True Blood stars attend Esquire House LA Oceana Benefit

November 19, 2010

Sam Trammel and Theo Alexander Attend Benefit

True Blood was well represented at the Esquire House LA Oceana Benefit thanks to shapeshifter Sam Merlotte and vampire TalbotSam Trammell and Theo Alexander both attended the benefit on November 13, 2010.

The event was held at Esquire House LA, and also hosted other famous faces like Entourage’s Adrian Grenier, Glee’s Jenna Ushkowitz, White Collar’s Tim DeKay, and Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Check out these gorgeous pictures from the red carpet at the event!

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Theo Alexander and his Big Moment with Alexander Skarsgard

August 11, 2010

Most viewers are still in shock after Sunday’s explosive show of True Blood where it seemed as though everyone on the show was either fighting or making love, or both. Theo Alexander who plays the lovable but high maintenance Talbot. It appears as though viewers really loved how he whined to Russell about his new “wife” and how easy it was for him to demand that Eric get naked.  Many of us stood up and cheered for him on Sunday, and just as the action began,  Eric Northman literally back stabbed him.

During an interview after Sunday’s showing, Theo was asked about how his family will react, Theo assures viewers that his mom will receive the DVD set without that scene. The Greece native recently was home and has received nothing but positive support for his role on the show both by his friends and viewers.  When he was asked how he prepared for that day and scene, Theo said that it was very hard for him to play that scene and there were a lot of nervous energy between him and Alexander. Other actors had even given him advice, but he knew that he would just have to be as professional as possible and really  take a few moments before the scene to unwind, Theo mentions that he played a slow love song that really reminded him of his character.

“I did some acting exercises. I was playing the archetype of a lover, so I put on a sexy, slow song and almost did like a belly dance. I tried to get into the mindset of just being sexy and not caring about your sexual preferences and just acting on that attraction.”

Theo explains that in order to prepare for his role of being Denis O‘Hare‘s lover of 700 years, he and Denis had to really get to know one another. They went camping, went to dinner and mainly just talked. He says that in his eyes, they bonded almost immediately.  Theo has a lot of respect for Denis and seems to genuinely be in awe of him.

“We thought about the important moments, like when I was turned into a vampire. We thought about secrets between us, ranging from our sexual lives to how we played good cop/bad cop in front of people, because they truly have a different persona in front of people than what they have in their own bedroom. We had secrets from our characters’ personal lives though that we never revealed to our costars. The most important thing for me was to “fall in love” with Denis as an artist and as an actor. That wasn’t difficult because he was so kind and so open. I’m very proud to call him a friend now. For a young actor to work with someone with a Tony who gets international recognition for his craft, it’s very flattering.”

So, the big questions are will we see more of Talbot and how angry will Russell be after Talbots death. Theo has an answer to one of our questions,

” Well, my vampire goes through ancient rituals and he comes back as a straight, nice vampire and he goes out with Sookie. [Laughs] At least, that is my plan for Talbot.”

Very Funny. See how this love story unfolds this Sunday on HBO.


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Entertainment Weekly Spotlight on “True Blood’s New Blood”

July 18, 2010

True Blood’s third season has been shaken up by the presence of fascinating new characters added to the mix of our familiar favorites. Five of these newcomers to the cast are featured in the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly. They talk about their characters and some of the things they faced on the job.

Denis O’Hare, the veteran thespian behind Russell Edgington, discussed the difficulties of portraying a vampire–having to ingest large amounts of the sugary syrup used for blood, and trying to pronounce S’s when wearing the sharp speaking fangs. Neither Denis nor any of the other actors hinted at their longevity on True Blood, but the article does say that the King’s “never-ending appetite for political play is his downfall.” According to Denis,

“My trajectory is a tragic one. At one point I end up with rotten teeth.”

Russell’s companion, Talbot, is portrayed by Greek actor Theo Alexander. The character was initially envisioned to be British, but Theo wanted a chance for the part:

“When I read it, I said, ‘He’s very sensual, he’s very Dionysian, he’s very Socratic.’ He reminded me of Greek royalty. I wore my kimono [to the audition] because he’s wearing his robe in the first scene.”

Theo and Denis enjoyed spending time together before the filming to come up with some backstory for their characters’ 700-year relationship. Talbot’s not just there to be a pretty face with the snarky comebacks–executive producer Alan Ball hinted that his actions as the season continues would have “pretty far-reaching consequences for a lot of people.”

