True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten Shares a Few Laughs with Red Hill Director

November 29, 2010

Facebook Fans Receive a Special Video Message

True Blood's Ryan Kwanten stars as a cop in the Australian drama, Red HillRyan Kwanten, who plays Jason Stackhouse on True Blood, sat down with Red Hill writer and director, Patrick Hughes, and made a special video message for Red Hill’s Facebook fans. The two Aussies seem like old buddies, teasing and poking fun at one another for the majority of the short clip, but still managing to slip in some details about the movie, which opened to a wide release in the U.S. on November 25, 2010.

Hughes gushes about how proud he is of the movie and how “it’s a big action thriller and you get to see Ryan being a hero…”  Click here to watch the video in its entirety.

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Ryan Kwanten at the Inside Film Awards

November 17, 2010

Walking the Red Carpet Solo and in Style

Ryan Kwanten, True Blood's Jason, at Inside Film AwardsTrue Blood‘s Ryan Kwanten attended the Australian Inside Film Awards Sunday at the City Recital Hall in Sydney. Suited up in Huge Boss, Ryan walked the red carpet along side ‘Red Hill‘ director Patrick Hughes. Joking about not having a date, Ryan laughed regarding Patrick as he shared:

“We’re just here with each other, we will be holding hands later on.”

Both Ryan Kwanten and Patrick Hughes also presented at the Inside Film Awards, which will be aired on Australia’s SBS network on November 24th and on Showtime at a later date.

Hopefully Ryan’s Australian fans will share with us more about the awards show after it airs.

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Ryan Kwanten doesn’t play it straight


Ryan Kwanten’s Red Hill Available for Pre-Order on Amazon

November 16, 2010

Released on DVD January 25, 2011

Red Hill promo posterRyan Kwanten, who plays Jason Stackhouse on HBO’s True Blood, has been busy promoting his latest movie Red Hill, and now the film is available for pre-order on

In the movie, Ryan plays the part of a city cop who moves with his pregnant wife to a small Australian town, to lead a quieter life. His first day on the job turns out to be more than he bargained for when an escaped prisoner returns to the town to seek revenge.

Red Hill is rated R and will be released on DVD January 25, 2011.

Make sure you get your copy on release day!  To pre-order click here.


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Video: Ryan Kwanten Talks Breakups

November 16, 2010

Ryan Kwanten Covers “Red Hill” and Relationships

Ryan Kwanten True Blood's Jason ( Kwanten, the studly Aussie who plays Jason Stackhouse on HBO‘s True Blood, was recently on the set of Masterclash, a weekly podcast show “for men” featured at The topic of the day was ‘breakups.’ Host Anthony Layser asks whether there is a breakup of some sort related to Kwanten’s new movie, Red Hill, and the actor proceeds to try to explain his viewpoint.

Kwanten first describes Red Hill as a High Plains Drifter meets No Country For Old Men type of film, stating that some critics are touting Red Hill as Australia’s answer to No Country For Old Men. The original reason he fell in love with the film was because it was a Western and it’s every boy’s dream to wield a gun, ride a horse, save a town, and be the hero. The second reason is because the director mortgaged his house in order to finance the project. Kwanten admired the lengths he would go to for his first film (the director’s resulting divorce is something he could not discuss). On the flip side, the thing that keeps him coming back to the film, the endearing qualities of it, is its imperfections: the lack of money, the lack of time; the rawness which he believes pervades the screen. He compares his feelings for Red Hill to relationships, in general:

“You fall in love with someone because of the original qualities that they have, but you stay in love with them because of the, I guess, the imperfections. The things that, you know, originally may have irked you, but you now learned to love. The quirks.”

Kwanten believes himself to be a romantic at heart, which is why it’s difficult for him to be in a relationship. The fact that he is in Los Angeles most of the time and in Australia the rest of the time leaves no room for all the attention he says a woman deserves. Co-host Emily McCombs asks him his opinion on women who don’t need a lot of time, and everyone goes on to discuss ‘cougars,’ one-night stands, and even two-night stands. The conversation then turns to, “At what point does it turn into a relationship?” McCombs mentions flatulence, which Kwanten seems to agree with! When it comes to ending relationships, Kwanten says one way to do it would be the Jason Stackhouse way, saying his character is “the band-aid kinda guy” — just rip it off.

