Favorite Quotes from Episode 5, “Me and the Devil”

August 5, 2011

Messy Situations:

Tommy Mickens S4 Ep5This episode of HBO’s True Blood was amazing as always. It had great lines from almost all of the characters. Right from the beginning was an explosive fight between Tommy Mickens and his parents. After his dad brutally attacks him, Tommy gets the upper hand. Right before he makes the fatal blow to Joe Lee, he tells his dad,


“Remember I once said I wouldn’t be free till the day you died.”

Well, Tommy is now free as a bird. Tommy immediately finds Sam to help him “clean” up the mess. Sam helps clean up the mess and finishes it off with favorite quote number two:

“Gators love marshmallows. You should know that.”

On the other side of the swamp, another group is trying to clean up a different kind of mess. After Marnie becomes possessed again and curses Pam with a rotting spell, Lafayette, Tara, and Jesus have had enough of it. Marnie is full of excuses as to why she did what she did to Pam. Here comes number three, from Lafayette:

“That’s some catchy shit for your head stone, good night.”

The next two quotes come from others’ reactions to the situation that happened to Pam. When she marches into Bill’s office, he notices her outfit:

“Oh good, the world needs more beekeepers.”

It’s good to know that Bill hasn’t lost his sense of humor during his strenuous time as king. The next one comes from another sheriff who notices something not right with Pam…well, more specifically her body parts:

“Oh sweetie, I think your ear…”


Witchy Women

Sookie and Eric S4 Ep5The women of True Blood had some great lines in this episode. Sookie is always quirky and sarcastic, and a well of great comments. While in bed consoling a very needy Eric, she tells him he can sleep with her, with restrictions:

“As long as you promise to keep your hands and your fangs to yourself.”

Come on Sookie, have you seen those hands! The next firecracker quote has to be from Portia who is trying to convince Bill to continue their “friendship”, no matter how many greats might be in front of grandfather.

“Fact: 42 states have repelled their anti-incest laws, even in cases of brother and sister.”

Poor Portia, that didn’t turn out so well for her, now she has the same reaction to Bill that most people have after finding out they have been sleeping with their grandfather.

The real witchy woman Marnie tries to tell her circumstances to Bill and help him understand what happened that night.

“I barely remember what I said because your associate took a chunk out of my neck.”

Which Bill responds to without even thinking:

“Yes, he does that.”

Making Whoopie

Sex was a big conversation starter, and for someone who is trying to swear it off, Jason sure has a lot to say about it.

“I swear, look —  as much as I love it, every bad thing that’s ever happened to me is because of sex.”

Jason later has a very disturbing dream about Jessica and Hoyt:


Lafayette and Jesus go to visit Jesus’ grandfather in Mexico. When they arrive they find a very pregnant girl in the yard doing laundry.

“Whoever it is… looks like Grandpa still got some lead in the pencil.”

Lafayette never disappoints us with his great lines.

The Men in Sookie’s Life

The following quotes revolve around three of the men in Sookie’s life. The first one is from Marcus Bozeman who visits Alcide.

“That, Alcide, does not bring me to my happy place.”

Well, Marcus, Alcide seems to bring everyone else to their happy place! Eric was super sweet in this episode and our favorite quote of his is,

“There’s a light in you. It’s beautiful. I couldn’t bear it if I snuffed it out.”

So sweet!

Bill S4 Ep5The next one comes from Bill and while it’s only one word, it was so poignant and showed real shock and hurt.


This is when he realizes that Sookie lied to him and has been hiding Eric at her house. The look on his face said it all. Bill is definitely not over his love for Sookie.

Get Your Running Shoes

The best quote of the night came from Sookie herself. When she went and visited Marnie at the Moon Goddess Emporium, she heard Gran speak to her and tell her not to trust Marnie.

“Lady, when my Gran tells me to run, I run. Keep the change.”

That’s right, run, Sookie, run.

These are our favorite quotes from episode five of season four, did your favorite make the list?


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News on Season Four: Alcide Herveaux

May 5, 2011


True Blood's Joe Manganiello as Alcide HerveauxIn a question and answer article from TVGuide.com, editors Adam Bryant and Natalie Abrams answer reader’s questions about upcoming episodes or seasons on TV. One of the questions this week was about Alcide Hervaux in the new season of True Blood. The new season airs June 26th, and fans of the show can hardly wait.

