Evan Rachel Wood In Newest Film Directed by Robert Redford

September 14, 2010

Evan Rachel Wood, True Blood, Sophie-AnneAfter the events from Sunday’s season 3 finale of True Blood, fans still can’t quite get over the ruthlessness and elegance of Queen Sophie Anne. The actress behind the queen, Evan Rachel Wood, has done more than hunt Sookie Stackhouse down this year.

Day 4 of the Toronto Film Festival featured Robert Redford’s The Conspirator. The screenplay is by James Solomon and stars James McAvoy as well Robin Wright. Evan joins the supporting cast, which also includes Kevin Kline, Danny Huston, Alexis Biedel, Justin Long and Tom Wilkinson. The film is a dramatization of the trial of Mary Surratt (played by Robin Wright), who was charged with the assassination of Abraham Lincoln and becomes the first woman to be executed by the US government.

Redford focuses on the back story of 1865 assassination and the seven men and one woman arrested for conspiring to kill the president, the vice president and the secretary of state. Surrat’s possible innocence is explored through the film as well as the fact that she was used as bait to capture the only conspirator to escape the massive manhunt.

Interestingly enough, the film was premiered the weekend of 9/11. Film goers as well as Redford saw the subtle parallels of the historical drama and the events and aftermath of 9/11.

From vampire queen to historical fiction, Evan is set to show her range as an actress and seems to be bringing Hollywood back to its former glory with every great performance.

Source: patdollard.com–Redford Presents Lincoln Assassination Conspiracy

Awards Daily–Toronto Festival Diary: Day 4

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True Blood Fashion

August 4, 2010

What do Neiman Marcus and Goodwill have in common? They’re what costume designer Audrey Fisher looks to when dressing True Blood’s cast. Vamps, weres, and Sookie (whatever she is) all have a very specific style, but they all need one thing to complete their outfits: footwear.

Audrey hunts for the perfect footwear to compliment the outfit, especially when it comes to the vampire ladies of the show. Both the Queen and Pam have impeccable taste when it comes to what goes on their feet. Audrey admits:

“I became so obsessed with getting Pam the perfect hot shoe for her [ladylike] and vampy costumes that they started putting her fabulous footwear into the script, and her shoes started getting cameos.”

Neiman Marcus and Goodwill are not the only places Audrey hunts for her extraordinary fashion vision; she also looks to Giuseppe Zanotti, Aldo, Bebe, Steve Madden, Pour La Victoire, Jeffrey Campbell, John Varvatos, and Target.

For Audrey, vampire Queen Sophie-Anne takes the best dressed list on the show. Her 1940 dominatrix style is unique and calls for sky high heels, which Evan Rachel Wood (who plays the Queen) happily wears. Last season while wearing a white Norma Kamali swimsuit,  the Queen sported an elegant pair of DSquared heels. This season Audrey put the Queen in even higher Bebe wooden platforms.

Thing is, the vampires on True Blood aren’t very neat and tidy. They tend to get blood everywhere. Keeping this in mind, Audrey has to make sure she can snag multiples of the shoes she picks out, so they have back ups ready. She also has to make sure to add rubber to the bottom of every shoe so the actors have good traction on such bloody sets.

The most memorable footwear style for Audrey has to go to Lorena last season. Audrey notes,

“An incredible pair of Giuseppe Zanotti bejeweled mules with a sexy, skinny wooden stacked heel. Lorena (Mariana Klaveno) wore [those] last season [when] she stomped on vampire Bill. Her wooden heel was like a mini-stake! That was really the only time I could buy such an expensive shoe, but it was a shoe and a weapon, so I had two budgets working in my favor.”

Shoes can make or break an outfit. Thank goodness that Audrey works hard to make sure that everyone on True Blood can look stylish while staking vampires, selling V, or chasing weres.