Watching Kwanten be charming and funny, looking chic and handsome in a suit, and listening to him speak in his native Australian accent, gives a new appreciation for the actor. One can’t help but to see him far removed from Southern Jason Stackhouse, which is refreshing. Enjoy the video!

Source: – Ryan Kwanten and Masterclash Take on Breakups, Mending Broken Hearts

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Win Tickets to See Ryan Kwanten’s ‘Red Hill’

November 15, 2010

Watch the Clip & Answer The Question For Your Chance to Win

Red Hill is currently running a contest for you to win 1 of 20 pairs of tickets to see Ryan Kwanten in his new film ‘Red Hill’.  Winning is simple.  Just watch the clip below, answer the question “who advised Shane Cooper to move away from the city” and fill out the form to be entered.  Click here to enter today!


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True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten enjoying “home”

November 14, 2010

Kwanten spends time in Australia, attends Brisbane festival


True Blood’sresident hottie Ryan Kwanten (Jason Stackhouse) is enjoying a homecoming. The True Blood hearthrob is back in Australia promoting his new western Red Hill and enjoying a homecoming, even staying at his parents house and sleeping in his “old single bed” while on the Red Hill press junket in Sydney. 

Kwanten got his start as Vinnie in Australia’s Home and Away and Red Hill marks his first Australian project in eight years. Kwanten said working with Red Hill director Patrick Hughes “was about playing a solid character.” Kwanten went on to say that the decision to work on Red Hill was because of the solid script: 

”It was the script, it was Patrick and ultimately it was knowing that I’d be coming back to Australia. It was the cherry on an already tasty cake.” 

As Jason Stackhouse, Kwanten has a strong female fanbase who have been “very rabid” in their attentions. When asked about his experiences with his fans, Kwanten got a little shy, saying, 

”Um . . .what target market is this? Will kids be reading this? Ok, then I can’t say what (happened). No, look, I have some very rabid fans who know more about me than I do and more about the characters than I do. But at the end of the day, my mum has raised me very well and said ‘they’re the ones paying your bills Ryan, so you’ve got to be respectful and give them even just two minutes of your time.” 

Kwanten plays a young police officer in Red Hill who’s first day of duty in a small country town coincides with an escaped criminal returning to seek revenge on those who put him behind bars. Red Hill is just the first of many diverse role Kwanten has taken on over the coming year. Kwanten also plays a superhero in Griff the Invisible and cult-leader Charles Manson in Brad Anderson’s upcoming feature, The Family. 

Not afraid of being typecast, Kwanten says he is not consciously ‘setting out’ to play characters so different from Jason Stackhouse. 

”I want to do what interests me. Nothing could be more uninspiring than playing another character like Jason (Stackhouse). I love playing him for the six months that I do it, but when I’m not shooting it, I don’t want to . . .I know I’ve got more inside of me so why go and just rest on my laurels and do something that’s easy?” 

Red Hill was introduced by Kwanten and director Hughes at the Brisbane International Film Festival and will premiere at the Gold Coast Film Festival Sunday, November 14 at 7pm at Birch Carroll and Coyle Cinemas Australia Fair. For more information, visit 


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Win tickets to see True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten in Australia

November 14, 2010

Feed your Ryan Kwanten need at Red Hill screening


Need a True Blood fix? Here’s your chance to win tickets to meet True Blood resident hottie, Jason Stackhouse! Ryan Kwanten’s new Aussie western Red Hillis screening in Sydney, Australia on Monday, November 15 at Event Cinemas on George Street. has five double passes to give away for the exclusive Q&A session and screening. You could actually talk to Ryan Kwanten and director Patrick Hughes.

To enter, all you have to do is tell in their comments section what your favorite Ryan Kwanten role is and why you love it. Winners will be notified Monday morning and must confirm attendance by 11 a.m. on Monday, November 15, 2010. See the site for more information.