Alcide VS Everyone:

The question that was asked was, “What can you tell me about Alcide in the new season of True Blood?” Adam responded by saying that Alcide is going to be butting heads against many people this season. A quote from Joe Manganiello, who plays Alcide,

“Alcide doesn’t like vampires at all, so you’ll definitely see that conflict. But he doesn’t like werewolves [either]. He does like Sookie.”

This will be an interesting season with Alcide, Bill Compton, and Eric Northman all vying for Sookie’s attention and love.

Source: TVGuide.com– Mega Buzz

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Video: New True Blood Season 4 Waiting Sucks Teaser

April 18, 2011

Latest Clip Features Terry and Arlene:

New True Blood Waiting Sucks teaser features Terry BellefleurHBO has released the newest teaser in its Waiting Sucks campaign, which showcases an evening scene in the home of Terry Bellefleur (Todd Lowe) and Arlene Fowler (Carrie Preston). In what looks like a typical family evening of doing chores and napping on the couch while watching TV, something dark and ominous is actually transpiring in the background. Watch the clip below.

What do you think Truebies? Is it just season four witchery or has Rene sent Arlene a spooky message from the other side about Terry accepting their unborn child as his own?

Source: HBO
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True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgård is Ready for Spandex

March 24, 2011

Skarsgård Is Tickled Pink about Season Four:

True Blood's Alexander Skarsgard is ready to show off his body in season fourAlexander Skarsgård has confessed in the past to not having any problem whatsoever with nude scenes — thank Godric! The ridiculously hot Swede, who plays the ridiculously hot Viking Sherriff vampire Eric Northman on True Blood, spends a lot of time at the gym sculpting his god-like body into god-like proportions. Given the recent spoiler, we think he’s doing a great job. Even more exciting is to hear that Skarsgård is very much looking forward to donning pink spandex in season four:

“I’m very excited…about the spandex. I hope that will come soon…I might want to go to the gym before the spandex session.”

All of you hardcore Eric Northman fans will know that it’s in book two of the Sookie Stackhouse series that Eric wears the pink leggings to an orgy party. If Alan Ball wants to introduce spandex as part of season four’s wardrobe, we don’t think there will be any objections.

Source: Just Jared – Alexander Skarsgard: Excited for Pink Spandex Scene

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SPOILERS: Casting Call for True Blood Season 4 Episode 5

February 17, 2011

I Hate You, I Love You:

True Blood's Bill Compton, played by Stephen MoyerAll this waiting for season four of HBO‘s True Blood is probably about as traumatic as starvation is for a vampire. Thankfully, more spoilers are trickling in and the latest revolves around episode five, ‘I Hate You, I Love you.’ Hmmm, wonder who’s going to be doing the hating and who’ll be doing the loving? We have spent way too much time thinking about the possible implications of True Blood‘s casting calls, and the most recent casting call for episode five has us stammering about possible conspiracy theories!

DON BARTOLO: 40s – 60s, a bad-ass Mexican man, seen in a flashback in his 40s, as well as in present day (grayer and more weathered), he is Jesus‘s terrifying, intimidating grandfather, a hardcore brujo (witch or shaman). Actor must speak Spanish.

YOUNG JESUS: 9, male, Hispanic, seen in flashback to 1985, he is Jesus as a young boy, living in the Chihuahuan desert with his mother and his terrifying shaman grandfather, Don…2 lines, 1 scene.  Actor must speak Spanish.

JESUS’ MOTHER: 30s, Mexican, she is Young Jesus’ mother seen in flashback to 1985. She is desperate to protect her son from her father’s brujo influence…2 lines, 1 scene. Actress must speak Spanish.

GUARD: 30s, male, one of Bill‘s guards, he is frustrated by a video game on his cellphone…1 line, 1 scene .

PADRE SANTIAGO: 50s, male, seen in flashback to 1610 Spain, this sarcastic vampire priest feeds on a woman in a medieval dungeon. Actor must speak Spanish.

SHERIFF 1 AND SHERIFF 2: 30s – 40s, male, these snickering vampire sheriffs, under Bill’s purview, disagree with his decision regarding a witch‘s fate…1 line, 1 scene.

FEMALE SHERIFF: 30s – 40s, this female vampire sheriff cheers on Pam…1 line, 1 scene.

First of all, it appears that Bill’s rank in season four is going to be one of more power, especially if he has a guard and is giving orders to Sheriffs. Right? Which seems like a HUGE spoiler, one of which Alan Ball wouldn’t actually reveal in a casting call, but who knows? Is Bill’s new power because of Eric going missing / getting amnesia? Or is Bill dreaming?

Secondly, who’s the witch that Bill is potentially going to kill or not kill? Could it be a witch that we meet at the start of season four or is it a witch that we may have met in season three (maybe Yvetta?)?