SOURCE:  fabsugar.com

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True Blood 3.07 “Hitting the Ground” Review

August 2, 2010

When we look back on “Hitting the Ground,” it will surely be viewed as a defining episode of True Blood. For better or for worse, every character is set on the path that will take them running towards another jaw-dropping, mind-blowing, heart-breaking season finale.

Lorena made a meal out of Sookie, and it’s a good thing for her it was so delicious because it was the last blood she would ever taste. Bill musters the strength to wrap a silver chain around Lorena’s neck and pull her to the ground, calling for Sookie to stake her. With her last breath (figuratively), she says, “William, I love you.” As impressed as I was by Mariana Klaveno’s performance last week, it was time for that awful woman to die.

When Tara and Alcide try to pull Sookie away from Bill, she refuses to leave without him. If he were dead, she says, he’d look like the bloody mess on the floor. Just as they are wrapping Bill up in a blanket and preparing to carry him to Alcide’s truck, in walks Debbie pointing a gun at them. Alcide takes a soft approach with her, calling her “Sweetheart” and reminding her of how much they used to love each other. Sookie is a little more abrupt, getting Debbie fired up: “You sure picked a dumbass time to call me ‘bitch,’ bitch!”

Tara is still in fighting mode after her daring escape from Franklin and tackles Debbie. Alcide holds the gun now and, even though he doesn’t seem like a very violent werewolf, he doesn’t hesitate to kill Coot when he tries to attack. Debbie promises that she will hunt him down, but Alcide can’t bring himself to kill her (and past feelings aside, I wonder if he’s going to regret that decision later).

They have to make a quick getaway when they hear the other werewolves approaching. Sookie rides in the back with Bill and tries to revive him. She slices her arm with a handsaw and lets the blood pour into his mouth. His strength returns as he starts to drink, but Sookie‘s relief turns to fear when he pins her down and bites into her neck, ignoring her struggle as he feeds on her.

When Tara comes back to check on her, she’s unconscious from losing so much blood. Bill doesn’t remember what he’s done, but Tara is furious–she kicks him out into the sunlight, and Alcide drives them off to the hospital. For some very strange reason, Bill doesn’t seem to be burning in the sun right away. He’s concerned for Sookie‘s well-being, but when his skin starts smoking, he mutters, “Damn,” and then runs away to find cover.

Over in New Orleans, Sophie-Anne has been reduced to a captive in her own home, imprisoned like a bird in a cage (in which she has no doubt held many people before). Eric uses the Queen’s human, Hadley, as leverage to learn what is so special about Sookie. Sophie-Anne seems willing to let this happen rather than give up her secret, but Hadley doesn’t want to die. She whispers to Eric what he wants to know: “Well I certainly wasn’t expecting that.”

Jason is surprised to find himself wallowing over Crystal: “It’s funny, I never really thought I was smart enough to get depressed, but here I am.” He doesn’t understand why she lives with that jerk in Hot Shot, or why he feels like he already loves her even though he barely knows her. Hoyt suggests that he go down to the jail and talk to that drug dealer he tackled. The guy is pacing his cell angrily, going through painful withdrawal, and he will only talk about Crystal if Jason brings him some crystal meth.

Sam discovers the dogfighting ring where Tommy is being made to fight. He infiltrates the operation as a pit bull, sets off an alarm, and frees all the dogs locked up. Tommy is bleeding from a bite on his neck, and Melinda at least has the slight decency to seem upset about putting her son through this. Joe Lee, however, is nothing but a piece of trash. Sam is not afraid to stand up to him: “You like makin’ people scared, huh? Think you’re good at it? For the life of me, I can’t understand the power you got over these people ’cause I see you for what you are. You’re just a scared man in saggy underpants with no discernible life skills whatsoever.” Sam promises his brother a better life, and Tommy is finally ready to leave his parents (although that’s certainly not the end of this story…).

