Joe Manganiello Credits True Blood for Upcoming Nuptials

January 24, 2011

A Killer Year

Joe-Manganiello-Audra-MarieJoe Manganiello (Alcide Herveaux) had a stellar 2010. Initially cast on True Blood as a guest star, the actor announced at Comic Con 2010 that he had been made a series regular on the show. Later that year, Joe proposed to his girlfriend Audra Marie and she happily accepted!  But the latter would have never happened without True Blood.

People Magazine caught up with the actor on Saturday, January 22 at the PGA awardsand he told them that his first check for playing Alcide as a series regular went to buying a custom designed ring for Audra:

“The first thing I did with my first check as a season regular is get together with my friend who is a jewelry designer and we co-designed an engagement ring,” he says. “And then my now- fiancée and I went on our trip to Italy and got engaged.”

Going to the Chapel

Now that the happy couple is engaged what about the wedding? While there has been no official announcement yet, they are close to setting a date and choosing a location. But one thing Joe is certain about is who he’ll be inviting—his cast mates!

“The cast will be invited to the wedding…I love them. They’re like my family.”

It sounds like Audra Marie is a very lucky woman being engaged to such a sweet and thoughtful man as Joe Manganiello! But he is also very quick to credit his fiancée who has been extremely supportive and cheered him on through this exciting phase in his career.

We here at TBN would like to extend Joe our sincere congratulations and best wishes to his bride Audra! And for those of you wanting to see more of Alcide Herveaux tune in to HBO June 12 for the season 4 premiere.

Source:– “Joe Manganiello: I’m Inviting True Blood Cast to My Wedding”

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Kevin Alejandro: People’s Sexy Man of the Week

November 24, 2010

True Blood’s Brujo is on Newsstands Now!

Kevin Alejandro, True Blood's Jesus is People Mag's Sexy Man of the Week

Hailed as the “Sexy Man of the Week”, True Blood star Kevin Alejandro (Jesus Velasquez)  has joined several other outstanding True Blood specimens gracing People Magazine’s pages. They include Joe Manganiello, Alexander Skarsgård, Ryan Kwanten and Stephen Moyer who each made People’s 100 Sexy Men 2010 list.  In case you are curious (admit it, you are!) you can see the entire list of the 100 here .

Though Alejandro’s ‘Jesus Velasquez,’ is currently romancing Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) on True Blood, when he leaves work, his off-stage life’s primary attractions are wife Leslie to whom he’s been married for seven years, and their 2-year-old son.

What do you think of People’s choice for the week? What other True Blood stars do you think should be recognized? Let us know in the comment section below!


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True Blood’s Joe Manganiello Joins the Sexiest Man Alive Club

November 18, 2010

People Magazine Picks Sexy Wolf as Leader of the Supernaturally Spectacular

Joe Manganiello, True Blood's smoking hot werewolf Alcide Herveaux, joins People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive ClubJoe Manganiello, who plays smoldering werewolf Alcide Herveaux on True Blood, may describe himself as an ‘ugly duckling’, but People magazine certainly disagrees. Manganiello landed on the magazine’s annual Sexiest Man Alive list, and although he didn’t win the coveted title (Ryan Reynolds was crowned king this year), he admitted that he was “completely taken aback” when he found out he was going to be included.

You might imagine that Joe’s fiance, Audra Marie, was proud of her hunky man, but it was Manganiello’s mom who ‘screamed’ when her son told her the news.

People’s list, now in it’s 25th year, was separated into several different categories: The magazine picked Manganiello as the ‘pack leader’ of the Supernaturally Spectacular list for for 2010.  Joe beat out other supernatural creatures, including those from Twilight and The Vampire Diaries.

While doing his oceanside photoshoot for the magazine, Manganiello talked openly about several ways a werewolf trumps a vampire as the more desirable companion stating, “a werewolf can take you to brunch, a werewolf can go tanning with you… we can hang out at the beach.”

A Whirlwind Year

Manganiello also opened up to Access Hollywood about how his life has changed since joining the ridiculously sexy cast of True Blood, revealing that he still can’t believe people know who he is:

“Everything that’s happened this past year, since the episodes have started airing, I mean, it’s been the same reaction; kind of like disbelief at the beginning and then… appreciation. I presented at the MTV Video Music Awards… and I remember Chelsea Handler stopping in the middle of the show and saying all this stuff about me and my first thought was — I was just amazed that she knew who I was. So, there’s still an amount of shock that people even know who I am.”

Manganiello also got engaged over the summer and is thoroughly enjoying life with his fiance, Audra Marie:

“Right now, we’re just really loving being engaged and we are in the process of figuring out what and where and how we want to do this… There’s a lot of possibilities and we want to make sure that what we do is going to be the most memorable, fun, most special day that we could [have].”

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

The adage ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ aptly characterizes one of the main qualities of a photograph and Manganiello’s People magazine pic definitely showcases why this is so very true…those arms, that chest, that jaw… While we could probably come up with a thousand words to describe the awesomeness of this picture, only three words seem to be (repeatedly) escaping our lips: Oh. My. Godric.

Click here for a sneak peak of 2010’s Sexiest Man Alive.

Source: — Access Hollywood article: ‘True Blood’s’ Joe Manganiello Howls Over Inclusion On People’s ‘Sexiest’ List

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True Blood Men Make People Magazine’s Top 100 Sexiest

November 11, 2010

Hold on to your hats, ladies (and gents?)… the time has arrived for People’s Sexiest Man Alive. Of course some of the fellas from HBO‘s True Blood had to make the top 100 list!  Did you ever doubt?  I didn’t think so.  Without further ado:

Sexy Chests to Be Thankful For

Joe Manganiello, ‘Alcide Herveaux

Manganiello plays Sookie‘s (Anna Paquin) new friend and protector, who happens to be a werewolf.  We are very much looking forward to seeing more of him in upcoming seasons.

From People Magazine:

“True Blood‘s lone wolf doesn’t have any qualms about displaying his bare essentials for the HBO hit. ‘Werewolves don’t shift shapes with their jeans on!’ he explained to PEOPLE of his racy scenes.”

And are we ever thankful for that!

True Blood's Joe Manganiello (Alcide Herveaux)

Stephen Moyer, ‘Vampire Bill’

Moyer plays 170-year-old Civil War veteran vampire Bill Compton, who is also Sookie’s on-again, off-again boyfriend.  Lucky for us, vampires’ bodies don’t change, and what we’re left with is a strong and fit delight of a man.  Yes, ma’am.

Stephen Moyer (True Blood's Vampire Bill)

Mehcad Brooks, ‘Eggs

Brooks played ‘Eggs’ Tally, Tara‘s love interest in Season 2.  It was sad to see him go, but thankfully we can still see him in other roles (the latest being Angelo Bembrey in Just Wright), and in the Spring 2010 Calvin Klein underwear ads.  If you haven’t seen him in the ads, grab something to fan yourself with and have a seat.  They are hot!

Mehcad Brooks (True Blood's 'Eggs')

Sexy at Every Age

Joe Manganiello, fully clothed this time, looking quite handsome in a suit:

Joe Manganiello (True Blood's Alcide)

There you have it!  Three cheers for our three studs!  We are so proud.

To see the video of the 100 Sexiest Men, click here and enjoy!

SOURCE: – Sexiest Man Alive 2010

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