True Blood Season 6 Finale: How to Throw a Last Minute Finale Party!

August 15, 2013

Only Days to Go to the True Blood Finale – it’s Time to Plan a Party:

Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) eats Pecan Pie in HBO's True Blood Season 1, Episode 6Many trubies are lamenting the fact that HBO’s True Blood Season 6 is drawing to an end. With only 10 episodes instead of it’s usual 12, the time to plan a finale party for True Blood has come around a little quicker than expected!

After all, it seems like just yesterday we were planning out True Blood premiere party. Perhaps we could use the ideas from that party? Yes, you could, but if you are inviting the same people, then it’s time to think about all the new foods that have been inspired by True Blood’s Season 6.

So to entertain and surprise your friends, why not try:


  • For starters, no True Blood finale party is complete without Sookie’s (Anna Paquin) gran’s pecan pie recipe. You can make one from scratch using our exclusive recipe. Or, if you are pressed for time, why not buy a ready made pie base and just cook up the pie filling?
  • Why not try some raspberry liquorice dipped in chocolate? In Australia, these are called raspberry liquorice bullets – and since Governor Burrell (Arliss Howard) created vampire-stopping bullets, these red-centered treats would be a great way to represent this
  • Even though you probably had these treats at the premiere party, it’s probably time to heat up more cocktail frankfurters and call them Lilith’s (Jessica Clarke) henchwomen!
  • Balls of cotton candy on sticks would be a great way to represent Sookie’s magic fairy light balls
  • There has been so much blood this season, so anything that is red, or can have globs of jelly added to it will help fill your table. Bite-sized pancakes topped with whipped cream and then drizzled with runny strawberry jelly is a quick way to add some bloody colour. Red velvet cupcakes are always great too!
  • Our favorite screamer, Ginger (Tara Buck) was back with a vengeance in Episode 9, why not track down some candied ginger or ginger nut cookies to celebrate?
  • Make fairy freckles – melt down some white chocolate, blob it down in bite-sized circles on baking paper and shake on lots of sprinkles or edible sparkle
  • They may be fiddly to make, but shoe cupcakes would be a perfect addition to your True Blood finale party – just be careful not to stab anyone in the head with them!
  • Extra spicy buffalo wings – say hello to Steve Newlin (Michael McMillian) finally meeting the sun!
  • If you have some extra time and are game enough to attempt making your own candy, why not try some bloody lollypops? It’s a great way to represent the Blood Will Spill promo poster.


  • No True Blood Season 6 finale party can be complete without a case of Raging Bitch beer!
  • Ditto a few cases of Tru Blood – especially considering the Hep V contamination this year. To represent this, why not drop a strawberry or blueberry in each bottle? Or to make it fun, just ‘contaminate’ a few bottles and see who ends up ‘dead’ among your crowd when Episode 10 ends.
  • Want to water a large trubie crew? Then fruit punch is the way to go. Make it red, fizzy, filled with vodka and berries and stick a name tag on it that says ‘Talbot’ (Theo Alexander).
  • So needles seem to be a prominent theme this year – which means it’s time for red jello shots!
  • How about a drink with the name: Eric’s Bare Bottom? It this tickles your fancy, then head on over to for the recipe. You can do so by clicking here.

What do you have planned for your True Blood Season 6 finale party? Let us know in the comments below.

And to get you inspired, here’s the clip of Sookie eating gran’s pecan pie from all the way back in Season 1:

Sources: Rachel Tsoumbakos – True Blood Season 5 Finale – Gran’s Pecan Pie Recipe

How She Does? – High Heel Cupcakes! Oooh La La

FearNet – Take a Bite Out of This Bloody Lollipop Recipe – Cocktail friend: true blood bubbles

HBO – Season 1, Episode 6

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Video: True Blood Season 4 Finale Previews

September 10, 2011

Spoilers Ahead!

TB Season 4 poster-redThe end is here, Truebies!  Did you ever think this season of True Blood would fly by so quickly?  It was like a (vampire) bat out of hell. Before you start crying crimson tears, remember — we will be here, holding your hand through the agonizing wait for Season 5.  Keep up to date with everything and everyone related to True Blood here at

So, what can we expect to see in the final episode?  Lafayette possessed (yet again), Bill and Eric facing the true death (yet again), Halloween mayhem, and some sort of proposal from Alcide.

In case you haven’t had a chance to see any previews of tomorrow’s finale (or you live under a rock), here you go:

Ep. 48 Preview


Ep. 48 Clip – Alcide Makes His Pitch

What or who will you miss the most? What do you think next season will be about? Share your thoughts with us below!