At the hospital, the doctors and nurses are trying to give Sookie a blood transfusion and are shocked to learn that she doesn’t have a blood type. Her body convulses when they try to give her O negative, the universal donor. They don’t know what else to do–she’s in a coma, and they inform Tara that she should start notifying next of kin. Jason has gone to Merlotte’s in a panic to see the only dealer he knows: Lafayette, who thinks he wants to buy more V: “Oh, no, I told you–that shit’s behind me. I just need some meth.” Then Jason gets a phone call from Tara that he needs to come to the hospital.

Tara and Jason stand at Sookie‘s bedside crying and holding her hand, telling her how much they need her, unaware that her mind is in another place at the moment. Dressed in a sparkling white gown, she follows a trail of flower petals outside to a garden where people are dancing. There she meets Claudine, who gives her a drink from a pond, and the water is full of light. In Sookie‘s hospital room, Lafayette is reciting a verse that is more appropriate than he can know: “I think over again my small adventures, my fears…and yet there is only one great thing, the only thing…To live to see the great day that dawns, and the light that fills the world.”

Claudine invites Sookie to come with them to their home beneath the pond. She hears in Sookie‘s thoughts that she is afraid of swimming because her parents drowned, and Sookie hears in Claudine‘s that it was not the water that killed her parents but something else. Before she can explain further, a shadow is cast overhead: “The dark approaches…” It’s night, and Bill has come the hospital to save Sookie. Tara doesn’t want any of his help, but it’s Jason’s choice. He agrees, so Bill opens his wrist and gives her an IV of his blood. This has always seemed like a more heroic, romantic gesture when Bill has done this for Sookie before, but it feels almost sinister when interposed with Claudine‘s warnings to Sookie about not letting Bill “steal her light.” And watching his dark blood travel up the tube into Sookie, I knew that it would heal her body, but it also seemed like it might be suppressing the special light water she drank. When Claudine and the others had disappeared into the pond, the camera panned back and showed that the dream-like garden was in Bon Temps Cemetery. It’s a sweet sight to see in Sookie’s hospital room: Jason, Tara, Alcide, and Lafayette are all sleeping in chairs next to her bed. Bill is awake, though, when Sookie stirs from her coma. He smiles down at her, but when she sees him, she starts screaming. Things are definitely going to be changing…

The Magister still has Pam chained with silver in the basement at Fangtasia. In spite of her pain, Pam remains brave and as snarky as ever. Eric comes down to stop him, followed by Sophie-Anne, and then Russell. The Magister tries to exercise his power, vested in him by “The Authority,” but Russell just laughs at him: “Who are The Authority? What gave them the authority? Nothing. No one. They took it, as I am taking it today.” For the first time, the Magister looks nervous, but he is stubborn about his duty to uphold the sacred laws for this unknown entity ruling over vampire society (perhaps the American Vampire League?) Within a second, the King has released Pam from the chains into Eric‘s arms, and placed the Magister on the table: “It’s vampires like you who’ve been holding the rest of us back for centuries.”

Russell stabs the Magister with his own cane until, as the sharp wooden end is poised over his heart, he obeys Russell‘s wish and pronounces him and Sophie-Anne married. The King then gets carried away talking about the only real law: “The law of nature! The survival of the fittest! And we need to take this world back from humans, not placate them with billboards and PR campaigns, while they destroy it. That is not authority! That is abdicating authority!” He sends the Magister to his “true death” and cuts off his head. Eric, Sophie-Anne, and Pam watch in shock as the head flies through the air and explodes when it hits the ground. What a way to end it…

There was so much happening in this episode I can hardly believe it. The most significant development: it looks like Sookie is finally going to begin her journey of self-discovery. Readers of the book series have been expecting the “fairy” reveal for a while now, and since it’s finally introduced into the show, we can begin the lengthy discussions on what those first scenes might mean (because we all know that Alan Ball will put his own unique twist on things). Based on people’s reactions in the comments section in the past few weeks, I think this will make viewers very happy. It’s a shame that it took Bill almost draining Sookie to death to open her eyes to the truth about herself, but nothing will ever be the same for her. Now that she knows the origin of her powers, she can start learning how to use them with confidence instead of just as an accidental defense mechanism. I expect that this will make her smarter, stronger, and just more capable in general now that she has been “enlightened” (literally and figuratively).

