True Blood Season 3 Release Date Announced

March 8, 2011

DVD and Blu-ray Available May 31st

Season 3 True Blood SetIt’s official! HBO has announced the release date of Season 3 of True Blood. The 5 disc set will be released May 31, 2011 – just in time to re-watch before the premiere of Season 4 in June. In addition to the 12 episodes, the set will also offer an exclusive enhanced viewing mode for each episode.

Pre-order your copy today from the HBO store and receive a FREE Trubies vs. Newbies Exclusive Bonus Disc

The disc includes 8 separate video interviews of existing cast members initiating the new blood of Season 3.  Enjoy the following interviews available exclusively at the Shop:

1) Bill & Coot
2) Eric & Russell
3) Jason & Crystal
4) Jessica & Debbie
5) Lafayette & Jesus
6) Sam & Tommy
7) Sookie & Alcide
8) Tara & Franklin

The bonus disc will start shipping March 15, 2011 – click here to place your order today!

What do you think of the box art?  Will you be picking up a copy of Season 3?


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Joe Manganiello Credits Fiancée as Good Luck Charm

January 26, 2011

True Blood Star Talks Superstitions

Joe ManangielloYou’re not a real Truebie if you didn’t know True Blood star Joe Manganiello (Alcide Herveaux) is a huge Steelers fan, but to what does he attribute the recent win that is leading them to the Super Bowl this year? His good luck charm, of course.

While he decked himself out in a Steelers jersey, it is who was by his side that Joe believes helped his team to victory. That’s right: Reggie may have had Kim, but it’s fiancée Audra Marie who had Joe shouting in joy as the Steelers gained another win on Sunday.

Okay, Joe loves his fiancée, but she can’t really be a good luck charm, can she? Does Sookie (Anna Paquin) have fairy blood? The couple actually met in 2009 at the Super Bowl, which the Steelers also won.  Joe explains:

“She was actually down there with some of her girlfriends for some of the festivities, and we met on our way into the Commissioner’s Ball that year…Football was kind of how we met.”

Come Feb. 6 there is no doubt Joe will be howling and clawing for another Pittsburgh victory. The actor, who was introduced to fans as a werewolf in Season 3, reveals that football as well as superstition is in his blood:

“I come from a long line of very superstitious Steelers fans…It can get a little weird. My dad is a very superstitious Steelers fan, and we all have to stay in certain positions because [he’ll] make sure that you cannot move if the Steelers are winning. We care a lot, but it’s a little OCD”

There’s no doubt who the superstitious were will be watching the Superbowl with. Audra Marie, the Steelers are counting on you!

Source: People– Joe Manganiello’s Fiancée Is His Steelers Good-Luck Charm

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Fangtastic: HBO to Air a True Blood Season 3 Marathon

December 14, 2010

Three Days of True Blood Starting December 27th

Visions of Season 4 are dancing in the minds of truebies all across the country as we wait with baited breath for it to begin. Sadly, we must wait until June for a taste of some fresh blood.  But don’t despair! HBO is prepared to give you a fang-worthy Season 3 marathon fix.

True Blood Season Three PosterBeginning December 27th at 8PM EST/5PM PST HBO will begin an encore presentation of  True Blood Season 3. This is the perfect time of year to nestle inside and escape to Bon Temps to relive all of the moments that made last season one of the best to date.

What are your favorite moments from Season 3? Sookie finally finding out what she is? An introduction to the werewolves? Or maybe Sam Merlotte meeting his dysfunctional family?

Whatever you love about True Blood, this marathon will have it. So program your DVRs for HBO’s True Blood encore presentation of Season 3 starting December 27 in the U.S.  Look for the complete third season to be released on DVD and blu-ray sometime next year. Keep in mind, we are counting  the days until next year!

Happy watching, truebies!

Source:– Waiting sucks- set those DVR’s for a True Blood Season 3 Marathon

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True Blood’s Jason Snags AFI nod

November 6, 2010

Nominated for AFI International Award for Best Actor

Ryan Kwanten Season 3 PictureAussie Ryan Kwanten has been nominated by The Australian Film Institute for his performance as Jason Stackhouse in Season 3 of HBO‘s hit show True Blood. The show, which is a huge hit in the U.S., has gained popularity overseas and this is just another indication of how popular it has become. Kwanten’s character Jason is one of the fan favorites on True Blood and with his matinee idol good looks and “aww shucks” charm it’s not hard to understand why.

