True Blood Finale: The Ratings Are In!

August 26, 2014

HBO’s Vampire Series Keeps Up With It’s Season 7 Debut:

true-blood-season-7-episode-10-sookie-fullAs HBO’s True Blood Season 7 debuted, 4 million people tuned in to witness the end of  an era. Those numbers are not too bad at all, especially considering many people were claiming True Blood had passed its use by date. Those opening season viewers seemed to have stuck around until the very end and now we have True Blood closing on a high with the same amount of people who watched it’s season debut, also watched the finale.

True Blood not only had the NRL preseason football to contend with on Sunday night, but the MTV Video Music Awards as well. So these ratings, while down just a little from the Season 6 finale last year, are still very good numbers indeed. Overall though, True Blood’s Season 7 averaged – across all platforms – at total of 9.4 million viewers! And, according to Nielsen, True Blood came in second for scripted summer viewing in the US among young adults. Stephen King’s TV adaptation, Under the Dome came in at number 1 in this category.

Well done to HBO and True Blood!

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True Blood Season 7: Episode 9 – the Ratings Are In!

August 22, 2014

Once More HBO’s True Blood Wins Rating War:

Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) and Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard) star in HBO's True Blood Season 7 Episode 9 (entitled 'Love is to Die')Last week, we saw HBO’s True Blood pipped at the post by a shark documentary. Not so this week for Episode 9 (entitled Love is to Die)! Once more, True Blood Season 7 has won it’s time slot on the night. It maintained the same amount of viewers in the coveted 18 – 49 age bracket as last week in it’s premiere screening, but overall, viewers grew a little on last week’s performance. You can view the top 5 ratings winners for Sunday night below:

TRUE BLOOD HBOM 9:02 PM 3556 1.8
NASCAR SPRINT CUP       L ESPN 1:00 PM 5150 1.2
ADSM 11:00 PM 2137 1.0
STRAIN FX 10:00 PM 2283 1.0


It seems the newest vampire series, The Strain, has slipped somewhat as it still finds its feet. Maybe it’s ratings will improve once True Blood meets the true death?

Source: Zap2It – Sunday Cable Ratings: ‘True Blood’ Wins Night, ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’, ‘The Strain’, ‘The Last Ship’, ‘The Leftovers’ & More

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True Blood Season 7: Episode 8 Ratings Are In!

August 16, 2014

True Blood Season 7 Gets Beaten by a Shark:

Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten) and Mr Gus (Will Yun Lee) star in HBO's True Blood Season 7 Episode 8 (entitled 'Almost Home')It seems True Blood’s vampires were taken out by a shark in the ratings war this week. According to Zap2It’s TV By the Number’s True Blood scored 1.8 million viewers for Episode 8 (entitled Almost Home) of Season 7. This was 100,000 behind the Discovery Channel’s Shark of Darkness: Wrath. However, True Blood did manage to hold it’s own personal viewer rating from last week, so the show is still going strong despite having two episodes remaining before it meets the true death.

You can check out the Top 5 rating cable shows for Sunday the 10th of August below:

Show Net Time Viewership (000s, Live+SD) Adults 18-49 rating (Live+SD)
HBOM 9:03 PM 3343 1.8
NASCAR SPRINT CUP       L ESPN 1:00 PM 4939 1.1
ADSM 11:00 PM 2323 1.1


Let us know what you thought of True Blood’s Episode 8 by commenting below!

Source: Zap2It – Sunday Cable Ratings: ‘Shark of Darkness: Wrath of Submarine’ Tops Night + ‘True Blood’, ‘Air Jaws’, NASCAR & More

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True Blood Season 7: Episode 7 Ratings Are In!