In league with Russell and Talbot is Franklin Mott, played by James Frain. He says it was a mark of his inexperience playing a vampire that he struggled to remove his fangs when everyone else could just pop them right out. According to James, Franklin truly does have feelings for Tara, but “his idea of love proves he’s a psychopath” in that his view is so skewed and narcissistic.

Moving on to the werewolf of the group, Joe Manganiello entered the show as Alcide Herveaux, protector of Sookie as she ventured to Jackson, MS. In the article, EW actually acknowledges a fan site for being the first to nominate Joe for the role–that’s the power of popular demand, folks! On the subject of the nudity that’s expected to play a werewolf (or any supernatural creature, or any human, really!) on True Blood, Joe mentioned that there are a few options for actors to cover–or not cover–themselves:

“A sock, a thong, and the ‘manty’ or man panty. You can go sans sock, [but] I come from a good Pittsburgh upbringing that raised me to wear a sock.”

Finally, we’re introduced to Lindsay Pulsipher, who is still a great mystery to viewers because we’ve only glimpsed her twice thus far in the season. Her character, Crystal Norris, grabs the attention of womanizer Jason Stackhouse. Lindsay says she’s different from other girls Jason has been with:

“She’s not so eager to jump into bed with him. She’s unaware of how courtship works.”

It seems that her storyline is going to be revealed slower than others, but Alan said that the people of Bon Temps will face danger directly related to Crystal. (How’s that for cryptic…)

Of course, there are a few other newbies in Season 3, but this was a great feature on these characters/actors and definitely gets us interested for what’s in store for them!

SOURCE: Entertainment Weekly

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Vampire King is this Season’s Villain

June 22, 2010

Every good television drama needs a well written villain.  In Season 1 of True Blood, we had Rene out to kill vampire lovers.  In Season 2 we had Maryanne out to destroy the entire town. Season 3‘s villain is shaping up to be Russell Edgington the Vampire King of Mississippi played by Denis O’Hare.

As we saw in Episode 2, Edgington was responsible for Bill’s kidnapping by werewolves, for which he is completely unapologetic, and is plotting against Queen Sophie Anne. Not bad for his introduction! We also see that Russell has a boyfriend of 700 years named Talbot played by Theo Alexander. In the books Talbot is Russell‘s human companion and not a vampire.

In a show about vampires, werewolves and various supernatural beings there are plenty of “bad guys” to go around, but Russell is 2800 years old and the “oldest, strongest vampire” around.  That doesn’t bode well for the residents of Bon TempsO’Hare spoke to People Magazine telling them:

Russell intends to take over the world. He feels that human beings have squandered their stewardship of the earth by not treating it well. And he is an old Celt, a Druid, who was an earth-worshipper, and he feels like he needs to take over.”

O’Hare is listed as a Season 3 regular and said his character “has plans”. We can’t wait to see what those are!

Source: People Magazine

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Theo Alexander on Talbot and Russell

June 22, 2010

After months of waiting, True Blood fans have finally found out the mastermind behind Bill Compton’s abduction: Russell Edgington, the vampire king of Mississippi. However, it’s Russell’s partner of 700 years that steals the spotlight in the second episode of the third season.

Talbot is a vampire that would make Martha Stewart proud; he’s a gracious host, has an eye for decor, and knows how to give an elegant but intimate dinner party. In an interview with PopWrap, the actor that plays Talbot, Theo Alexander gives his take on the vampire.

In order to get the part, Theo had to first convince the casting director that what they needed was a Greek actor, not a British one. Theo, wearing a kimono, confidently went into casting as Talbot and proceeded to change everyone’s mind, including Alan Ball’s.

With everyone convinced that Theo could vividly portray Talbot, the next obstacle was to create a realistic bond between Talbot and Russell. Theo and Denis O’Hare, who plays Russell, decided to work on their 700 year history during pre-production. As Theo sees it:

“We met, we talked, we went to dinner, we had to create a 700-year history. It wasn’t easy but in order to be in love with someone on screen you have to really love them in real life. And Denis is very easy to fall in love with. He’s a great guy and an amazing actor – I already admired him, so it wasn’t that hard.”