Kwanten is nominated in the category of “International Award for Best Actor”, an award that was first given out in 2005. Other nominees are Simon Baker from The Mentalist, Kodi Smit-McGee from The Road and Sam Worthington from Avatar.  Past winners of this award include Russell Crowe and Heath Ledger.

The award ceremony takes place December 11th in Melbourne, Australia.  The Australian Film Institute Awards first began in 1958 and are given out for both television and film.

Let’s all hope that our own lovable Jason walks away with this award as he well deserves it.

To see all nominees and categories click here.


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Brit Morgan Spends Time Off from True Blood Filming New Movie

November 4, 2010

She Wants Me is in Production in Los Angeles, California

Brit Morgan, who plays True Blood's Debbie Pelt, on the set of her new film, She Wants MeBrit Morgan, who plays psycho were and V addict Debbie Pelt on True Blood, was photographed on the set of her new film, She Wants Me, in Los Angeles, California.  Looking very blond and cute in a short blue dress, she flashed a smile for photographers in-between takes.

She Wants Me follows the tale of a neurotic writer Sam, played by Josh Gad (The Rocker), who is making his next feature film and becomes conflicted when an A-list starlet character shows interest in playing the lead role, which he has already promised to girlfriend and struggling actress, Sammy, played by Kristen Ruhlin (Descent). Morgan plays Sammy’s insensitive and overbearing good friend, Carly, who definitely means well, but tends to incessantly talk about herself.

She Wants Me is currently in production and is scheduled to release sometime next year.

Source: — Brit Morgan on the set of her new movie ‘She Wants Me’

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True Blood’s Leading Characters Rank High as Sexy Beasts

November 3, 2010

A TV Guide Special Ranks TV’s Hottest Vamps, Wolves & Mutants

They’re sexy. They’re sultry. They’re brooding. They’re different. Everyone wants to either date one or be one. TV Guide Special – Sexy Beasts: Vamps, Wolves, & Mutants has ranked the sexiest beasts on TV, with True Blood characters tipping the scale with some of the hottest beasts out there. So, who is THE sexiest beast on TV? Want a hint? He said this in season 3: “You’re going to invite me in so I can protect you. Or have passionate, primal sex with you. Or how about both?”

A Look at Some of the Sexiest Beasts

Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) – X-Men Origins: the perfect blend of utter hotness and humor, not to mention those abs. And arms.

Katherine Pierce (Nina Dobrev) – Vampire Diaries: she’s ruthless and vicious and devastatingly True Blood's Alcide Herveaux, played by Joe Manganiellogood looking.

Alcide Herveaux (Joe Manganiello) – True Blood: seriously, has hairy and brawny ever looked so delicious? Alcide will protect you, he’ll keep you warm, and he’ll keep a smile on your face by keeping his shirt off. (Joe Manganiello’s part is at the very beginning of this video clip.)

Alice (Milla Jovovich) – Resident Evil films: she’s got long legs and killer thighs, and she wears skimpy clothing to kill zombies.

Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) – True Blood: she’s without a doubt the prettiest telepath around, and she’s also a sexy waitress in a tight white t-shirt and short shorts. But, don’t take her cute southern charm too lightly because she’s fiercely loyal and has no problem kicking some butt.

Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) –True Blood's Bill Compton and Sookie Stackhouse, played by Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin True Blood: a dark, brooding, Southern gentleman, Bill will always open the door for you, run a bath to help you relax, and aggressively rip your clothes off in the bedroom. (Stephen Moyer’s part of the video is also right at the beginning of the clip.)

Storm (Halle Barry) – XMen: Hottest. Weather woman. Ever.

Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) – Twilight: his to die for smolder has women from the age of 11 to 65 swooning and sighing, but it’s his romantic side (and hair) that truly has women wishing their names were Bella.

Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder) – Vampire Diaries: dark hair, blue eyes and mystique make this vampire incredibly erotic.

The #1 Sexiest Beast is…

True Blood's Eric Northman, played by Alexander SkarsgardEric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard): no one has ever made the act of sucking blood more sexy than True Blood’s Eric Northman. He’s got swagger like no other vampire on TV and he knows how to get his girl(s). He’s basically the perfect package, all wrapped up in a tall, Viking, blond suit. I mean, did you see that rear view in episode 1 of season 3? And those abs? Yeah, he’s pretty much perfection. (Check out Alexander Skarsgard at approximately the 3:40 mark.)

What do you think? Did TV Guide get it right? Who’s your sexy beast?

Source: — TV Guide Special – Sexy Beasts: Vamps, Wolves & Mutants

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True Blood’s Russell Edgington is a Top TV Monster

November 2, 2010

Television has a long list of scary characters. So how well does True Blood rate in the scheme of thing?

Denis O'Hare plays True Blood villain, Russell Edgington

"Now, it's time for the weather, Tiffany!"

To  honour Halloween, TV Squad has announced the scariest TV monsters of all time. And it seems that True Blood’s King of Mississippi, Russell Edgington has rated rather well on the fright-o-meter. While the article lists only six, Russell, from Season three of True Blood, comes in at number four, ahead of Lost’s Smoke Monster and the mutants from the original V.

It appears that this newcomer to our small screens with his progressively scary newsreading abilities is enough to scare us in the middle of the night.

But while the catch phrase: “Now, it’s time for the weather, Tiffany,” will eat into our nightmares for quite some time, there were some monsters who were considered scarier than Russell.

Number three was the observers from Fringe, which was beaten by the emotionless child, Anthony Fremont from The Twilight Zone. Taking the top spot as scariest TV monster was the flukeman from The X Files.

So will True Blood be able to top the list next year?

Source: TV Squad – Scariest TV Monsters of All Time (That Actually Scare Us)

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Joe Manganiello’s Pittsburgh Ties

October 3, 2010

Joe Manganiello, True Blood Alcide shirtless

True Blood’s Alcide Interviewed by Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

Joe who is a Mt. Lebanon native speaks with Pittsburgh Tribune-Review about his past.

Growing up in Mt. Lebanon, Joe loved action hero’s and monsters.  He didn’t know he wanted to act until he reached high school.  Joe was pretty much the typical guy who played sports.  He caught the acting bug when a friend asked him for his help with a film for chemistry.

Joe was hooked and to everyones surprise even his coaches, he quit sports and tried out for the school’s production of “Oklahoma” and got the lead role of Fry.

Joe stated, “everyone said I made a mistake”.  He also said, “somewhere deep down inside my gut I knew this was something I should do”.

After graduation Joe tried out for Carnegie Mellon University School of Drama, he was rejected.  He went to the University of Pittsburgh and studied theater for a year.  Joe than tried out again at Carnegie Mellon University and was accepted.

After Graduation

Joe headed to Los Angeles and landed a part as Flash Thompson in “Spider Man”.  He went on to do small parts on TV Dramas such as “CSI”, he played Brad on “How I Met Your Mother”, and one of my favorite characters Owen on “One Tree Hill”.

During this time, Alan Ball debuted a new show called “True Blood”.  After the first season was successful and it looked like it was here to stay and follow the books based on Charlaine Harris’s Souther Vampire series, fans of the show begin to blog about the possible actors who could play Alcide.  Joe’s name kept popping up in blog chatter’s.

Joe already watched the show, so when he found out through a friend that viewers wanted him to play Alcide, he read the books, studied the part and realized why fans wanted him.  Joe & Alcide shared alot of similarties.  He started going after the role.  Joe stated, ” In ten years I have never fought so hard to get casted as I fought to be Alcide”.

Joe hopes that through his work as Alcide it will help expand his career.  His plans for the future is to write, produce, and direct.  He’s in negotiations for the rights to one of his favorite comics.  However, to Joe no matter how far his hard work takes him he will always remember his Pittsburgh ties.

