VIDEOS: True Blood’s Michelle Forbes Talks Season 2 With SkyTV

March 11, 2010

In Season 1 of True Blood we first met Maryann Forrester, naked and accompanied by a pig.  Just how do you top that?

SkyTV caught up with Maryann‘s alter ego, Michelle Forbes as she was doing the publicity rounds for the recent UK premiere of True Blood Season 2 on FXUK.

In the three video clips below Michelle gives fans an insight into her crazy-wonderful character Maryann and provides us with a few sweet teasers for Season 2.

Michelle describes how True Blood “blows open like a volcano” and gets bigger and better and more insane as Season  2 progresses.  Something tells me we might be in for more pig.

Even us Truebies get an honorable mention.  We love you too, Michelle!

Enjoy these wonderful video interviews with Michelle!

Michelle Forbes – Part 1
Michelle Forbes – Part 2
Michelle Forbes – Part 3

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AUDIOS: True Blood Cast Interviewed for UK Premiere

February 28, 2010

As True Blood continues to gain international popularity, UK fans can let out a collective sigh of relief – season 2 finally premiered on Friday, February 26th!

Alexander Skarsgård (Eric Northman),  Rutina Wesley (Tara Thornton), Sam Trammell (Sam Merlotte), and Michelle Forbes (Maryann Forrester) sat down with TV.Com UK Podcast and talked about everything from dialect coaching to their off-screen relationships.

What was Eric REALLY saying during season 2’s Swedish scenes? Do the cast members believe in real vampires? What do they hope happens to their characters is season 3? All this (and more) is discussed in this two-part podcast special.

The podcasts can be downloaded for free at  Once on the page left mouse click the mp3 and then click the “Save link as” to download it.

You can get involved with any of’s our podcast discussions via their our twitter feed @TVdotcomUK.


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Alan Ball Talks to the Guardian about True Blood Season 2 in the UK

February 28, 2010

Executive producer Alan Ball is immersed in work on Season 3 of True Blood, but he took some time to think back on the second season since those episodes began airing in the UK this week. Speaking with the Guardian, Alan discusses the many things that make the show so addictive.

He told the story of buying Dead Until Dark that has become so memorable to us now as the birth of True Blood. Charlaine Harris’ books quickly had him hooked, and it was impossible for him to read just one chapter and stop:

“It’s the way people watch TV a lot now, in the DVD boxiest. You watch an episode and you gotta watch the next one. And there’s something kind of fun and dare I say addictive about that. I think it’s all great for the show.”

He loved the blend of horror, humor, and romance in Sookie‘s story, and he has sought to maintain that on the show. He also finds a lot of interesting material to develop in the Southern setting:

“Originally when I started working on the series, I wanted to explore the twin polarities in the South of Sunday morning revival church meetings, and Saturday night at the bar where you go and get so drunk that you give yourself permission to do the things you wanna do. Because they’re opposite sides of the same desire, which is the desire for transcendence.”

There are plenty of things about True Blood that people criticize, but Alan cites the mindset of HBO as the reason they are able to take risks. Otherwise, the show might be diluted to appeal to more people’s sensibilities, but it would also prevent them from being as creative in their storytelling on True Blood:

“The executives at HBO don’t want things to be easy and overly explained and pre-digested. They want things to be complicated. If this show was on a network then Bill and Sookie’s relationship would be perfect and he’d never do anything horrible and it wouldn’t be messy and you’d never see them have sex and him actually bite her. But that’s the point.”

He knows that the show is more for an adult audience, but he also doesn’t believe that some younger people are as sheltered as they are expected to be:

“It’s never been for young teenagers. I’ve always thought it was a show for adults. And by the way, if people think teenagers aren’t having sex, they’re out of their minds! I mean teenagers are like vampires. They basically are sex!”

A bit of a shocking remark to end the interview on, but it’s no surprise coming from him! Fans love the show just the way it is, and we are grateful that Alan can be just as twisted as his heart desires!


