Lorena and Godric of True Blood Guests at UK Convention

October 1, 2010

Mariana Klevena (Lorena) & Godric (Allan Hyde) of HBO True Blood will be Guest Stars at UK Convention!Lorena

True Blood’s Mariana Klaveno and Allan Hyde will be guest stars at the STARFURY Conventions The Vampire Ball three day event.

The event is a convention celebrating Vampires in the media, and shows such as True Blood. This event will take place between November 26th and 28th, 2010 at the Thistle Hotel in Heathrow, London.

Attendee’s will be able to hear special panels of guest stars, including Mariana and Allan as well as other special guests, have photo & autograph sessions, competitions, make up displays, parties and much more.

Each night of the Convention will feature a different theme.  Friday night’s theme is Sunnydale High, Saturday’s is a Vampire Ball, and Sunday honors The Rocky Horror Show. Tickets can be purchased online via check or debit card.

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True Blood Items for Amnesty International Auction

September 29, 2010

True Blood Goodies for Charity Auction

Season 3 promo shot of the True Blood Cast

What could be better than owning a piece of memorabilia from season 3 of HBO’s True Blood?  How about knowing that your purchase also counted as a donation for charity?

Items up for  bid for the Amnesty International auction include: True Blood drawstring bag, season 3 8 pack of mini posters, dvd of the season 3 “minisodes”, an Eric Northman dog tag, promotional notebook handed out to HBO employees and volume 2 of music from the series. Winning bids from the US will enjoy free shipping.  Foreign bids are allowed, but there will be a shipping charge if you win.

For details and information on all the items please visit http://skarsgardnews.com/?page_id=8457

SOURCE: http://skarsgardnews.com/ — True Blood Season 3 Collectibles

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Joe Manganiello’s Hopes About Sookie and David Bowie For Season 4

September 18, 2010

Season 3 of True Blood was a lot sexier thanks to Joe Manganiello, who plays werewolf Alcide Herveaux. Now a series regular, Joe spoke about Season 4 at the Alice and Olivia New York Fashion Week event.

He talks a little about the future for his characters as well as Sookie, but what’s really interesting is his hope to have David Bowie guest star on the show. David Bowie in Bon Temps? That would make for high ratings…maybe someone at HBO should take Joe’s advice.

Check out the video interview to get your True Blood fix as well as some juicy details about Season 4.

Source: www.popsugar.com — True Blood’s Joe Manganiello Talks Season Four, His David Bowie and Sookie Hopes


True Blood Season 3 Finale Ratings

September 16, 2010

Bill Compton, Sookie Stackhouse, True Blood, Anna Paquin, Stephen MoyerThe ratings for the True Blood’s Season 3 finale have finally been revealed. The finale, Evil (Is Going On) was able to pull in 5.4 million viewers at 9 p.m and an additional 1.1 million during its encore at 11 p.m.

While the numbers were down by 60,000 viewers from the last episode, the season finale did increase by 5% when compared to the Season 2 finale. Though the VMAs on MTV took the lead Sunday night with a 6.2 rating for adults 18-49, True Blood was able to post a 3.0 rating for adults 18-49; this is quite impressive when it was going up against an award ceremony that had the charming Joe Manganiello presenting.

If we don’t count the finale, True Blood was able to pull in 12.7 million viewers this season, which include linear plays, DVR recordings and HBO on Demand. This is quite impressive; who knew a little vampire show could gain so many followers?

What exactly do all these numbers mean? Well, it means more of Sookie’s fae revelations, more of Bill’s southern charm, more of Lala’s cooking, lots of weres, lots of witches, and more summer nights with Eric Northman!

Source: tvbythenumbers.com–Big Sunday For Cable Ratings: True Blood, VMAs, Jersey Shore, Iron Chef, Kardashians & Lots More

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True Blood’s Kevin Alejandro Dishes On His Mysterious Character

September 13, 2010

Kevin Alejandro True Blood JesusKevin Alejandro Shedding Some Light on his Character

When fans first met Jesus, Lafayette’s season 3 love interest on True Blood, they knew that there was something more behind his sweet smile and good intentions. Kevin Alejandro, who plays the mysterious man Lafayette has fallen for, confirms fans’ suspicions.

Kevin is quick to say that there is something up with Jesus and it was uncovered on the season finale, which aired Sunday September 12 at 9 on HBO. About the season finale, all Kevin said was,

“I was very surprised, and it’s really awesome what I get to do…It’s actually going to be a really great finale…There are a lot of stories that get wrapped up and some new ones that get introduced.”

Before landing the part of Jesus, the Texas native and his wife were big fans of the show. He was quite awed by working with so many great actors. As for playing a gay character, Kevin noted,

“We all do this because we want to do something outside ourselves and be part of something bigger than us and something great. ‘True Blood,’ it’s an amazing show.”

Another perk about working on the hit series is learning from his fellow actors. He says he has learned so much from Nelsan Ellis, who portrays Lafayette, by simply watching him at work.

The 34 year old will return to True Blood for the season four as well as continue his role as Detective Nate Moretta on TNT’s Southland when they start up their 3rd season next year. This fall he’ll also be filming the newest Kevin Smith film titled, Red State.

Kevin, who has had roles in Ugly Betty and Weeds, appreciates the fans he has gained through his acting career. He noted,

“This is probably one of the biggest things I’ve ever been able to be part of, and it’s been pretty amazing for me…I’m not jaded by it. I’m new to it. It really puts a smile on my face. Every day I’ve had somebody be really kind and appreciative of the things we’re doing (on the show), and personally I love it. I think it’s really cool that a person like me, coming from a small West Texas town, can have an impact on somebody.”

