Video: True Blood’s Top Five Death Scenes

July 1, 2011

When True Blood Gets Bloody:

Russell Edgington with Talbot in a jarTrue Blood = vampires. And vampires equal two things: blood and death. HBO certainly delivers on both counts, that’s for sure! Fear Net have compiled a list of their favorite deaths in the TV series. How many of them are your faves too?


You actually have two fairly awesome deaths to pick from here. The first involving a medieval mace and Tara going equally medieval on his head, the second is actually his ‘true’ death though. This one involves Jason shooting him with a wooden bullet. Maybe not as visually gory, but certainly more effective in the long run.


Let’s face it, we were all hoping for Lorena to finally kick the bucket. This must have put some amount of pressure on Alan Ball to make sure her death was worthy of our hate for the character. I think it certainly matched up. Watching Sookie having to restrain herself so that she only staked Lorena, and not her boyfriend too, was certainly something special.

News Broadcaster

Was this not the best way to end an episode ever? We never even saw it coming. Sure, we knew Russell was a little bit crazy, but never in our wildest dreams did we see this curve ball. Russell then proceeded to use the presenter’s innards as a prop for his speech.


Talbot could possibly be the sexiest death ever, since he was involved in an intimate moment with Eric Northman at the time. His is an interesting case though, if you follow the logic from Franklin’s deaths. Technically speaking, you could say Talbot was killed three times over. Once by Eric, then Russell reenacted this staking with a Talbot look-alike, and finally, when Sookie put him (with maniacal glee, I might add) into the garbage disposal.

The Magister

This was another death we were glad to see. Except we almost didn’t get it. Just when we thought he was safe, though, Russell lopped off his head! Yet another episode cliffhanger involving Russell killing someone.

Now if you can’t remember all the characters who we have lost during all the seasons of True Blood, here is a memoriam video put together by HBO, to refresh your memory.

Source: Fear Net – True Death: Top Five ‘True Blood’ Deaths

(Photo Credit: HBO, Inc.)


VIDEO: Zeljko Ivanek Interview at Comic-con 2010

July 25, 2010

Zap2it had the chance to interview Emmy-winning Zeljko Ivanek, also known to True Blood fans as the vampire Magister, at Comic-con 2010 where he discussed his latest project with NBC entitled “The Event“.

The plot of the pilot for “The Event” hinges on the ambiguity of a lot of its characters, including Ivanek’s character, C.I.A. director Blake Sterling. And though that job description clearly involves its fair share of secret keeping, there’s no evidence yet that his motives aren’t pure.

Although Zeljko tends to play evil characters he is truly a very nice guy.

SOURCE: Zap2it


True Blood Season 3 Spoiler: The Magister Is Back

May 26, 2010

TV Guide has just posted by some spoilers which gives us some insight into what will be happening for season 3 on True Blood and it seems things are going to get tense with some interesting plotlines.

Give me a good tease about True Blood’s new season. — Holly
MICKEY: Zeljko Ivanek (aka the best guest star of everything) returns as the Magister, and he’s cracking down on the illegal V trade in Louisiana. This is a problem for the Queen, since she’s tacitly allowing it, and for Eric and Pam, since they’re running it.


(Photo credit:  HBO Inc.)


Zeljko Ivanek as Magister

January 4, 2009

Zeljko Ivanek

Zeljko Ivanek Photo Credit: AP Photo by Reed Saxon

Zeljko Ivanek as Magister


The Magister – Zeljko Ivanek

January 3, 2009

The Magister © 2008 HBO, Inc.

The Magister © 2008 HBO, Inc.

The Magister – Zeljko Ivanek is appointed sentence Bill Compton at the Tribunal  for staking Long Shadow.