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Vanity Fair Talks with True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten

November 5, 2010

True Blood Cop vs Red Hill Cop

While Jason Stackhouse isn’t a cop (yet), Ryan Kwanten, the wonderful man who brings Jason to life, is playing a real cop in his new movie Red Hill. In an interview with Vanity Fair, Ryan talked about his childhood, his acting career, and much more.

Since Ryan has been playing characters who have an interest in the law and careers as police officers. However, that doesn’t mean Ryan has always been the most law-abiding citizen. He says that  he was rebellious as a teen, even though there really was no reason or motive in how aggressive he was. However, once he got past 21, he got it out of his system, and now all of that drama is let out on-screen.

Ryan’s played a lot of different characters and has taken different approaches with them. When comparing how he approaches a tv show character versus a movie character, Ryan said:

The beauty of True Blood is that Alan Ball and his expert team of writers have allowed the character to breathe over the course of multiple seasons, and I now have a sense of ownership. But beyond that, as an audience member, you become invested in the character. With an hour and a half, I know the ending of Red Hill, but I don’t know where Jason’s going to end up. There’s certain liberties you have to abide by, but there’s freedom attached to that, too.

Both True Blood and Red Hill are dark, but True Blood has a campiness to it that lightens the aesthetic. Ryan said that part of the way Red Hill kept its dark aesthetic was by shooting on 35mm film. That way, the crispness of high definition wouldn’t hurt the “old-school Western” style of the film.

Ryan continued talking about film and shared what draws him to the visual aspects of filmmaking:

I have very lengthy discussions with any potential project and film director about all that stuff. I want to know what D.P. [director of photography] they’re using, the lighting schemes, what they’re shooting on, the lenses they’re using. I know enough about the filmmaking craft to talk about it; it’s beneficial for them to know how much I know, but it’s also beneficial for me to know how I’m going to be shot. I just love the business. If you look at what Tom E. Lewis did, with the character of Jimmy Conway—he had one line, but he said more throughout the entire film than any other character. That shows the power of the eyes and the power of filmmaking.

Ryan continued discussing the film industry and the importance of how film is edited before transitioning back to more questions about his work as Jason. He said that people do assume that he’s from the South because of Jason. Ryan also said that he doesn’t have any actual training as an actor except his experiences while being on-set. Instead, he takes a lot of pride in creating characters and using his own life experiences to do so.

There is a lot more to this interview, so to check it out, just click here and enjoy!

SOURCE: Vanity Fair — Ryan Kwanten Will Pay You Back

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Video Clips from Ryan Kwanten’s Red Hill

November 4, 2010

First Look

Ryan Kwanten Red Hill

HBO’s True Blood star Ryan Kwanten‘s new movie Red Hill opens in New York and Los Angeles November 5th. For those of you not lucky enough to be there for the premier, here are a few clips from the movie to hold you over until it opens in your area. Enjoy!

SOURCE: RED HILL Movie Clips With True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten

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True Blood Cast Supports Ryan Kwanten’s New Movie

October 31, 2010

Mini-True Blood Reunion at Red Hill Screening

Ryan Kwanten Red Hill PremiereTrue Blood’s Ryan Kwanten (Jason Stackhouse) had cast support  at the Australians in Film Hollywood screening for his new film Red Hill. Fellow True Blood costars Rutina Wesley (Tara), Jim Parrack (Hoyt) , and Lindsay Pulsipher (Crystal) came out to show Kwanten some love. The movie is a Western about a young police officer who starts a family in a small country town which is terrorized by an escaped convict. 

Kwanten’s new True Blood love interest, Lindsay Pulsipher, even took time to pose for pictures and chat with fans outside the event (see video below).  Pulsipher was gracious and seemed to enjoy the fan interaction. 

Lindsay Pulsipher Red Hill Premiere

Rutina Wesley Red Hill Premiere

Aussie Kwanten will be back in Australia to support Red Hill and attend the IF Awardsin Sydney in November.  Kwanten’s career is taking off with not only this role, but his upcoming feature turn as Charles Manson.

Source:– True Blood Stars Step Out to Support Ryan Kwanten’s Red Hill – True Blood’s Lindsay Pulsipher @ Red Hill Premiere in Los Angeles!

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