August 6, 2014

Season 7 is Still a Ratings Success:

Ryan Kwanten stars as Jason Stackhouse in HBO's True Blood Season 7 Episode 7 (entitled 'May Be the Last Time')HBO’s True Blood is still smashing the ratings this week. Once more the vampire show, which is winding up it’s final season this year, managed to top the charts in the coveted adults 25-54 age bracket. While the ratings are down just slightly from last week’s screening, True Blood’s Episode 7 (entitled May Be the Last Time) still managed to beat the newest vampire show to enter the ratings market: The Strain. You can check out the Top 5 rating cable shows for Sunday the 3rd of August below:

Show Net Time Viewers (000) (Live + SD) Adult 18-49 Rating (Live + SD)
HBOM 9:01 PM 3393 1.7
STRAIN FX 10:00 PM 2274 1.2
ADSM 11:00 PM 2250 1.2
LAST SHIP, THE TNT 9:00 PM 4147 1.0


Let us know what you thought of True Blood’s Episode 7 by commenting below!

Source: Zap2It – Sunday Cable Ratings: ‘True Blood’ Wins Night, ‘The Strain’, ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’, ‘The Last Ship’, ‘The Leftovers’, ‘Falling Skies’ & More

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True Blood Season 7: Episode 5 Ratings Are In!

July 23, 2014

HBO’s True Blood is Blitzing it’s Final Season:

Ginger (Tara Buck) just won't let go in HBO's True Blood Season 7 Episode 5 (entitled 'Lost Cause' and previously titled 'Return to Oz')Well it seems that HBO’s True Blood is going out on a high note – if the ratings are anything to go by at least. According to Zap2It’s TV by the Numbers, True Blood scored more viewers with Episode 5 (entitled Lost Cause and previously titled Return to Oz) than in its previous week’s episode. Episode 5 scored a final total of 4.4 million viewers (after all three viewings of True Blood had aired). Not only does this mean it topped the the top 100 cable shows for adults aged 18-49, but it is the highest rating episode of Season 7 so far. Way to go HBO!

Let us know what you thought of Episode 5 by commenting below!

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True Blood Season 7 Episode 4 Tops the Ratings Charts

July 19, 2014

HBO’s True Blood Still A Fan Favorite:

Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard) and Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten) arrive at Bill's (Stephen Moyer) in HBO's True Blood Season 7 Episode 4 (Death is Not the End)Even though HBO’s True Blood Season 7 will be the final season, it is still a ratings success! According to Zap2It’s TV By The Numbers, fans are still tuning in rather than watch other established TV shows. And newcomer The Strain couldn’t even compete!

True Blood bought in 3.23 million viewers for Episode 4 (entitled Death is not the End). This was on par with it’s previous week’s screening of Episode 3 (entitled Fire in the Hole) which gathered 3.2 million viewers.

How are you finding True Blood Season 7? The best one yet, or watching it only because you are #TrueToTheEnd? Let us know in the comments section below!

Source: Zap2It – Sunday Cable Ratings: ‘True Blood’ Tops Night + ‘The Strain’, ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’, ‘The Last Ship’ & More – Cable Ratings: The Strain Premieres Well, Masters of Sex Down

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True Blood Season 7 Premiere: The Ratings Are In!

June 24, 2014

HBO’s Vampire Show Still Pulls in Plenty of Viewers:

hbo-true-blood-s7-e1-jesus-gonna-be-hereHBO might want to reconsider dropping their vampire stalwart, True Blood after it’s premiere of Season 7 still managed to pull in plenty of fans. While the premiere of True Blood Season 7 saw a slight drop in initial viewers, 4 million fans isn’t too shabby either – and it still makes it the number two rating show on HBO’s line up for 2014.

This initial head count was down on the True Blood Season 6 premiere (4.5 million trubies tuned in for that event), the final figures were actually better than last year’s premiere. Once Episode 1 (entitled Jesus Gonna Be Here) had aired its total of four times on premiere night, 5.8 million viewers had tuned in – and that’s just in the US! This bought in the total amount of viewers at just slightly higher than last year (5.6 million gross viewers).

So, all in all, True Blood can still bring in the fans as well as improve on it’s stats. It will be very interesting to see if this trend continues into the remainder of True Blood Season 7, or whether it was just a once off spike.

As well as being a premiere event hit, True Blood also wowed the Twitterverse. According to Nielsen’s statistics, True Blood had a total of 106,000 unique tweets in relation to Episode 1. This puts it at number 7 on the its Top Ten list of Series and Specials.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think True Blood will consistently rate in Season 7? Let us know your comments below!

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True Blood Ratings – Looking Good!

