Jace Everett’s Four-Legged Music Partner

June 18, 2010

Recently People Pets caught up with Jace Everett in his home/musicstudio with his Schnauzer-Welsh terrier mix Teddy, who Jace rescued from a hoarder. Jace is known for singing the hit theme song “Bad Things” for HBO‘s series True Blood. However, did you know that Teddy is also musically inclined? Jace reveals:

“Every time we do a demo you can usually hear his collar being shaken and his toenails clicking on the hardwood floors.”

Jace’s dog seems to have taken an interest in music and is always attracted to a guitar being played. These two friends have been collaborating musically for over two years now.

Though Teddy loves to listen to Jace’s tunes, he doesn’t go on the road for tours, which can be hard on them both. Recently Jace has been traveling non-stop to promote his new album “Red Revelations,” which means he’s been away from his home and his dog. No need to worry though, because Jace’s son has been keeping an eye out for Teddy. The three of them regularly get in touch through Skype, though it tends to bring out the scaredy cat out of Teddy. As Jace puts it,

“He’s basically a big old coward…he startles really easily.”

Teddy gets so startled that even a Chinese lantern swaying can spook him out. Not to fear, Jace was there to save the day and show Teddy there’s nothing to be afraid of. With Jace around, it’s good to know this dog won’t have to worry about bad things happening to him.

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No “Bad Things” for Jace Everett

May 9, 2010

The popularity of True Blood in the UK and Europe has really paid off for Nashville bluesman Jace Everett.

The singer/songwriter, best known as the composer of Bad Things, the opening theme-song of the hit HBO series, wowed UK critics and caught the attention of Ian Ashbridge of Wrasse records.

In press release published recently on Earthtimes, Ashbridge said:

We researched and noticed that the new album was not released in Europe and quickly arranged to release the album in October 2009, to coincide with the Channel 4 opening of ‘True Blood,'” said Ashbridge. “‘Bad Things’ instantly went on the radio 2 playlist where it stayed for over 6 weeks — and Red Revelations went on to sell over 50,000 units throughout Europe, over 20,000 alone in the UK.

The response to the album in Europe was so good that Universal Music will re-release Red Revelations on June 8 in the US  to coincide with Season 3 of True Blood.

Jace is currently touring Europe, Ireland and the UK before returning home for dates in the US in late May, June and July.

If you want to check out some of Jace’s other songs, go to his website or MySpace page.  If you like country-blues-rockabilly with an edge of darkness, it’s really worth a listen.

Jace is also tweeting (@JaceEverett) while on tour (and had been playing with a broken finger – ouch!).

Tour dates
May 9th: The Maze, Nottingham
May 10th: The Boardwalk, Sheffield
May 12th: The Chattery, Swansea
May 13th: Errigle Inn, Belfast
May 16th: Whelan’s, Dublin
May 18th: St. Bonaventure’s Club, Bristol
May 19th: The Hare and Hounds, Birmingham
May 20th: Sefton Park Palm House, Liverpool
May 21st: Manchester Academy, Manchester
May 22nd: Civic Theatre, Bedford
May 31st: Iota Club, Arlington, VA
June 1st: World Cafe Live, Philadelphia, PA
June 5th: Highline Ballroom, New York, NY
June 11th: Exit/In, Nashville, TN
July 22nd: Santa Monica Twilight Concert Series, Santa Monica, CA

SOURCE: Earthtimes

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Jace Everett Amore Magazine Interview

August 25, 2009

jace-everettJace Everett is the singer/songwriter of the hit theme song entitled “Bad Things” for HBO’s “True Blood.”  Jace was originally signed to Sony Records but his debut album didn’t top the charts or do well in sales and as a result, he was dropped from the label.  What makes that part of the story even worse is that just before being dropped, he pitched a song to the label that he co-wrote entitled “Your Man.”  It is now a number one country song for Josh Turner. Hope was not lost though.  A song from Jace‘s debut album found it’s way into Alan Ball‘s — the creator of “True Blood” — iTunes play list. That song happened to be “Bad Things.” Alan Ball decided to call Jace seeking rights to the song to be played as “True Blood‘s” opening theme.  As fans of the show became curious about the voice behind the show’s theme song they sought out Jace.  Now Jace is bringing to his fans a new album entitled “Red Revelations.”

