Joe Manganiello Project on Kickstarter

May 10, 2011

True Blood Star Cast in Independent Film Seeking Donations:

Joe Manganiello by Rodolpho MartinezJoe Manganiello has joined the cast of “Most Likely,” a potential independent film about high school graduates whose lives intermingle years after graduation.

Wait, why “potential?”

“Most Likely” originally began as a stage play titled “Skirts & Flirts” whose run sold out in both LA and New York. The play was written by Gloria Calderon Kellett. With a successful run on stage, the creators now want to bring this project to the big screen. But they need some help.

“Most Likely” is seeking funding for production through – a fund-raising website for independent projects like this. Kickstarter calls itself an “all or nothing” donation program. The project sets a monetary goal by a certain date and collects pledges. If they reach their goal, great. If not, no one is charged for their pledge.

Joe Manganiello is playing a former high school “fat kid” turned personal trainer. Check out the trailer on Kickstarter’s site and if you deem the project a worthy one, make a pledge and help Joe and all those involved bring this project to life.

“Most Likely” is seeking a total of $5,000 by June 3rd.

Source: – Most Likely by Gloria Calderon Kellett

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