Jim Parrack to Star in Talk Is Cheap

October 21, 2014

You Can Help Get This Climate Change KickStarter Project Started:

Jim ParracJim Parrack (True Blood’s Hoyt Fortenberry)k (who played Hoyt Fortenberry in HBO’s True Blood), has just signed on for a very unique new project. It is called Talk Is Cheap and it tells the powerful story about a father and daughter’s falling out, a vow of silence, and the ignition of a silent viral revolution. A teenage girl is so disgusted by “all the talk” about climate change, she posts a video online declaring she’s done talking until real change happens. Literally done talking. Her video goes viral and within days millions of kids follow her example.

You can help out this project via their KickStarter campaign. They have announced that everyone who donates $1 to the project via KickStarter will get the title of associate producer. Now that adds up to a LOT of names in the credits – 1.5 million in fact! But, the idea this KickStarter project is trying to achieve is to get 1.5 million people interested in this story. With that mission in hand, they hope it will help change the world’s opinion on climate change.

You can check out the Talk Is Cheap campaign video below or head on over to KickStarter to donate and find out more information:

Talk Is Cheap will also star Jim Jarrett and Kyla Jarrett. Academy Award winner Barrie M. Osborne has signed on as executive producer. Let us know by commenting below if you donate so we can check the credits for your name!

Source: KickStarter – Talk Is Cheap – from Academy Award Winner Barrie M. Osborne

(Photo Credit: HBO Inc.)