True Blood Introduces New Character in Season 4 Finale

September 9, 2011

Scott Foley as “Patrick”, Terry’s Army Buddy:

Scott Foley, Patrick on HBO’s True Blood (Cliff Lipson/CBS)Todd LoweTerry Bellefleur on True Blood, has been acting with a creepy baby and creepy baby doll all season and he is looking forward to working with adults again. There will be a whole lot of drama going down between vampires, witches, shifters and werewolves this Sunday on the Season 4 finale. Somewhere in the middle of that we will be introduced to a new character, Patrick played by actor Scott Foley, an old army buddy of Terry’s.  Lowe explains why he [Patrick] is coming to Bon Temps now:

“He looked [Terry] up. He found him and I guess he has something to say and something to talk about. You don’t just wander in and find someone at their workplace unless you have something important to share with him.”

Their encounter will not be a long one, Lowe reveals, and from what he says above it will take place at Merlotte’s. Foley‘s character is expected to return in Season 5 in a more substantial role. Lowe hopes that this character’s entrance into the series means that True Blood’s audience will get to know more about Terry’s past, maybe see some flashbacks of his time in the war. Lowe said about Terry’s past:

“I’d like to see where his post-traumatic stress disorder came from. Was it a series of events? Was it a friend or life that was lost in front of him? Was it someone’s life that he took? I’d like to see where that goes and see why Terry is so screwed up… I have a feeling it’s going to go kind of dark. I got a hint from Alan Ball that we’re going to see a little darker side to Terry.”

The season finale will take place during Halloween. Lowe’s response to this spooky setting for the finale:

“Wouldn’t you think it’d be just a little bit anticlimactic with all this other stuff going on? But I guess the people of Bon Temps find a way to celebrate the Halloween Holiday.”

We are mere days away from the finale of Season 4, but what about Season 5 and all it will have in store for Terry Bellefleur? Are you exited to see Terry’s character grow and learn more about his past? Will the arrival of Patrick bring conflict to Terry’s life? Is it possible this old war buddy is a supernatural? Share you ideas and theories with us in the comments section below.

Source: TV Guide: Terry Smacks Some Sense Into V-Addicted Andy


True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgård on Eric’s Hectic Season

September 7, 2011

Eric Northman’s Total Turn-Around:

Alexander Skarsgård HBOLet’s face it, Eric Northman has been through the ringer this season. He’s lost and regained his memory, been under the spell of Marnie/Antonia,  and he almost killed King Bill Compton, all the while falling in love with Sookie Stackhouse. So does Alexander Skarsgård know the reactions of his and Sookie’s infamous hook-up? Skarsgård says he stays away from blogs and fan sites, but he gets to meet plenty of fans in person and says the feedback has been great this year.

Skarsgård also said:

“It seems people are enjoying Eric’s arc, which is great because I had a blast shooting it. I love playing ‘Amnesia Eric’. It’s such a different side of him and it’s always fun as an actor to dig deeper. You learn a lot, and I definitely have this year.”

When asked if it was difficult to play a person-within-a-person, Skarsgård wanted to make sure that “Amnesia Eric” was a side of Eric, not a new character, and he wanted to stress that it was very important to him not to lose old Eric. He focused on not losing the predator side of Eric. Skarsgård acknowledges the graphic love scenes between him and co-star Anna Paquin, adding that he has done other explicit work in movies.

After it is pointed out that fans seem to be more attracted to the more innocent and sweeter Eric, Skarsgård believes the reason for this is that, “It’s a point of contrast”, that the fans are “seeing something open and vulnerable, someone who is willing to connect on a deeper level”. He adds that it is great to see this other side of Eric “that’s been hidden for almost a thousand years”.

Head over to HBO for the full interview, and to find out whether or not Skarsgård believes Sookie likes “dogs”.

Source Credit: HBO – Alexander Skarsgård Explores Eric’s Sensitive Side – and His Latest Romp With Sookie

(Photo: HBO)


Video: HBO Inside the Episode, “Burning Down the House”

September 6, 2011

Alan Ball Talks About Episode 10:

Eric, Pam, Jessica and Bill from S4 Ep10 of True BloodTrue Blood fans will enjoy this video from the HBO website. Alan Ball discusses his reasoning behind episode 10 of Season 4, entitled “Burning Down the House”.