Source: HBO

(Image: HBO)


A True Blood Newbie Teases her Character Over the Airwaves

January 16, 2011

Janina Gavankar Talks True Blood on LA Talk Radio

Janina Gavankar

The newest blood to join the True Blood cast is Janina Gavankar and she’s already dropping hints about Season 4. Fans will come to know Janina as Luna, the newest shifter in Bon Temps as well as her being the first Native American character on the show. She chatted with her good friend Sheena on LA’s talk radio program the Sheena Metal Experience during  the two year anniversary of her radio show.

Though she wasn’t into weres and vampires when she was a girl, Janina looks forward to reading the Sookie Stackhouse novels to see who the Luna in the books is, although she wants to create her own version of the character. The actress who is of mixed Indian and Dutch descent even enlisted the help of make up artists to changed her skin tone to add a red tone she doesn’t naturally have in order to really show the character’s Native American blood.

As with all shape-shifters and weres on the HBO series, Janina does have to get naked, but she isn’t too bothered by it. For her it’s all about the character and the fact that transforming from one vessel to another is the shape-shifter way. She does reveal that viewers will get a lot more insight and history on shape-shifters and she even gets a scene with shifter Tommy played by Marshall Allman. That’s right Truebies! When we left the season finale, Tommy’s fate was unknown, but it looks like Janina has spilled the beans and fans everywhere are relieved that she did!

All About the Music

Aside from loving her character, what else does she love about True Blood? The music, of course! Janina herself is talented singer and she, like all fans of the show, sees how much the music influences and creates the scenes we all know and love.

It seems the world of the shape shifters is expanding with Season 4 and with Janina’s dedication to creating a well developed character, the who’s better competition between vamps and shifters will be heating up.

Source: LA Talk Radio– The Sheena Metal Experience

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True Blood Finale Party in Greensboro, NC

September 19, 2010

True Blood Privat Screening Event Fans and Stars Gather in Greensboro, NC for the True Blood Finale

A red carpet in North Carolina? More than 1,100 True Blood fans gathered in Greensboro, NC for a finale showing of True Blood in a downtown Greensboro theater. They were treated to special appearances by cast members Kristin Bauer-van Straten (Pam), Kevin Alejandro (Jesus), Todd Lowe (Terry). The party, put on by Time Warner Cable and Greensboro’s Dick Broadcasting, was held in Greensboro because the show was number one in the ratings there this season. The Greensboro screening was the only special screening of the finale. Many of the cast members were excited to be there, and got to be part of being a “truebie“.

“I’m going to see it with everyone else for the first time, so it’s going to be quite something on a big screen too which we don’t normally see so it’s fun,” said Kristen Bauer.

The stars were introduced and did a question and answer before the showing. Many of the questions had to do with how they got their start with True Blood.; the actors kept the audience laughing and in high spirits.  Kristin Bauer-van Straten made lots of jokes, and Kevin Alejandro made the only comment about “those Twilight” movies. Fans dressed up as their favorite characters – some were waitresses from Merlotte’s, some recreated their favorite Pam look, and there was even a nod to Maryann.

Everyone definitely seemed to enjoy themselves at the season finale party. You can watch the video to see the famous lines of the season!

Source: and Stars Gather for Special Screening

Source:– True Blood Comes to Greensboro

Photo Credit: and Stars Gather for Special Screening


True Blood’s Kevin Alejandro Dishes On His Mysterious Character

September 13, 2010

Kevin Alejandro True Blood JesusKevin Alejandro Shedding Some Light on his Character

When fans first met Jesus, Lafayette’s season 3 love interest on True Blood, they knew that there was something more behind his sweet smile and good intentions. Kevin Alejandro, who plays the mysterious man Lafayette has fallen for, confirms fans’ suspicions.

Kevin is quick to say that there is something up with Jesus and it was uncovered on the season finale, which aired Sunday September 12 at 9 on HBO. About the season finale, all Kevin said was,

“I was very surprised, and it’s really awesome what I get to do…It’s actually going to be a really great finale…There are a lot of stories that get wrapped up and some new ones that get introduced.”

Before landing the part of Jesus, the Texas native and his wife were big fans of the show. He was quite awed by working with so many great actors. As for playing a gay character, Kevin noted,

“We all do this because we want to do something outside ourselves and be part of something bigger than us and something great. ‘True Blood,’ it’s an amazing show.”

Another perk about working on the hit series is learning from his fellow actors. He says he has learned so much from Nelsan Ellis, who portrays Lafayette, by simply watching him at work.