Fame is just catching up with Jace.  He tells Amore Magazine that he is okay with that.  He says:

“As long as I sell enough copies of this album (“Red Revelations”) to be able to make another one, I will be happy. Oh yeah, that, and a cameo in HBO’s “True Blood” wouldn’t be so bad either.”

For more of Amore Magazine’s exclusive interview with Jace Everett go to amoremagazine to download their podcast.

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Jace Everett’s New Album “Red Revelations”

July 12, 2009

mcclister_2804Jess d’Arbonne talked with Jace Everett.  Of course, you would all know him for his song, “Bad Things”, the opening theme song for Alan Ball’s True Blood. What’s amazing is this talented musician and songwriter has been struggling for years, basically remaining unknown, [Editor’s Note: he may have had a local following, but many great musicians go unnoticed by the mainstream music industry].  In the Q&A he talks in depth about his musical interests.  Interestingly, in his modesty, he doesn’t discuss their influence on his music because he feels  that he would never be able to do these musicians justice.  When asked about who’s music he’s listened to he replied:

“Honestly, the person who got me turned on to music as a kid was Willie Nelson, who has never been reflected in my music. I don’t do Willy Nelson, because you can’t. It’s kind of like doing Bob Dylan. But “Red Headed Stranger” was my favorite album of all
time, a record he made back in the 70’s. That’s what turned me on. But I went through all the phases anyone went through: I loved KISS, I still love U2, I’m a big Tom Waits fan, I love  Bob Marley, I’m into Miles Davis, I like Jay-Z a lot. I’m kind of all over the map. I’m the kind of guy that listens to about eight or nine albums a year because I like albums. I buy an album and I listen to it for two or three months straight. My influences are varied, but I don’t know how much any of them show up in my actual music.”

In my personal, (and unprofessional) opinion, Jace’s music has a Rockabilly sound.  I also do hear a bit of Tom Waite’s ‘story telling’ style in his music. Mr. Everett does not give himself enough credit for his musical talent; his answers to questions come off as self-depreciating.  Resonating this modesty, he spoke on the popularity of “Bad Things”.

“It’s great! Being a guy who’s trying to make a living, I’m hopeful that people who love the track will transfer that onto my new music and I hope that it’ll draw them in. But even if it doesn’t… shit, I write songs and I yell into a microphone! There’re far more talented people than me that never had this opportunity so I’m very grateful for it and it’s a huge honor.”

When talking about his new album, Red Revelations, he gives us insight into his feelings at the time that he was writing it and reveals what the title of the album means to him:

“It does. It’s kind of a misread of a lyric on the record. There’s a song called “One of Them” that has these crazy distorted vocals and the last verse says, “I read Revelations chapter one until the end”, and that’s R-E-A-D. Then I came up with this concept—I grew up really religious as a kid—about who that character in that song is. We don’t know what he is: We don’t know if he’s a vampire or if he’s become a Born Again Christian, or if he’s an alcoholic, or what’s happened to him. But he’s slowly losing his tether to reality. And I just thought it was kind of a cool title for the album. The world seems so apocalyptic right now and red is of course a color of danger and fire and all that jazz, so I thought, well, red revelations is kind of what this record is about.”

I will leave you with one last quote on what he says to do before you listen to Red Revelations.

“Pour yourself a tall one. Milton’s, preferably.”

Jace Everett is on Facebook and Twitter.  He encourages everyone to friend or follow him, saying:

“I am on both. And it’s just my personal Facebook page, but if anyone wants to friend me on Facebook, I will friend them back. I’ve got Myspace, also JaceEverett.com, If someone posts something, nine  times out of ten I’ll post back to them. Only reason I don’t  is because I don’t have time, but I try to make time for that every day.”

There is so much more to this article.  It is hard to convey all the angles it covers.
To read more of Jess d’Arbonne’s Blast article on Jace Everett, it is available at: blastmagazine.com

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