VIDEO: Lauren Bowles Ugly-Cried Through the Final True Blood Read Through

July 30, 2014

Find Out How Lauren Bowles Coped With the Shocking Deaths in Season 7:

Lauren Bowles stars as Holly Cleary and Chris Bauer stars as Andy Bellefleur in HBO's True Blood Season 7With only four more episodes of HBO’s True Blood, for the cast, it is already over. Recently Lauren Bowles (who plays witchy waitress, Holly Cleary) got to chat to PopSugar about just how gut-wrenching Season 7 has been for her so far:

At our final read through, mess. We were a total mess. And I had, like, done myself up – really regretted that decision. When I was doing the ugly cry and looked like a melting raccoon… I actually noticed a bunch of the chicks had no make up on. I’m like; ‘Well that’s ballsy of them.’

As for all the death the show has presented with so far in Season 7, Lauren was saddened by the loss of her cast mates (especially that of Rutina Wesley who played new vampire, Tara Thornton), referring to True Blood by one of HBO’s other great bloody shows; as going ‘ a bit Game of Thrones-y.’

And what of the rest of the season? While she didn’t spill on any more upcoming deaths, she did say the last episode of True Blood could be summed up by the single word: ‘full’. There is apparently plenty of emotion on display – both happiness and sadness, the full spectrum. Which hints at the possible loss of more lives.

You can watch the full PopSugar interview below:

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Source: PopSugar – True Blood’s Lauren Bowles: Expect the Final Episodes to Get “Game of Thrones-y”

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True Blood Season 6: Werewolf Jamie Gray Hyder Reveals All About Revealing All

August 8, 2013

Newcomer Jamie Gray Hyder Talks About Being A Werewolf on True Blood:

Jamie Gray Hyder stars as the werewolf Danielle in HBO's True Blood Season 6Being a werewolf in HBO’s True Blood means one thing: expect nudity! So how did newcomer Jamie Gray Hyder deal with it when her character, Danielle, had to strip off for the first time in True Blood Season 6? Well, it seems, according to her interview with PopSugar, she took it all in her stride. Even though she was nervous and went out of her way to get in shape before hand, she felt comfortable in knowing that the crew would help her through it. She was quick to point out that all the cast and crew have dealt so much with nudity on the show over the years, that it is possibly the best place to get your gear off as far as TV studios goes.

And how has the True Blood fame been treating her?

The fans are so amazing. We have the most loyal fan base in the entire world. They know so much about you and what’s going on and that’s been such an awesome experience.

She also added that working for True Blood and HBO is such a great career move, with so many other studios willing to hire you are HBO has put their faith in you.

Surprisingly, though, even though Hyder is a True Blood cast member, she was just as in the dark as the fans when it came to the death of Terry Bellefleur (Todd Lowe). It seems the cast only get to see the scripts for the scenes they are in, so when she was asked earlier on in Season 6, who the big death might be, she really couldn’t answer since she had no idea herself.

You can view the whole interview with Jamie Gray Hyder and PopSugar below.

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Source: PopSugar – Video: True Blood Werewolf Jamie Gray Hyder Talks First Nude Scene!

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Hottest Vampires & Werewolves of 2011 Contest

June 5, 2011

Vote for Your Picks in the PopSugar Contest:

The popular website, PopSugar, is asking fans to pick the hottest vampires & werewolves of 2011!  All you have to do is subscribe to your favorite celebrity’s YouTube channel to officially cast your vote.  Here are two you might be interested in:

Alexander Skarsgård:
Stephen Moyer:

You can vote for as many actors as you like.  The winners will be announced very soon, but there will be plenty more contests to come.  We hope your favorite wins!

Thanks for the scoop, Kat!  Remember, Truebies, your contributions are always welcome!

Contribution credit: Kat Malinowska, Sugar, Inc.

Source: PopSugarTV on YouTube – Vote For the Hottest Vampires and Werewolves of 2011!