’s what you would call a master craftsman. I’m not sure if I want her to be my mother or my mentor or maybe my lover.”

What do you think Truebies? Does Marnie look like a believable witch? And how about that face-off?! Pam against Marnie, Lafayette, Jesus, and Tara? Guns and candles and a salt circle? Sounds like a perfect combination for some craziness.

Waiting Sucks: Pam


Waiting Sucks: Pam

Source: Inside True Blood – Waiting Sucks: Clearing the Air

(Photo Source: Down in the Water blog)


Artist Talk with Fiona Shaw

November 17, 2010

Joining John Gabriel Borkman Cast Mates in NYC

Fiona Shaw in John Gabriel BorkmanTony Award nominee and True Blood‘s recently cast Marnie, Fiona Shaw, will be appearing in Brooklyn for an Artist Talk this January. Alongside fellow John Gabriel Borkman cast mates Lindsay Duncan and Alan Rickman, Shaw will enlighten guests about their performance in Henrik Ibsen’s 1896 drama.

Originally written by Henrik Ibsen, this dramatic and darkly comic play has been redrafted by Frank McGuinness. John Gabriel Borkman is currently on stage in Dublin, Ireland until November 20th and will open in the US on January 7th at Brooklyn’s BAM Harvey Theater.

Paul Holdengräber, director of Public Programs at the New York Public Library will moderate the Jan 16, 2011 event at the BAM Harvey Theater. Tickets are available for $15, and are $7.50 for Friends of BAM.

Source: — Artist Talk: Lindsay Duncan, Alan Rickman, and Fiona Shaw

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Season 4 Spoiler: Fiona Shaw Joins the Cast of True Blood

November 9, 2010

‘Marnie’ Has Been Cast

Fiona ShawTrue Blood fans have been eagerly waiting for more Season 4 news and with filming slated to begin in a few weeks we can expect it to start trickling in.  A couple of weeks ago we reported that the show had put out a casting call for several new characters.  According to Fiona Shaw has now joined our favorite show as a series regular. 

Shaw,  known to fans all over as Aunt Petunia from the ‘Harry Potter’ movies, will be playing Marnie, a palm reader who is taken over by the spirit of a powerful witch.  Her character is described as being a “mousy, timid, self loathing storefront medium”.  The role was originally written with a younger actress in mind, however the part is being rewritten for Shaw. 

Let us know what you think of this casting decision in the comment section below!

Source: – Fiona Shaw Joins ‘True Blood’ as Regular

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True Blood Season 4 Spoiler: Casting Call for New Character

October 21, 2010

New True Blood Character Being Cast

According to, True Blood is currently casting a new series regular. Her name is Marnie, and she’s going to be taken over by a witch, which could lead to some interesting new plot twists in the upcoming Season 4. Though very little is currently known about Marnie, it seems as though she’ll be a new original character for True Blood.

What do you think of this new information? How might Marnie be important to Season 4? Let us know what you think in the comments.

UPDATE: Thanks to the help of some lovely commenters, we’ve realized that Marnie is most likely Marnie Stonebrook, better known to Southern Vampire Mystery readers as Hallow.

SOURCE: — True Blood – Season 4 – New Series Regular

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