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Alan Ball on True Blood

July 17, 2010

What makes True Blood so fascinating? Is it the dense plot that has fans and critics glued to the screen every Sunday at 9 on HBO? Or is it the mere fact that the events on the show are so bizarre and complex. Whatever the case, True Blood has gained so many fans that the show had to create its own Wiki in order to keep the audience up to date.

Recently Gina Piccalo from the LA Times got a sneak peek of the Emmy nominated show; she was backstage watching as Stephen Moyer was swinging on wires, baring his fangs as Bill Compton, ready to attack. Meanwhile Evan Rachel Wood was in her trailer perfecting the undead pallor of vampire Queen Sophie-Anne.

True Blood has become HBO’s biggest hit since The Sopranos and has made Alan Ball a creative hero. Stephen Moyer noted,

We do things that you’ve never imagined…The darker, the odder, the weirder, the better for me.

Weird and twisted has become True Blood’s mantra. The show is the grown up answer to the Twilight craze. It’s targeted for adults and not only has brooding vampires, but also a good sense of humor and lots of blood.

It came at the perfect moment. With the fall of 2008, came the series finales of both The Sopranos and Six Feet Under. HBO fumbled when they passed on Mad Men opting for John From Cincinnati, which was not a fan favorite.

During this time, Alan Ball wanted to create a 5 season project with levity. In 2005, he found Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse novels, devouring them quickly. Alan Ball had to wait a whole year to obtain the rights, due to a previous film option for the books. HBO agreed to green light the series based solely on Alan Ball’s creative genius. No one thought that the Southern gothic satire would gain such an audience. However, it popularity surprised HBO executives, but not Alan Ball who has called True Blood “popcorn for smart people.”

The show does not simply target one population of viewers, rather it appeals to everyone: men, women, and all age groups. Every episode is racy and exciting, balancing the idea of danger and comedy with surprising ease. The network’s president of programming, Michael Lombardi feels that if Alan Ball keeps up with the pace of the novels, the show could be on for a decade. However, as of now, no one knows if Alan Ball will continue after his contract expires given that he has been given the green light for his new project a pilot based on Charlie Huston’s novel, “”The Mystic Arts of Erasing All Signs of Death.”

However, Ball is having too much fun to walk away right away. A simple tour of the True Blood set gives all the reason that he is hesitant to leave. With such a large budget, the set consists of a custom built cemetery in Calabasas as well as shooting on location in Mississippi and Louisiana.

The show has also taken over all but two of the seven soundstages on The Lot, a historic compound off Formosa Ave. Production designer Suzuki Ingerslev has meticulously created the world of True Blood from the fully functional kitchen in Merlotte’s pub to the hot rollers in Sookie’s bathroom counter.

Behind the scenes, in between shoots, Moyer and Wood chat; she shows him her engagement ring from fiance Marilyn Manson. This seems appropriate as the show revolves around the love of a telepathic waitress and a Civil War era vampire. Though love isn’t the only important thing on True Blood. Horror is key to any vampire tale; True Blood is no exception. There is a large body count and lots of blood.

None of the violence and outrageous sex is simply gratuitous. The writers try to use these scenes to push the story forward and create moments that are both deeply disturbing and extremely poignant. It is apparent that Alan Ball has used vampires as stand in for every genre of the disenfranchised. People struggle with shame and desire.

This season each character is struggling with an identity crisis. Sookie will also learn shocking details about her powers. As the show goes deeper into vampire politics, viewers will find a reflection of the American political system, which will give rise to many questions about government and power.