What do you think, Truebies?

Source: Bookies True Blood, FaceBook – TRUE BLOOD, Episode 405, “I Hate You, I Love You”

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Jason Stackhouse Gets Crazy on Season Four of True Blood

January 19, 2011

How Can They Top Bill and Lorena?

Jason Stackhouse HBO True Blood PosterTV Line’s Michael Ausiello recently shared some interesting information about season four of HBO’s True Blood. He teased readers by asking if they remembered season three‘s shocking sex scene between Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) and his maker Lorena Krasiki (Mariana Klaveno)…and really, who could possibly forget that moment? It is certainly in everyone’s top ten jaw dropping moments from any season of True Blood. Well, according to Ausiello,

… word around Bon Temps is that there’s a sequence in the upcoming fourth season that will have folks buzzing just as (if not more) loudly. The character at the center of said scene? One Jason Stackhouse (Ryan Kwanten).

That certainly sounds tantalizing, doesn’t it? Many fans will probably interpret this to mean that things between Jason and his new werepanther love interest, Crystal Norris (Lindsay Pulsipher) are about to get interesting.

When asked about Alcide Herveaux‘s (Joe Manganiello) relationship with Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin), Ausiello had this to share (straight from Alan Ball himself):

“I think Alcide has already developed real feelings for her,” responds exec producer Alan Ball. “But there are certainly obstacles to overcome for both of them.”

Season four is shaping up to be full of romantic tension. I don’t know what I’m looking forward to most. What about you?

Source: TVLine.com: Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Glee, True Blood, Fringe, Grey’s Anatomy, and more!

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Janina Gavankar On Her New Role As Hot Teacher, Luna

December 18, 2010

True Blood’s New Supe Drops Hints About Getting Close To ‘Sam’:

Janina GavankarJanina Gavankar recently learned that she’d won the role of shapeshifting sexy public school teacher ‘Luna‘ on HBO‘s hit show True Blood. Better, the lovely actress joins True Blood as a regular cast member so we will be seeing quite a bit of her. Gavankar couldn’t say much about being cast on True Blood though with good humor she revealed that:

‘She’s very different than I am… obviously I am not a teacher, and I can’t shapeshift”

When asked why she is taking such a seemingly unique turn in her career she answered:

“I don’t feel like it is, actually! I often play normal people with abnormal life skills and or challenges.”

Does She Think She’s Sexy?

Gavankar responded in the negative when asked if she thinks she could be defined as sexy:

Janina Gavankar in the L Word (Showtime)

‘Nope. I can look at other actors and say ’she’s sexy’ or ‘he’s sexy.’ I think it’s a lot harder for me to turn the mirror around. Many of my characters have been uber-confident, and therefore perceived as sexy. Looking back at some of them, like Ms. Dewey or Papi, I would say “Hell yeah! Those girls were sexy!” But that’s not me, that’s them.”

Asked about the True Blood upcoming season 4, Gavankar remained, as many True Blood cast members do, tight-lipped:

“All I can say is the show is going to continue to give you everything you love about it, and more.”

In response to questions about her True Blood wardrobe, she replied:

“Well, there’s not much to it at all. Shifters remove their clothes before they shift. Needless to say, I’ll be in the gym over the holidays.”

‘I Value Being Strong’:

Among others in a broad range of inquiries both serious and less so, Gavankar had this to say about staying in shape:

“I value being strong over being skinny. But my gym confession is: if I don’t have a trainer, I’m probably not going to work out. I hate it. (Laughs) I’d much rather use my energy artistically. So I change my routine often because I get bored easily. I just started boxing this week, and let me tell you, right now it hurts to sneeze (but) at least I’m not bored. (Laughs)”

Gavankar was asked about her memory of first being introduced to vampire lore as a child:

Her reply?

“Count Chocula (a monster-themed line of breakfast cereals). Best cereal ever. (Laughs) Hm, I think the first vampire lore I’d really seen was “Dracula” with Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder. I think I saw it in high school at a friend’s house, and I didn’t tell my mom. She would have never let me see things like that. I found it horrifying.”

When queried about what she loved the most about her character and being on True Blood, Gavankar shared:

‘I’ll be working with Sam Trammell a lot. I’ve marathoned the entire show and have fallen in love with his character. It’ll be nice gazing into the eyes of Sam Merlotte.’

Wow. Sounds like Janina has done her homework on the previous three seasons of True Blood and is really caught up and ready to get shifting! What do you think about the actress and the character she’ll play?