The 34 year old will return to True Blood for the season four as well as continue his role as Detective Nate Moretta on TNT’s Southland when they start up their 3rd season next year. This fall he’ll also be filming the newest Kevin Smith film titled, Red State.

Kevin, who has had roles in Ugly Betty and Weeds, appreciates the fans he has gained through his acting career. He noted,

“This is probably one of the biggest things I’ve ever been able to be part of, and it’s been pretty amazing for me…I’m not jaded by it. I’m new to it. It really puts a smile on my face. Every day I’ve had somebody be really kind and appreciative of the things we’re doing (on the show), and personally I love it. I think it’s really cool that a person like me, coming from a small West Texas town, can have an impact on somebody.”

Fans hope Kevin keeps this positivity for years to come because they all love seeing him on TV and wish him only the best!

Source:–Alejandro’s found ‘True’ calling

(Photo Credit: HBO Inc.)


Rutina Wesley on Tara’s Role In The Season Finale

September 11, 2010

Rutina Wesley on Tara’s Turmoil on True Blood:

Season 3 of True Blood has left Tara a tear soaked mess and with one episode left, how much more can she take? Recently on Good Day, Rutina Wesley talked about Tara’s journey and what the season finale has in store for her.

Between losing the love of her life and being kidnapped, what else can Tara go through? Fans are interested in seeing Tara develop emotionally and start making decisions as to how she’s going heal the damage that’s been done to her. Others want her to take revenge for Egg’s death. In the end, every fan wants to see Tara happy and sane…and not dead. She’s a character we’d like to keep.

Check out what Rutina thinks about Tara’s future in this video clip!

Source:–Actress Rutina Wesley


True Blood Season 4 Spoiler News and Season Finale

September 1, 2010

Sam Trammell True Blood Sam Merlotte in troubleAs fans anxiously wait for the season finale of True Blood set it air on Sunday, September 12, 2010 on HBO, spoiler news is being filtered out not only about the season finale but what we can expect to see for Season 4. Here are some spoiler scoop from various sources as they try to answer some fan questions. First from E!Online:

Benedict in New Orleans: True Blood please! Finale scoop!
I’m starting to get very frightened for our dear Sook (Anna Paquin). Something tells me Denis O’Hare’s promise that he’ll be “weeping tears of joy” may have to do with him walking in sunlight, and I’m also hearing Russell probably won’t be offed. Danger, danger, danger.

Jalya in Kahala, Hawaii: Aw! I cannot believe the way Sam’s acting on True Blood. Tell me it isn’t permanent, please!
Sorry kiddies, but Sam Trammell tells me Sam’s not-so-pleasant adventures are just beginning and will extend far into True Blood’s fourth season. “I know one thing that’s going to happen with Sam [next year], which is taking it to a new level. It’s very cool.” The gang doesn’t even start shooting until November, so get ready for a long and painful off season. Sigh!

TV Guide Magazine gives us so more information regarding what we are going to see for Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis), Alcide Herveaux (Joe Manganiello), Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten), Holly Cleary (Lauren Bowles), and Jesus (Kevin Alejandro) in the season finale and a glimpse into season 4.

“Nelsan Ellis (Lafayette) told TV Guide Magazine, saying we’ll find out why he and Jesus are so “spiritually connected.” Joe Manganiello promised, “Alcide will be back before the season’s up to take care of some unfinished business,” and Kristin Bauer said that vampire Pam will “do anything to save her maker [Eric].”

Sam Trammell (Sam Merlotte) says “somebody in Sam’s camp is in big trouble,” but wouldn’t specify if that someone is little brother Tommy. “This season leaves everyone with a bunch of cliffhangers, especially with my storyline. There’s something very serious, very hardcore that happens.”

Joe states that “[Creator] Alan [Ball] and the writers are busy writing Season 4 right now, so I’m dying to find out what happens,” he said. And Lauren Bowles (wiccan Holly) promised, “You will be seeing me a lot next season. As Alan has announced, next year is the year of the witch.”

“What they’ve written, there’s a lot of sparks going on,” says Kevin Alejandro. “Whatever happens next season should be pretty explosive.”