While we see the disappearance of “Emo-Eric,” we also see the battle of the heart as Sookie realizes that she is in fact in love with two men. As Alan Ball explains:

“It remains to be seen, is the love that they felt for each other, can it exist in a world where he remembers who he is?”

Meanwhile, Marnie is finding herself in another sort of intimate relationship – that of Antonia, the spirit of a long deceased witch. Director, Lesli Linka Glatter comments:

“She’s an outcast, she hasn’t had friends around her, she’s grown up very lonely. And now she has Antonia, who has given her a friend and a sister.”

The inner struggle of the two intertwined characters is also discussed by Alan Ball.

Bill Compton and his pursuit of the destruction of Marnie is then discussed. Bill is intent on eradicating Marnie, at all costs. Even if there is the loss of human life. So Sookie, Jason, Lafayette and Jesus try to intervene. Ball is intent on making sure that True Blood goes beyond its genre and delves into the more human aspect of helping friends in need.

This results in Jesus attempting to breach the barrier of Marnie’s protection spell and the audience gets to see another side to his character. Glatter was very excited to attempt to portray this part of the episode, considering that there was visual interaction with an enchantment as well as other special effects.

The episode culminates with the vampires approaching the Moon Goddess Emporium armed with a vast array of impressive weapons. Alan Ball explains:

“This attack is being led by Bill and Eric, two men who are in love with her [Sookie]. So, it’s all kinds of complicated. Which I think is why we like this show so much.”

Make sure you check out the full video interview!

Ep. 46 – Inside the Episode


Source: – Watch the Ep. 46 Inside the Episode

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True Blood’s Andy Bellefleur on Becoming an Addict

August 25, 2011

Chris Bauer Talks About Serious Subject Matter:

Chris Bauer is Sheriff Andy BellefleurSeason 4 of True Blood has showed that the inhabitants of Bon Temps, Louisiana have been stuck in stickier situations than when we saw them in the season 3 finale. While True Blood has multiple comedic scenes, it is also famous for depicting serious subject matter—and for Sheriff Andy Bellefleur, that serious subject matter is addiction.

Chris Bauer, who plays V addict Andy Bellefleur, said:

“As soon as Season 4 opened, it was pretty obvious he was deep into the effects of vampire blood. I think he’s been at it pretty hardcore for a while.”

In reference to the V addiction storyline, Bauer laughs and adds,

“I may be testing yours and a lot of the audience’s patience. But I think most of those consequences are to himself. For better or worse, [Andy] is a guy who has a pretty solitary life. There’s only so many people he can affect. Over four seasons, it’s become really obvious that his solitude is mostly his own doing. He doesn’t really engender himself positively to anybody and it’s in spite of his desire because all he wants to do is belong to something special.”

Bauer’s character has almost been unrecognizable this season thanks to his out of control V addiction and probably needs the love of a good woman to solve his problems. Bauer agreed, saying he couldn’t think of anything better. Also, Andy Bellefleur doesn’t know that King Bill Compton is actually an ancestor of his. Will he find out? Bauer said, “I hope he will find out about it because it’s just one of those moments that would be a shame to waste.”

What do you say, Truebies? Is it time for Andy to overcome his addiction, or has he not hit rock bottom yet?  Do you think he’ll snap when he finds out he’s related to Bill?  Share your thoughts with us below!

Source: Zap2it – ‘True Blood’s’ Chris Bauer: ‘Andy as a portrait of an addict is pretty accurate’

(Photo: HBO)


Highlights and Lowlights of True Blood’s “Cold Grey Light of Dawn” Episode

August 13, 2011

The Frisky Dish up the Good, the Bad and the WTF:

Bill and Jessica in True BloodAccording to The Frisky website, Episode 7 of  HBO’s True Blood was basically soft-core porn. While yes, there was a whole lot of sex going on, there were also plenty of other things too.

