Marshall Allman Cast in ‘Ken Jeong Made Me Do It’

October 17, 2014

Ken Jeong and Marshal Allman Co-Star in New MTV Comedy Pilot Presentation:

Marshall Allman who played Tommy Mickens in HBO's True BloodKen Jeong Made Me Do It tells the story of 22 year old Andy who finds out his girlfriend is cheating on him. This isn’t the worst part about his day though, he then goes on to crash into the back of Ken Jeong’s expensive car!  Feeling sorry for Andy, Ken (who will play himself) takes him under his wing in an attempt to teach Andy how to ‘man up’.

The part of Andy will be played by True Blood’s Marshall Allman (who played shapeshifter Tommy Mickens in the HBO vampire series). The MTV comedy pilot presentation is written and executive produced by Andy St. Clair and Paul O’Toole. Peter Segal will direct. Alongside Marshall and Ken will be actress Bonnie Dennison who plays the role of Molly, Andy’s best friend. Apparently Molly just likes to be one of the guys, but it seems there might be a little unresolved chemistry also happening between her and Andy. Justin Hires will round out the friends list for Andy. he will be playing a character called Paul, who Deadline described as:

…a ball of manic energy with no filter, a flaky goofball but completely dedicated to his job as preschool teacher.

Sounds like fun!

Let us know if you plan on tuning in to watch Ken Jeong Made Me Do It when it hits our screens in 2015.

Source: Deadline – Marshall Allman To Star In ‘Ken Jeong Made Me Do It’ For MTV, Two Others Cast

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VIDEO: True Blood Season 7 Premiere – Cast Give Their ‘Sookie’ Impressions

June 22, 2014

Watch the True Blood Cast Try to Imitate Bill Compton’s Famous Line:

Anna Paquin (Sookie Stackhouse) and Stephen Moyer (Bill Compton) star in HBO's True Blood Season 7We all know the line, and we all get tingles when Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) utter’s Sookie’s (Anna Paquin) name – but what happens when the rest of the cast try to copy?

Well, at HBO’s True Blood Season 7 premiere event in Hollywood recently, MTV asked every single cast member there if they would utter the famous line. And this is what happened:


Which True Blood cast member got it right? Which one was the worst? How good is your ‘Sookie’ impression? Let us know by commenting below!

Source: MTV – Watch The Cast Of ‘True Blood’ Give Their Best ‘Sookie’ Impressions

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Sam Trammell Gushes about True Blood’s Comic Book Success

March 18, 2011

Trammell Talks to MTV about Why the Books Work

True Blood's Sam Trammell (Sam Merlotte) talks comic booksThere have been major accolades for the True Blood’ comic books since the first one debuted last year (and sold out in less than two months), some reviews claiming the books are top notch, a must read, and sexy as hell. Nearly every cast member has applauded the show’s comic book adaptation, and Sam Trammell (Sam Merlotte) spoke to MTV earlier this week and offered up yet another opinion:

“There are just so many characters and so many potential scenarios that could happen, it’s great to have a publication that explores different possible relationships and events. We don’t actually on the show have time to explore everything that can happen in Bon Temps.”

Just last week the first collection,All Together Now,” took a bite out of the #6 spot on the New York Time‘s best selling list, and the first book in the second series, True Blood: Tainted Love,” debuted last month to big sales.

To order your copy of “Tainted Love #1” click hereTainted Love #2will be released on March 31, 2011 but you can pre-order by clicking here.

Source: Digital Spy – Trammell praises ‘True Blood’ comics

(Photo Credit: NY Daily News)


Video: Rutina Wesley of True Blood dishes on being 17

September 26, 2010

Video:  Rutina Wesley on being 17 and her funkadelic prom!

Most people look back at their senior prom as one of the highlights of their highschool experience.  On MTV‘s show ’17 Again’ actress Rutina Wesley (Tara) of True Blood talks about her experience going to prom her junior year with her good friend Adam. They chose to go all out 70’s and  Ms. Wesley clearly lived up to their chosen theme of the night.

“I had these green tights with fuchsia platforms, and afro puffs with bobby pins with pearls on the end and a zig zag part I thought I was real cute!”

She did in fact look very retro.  Ms. Wesley goes on to recount how unique her look was even then and her friends acknowledge that in a sea of tuxedos and formal dresses Ms. Wesley and her date Adam stood out.  The blast from the past didn’t end there as she recounts that they danced on the strip to ‘Stayin’ Alive’.  Clearly Ms. Wesley’s flare for unique looks began early and hopefully we’ll be seeing more of her fashion sense in Season 4 of True Blood.

Sources: – SHE BEEN SWIRLIN’: Rutina Wesley (From True Blood) Been Getting Her Swirl On Since She Was In The 11th Grade – Big Boi, Rutina Wesley, Joey Lawrence Reminisce on ‘When I Was 17’


True Blood’s Rutina Wesley on MTV’s ‘When I was 17’

September 21, 2010

Rutina Wesley got her start in Fame

Rutina Wesley, True Blood, Tara Thornton, MTV

Before Rutina Wesley got the part of Tara Thornton on HBO’s True Blood, she was strutting her stuff on stage at the prestigious performing arts school, the  Las Vegas Academy.

Wesley, who was the daughter of a showgirl and a tapdancer, grew up in Las Vegas and before she starred in the 2007 dance film “How She Move“, she was performing in the Academy’s production of Fame.

Rutina recalls,

“What I love about ‘Fame’ is it’s sort of like I was living ‘Fame.’ I was going to a performing-arts high school, [and] I knew the hard work it took to be there. The auditions were brutal for that show, I remember I had to dance, sing and act, and it was really tough.”

Landing the part allowed her to have her first taste of actual fame and she knew she was born to perform.

“The theater at my school was awesome,” she laughed. “It was a 1,400-seat auditorium, so, being in that auditorium at 17, and having, like 1,400 people cheer for you was, like, one of the most amazing feelings that I’ve ever felt, energy-wise. It just felt right.”

You can see the interview on MTV’s series When I was 17

SOURCE:  MTV — ‘True Blood’s’ Rutina Wesley Recalls Early ‘Fame,’ On ‘When I Was 17’

(photo credit: MTV Inc)