May 16, 2010

An article on reported a new study that finds ratings in a non-traditional way. Content Power Ratings, an annual report generated by Optimedia US, is a proprietary system of media metrics that provides the TV industry’s only ranking system covering TV, the Internet and mobile platforms. This year, the study included Facebook and the Nielsen BuzzMetrics.

The traditional TV rating systems have ignored the importance of audience participation. HBO‘s True Blood has benefitted “from higher audience viewer involvement – whether on Facebook or Twitter”. This creates a much better audience value than just rating TV viewing.

Within the Content Power Ratings key findings, True Blood is “#1 in cable and making its debut to the top 25 primetime performers list at #18”.

Thank you True Blood fans for continuing to follow us on Twitter.



True Blood Continues To Set Viewer Records

August 27, 2009

1448424_f520To our question, “Can True Blood Surpass the 5 Million Mark for the Season Finale?,” the answer is a resounding, “YES.” Episode 10, “New World in My View,” pulled in 5.3 million viewers, up 20 percent over last week’s 4.5 million.

Now I think the question becomes, can the Season 2 finale on Sept. 13 get an audience of 6, or even 7, million people? Rough estimates show that factoring in replay, DVR, and On-Demand showings brings the viewership up to about 11 million. So it’s a definite possibility that the 9 p.m. show will keep breaking records, and even become as large as HBO’s legacy, The Sopranos.

True Blood seems to be like an unstoppable train, and HBO is certainly enjoying the ride. Ratings are soaring into the “Great for any cable show, but fantastic for HBO” numbers, and sales on the Season 1 DVD are reaching $46 million.

Normally, a show would lose viewers as the season progresses. That’s natural, given that so much promotional hype is put in for the premiere. So why is True Blood defying this trend?

I imagine that more and more people are seeing the buzz it stirs in the media and on the internet. It’s gone from a cult hit with a small but devoted following, to a pop culture phenomenon that cannot be ignored. They might think, “I’ll just watch Season 1. Just to see what the fuss is about.” Then they get hooked on the V! And they become obsessed with it, and convince their friends to watch it, and here we all are!

This success is well deserved, and it’s wonderful to see happening for our much loved show. HBO is going to want to keep this one around for a loooong time. And we are only too happy to let them.


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Can True Blood surpass the 5 Million mark for the Season Finale?

August 13, 2009

true_blood_season_2_poster_groupSunday’s episode ratings soared to an amazing 4.43 million viewers which is more than the previous week at 4.27 million. These numbers only reflect the viewership of Sunday‘s 9 PM slot on HBO, but when you factor in encore presentations, DVR settings and HBO-On-Demand, True Blood reached the 11 million views mark! HBO is ecstatic at the numbers True Blood is pulling in this season, which is a 38% increase weekly from last year’s first season.

True Blood’s second season premiere drew in 3.7 million, which made it the most watched show on HBO since the Sopranos in June of 2007. Since the Season One DVD set has been released sales in the US alone have rocketed to $42 million!

The show is brilliantly written and created by Alan Ball and a talented crew who seem to create ever more drama and mayhem with each new episode.   Sunday nights feel like happy hour with us craving to see what is going to happen next. Alan Ball‘s marvelous adaptation of Charlaine Harris‘ novels has brought Sookie Stackhouse, and the delightfully, somewhat dysfunctional folks from Bon Temp, Louisiana, into our living rooms and into our hearts week after week.  Die hard fans feel as if they have been invited to watch the chaotic lives of the characters and feel their joys and sorrow along with them.  HBO’s heavy marketing push of True Blood has, beyond doubt, paid off for this series and the numbers prove it.

We are all eagerly awaiting the fate of so many of our Bon Temps friends so that I think the morning after the season 2 finale the numbers will exceed expectations.  True Blood fans are loyal as the buzz every Monday morning in offices proves it.

I have already pre-ordered my Season Two DVD set on since I will need something to keep me warm through the winter months while I anxiously await the tenth installment of the Sookie Stackhouse novels that is due out  in May of 2010 and the return of Season 3 of True Blood on HBO!

True Blood airs each Sunday on HBO.

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(Picture Source: HBO)


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