With politics as well as sex, the third season will question power and where it is concentrated. Viewers will be faced with shocking scenes, such as the vampire hate sex between Bill and Lorena.

Some viewers can view True Blood as pure entertainment, but the more aware viewers will be able to see the underlining meanings and the deeper intentions that Alan Ball wants to draw out. The show will leave many with thought provoking questions, which makes True Blood so much better than a simple television show.


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Evan Rachel Wood To Do Horror Film

May 17, 2010

At the Cannes Film Festival, it was announced that Evan Rachel Wood, True Blood‘s vampire queen of Louisiana, has signed on to do a slasher film titled Splatter Sisters.  According to upi.com, the film will also star Marilyn Manson.

The movie was described as “sexploitation-serial-killer-slasher-road-movie circa 1989”.  Co-producer David Gordon Green said that Evan Rachel Wood will bring the dramatic gravity that should take “the horror genre to a new level”.

Perhaps this will be a role True Blood‘s vampire Queen Sophie-Anne can sink her teeth into!

Source:  upi.com

(Photo credit – fanpix.net)


Evan Rachel Wood Lands New Role on HBO

March 7, 2010

Long live the queen. Evan Rachel Wood, best known to True Blood fans as vampire queen Sophie-Ann Leclerq, will play alongside Kate Winslet and Guy Pearce in HBO’s miniseries Mildred Pierce.

The basic story revolves around a single mother trying to survive Los Angeles amidst the Great Depression. As her financial situation improves, Mildred’s relationship with her eldest daughter wavers.

Winslet is set to play the title character in the five-hour miniseries. As of right now, Wood‘s role has not been announced, but speculation suggests she’ll play Winslet’s daughter, Veda.

Mildred Pierce will be an adaptation of James M. Cain’s noir novel of the same title. The project will be directed by Todd Haynes and filming will take place in New York from April through June.

We’ll see how this vampire queen holds the screen with her new co-stars. Definitely something to look forward to.





(Photo credit: HBO Inc., screencap by James)


Evan Rachel Wood Featured on the Cover of Vanity Fair

February 2, 2010

Evan Rachel Wood who portrays Sophie-Anne, the vampire Queen of Louisiana on Alan Ball‘s hit HBO TV series True Blood is featured on the cover of Vanity Fair’s 16th annual Hollywood issue. Famous photographer, Annie Leibovitz photographed nine of Hollywood’s up-and-coming “It Girls” in a photo shoot featuring Evan Rachel Wood, along with Kristen Stewart, Abbie Cornish, Carey Mulligan, Amanda Seyfried, Emma Stone, Rebecca Hall, Mia Wasikowska, and Anna Kendrick.

At 22 years of age Evan is listed as one of Hollywood’s rising star to watch as a result of her performances in various films, such as “Thirteen” and “The Wrestler” which have earned her high praise among critics.

The March 2010 Hollywood issue will be available on newsstands on February 9, 2010.

Two sites want your input and your vote on who do you think will make it big. Click on the links below to vote:

“Which Vanity Fair “IT GIRL” Will Have Staying Power?”

“Who do you think will be the first up-and-coming actress to win an Oscar?”

Also here is a behind the scenes video of the Vanity Fair photo shoot for you to enjoy.


(Photo credit:  homorazzi.com)


Evan Rachel Wood At The 26th Annual Fashion Group International’s Night Of Stars

October 23, 2009

Evan Rachel Wood, who portrays the Vampire Queen of Louisiana, Queen Sophie-Anne LeClerq, attended the Fashion Group International’s 26th annual Night of Stars honoring “The Storytellers”, in New York City on Thursday, October 22, 2009.  Along with Evan, Gwen Stefani, Dita Von Teese, Mary J. Blige, Eva Mendes, Emmy Rossum and Model Iman were photographed on the red carpet.