E! – Spoiler Chat: Brothers & Sisters, Glee, Grey’s Anatomy and More! – True Blood Stars Preview “Explosive” Finale

(Photo credit: HBO Inc., screencaps by James)


True Blood Ratings And DVD Sales Still Going Strong

September 16, 2009

true-blood-season-2-poster-group-newEverybody was counting down till the season finale of True Blood. What was going to happen? How will Alan Ball end the season? After the finale came and went, figures started rolling in. Just how many viewers tuned in to see the death of Maryann as well as Eggs? 5.114 million True Blood fans were watching the show placing the television #10 out of 25 for the week of September 13. The ranking has the top 25 cable shows. Barely beating True Blood was Fox’s The O’Reilly Factor that had followed after a presidential address. Other shows in the top 10 included the 2009 Video Music Awards on MTV as well as the Postshow. iCarly returned for it’s third season and Scooby Doo: Mystery Begins helped the cartoons to rise to the top. USC and Ohio State College Football was in  this week with 10.58 viewers.

Have no fear though, True Blood is still going strong. The complete first season of True Blood is still selling. At the end of the week for September 6, Heroes did top the list. Supernatural had some good numbers as well for their fourth season. But it’s True Blood’s DVD sales that are still amazing people. It has been 16 weeks and another 62,123 units were sold. That is a 12% increase from week 15 and an addition $2.2 million to add to the already growing sales total. While True Blood is number 6 in DVD sales, it has a grand total of 1.49 million units sold with an estimated revenue of $52 million. That is amazing!

SOURCES: cable rating  dvd sales

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Ryan Kwanten Not Worried About Other Vampire Stories

September 15, 2009

jason-stackhouse-ryan-kwanten-season-21Everywhere you look these days there is something on about vampires. Twilight’s sequel, the film Priest began filming last month, and the CW premiered The Vampire Diaries last week. Is there reason to believe that the genre might have a backlash or become over saturated? Not according to Ryan Kwanten, the actor who plays Jason Stackhouse in HBO’s True Blood. Ryan was recently in Chicago and made an appearance at the Enclave  and on Friday hosted, alongside True Blood co-star Nelsan Ellis,  the “Dusk Until Dawn” fashion show for of clothing boutique Akira’s.  Ryan took time out to speak with .

“Personally, I don’t [worry], purely due to the creative forces that are behind our show,” said Ryan. “We knew we were part of something special before the fans did,” He added. “But to hear the fans and critics speak out and watch the show in ways we couldn’t imagine, even an optimist couldn’t have predicted it.”

The season finale has aired and will returned for a third season in June. True Blood has been pulling in HBO’s best numbers since The Sopranos. On the August 23rd show alone, there was an impressive 5.3 million viewers.

What makes the show so popular? The creativity they are allowed to do on a cable channel. If True Blood was aired on a network television channel, Kwanten says the show would be 25 minutes long, due to the nudity, violence, and sex. He said True Blood can push topics in a way that network TV can’t. In the first two seasons we have seen racism, homophobia, drug addiction, and orgies.

Is Ryan Kwanten a fan of the vampire genre?

“I’m into a good story,” He says. “But I’m not answering your question.”

Aw, come on Ryan we’d love to know. Wouldn’t it be interesting if he began dating a vampire in a future season?

Credit: The Chicago Tribune

(Photo credit: HBO Inc)


Stephen Moyer On Romance And Work

September 12, 2009

Anna Paquin & Steven MoyerStephen Moyer recently said that working with his fiancée, Anna Paquin, is such a “glorious luxury”. Who on earth wouldn’t think of that, knowing the fact that you share both your personal and work experiences together with your special someone? Talk about quality time together – wherever! Thanks to True Blood and the chemistry of Bill and Sookie, such a wonderful relationship shared by the couple developed.

Stephen admitted that their real life relationship is a big help in making those blood-sucking sex scenes together. He said that they are very relaxed together whether on set or off set.

But would you believe that at first, the lovebirds kept their relationship a secret on the set of True Blood? And it took months before they finally revealed the real score between them.

Stephen said,

“We were very, very cagey. “We kept tabs on our own relationship, let alone telling anybody because we were very concerned about how it would play out given that anybody who signed up to do one of these series signs for seven years. So, you don’t take a decision like that lightly.”

“When we realized it wasn’t just some fickle infatuation or chemistry or whatever, we were able to, months later, tell everybody that we were working with.”

And of course, everybody on the set were shocked after the big revelation of the pair. If those were the reactions of the cast and crew, then both must have laid such a very good act in hiding their real-life romance.

“Everybody was shocked, so I think we’d done a good job of hiding it.”

As for the season finale, he said,

“It’s everything that you would want from a season finale. But I don’t even want to make a hint at something because it’s so f–ing crazy. I could tell you something that’s going to happen, but you just won’t believe me, so it’s almost pointless.”

Can’t wait to see what will happen so make sure you tune in Sunday, September 13, 2009 at 9pm EDT on HBO to be part of the excitement.


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