Joe’s father wants to put him on the wall of fame at Primanti Bros.  A local hangout for Joe.  Joe state’s, “That to him it would be as good as an Oscar”.  I will always Bleed Black and Gold!  Joe states.

Joe and his character Alcide has alot in common when it comes to there loyalties to there favorite haunts.  With Joe it’s Primanti Bros. and Alcide it’s Lou Pine’s.

Joe in LA

Now that Joe is in Los Angeles he has been investigating new watering holes, and came across one a few years back one that has a fiesty clientele.  It’s seriously obsessed Steeler Fans.  None of the California fans have ever been to Pittsburgh.  But finding such dedicated fans inspired Joe to shoot a short documentary about the group of fans, titled “Diehardz”

Joe still vists frequently PA to see his parents.  They still live in Mt. Lebanon.  When he’s home its a good chance you’ll find him at one of his favorite haunts.  Joe enjoys art and visits exhibits at the Warhol.  You might catch him at the theatre or eating a hamburger at Tessaro’s in Bloomfield.  He has lunch at People’s Indian Restaurant in Garfield, or you might catch him working out at the Gym with his mom.

Being a hometown boy with fame and success, it has put him in position for a special treat.  In November Joe will march in the Celebrate the Season Parade, and the Steelers have invited him to Heinz Field to watch a game.  This is an honor to Joe who is the Ultimate Black and Gold Fan.

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Alexander Skarsgård at Season 3 True Blood Premiere in Poland

October 3, 2010

Alexander Skarsgård talks about being Eric Northman, True Blood, and himself!

HBO‘s True Blood recently had its Season 3 premiere in Poland.  Alexander Skarsgård (Eric Northman), walked the red carpet, did interviews and chatted with fans and we have videos of his appearances.

In this first video we see Skarsgård arriving at the premiere along with fans of the show choosing I Love Eric or I Love Sookie buttons.

In this video we see Skarsgård greeted warmly at the Season 3 discussion.

In discussing the history and background of Eric Northman, Skarsgård offers us this about Eric:

“Charlane didn’t really say where he was from so I took it upon myself.  I decided he was from southeast Sweden.  That’s where my family is from.”

Alexander also discusses what they do on hiatus and how he feels about his castmates:

“You know, I’m from Stockholm, Sweden and the show films in Los Angeles which is a long way from home.  So when I’m away they are my family away from my real family”

In this video Skarsgard discusses his decision to move to America to further his career.

“I was getting typecast in Sweden, I was still playing the college football player at 26, 27. I needed new challenges”

I think we’re all pretty glad that he decided to hop the pond for new roles!

In an interview with Dzien Dobry, Alexander discusses leaving acting at a young age and why he decided to start again among other things.

“I left acting at 13.  I just quit.  I didn’t decide to come back until I was 21.”

We’re all glad he came back!  From his amazing turn in ‘Kill Your Darlings’ to our beloved Eric Northman we can all be pleased with his return to acting.

Source: – Alexander In Poland


True Blood is ‘Best in Show’

October 2, 2010

True Blood Wins IAB MIXX Award

True Blood is an awesome show with a brilliant ad campaign behind it. Prior to the airing of the second season of the show, an ad campaign was launched called “Hacking Reality.” The campaign featured lots of real life companies and brands joining up with HBO to create ads that seemed real for vampire-safe items.

However, that’s not all there was to the campaign. There was also an “Inside-Edition type” show that aired weekly and covered all things that are related to vampires as well as viral videos from the American Vampire League (AVL) and the Fellowship of the Sun. There were even websites that were for vampires, including Bloodcopy (which was recreated for Season 3 by HBO).

The campaign could be found everywhere, including at Comic-Con International 2009, where oversized wall posters showed a special vampire-friendly Harley-Davidson motorcycle, a Geico ad for insurance for vampires, and many more.

The campaign obviously worked, as the season premiere for the second season of True Blood was the most viewed show on HBO On Demand, and there was an average of 12.6 million gross viewers for each episode of the season. Congratulations to HBO and True Blood for creating such a wonderful and completely unforgettable ad campaign!

SOURCE: — HBO’s True Blood Wins IAB MIXX Best in Show

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