Here’s their list of the good, the bad and the WTF moments from this episode of True Blood:

The Good

  • Pam and Tara’s fight getting interrupted by the patrons of Merlotte’s. You can’t fight with the logic of  “That’s exactly what a zombie would say,” after Pam exclaims: “I am not a zombie!”
  • Alcide getting upset over seeing Sookie and Eric getting jiggy
  • Eric and Sookie in bed together after the aforementioned ‘jiggy’
  • Eric in something other than that awful sleeveless hoodie. Yay flannel!
  • Andy asking Holly out, even if it was in a brown suit — at least there were roses…
  • Fiona Shaw getting all witchy as opposed to dithering
  • Marnie as Antonia getting Tara to do something other than run away from her problems
  • Hoyt’s mom watching her neighbor burst into flames
  • Jason being the hero and running to save Jessica from the sun

The Bad

  • Marnie/Antonia not getting their full revenge on Luis. Surely HBO could have dragged it out and really made this baddie suffer?
  • Werewolf induction ceremonies suck! And not in a good way…
  • Bill’s ridiculous plan to save the vampires from walking out into the sun. There were just way too many burning flesh shots going on here
  • Bill and Jessica get all sweet. It seemed like the audience was just being set up to feel sorry for her
  • Jessica doesn’t love Hoyt
  • Alcide and Debbie getting it on


  • Jason doing handstand push ups while wearing boxing gloves. How on earth did he do that?
  • Pam getting skinned alive to slow down the rotting process. Although her screamed obscenities were very Pam!
  • Lafayette’s hair. Just when we thought it couldn’t get worse than that ferret-style he had happening in Episode 1, he goes and braids it. For a super stylin’ dude, he has got it all wrong.

So, what did you think were the highlights and lowlights of Episode 7?

Source: The Frisky – The Good, The Bad & The WTF: The “True Blood” Plot Thickens

(Photo Credit: HBO, Inc.)


True Blood’s Costume Designer on Dressing Vampires

August 10, 2011

Audrey Fisher Talks to The Hollywood Reporter:

Alexander Skarsgård as True Blood’s Eric Northman S4 Ep2For fans of HBO’s True Blood, it’s not always about the vampires – sometimes it’s about the amazing costumes they wear! Recently, The Hollywood Reporter talked to costume designer Audrey Fisher about how she picks the clothes the hottest vamps in town like to wear.

While Alexander Skarsgård is currently a board shorts and hoodie kind of guy, he started the season with a lot more style. As Fisher puts it:

“This season, he’s more kind of rocker goth, a heightened black prince.”

She had him dressed in black leather for the first few episodes — a look that many fans loved.

For Pam, she also had a black leather theme happening, this time because she wanted a battle goddess inspired look, since Pam seems to spend a lot of her time defending what is hers this season. There are plenty of corsets and fabulously Gothic jewellery. However, her look also takes a decided change, just like that of her makers. Once the rotting curse hits her, she goes from showing lots of skin, to trying to cover up. Fisher has this to say about her black veiled number:

“Pam’s flesh starts to rot and fall off her body. It’s a harsh blow because she’s so fierce with her beauty and uses it as a weapon. So she covers herself like a Sicilian widow. She has this phenomenal black lace hat that a friend of mine who’s a milliner made. She’s this unbelievable kind of black widow. We called it rot couture.”

Finally, she discussed Bill’s wardrobe. In Season 4, we find Bill with a promotion. He is now the vampire King of Louisiana. His wardrobe has been altered accordingly. We no longer see him in his trademark Henley shirts, it’s suits all the way now baby! His house also got a makeover to suit his change in status.

Check out the style photos here and let True Blood Net know which one is your vampy fave.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter – True Blood’s Dark, Sexy New Style

(Photo Credit: HBO, Inc.)


Spoiler Alert! What’s Happening in the Next Few True Blood Episodes

August 4, 2011

Where is HBO Going With Season 4?

True Blood White - Season 4 promo posterIf you want to find out what direction HBO is taking Season 4 of True Blood, then check out the spoiler details below. If not, then it’s best you move onto the next awesome True Blood Net news article!