Fans hope Kevin keeps this positivity for years to come because they all love seeing him on TV and wish him only the best!

Source:  bostonherald.com–Alejandro’s found ‘True’ calling

(Photo Credit: HBO Inc.)


Rutina Wesley on Tara’s Role In The Season Finale

September 11, 2010

Rutina Wesley on Tara’s Turmoil on True Blood:

Season 3 of True Blood has left Tara a tear soaked mess and with one episode left, how much more can she take? Recently on Good Day, Rutina Wesley talked about Tara’s journey and what the season finale has in store for her.

Between losing the love of her life and being kidnapped, what else can Tara go through? Fans are interested in seeing Tara develop emotionally and start making decisions as to how she’s going heal the damage that’s been done to her. Others want her to take revenge for Egg’s death. In the end, every fan wants to see Tara happy and sane…and not dead. She’s a character we’d like to keep.

Check out what Rutina thinks about Tara’s future in this video clip!

Source: myfoxny.com–Actress Rutina Wesley


SPOILERS: True Blood Season 3 Finale Photos

September 2, 2010

New photos have been released by HBO in anticipation of the Season 3 finale of True Blood. The season finale, “Evil is Going On,” which airs September 12, is going to be rather intense and probably will leave fans questioning things they know and speculating about how Season 4 of True Blood is going to turn out. Check out these photos and let us know what you think of them!

Sam Merlotte, Lafayette Reynolds, True Blood, Sam Trammell, Nelsan Ellis

Tara Thornton, Lettie Mae Thornton, True Blood, Rutina Wesley, Adina Porter

Bill Compton, Sophie-Anne LeClerq, True Blood, Stephen Moyer, Evan Rachel Wood

Sophie-Anne LeClerq, True Blood, Evan Rachel Wood

Sookie Stackhouse, Bill Compton, True Blood, Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer

Sookie Stackhouse, True Blood, Anna Paquin

Claudine, True Blood, Lara Pulver

Sookie Stackhouse, True Blood, Anna Paquin

SOURCE: daemonstv.com — True Blood Season 3 Finale “Evil Is Going On” Photos

(Image Credit: HBO, Inc. / Doug Hyun)


Joe Manganiello Hints at Alcide’s Future Plans on True Blood

August 29, 2010

Joe Manganiello True Blood Alcide HerveauxTrue Blood‘s Season 3 break out were Alcide Herveaux has all the girls swooning and so does the actor that play him, Joe Manganiello. However, the newest star to make it to Hollywood hasn’t let fame go to his head. The Entertainment Weekly cover boy was just as down to earth as he always is. At the pre-Emmy bash held by Entertainment Weekly, Joe couldn’t believe he landed the cover of EW so soon.

The cover isn’t the only thing Joe is on; in this Sunday’s episode, Alcide returns to tie up some loose ends. Will he be the one to save Sookie from harm. Check out the video interview here to find out if Joe spills any secrets!

Source: ausiellofiles.ew.com–EW Emmy Party video: ‘True Blood’ Joe Manganiello teases Alcide’s ‘unfinished business’.

(Photo credit:  HBO Inc.)


True Blood Season 3 Music: Episode 10 “I Smell a Rat”

August 24, 2010

Kevin Alejandro True Blood JesusWith only a few episodes left in season three, in this episode, questions were finally answered, secrets were revealed, and new problems still keep coming up. This week’s soundtrack was short but luckily it is all available for download on HBO.com. Here is the complete list of songs used in episode 10, “I Smell a Rat,” including the artist, song title, and plot point when each song was played.

(Songs marked with a [*] are available for purchase at HBO.com)

Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash – Trains Gonna Roll*
Plays in Hoyt‘s truck.

Thievery Corporation – Supreme Illusion (Nickodemus Remix)*
Jesus and Lafayette have a wild V trip.

The Court Yard Hounds – I Miss You*
Hoyt professes his love to Jessica.

The Heavy – What You Want Me to Do*
Russell tries for a proper goodbye with “Talbot.”

Patty Griffin – I Smell a Rat*
End Credits.

Source: HBO.com


Marshall Allman Talks True Blood and Shapeshifters with G4TV

August 18, 2010

Marshall Allman True Blood Tommy Mickens on G4TV InterviewSeveral new characters have been introduced in Season 3 of True Blood and one of the more interesting ones to watch has been Sam Merlotte‘s brother Tommy Mickens, played by Marshall Allman.  As we have seen so far this season, Tommy, who is a shapeshifter, has been forced into illegal dog fighting in order to help take care of his parents.  Marshall sat down with G4 TV to talk about his character, shapeshifters and his wardrobe, or lack thereof.

In the interview Marshall talks about his first wardrobe fitting on True Blood where they went through the regular clothes and then presented him with his choice of “modesty socks” on a velvet lined case.  He goes on to describe some of the “sock” options and jokes about how creative the wardrobe staff is on the show.  Although we have seen the signs, Marshall hints that his character will become involved with Jessica in Season 3.  He goes on to talk about shapeshifters and his feeling that they do not get the credit they deserve and he jokes that him and Sam are going to start a campaign to get shifters the recognition they deserve.

Enjoy the video!

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Source:  G4tv.com


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