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True Blood Season Two DVD Blu-ray Details

February 27, 2010

Who could forget the events of “True Blood’s” season two? Sookie and Bill travel to Dallas on a quest to find Eric‘s beloved Godric, only to have Sookie locked in the basement of the Fellowship of the Sun church and Bill held captive by his maker, Lorena. Jason attempts to find answers and redemption at the Fellowship of the Sun‘s Light of Day Institute. Maryann arrives in Bon Temps, rescues Tara, but manages to manipulate all the townsfolk, commit two murders and attempt a third of Sam! Sam thinks he has found a shape-shifting companion that understands him but who is really part of Maryann‘s master plan. Let’s not forget about the new-found love between Hoyt and Jessica, Tara and Eggs, and Terry and Arlene. Lafayette escapes Fangtasia with the help from Sookie but his mental health may never be the same. Bill enlists assistance from the Queen of Louisiana to destroy Maryann. Will Bon Temps ever be the same? Only June (and the premiere of season tell) will tell. In the meantime, you can re-live season two in all its vampy, passionate and, sometimes, preachy glory when HBO releases the season 2 DVD and Blu-ray set on May 25, 2010.
Both the standard and Blu-Ray DVD editions are currently available for pre-order in HBO‘s online shop. The standard version will cost $59.99 and the Blu-Ray, $79.99.
The standard DVD will include:

  • Steve and Sarah Newlin‘s Fellowship of the Sun: Reflections of Light “rules to live by”
  • The Vampire Report: Special Edition including the year’s biggest vampire news, politics and pop culture stories
  • Audio commentary from Alan Ball, Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Alexander Skarsgard, Michelle Forbes, Ryan Kwanten, Sam Trammell, Rutina Wesley, plus more

The Blu-Ray version will also include:

  • Enhanced viewing with picture-in-picture interactive content for all 12 episodes
  • Character perspectives from Hoyt, Pam, Karl and Steve Newlin
  • Flashback/Flash-forward capabilities to allow the viewer to relive climactic moments and underscore the importance of specific scenes
  • Pro/Anti-Vampire Feeds including news and information from both the Light of Day Institute and the American Vampire League
  • Trivia, hints and clues

While you are waiting for your new DVD to be shipped, you can watch the HBO encore of season two beginning March 21, 2010.

True Blood: The Complete Second Season (HBO Series) [Blu-ray]


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VIDEO: Alexander Skarsgard’s True Blood Season 2 Promo For The UK

February 26, 2010

As “True Blood’s” popularity continues to sweep across the globe, fans who reside in the United Kingdom will be the next group to experience season two.

This video trailer gives UK fans the first taste of what to expect for “True Blood’s” second season. The promo helps explain that the vampires in “True Blood” are different from a lot of their blood-sucking counterparts in today’s pop culture. They are a darker, more intense and not afraid to step outside the box. Fans will also delight to know that the show doesn’t deviate from its no-holds-barred approach to issues like addiction, prejudice and sexuality.

To help UK fans satiate their blood lust for the upcoming season, this promo features Alexander Skarsgard (Eric Northman) and Michelle Forbes (Maryann) who provide a few teaser bits of information about the upcoming season.

When asked about season two, Alexander Skarsgard can only respond:

“I guess, yeah, it’s pretty wild.”

Michelle Forbes also adds a little extra information about her character Maryann:

Maryann initially is quite mysterious and we don’t quite know what she’s up too … she seems somehow fixated on Tara, we know she has a history with Sam, we don’t know what it is and then in season two all of this is answered and revealed …”

Be sure to watch the video to the end for an extra special treat: Michelle Forbes responds to the question: Who would win in fight between “True Blood” vampires and the “Twilight” crew?


True Blood Season 2 UK Premiere With Sam And Michelle

February 24, 2010

True Blood’s UK fans are in for a crazy, sexy ride when Season 2 arrives on FX this week. Sam Trammell and Michelle Forbes, whose characters are both major players in Season 2, told Scotland’s Daily Record what the show’s U.S. fans already know — the season is rife with new characters and plenty of excitement.

Sam, who plays bar owner Sam Merlotte, said the show took off in its second year, and attributes its success to Alan Ball‘s writing. The exciting, fast-paced tone of Season 2 bolstered the show’s success in a way no one anticipated, he said.

“It’s different, it’s scary, it’s serious, it’s funny, it’s sexy, it’s bloody. It bridges so many different genres and there is nothing else like it on television. Not many programs can mix the fantastical with very good drama but this has both, with social commentary and relationships as well as fantasy and these great creatures.”

Sam‘s character is one of those fantasy creatures, a shape shifter who turns into a dog. To prepare for his role, he took some cues from his West Highland Terrier, Flossy, he said.

“She is very helpful. In one scene last season, I had to sniff someone’s bed like a dog would, so l was rolling around on the bed naked, and l watched the dog to see how she would do it and got some good tips.”

Michelle Forbes, who plays a central role as Maryann in Season 2, shies away from maligning her character as evil — though Sam makes a point of saying she’s “bad news.

“It’s better to say she is enigmatic. Everybody thinks she is bad but, as an actor, I have to play her straight, as no one who is evil thinks they are evil. I think she is warm-hearted.”