You’ve been warned…

Episode 7: “Cold Grey Light of Dawn”

  • Bill tries to save vampires from the light, after Marnie gets help from the spirits of the dead
  • Luna discovers something about Sam
  • Lafayette has a spiritual awakening
  • Pam has some cosmetic alterations (think body peel)
  • Jessica has doubts
  • Alcide and Debbie join a new pack

Episode 8: “Spellbound”

  • There is a midnight face-off between Bill and Marnie
  • Conflict occurs between Jason, Jessica and Hoyt
  • Lafayette is possessed
  • Tommy learns empathy
  • Sam meets Marcus, Luna‘s ex, and they don’t get along. Marcus is also the leader of the new pack that Alcide and Debbie have joined

Episode 9: “Run”

  • While Sookie is recovering from a near-death experience, she fantasizes about Bill and Eric
  • Jesus tries to rid Lafayette of his demon
  • Marcus uses Alcide to deal with Sam
  • Bill and Nan Flanagan have an argument
  • The Hoyt, Jason, Jessica triangle deepens
  • Marnie continues to plot against the vampires at the upcoming festival entitled ‘Festival of Tolerance’

Episode 10: “Burning Down the House”

  • All hell breaks loose in Shreveport
  • Sookie uses magic to save Bill which leads to a spell being broken
  • Marnie/Antonia has to re-evaluate
  • Jason wants Jessica to glamour Hoyt
  • Terry involves Andy in an intervention
  • Alcide questions his allegiance to Marcus
  • Jesus, Sookie, Lafayette and Jason try to break into the Moon Goddess Emporium to rescue Tara and Holly
  • Bill leads a brigade of vampires who just want to blow the place up

Besides the episode spoilers, Inside TV recently reported that Rutina Wesley had been hinting at conflict between all the supernatural characters on True Blood:

“When you’ve got shifters and werewolves and vampires and witches, there’s bound to be some tension. There’s going to be some craziness this season, and because her best friend is Sookie, Tara is going to get swept back into everything. But I can’t tell you whose side she’s going to be on.”

So all is not yet sweet between besties Tara and Sookie either. It will certainly be interesting to see how it all pans out.

Source: IMDb Boards – True Blood (2008) August Episode Summaries

Inside TV– ‘Haven,’ ‘True Blood,’ ‘The Big C,’ Leverage’: Find out What’s Next in the Spoiler Room

(Image Credit: HBO, Inc.)






New Set Designs on True Blood

August 3, 2011

New Renovations for Season 4:

Production Designer Suzuki Ingerslev sat down and answered a few questions about the inspiration used to create the new home designs that have made their appearance this season on True Blood.  Not only have Sookie’s homes’ former Maenad-inspired decorations been replaced, but King Bill’s home has also seen many major changes!

One of the first questions asked during the interview was, “Sookie’s house looks new.  How did it get that way?”  Ingerslev’s response:

Eric repainted the façade a warm yellow color with Navajo White trim and touched up the landscaping.  Eric kept her house the way he knew she liked it best, which is how Gran originally decorated it.  We updated a few electronic appliances, such as a microwave and a big screen TV, which are actually gifts for Sookie from Eric.”

The remainder of the questions asked involved the new layout and design of Bill’s residence.  “Bill Compton’s house really got the extreme makeover, from shabby to unbelievably chic.  Why does it look so contemporary?”  Ingerslev replies:

“When we first meet Bill in Season 1 he inhabits a worn-down antebellum home that was inherited by ancestors who, over the years, had performed various remodels but had left it in ruin. It did have a Victorian feel, but that style wasn’t necessarily an indication of Bill’s taste. We chose a modern style for him because we felt he had been around for a long time and had traveled the world. There are antiques and treasures from other countries and time periods he might have accrued through his adventures.”

“The formal entry to the home really sets a tone. What are the key design elements?”

“Like all the rooms in Bill’s house remodel, it has a nice mix of old and new elements. The zebra rug is a nod to the hunting trophy rooms of the past. The chandelier, like the one in Bill’s study, takes the traditional element of a crystal chandelier and amps it up by encasing it in a rusted wrought iron sphere. Once we cross Bill’s threshold, we want audiences to feel his worldliness and quiet power. We want his house to reflect how he rules Louisiana with an understated but iron-fisted elegance.”

Foyer in Bill Compton’s home Season 4

“His office has a Hollywood Regency vibe, normally a somewhat frilly style. But it reeks of sex and power, doesn’t it?”

“It is meant to be his lair. We wanted the room to be extremely masculine and authoritative and could be a place from which King Bill could stage his power plays.”

Eric in Bill’s office Season 4

Bill’s office Season 4

“How would you describe King Bill’s living room?”

If I had to name a style I would say it’s in the vein of old Hollywood meets Southern plantation. The goal for the living room was to create a tranquil, formal room in which Bill could greet and entertain guests. We see less of Bill’s individual personality here, but something that is much more formal, although still relaxed and intimate.”

