Kristin Bauer Talks Tails for Whales and True Blood with TV Junkie

November 8, 2009

KristinBauerTrue Blood‘s Kristin Bauer (Vampire Pam) is a staunch supporter of the International Fund for Animal Welfare’s (IFAW) Tails for Whales photo campaign, and she recently appeared at LUSH Cosmetics in Santa Monica to sign autographs and take pictures with fans in an effort to build awareness for the cause. TV Junkie at spoke extensively with her about the campaign.

She says that she got involved because:

We’ve been hearing about “save the whales” ever since we were kids and now we hear a lot about polar bears so I had believed that this had been taken care of this but we can’t really cross anything off the to-do list in terms of saving.

Right now many people are struggling financially and what is great about this campaign is that it’s easy, it’s fun, and we’re not asking for money. We’re just asking for photos of people making the whale tail with their hands. The only other option is to sign another petition but this campaign puts faces and photos towards the cause which I think is a lot more compelling. I’m showing up at LUSH because they have been so generous by creating a lotion from which the proceeds go to IFAW.

With filming for Season 3 of True Blood starting next month, Kristin says she “can’t wait to get back to that. I’ve been playing humans this whole time, and it’s not nearly as much fun.”

Kristin says she just finished the commentary on the True Blood Season 2 Blu-ray DVD:

…35 pages of dialogue of her. She comments on all the aspects of the show, Eric, Sookie, etc. More dialogue than I’ve had in two seasons of the show. But even right now I don’t know if she and Eric were lovers or her real back history.

I had the concept that she was probably wealthy and that she was made a long time ago and she’s seen a lot of humanity come and go. She’s seen it all.

First it seems like she is incredibly bored and hard to impress and that she’s thoroughly embraced being a vampire, she is a superior life form. But when I think about that, she is very open, and that’s where the kinkiness comes in. I think she’s pan-sexual and she can look at Eric, and Sookie and she’s not discriminating, with an openness that she looks at this world and the human race from the viewpoint of an immortal.

However Pam might feel about animal rights, her human counterpart Kristin is determined to do what she can to help the cause.

The entire 25 minute interview is very much worth a listen. Kristin‘s passion and sincerity are inspiring.


(Photo credit: IFAW)


Alexander Skarsgard Lends His Hands To A Good Cause

August 3, 2009

Alexander Skarsgard, who portrays Eric Northman on Alan Ball‘s hit HBO TV vampire series True Blood is lending his support to a worthy cause.  Alexander is joining Kristin Bauer in his support for the International Fund for Animal Welfare’s (IFAW) Tails For Whales campaign. The Tails For Whales campaign calls for stronger protection for whales and raises awareness about the threats facing whales and their habitats including commercial whaling and climate changes. Alex poses for photos by making whale tails with his hands to symbolize the campaign. To enlarge the photos click once and then go to the bottom right-hand corner and click the box to expand further.




(Photo credit: Mats Holmberg/IFAW via