She also praised the show’s global success, musing about its mass appeal.

“I love the fact True Blood is popular in Scotland and the way it has worked around the world. It means there’s something universal about the story, and that’s just gorgeous, isn’t it?”

Season 2 starts this Friday in the UK at 10pm on FX (Sky Channel 64 and Virgin Media Channel 157).

Source: Daily Record

Photo credit: HBO Inc.

True Blood’s UK fans are in for a crazy, sexy ride when Season 2 arrives on FX this week. Sam Trammell and Michelle Forbes, whose characters are both major players in Season 2, told Scotland’s Daily Record what the show’s U.S. fans already know — the season is rife with new characters and plenty of excitement.

Mehcad Brooks Suits Up for ABC Role

February 20, 2010

As Mehcad Brooks suits up for his role as a lawyer on ABC’s “The Deep End,” he reminisces with iF Magazine about time spent on the “True Blood” set, where he played Eggs, Tara Thornton‘s boyfriend in season two.

He said he had a lot of fun giving Eggs definition as a character — and he’s not talking about his muscles. The character is only in the novels the series is based on for a few chapters, so he and the writers got to make things up as they went along. He also had a longer run than expected — Eggs was only supposed to be in three episodes, but after his audition, Mehcad was asked to join the show.

Mehcad said his experience on the show was incredible, save the unsavory task of shooting scenes in a sweltering swamp.

“My last day of shooting “True Blood,” I was trudging through the swamps in between Lafayette and Baton Rouge. It was about 103 degrees, probably 110 heat index. They called, ‘Cut!’ and I said, ‘Next job I have, all air conditioning, all suits.’ … Swamp notwithstanding, I had an incredible experience on “True Blood.” It was an amazing show to be a part of, very well-received and it’s always a nice thing when people really appreciate the hard work that you put into something, so I could not have asked for a better run.”

Mehcad‘s role as Dallas-based lawyer Malcom Bennett on “The Deep End” has him tackling an entirely different role, he said, though he does draw from his experience working at his father’s law firm during high school. His character is blunt and guarded and always has the right answer.

“He’s somewhat guarded as a person, but he’s also glib and unapologetically dynamic. He’s always got the right answer, even if he doesn’t sugarcoat the pill, so you have to go to him and deal with him, even if you don’t like how he puts it. He’s very blunt. Perhaps it seems like he ignores feelings.”

Mehcad stars alongside Billy Zane, perhaps most famous for his “Titanic” role, and fellow HBO alum Tina Majorino, who played Heather Tuttle on “Big Love.”

SOURCE: iF Magazine

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Countdown to Season 3 of True Blood: HBO to Re-Air Season Two

February 19, 2010

Do your Sunday nights feel empty without your weekly dose of True Blood? HBO has just the remedy! Starting on Sunday, March 21, 2010 at 8:00pm, HBO will be re-airing season 2 of True Blood. The 12-episode season should then lead right up to the June premiere of True Blood’s season 3.

Bonus: HBO promises to have “lots of [season] 3 surprises”!

Don’t forget to tune into HBO starting Sunday, March 21, 2010 at 8:00pm!


TrueBloodHBO on Twitter

HBO on Twitter

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Vampires and Orgies and a Maenad…Oh My!

February 18, 2010

“…Just another day at the office” says Michelle Forbes, better known to Trubies as Maryann the Maenad, when describing how she eventually became accustomed to filming those wild orgy scenes in Season 2. Forbes admits that for someone as “shy as [herself]”, the sex scenes were “a bit daunting” at first but became quite routine after a while.

Forbes acknowledges that vampire mythology is “titillating” but credits True Blood’s writers for considering vampires “in a very real way” that is “emotional and grounded”. She praises them for looking at vampires from another perspective and turning the traditional view “on its head”.

Despite or, perhaps, in spite her shyness, Forbes seems to have no problem bringing the wicked Maryann to life in the midst of such debauchery and rauchiness!


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Allan Hyde On Artists On Demand Tonight

February 15, 2010

Here is a reminder that Allan Hyde, better known as the 2,000-year-old vampire Godric on Alan Ball‘s hit HBO TV series True Blood will be giving a live interview on Monday, Feb. 15, at 10 p.m. EST on Artists On Demand Radio.

Godric’s abbreviated story arch left everyone wanting more, and wishful thinking has fueled rumors of a possible Season 3 return. Allan has previously hinted at Godric’s return in Season 3 flashback sequences, but wouldn’t give away anything definite.

Fans can listen to the interview and chat online, or phone in questions by calling 347-884-9941 (Press 1).

Source: Artists On Demand Radio

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