 Bill’s living room Season 4

Want to read the entire interview?  Click here!

So what do you all think about the new set design?  Do you like the new changes or did you prefer the old layout?  (By the way, am I the only one curious as to what Eric’s lair looks like?)  Let us know what you think about the renovations in the comments below!

Sources:  Los Angeles Times – ‘True Blood’ Set Design Sees Changes on the Home Front

(Photos: HBO, Inc.)


HBO’s True Blood Comic-Con 2011 Panel: Spoilers and More!

July 31, 2011

The Cast and Alan Ball Answer Moderator and Audience Questions:

Comic-Con 2011 logoThe True Blood cast came out on stage at ComicCon to rousing applause and it’s clear from these videos, there were many die-hard fans in the room. Many spoilers were announced and teasers were uncovered. The panel included: Anna Paquin (Sookie), Stephen Moyer (Bill), Ryan Kwanten (Jason), Rutina Wesley (Tara), Alexander Skarsgård (Eric), Kevin Alejandro (Jesus), Kristin Bauer (Pam), Nelsan Ellis (Lafayette), Deborah Ann Woll (Jessica), and Alan Ball.

A few juicy bits gleamed from these videos:

  • Rutina Wesley “secretly loves the UFC”.
  • When an audience member asked if Eric will remember his time with Sookie, Alan replied: “I feel like that’s too much to give away…no, yes, maybe” Of course, the one question we all wanted answered!
  • When asked if there was any hope for Bill and Sookie the audience started to cheer, but it quickly turned to boos.
  • Anna takes you through the “sausage party” that consisted of her, Joe and Alexander filming the scene at the lake – minus the clothes for the men.
  • The panel is asked what their favorite parts of the season have been so far – some answers might surprise you!
  • The Comic-Con panel contains actors from many nations and it’s apparent when the audience starts asking questions that they are just as multinational.
  • My favorite question of the night was to Alexander Skarsgård: “What in his (Eric’s) history created such a straight up badass?”
  • The most interesting bit of news came from an audience member who asked if the show keeps up the pace it has with the books (a book a season). How long will this show stay on the air? Alan’s response: “As we get further down the road less and less, this season is based on the book…I think the show has a tremendous amount of life. I hope to get to the point where it becomes a problem for us in the writers room why the vampires are aging.”
  • Noticable absences were Sam Trammell home expecting his baby twins, and Joe Manganiello who is working on a film project.

There is so much more to see in these videos. Check them out and tell us what questions you would have asked, or what answer you would have liked to hear!


Sources: Wetpaint: True Blood Comic-Con 2011 Panel Video, Part 1

WetPaint: True Blood Comic-Con 2011 Panel Video, Part 2

WetPaint: True Blood Comic-Con 2011 Panel Video, Part 3

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Spoiler Alert! Sookie and Eric’s Shower Scene

July 29, 2011

Will it Happen?

Sookie and Eric S4 Ep5There has been plenty of speculation from True Blood fans about the infamous shower scene that occurs in book four, Dead to the World, by Charlaine Harris. Will it happen, or won’t it? Fans of the books have been more than a little concerned that the scene would be dropped from the HBO series since Sookie (Anna Paquin) has already been involved in another hot shower scene in Season 3, involving her ex, Bill Compton (played by real-life husband, Stephen Moyer).

Well, it can now be revealed that Alan Ball has this to say about the relationship between Sookie, Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) and that scene:

“There is a shower scene. But it is not a direct re-enactment of the shower scene in the book. It goes to a slightly different place. Sookie and Eric are in the shower together. Everybody who’s been waiting for Sookie and Eric to hook up, this will be a very good season for them.”

Then, at Comic-Con 2011, he followed up with:

“There will be a moment in the show when Sookie and Eric will be in a shower. It may not be exactly what happened in the books. It may be weirder and dirtier.”

Now fans of the books are left wondering what is weirder than using the term ‘Mr. Happy’ to describe a part of Eric’s anatomy and refering to Sookie’s breasts as “quivering like puppies who wanted to be petted”?

What do you think the shower scene will be like?

Source: Wetpaint – Sookie and Eric’s Shower Scene: All the Spoilery Details About Their Steamy Encounter!

(Photo Credit: HBO, Inc.)


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