With all this hard work, the actors were able to create a unique and wonderful history between Talbot and Russell. Both men met in Byzantine where Talbot was royalty. They left together but Talbot wasn’t turned until he was wounded in a battle they were fighting as mercenaries. The wounded Talbot would have died, but Russell (under Talbot’s request) turned his lover.

As the audience will see, the history and the character of Talbot was tailored very much for Theo. The Greek culture, the zest for life, the element of tasting and enjoying food, and the precious heirlooms Talbot carefully chooses for his home with Russell is very much in parallel with the way Theo views his own world.

However, with such strong personalities from both Talbot and Russell, fighting between them is bound to happen. For Theo, fighting between two lovers happens because when you love someone you feel completely and, therefore, fight. Theo views it as:

Russell is also my maker, so it’s a double whammy. He’s like my father and my husband. So there is this double animosity, he can quiet me with one word. But I think every relationship… if you don’t fight, there is no relationship. And that’s what fuels good sex too!”

Speaking of sex, when asked about the rumors that Talbot and Eric may have a possible love scene, which would mean infidelity on Talbot’s part, Theo was very elusive, leaving fans to wonder if the rumors are true or if Talbot remains a faithful married man. However, he said if a scene like that were to happen, it would come about organically and with ease. The show’s writing is excellent and everything that happens, happens for a reason. Every sex scene has a purpose and pushes the story forward.

With all the sex happening on True Blood, one would wonder if the actors are concerned about it. Theo believes that many of the European actors on the show have been trained to understand that things like sex will happen in the natural progression of the show. For him, every sex scene or a scene with a touchy subject,

“…Pushes you forward as a human being as well. Everything that scares you in life, if you do it, makes you a better person. A more whole person. If I have a scene with a man and it scares me, you do it — that pushes you one step ahead as an artist or human being because you did something you were scared of. We know these things can happen – nervousness is there – but you’ve got to go beyond that.”

Going beyond the surface is exactly what Theo intends to do. Though Alan Ball has mentioned that Russell and Talbot emerge as the villains of the season, Theo wants to avoid the surface definition of that word. For Theo, Talbot and Russell are two vampires in the midst of survival, which is a theme for all of the characters in True Blood. If everyone is trying to survive that means that the third season of True Blood will be unpredictable. So call off all the bets and have another serving of blood sorbet!

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Denis O’Hare on Becoming Russell Edgington, Vampire King

June 20, 2010

In tonight’s episode of True Blood, we will be meeting the delightfully insidious Russell Edgington, Vampire King of Mississippi. To help us get to know the actor who plays him, The Advocate did an in-depth interview with Denis O’Hare in which he offers great insights on the creation of his 2,800-year old character.

As a gay actor, Denis says that being Russell is like “home territory…but a character’s sexuality, even if he’s gay, isn’t necessarily the most important attribute to me. In the case of Russell, he’s a power-hungry ancient druid who has a serious concern for the stewardship of the earth. Not to downplay it, but being gay is just another aspect of his life.”

Since Russell is not a very prominent character in Charlaine Harris‘ books, Alan Ball gave Denis some creative license to develop his own backstory. He researched ancient Celtic culture and went hiking with castmate Theo Alexander in Runyon Canyon, during which they discussed how Russell and Talbot met and fell in love, and how their relationship has evolved over 700 years:

“We came to the idea that they met in Byzantium, where Talbot was some sort of Greek prince. They met at a costume party where Talbot was dressed as Alexander the Great and Russell was dressed as Augustus…What you’ll see is a marriage that’s well-traveled and a little frayed at the edges. These guys snipe and complain, but there’s always an incredible deep affection at the base of it. Theo and I worried that there were too many fighting scenes between us, but then we had this lovely scene later in the season, a lovely tender moment, where I finally get to put my hand on his cheek and basically talk about how much I care for him. It was a great relief to have that scene, because we kept talking about that every day of shooting: How do we show the love?”

Denis also hinted that later in the season, we would be seeing Russell in bed with another man, and that Talbot would have a steamy scene with another man, as well. So how does that arrangement work for them?

