UK Fans, Win a DVD of Stephen Moyer’s The Caller!

October 17, 2011

Contest to Win The Caller on DVD:

The Caller DVDTruebies, we have exciting news!  Stephen Moyer’s The Caller comes out on DVD and Blu-ray October 24 in the UK, and three lucky fans will be winning one!  Universal Pictures UK is proud to be sponsoring this fun contest.  For those who need a refresher:

Stephen Moyer plays mechanical engineering teacher John Guidi in the supernatural thriller which follows the story of deeply troubled divorcee Mary Kee (Rachelle Lefevre) who is tormented by sinister phone calls from a mysterious woman (Lorna Raver). Mary finds some solace in her growing relationship with the college teacher played by Stephen Moyer as the saga deepens.

Sorry, but the contest is only open to fans in the UK.  To enter, just leave us a comment below, one comment per person please.

For more info, check out The Caller’s IMDb page here.

Thanks to Helen for sending us this awesome news!

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Stephen Moyer Discusses Role in Thriller, “The Caller”

September 5, 2011

“The Caller”, Moyer’s Newest Film Hit Theaters August 26:

Stephen Moyer in The CallerStephen Moyer recently interviewed with about his newest movie that just premiered in select theaters.  The Caller, directed by Matthew Parkhill, tells the story of a lady named Mary (Rachelle Lefevre) who has just recently been granted a divorce from her abusive husband.  Moyer plays the role of Mary’s new boyfriend, John.  After moving into her new apartment, she begins to receive random phone calls from a lady named Rose that she didn’t know previously.  Rose and Mary begin to form a bond together over their failed relationships, and eventually Rose reveals that she has been calling Mary from the past.  Mary doesn’t believe her and from that point on attempts to avoid Rose’s calls.  Eventually, Rose begins taking revenge on Mary for ignoring her and choosing John over her.

During the interview Moyer was asked why he was originally interested in playing Mary’s abusive ex-husband in the film, but eventually decided that the role of her new boyfriend, John, was a better fit for him.  Moyer’s response:

“I felt like the ex-husband was a little dark.  I had just come out of a season (of True Blood) with Bill being dark, and I felt like I should do something a little bit more nice, a little bit more ordinary.  I really liked the fact that he’s the one central figure in Mary’s life in the movie that’s a warm one.  It takes her a while for her to trust him, but ultimately, she does trust him.  I really liked the kind of dynamic of that.”

Some other questions asked during the interview were; How did you prepare for the role of John?  When Mary first tells John that Rose is claiming to be calling from the past, why do you think it’s important that he doesn’t believe her?  For the full interview click the link below!  Any thoughts on Moyer’s new movie?  Has anyone already seen it?  Let us know in the comments below!

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Video: Stephen Moyer in New Movie “The Caller”

July 8, 2011

New Photos and Trailer:

Stephen Moyer, the handsome Brit who plays vampire Bill Compton (and recently crowned King of Louisiana) on HBO‘s True Blood, has a new film coming out.  Having received favorable reviews at Cannes earlier this year, The Caller has been picked up by Sony, who will reveal the release date this summer.  A thriller co-starring Rachelle Lefevre of Twilight fame, the film was written by Sergio Casci and directed by Matthew Parkhill.  Here’s the synopsis from Bankside Films:

When troubled divorcee, Mary Kee (Rachelle Lefevre), begins to receive mysterious phone calls from an unknown caller, she quickly begins to feel haunted in her own home. When she discovers that the person is calling from the past, Mary realizes that she will have to kill her in order to survive. How do you kill someone living in the past and what will happen if she fails?

Stephen Moyer in The Caller (Puerto Rican

Stephen Moyer in The Caller-2 (Puerto Rican

Stephen Moyer in The Caller-3 (Puerto Rican


What do you think, Truebies?  Do we want to see Stephen Moyer in something scarier than True Blood?

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