Source:SapnaMagazine.com – Janina Gavankar Talks Sex Appeal & Vampires

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True Blood Season 3 and 4 from Alan Ball

January 5, 2010

Although Alan Ball remains tight-lipped about the specifics of what True Blood’s third season will bring, he sheds some light on what goes into producing the vampire show that has become a huge success for HBO. In addition to sharing interesting stories about the casting of some of the characters, he also describes the process of adapting Charlaine Harris‘ bestselling Sookie Stackhouse books and of keeping a supernatural series grounded in reality.

Coming from the award-winning HBO show Six Feet Under, Alan was probably used to fans appreciating the emotion and meaning of his work, but True Blood has brought a different kind of response. People are incredibly enthusiastic about the show, and their obsession has at times made Alan feel like a rock star. He says that having such passionate fans makes it really fun and exciting for those who work on the show.

HBO seems thrilled by the reaction towards the series and has already made a deal with Alan to be the showrunner for the next two years. That makes season four all but guaranteed. Beyond that, we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

It’s clear how much Alan loves Charlaine’s books, or he wouldn’t have wanted to make a television show out of them. There are inevitable deviations from the source material in order to develop supporting characters like Tara and Lafayette, but he always tries to stay true to the spirit of the books. As for Season three and fans who might be concerned that Eric won’t be featured as prominently on screen as he is on the page, Alan assures us that his role will increase because he is such a big part of Sookie‘s life in the next couple of books. Some things will definitely be different, though, especially given the way they have changed things in the first two seasons and how future storylines will build on those changes:

“I think we’re always going to use the books as sort of a foundation, but I just don’t see how, as time goes on, you can’t diverge from them a little bit more each season. I don’t know, though. We’re starting to work on Season Three and we actually are really, really sticking to the books, at the beginning at least.”

Some people who have read the series might have been initially shocked by the sex and violence shown on True Blood, but Alan notes that those things are present in the books–it’s just different to actually see them come to life, and it’s never been so graphic that HBO had to prevent them from showing something.

Working on a show that has a supernatural element, Alan knows that they will need to use special effects to achieve certain things, but he never wants to use those cliche CGI techniques seen in past vampire and monster stories. He also doesn’t want the effects to detract from the characters:

“The effects are just the shorthand to get us from one stage to another. But we will never be about the effects. I mean, it’s less interesting to me how [Bill’s] face might change or what exactly are the mechanics of the fangs coming down–although we have really thought about that–than the fact that he’s been alive for a hundred and seventy years, most of them as a vampire, and his wife and children, whom he loved deeply, he outlived them. He’s outlived everybody. He’s in a changing world and he’s given up on the idea of having any sort of love in his life until he meets this girl. That to me is way more interesting than what [growing fangs] looks like.”

Alan also discusses a few of the casting choices that were made and how perfectly the actors have worked as their characters. Anna Paquin put herself into consideration for the role of Sookie, which surprised Alan because he didn’t expect an established film actress and Academy-Award winner like her to be interested in working in television. Luckily, she was, and she has gone on to embody Sookie, winning a Golden Globe for her portrayal. Bill Compton was a difficult part to cast because there were a couple of guys that Alan thought might be good that HBO didn’t really agree with, and it wasn’t until a London casting director sent him the tape of Stephen Moyer that he knew he had found the right man to play the Southern gentleman vampire.

The character of flamboyant Merlotte’s cook Lafayette survived past his book life because of the extraordinary talent of Nelsan Ellis and the impression he made on Alan:

“[He] channeled something from somewhere that is kind of amazing. I definitely knew Jason had to be a great character actor [Ryan Kwanten plays the role]. I think all the major characters I knew were going to be really, really strong and really, really compelling, but I think Nelsan is the one [who was most surprising]–I had no idea that would happen.”

Alan also describes how excited he was about casting Lois Smith as Gran:

“I love Lois Smith. That’s one of those things where when I’m talking to the casting director, I say, ‘I’d like someone like Lois Smith.’ ‘Let’s get Lois Smith!’ ‘You think she’s do this, she’d be willing?’ ‘Yes.’ I was so happy to have her. Anna was, too–Anna was like,” Ball does an impression of Paquin bursting into song, ” ‘Lois Smith!’ “

Those are just a few examples of how great the casting has worked out on True Blood. It even won an Emmy for it. We fans have seen all the actors create very dynamic, engaging characters under Alan’s very capable leadership. We can’t wait to see how the new characters and stories will play out in Season three!

SOURCE: blog.buzzymultimedia.com

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