“Well, you know, after 700 years, you gotta keep it spicy. There’s also a sense of, You’re not going anywhere, so if you need to get that, you go ahead and get that. There’s a level of trust there that’s pretty strong, so Russell has no fear that Talbot’s going to fall in love with somebody else. Theo and I talked about the idea that they broke up for maybe 75, 80 years sometime around 1700. Russell went to the Dutch Indies to get involved with trade, and Talbot went to Greece to fight for his independence. Then they missed each other too much, so they got back together again.”

When asked the standard question–Team Bill, or Team EricDenis declined to answer. Ever the diplomatic king, he said he needs them both for strategic reasons.

It’s not surprising that Denis seems to be having a lot of fun working on the show! All the thought he has put into his role makes his performance so engaging, as Truebies will begin to see tonight in “Beautifully Broken”!


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For the Furbangers and Fangbangers – True Blood’s New Supernaturals

June 10, 2010

Season 3‘s new werewolf, Alcide Herveaux, will make the love triangle of Bill, Sookie and Eric into a love square.  That’s according to Joe Manganiello who plays Alcide, Sookie‘s new bodyguard.

Speaking with Access Hollywood, Joe admitted he’s happy to see werewolves getting more respect in Hollywood.  In fact, he used the personal trainer who got Hugh Jackman into shape for his Wolverine role in X-Men.  Joe said he trained six days a week and ate constantly (high protein) in order  to get “that kind of animal shape” because “abs are definitely a requirement”.

Good thing, too, because we’ll be seeing plenty of him.  Alcide will be “exposed” quite a bit.  Evidently this is due to his feral nature.  And with regard to being feral, Joe‘s body double is a huge “real” wolf with yellow menacing eyes.

About his character, Joe told Access, “I’m constantly running around grabbing all of the women on the show…there’s only a few women on the show I haven’t run after and grabbed.  It’s just kind of how werewolves say ‘hello’.”

For vampire love, Season 3 introduces Russell Edgington, King of Mississippi (played by Denis O’Hare) and his lover/partner, Talbot (played by Theo Alexander).  They’ve been together as a couple for 700 years.

Denis explained the relationship as being complicated.  Talbot is Russell‘s lover, his boyfriend, and also his son.  Russell is Talbot‘s maker.

And the relationship is very passionate, according to TheoTalbot is very happy being a vampire and he loves his mate.  But there will be some “bumps in the road”.  Could it be that the king is not faithful?

Are these actors enjoying their new roles on True Blood?  Denis stated that this is a “once in a lifetime experience”.

“I will never be able to have a job as great as this again in my life,” he told Access.  “It’s a great bunch of people.  It really is phenomenal.”

But we know that.  And in just 3 more days we’ll be watching the premier of Season 3 – on June 13.


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VIDEO: True Blood’s Hot New Men

May 31, 2010

Recently True Blood‘s newest heartthrobs for season 3, Joe Manganiello (Alcide Herveaux), Theo Alexander (Talbot) and Kevin Alejandro (Jesus Velasquez) participated in OUT Magazine‘s Hot List photo shoot for their June/July issue.  Here is a behind the scenes video of the photo shoot and we can see the True Blood men starting at 2:08 mark of the video.  Enjoy!


True Blood Season 3: Theo Alexander Reveals Secrets

May 26, 2010

As True Blood fans eagerly anticipate the upcoming third season of the HBO vampire series, a new cast member has some info to share… sort of.

Theo Alexander is set to play vampire Talbot, the companion of Mississippi’s vampire king, Russell Edgington. Rumors suggest that Talbot has an illicit affair with one (or more?) of Bon Temps favorite boys: Bill, Eric, Sam, or even Jason.

Theo is quick to dismiss any such rumor. But he’s not too shy when it comes to discussing his character, so to speak. When asked how naked he gets during his run on the show (eight episodes), he replies,

“Not too much, but when I do, it’s for a good reason. It’s going to be a crazy season. We take it as far as we can.”

Theo also reveals that while Talbot was originally a British vampire, the actor keeps his natural Greek accent for the character.

So much to look forward to, and still so long to go. Season three of True Blood premieres June 13th.


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True Blood Season 3: Talbot and Russell Photo

May 25, 2010

HBO‘s True Blood returns on June 13, 2010 and the anticipation is growing tremendously among fans. So to add to the frenzy HBO has released another photo from season 3 this time featuring the vampire King of Mississippi, Russel Edgington (Denis O’Hare) and his companion Talbot (Theo Alexander).



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