SOURCE:  herald-dispatch.com

Photo credit: AP Photo/Peter Kramer


Evan Rachel Wood Talks About Queen Sophie-Anne On SheWired

September 17, 2009

Evan Rachel WoodSheWired recently had the opportunity to speak with Evan Rachel Wood,  the alluring and classy vampire queen in Alan Ball‘s hit HBO TV vampire series True Blood.

Evan was asked what can fans expect to see with her character in season 3. Unfortunately, unlike her character who seems to know everything, Evan, just like everybody else on the show, is also waiting to find out what will happen next to Queen Sophie-Anne. She doesn’t have any idea on what Alan Ball’s brilliant mind has to offer for the next season. But she heard that Queen Sophie-Anne will get a little more intense and scarier and she’ll definitely be more in-depth.

We should not allow her to deceive us by her beauty and brains next season. She will probably turn Sookie’s world upside down, though it is already, after Bill ‘s sudden disappearance.

When asked if her character, a lesbian vampire queen, will ever fall in love with Sookie, she said,

“I think she could, yeah, absolutely! I’m pretty sure she is one of the only characters on the show who actually knows what Sookie is.”

But when asked to give further details about Sookie, she just laughed and said,

“Not that I can actually say because I do know what Sookie is! So I’m keeping my mouth shut. No hints, nothing!”

On the other hand, Evan is hoping that her character will be in Bon Temps to have scenes with actor Sam Trammell who plays Sam Merlotte. She  noted that Sam Trammell is a great actor.

Bottom line is that, Evan, though already an actress who plays Queen Sophie-Anne, is just like any other True Blood fan. She is still looking forward to season 3 and as she puts it,

“I’m very curious to see what happens next.”

Source: shewired.com

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Stylist Reveals True Blood Fashion Secrets

September 6, 2009

queensophieanneAs every episode of True Blood unfolds mysteries so is the fashion style of every character. And we’ve already seen Sookie‘s clingy outfits, Maryann’s Bohemian-inspired ensemble, Pam’s classy suits, and even Eric’s cross-dressing moment.

Audrey Fisher, True Blood‘s costume designer, recently spilled out the secrets to where she finds those gilt-edged outfits.

She revealed that she wants to keep the clothes as “real” as possible, which means shopping at places where the characters would actually shop.

“I’ve shopped for most of the cast at Walmart, Kohl’s, K-Mart, JCPenney, Sears — all stores that real people from Bon Temps could afford.”

This season also unveils Sookie’s quite revealing and clingy outfits.

“Her style has evolved. She’s become confident in her sexuality and that shows in how she dresses for both Bill and herself, but still she will always be a ladylike Southern belle, flirty and feminine but never too brassy.”

Regarding Queen Sophie-Anne‘s looks, she said that it was their agreement between director Dan Minahan and Alan Ball to have a retro-glam look for the vampire queen.

“I wanted the Queen’s costume to both be inspired and framed by that extravagant environment. I imagined her as a seductive siren in lush, peachy nude, like the inside of a seashell, sprinkled with pearls, glamorous, fierce…”

Thus, this led to her finding of a lovely long gown at Les Habitudes on Robertson Boulevard in Los Angeles. The Queen’s retro white swim apparel that we’ve seen on the last episode was from Norma Kamali. Her cat-eye sunglasses were vintage and the chandelier earrings were found at Loehmanns.

Fisher added,

“I wanted to keep her (the queen) in light colors because of the ironic clarity and intensity of her dark power as the Queen of Louisiana. At first blush, she’s a deceptively lovely seashell goddess — who will suck you dry — then in her retro white swimsuit she simply overwhelms with glamor and won’t let you leave, ever. She’s dazzling and dangerous.”

And if you’re wondering if the dress worn by Alexander Skarsgard for Eric’s cross-dressing moment was especially made for him, here’s what Fisher said:

“We were able to buy larger sizes of Lettie Mae’s outfit, which fit just fine with a few alterations. I love putting Alex in all of these delusional outfits.”

Source: http://hollywoodcrush.mtv.com

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