Marshall Allman, True Blood’s Tommy, Opens in New Film, “Blue Like Jazz”

April 12, 2012

True Blood’s Allman Stars in “Blue Like Jazz”

"Blue Like Jazz" Poster

We all remember him as Tommy Mickens, Sam Merlottes messed up younger brother in season 4 of HBO‘s True Blood. While the character, Tommy, was often annoying, as younger brothers frequently seem, it was very well played by Marshall who is anything but annoying in real life as any of his Twitter followers can attest. Be sure to follow him – @MarshallAllman – as we’ll be tweeting him up during the rerunning of Season 4 of True Blood on HBO tonight . Marshall will be attending a screening of his new movie tonight, April 14th, 2012 but will take some time to give a shout out to all his True Blood fans during the showing. Marshall has appeared in dozens of other TV shows including “Justified” and “Prison Break” as well as hit movies such as “Hostage” starring “Bruce Willis” and “Prison Break“. Marshall plays the lead – Don Miller – in his latest movie, “Blue Like Jazz.” A synopsis of “Blue Like Jazz” follows and you can get ticket information and see a promo of the film by clicking the link at the bottom of the article.

In Theaters April 13

Directed & Co-Written by: Steve Taylor

Based on the best-selling book Blue Like Jazz by: Donald Miller

Produced by: Steve Taylor, J.Clarke Gallivan and Coke Sams

Starring: Marshall Allman, Claire Holt and Tania Raymonde

In Blue Like Jazz, Don, a pious nineteen-year-old sophomore at a Texas junior college, impulsively decides to escape his religious upbringing for life in the Pacific Northwest at one of the most progressive campuses in America, Reed College in Portland. Upon arrival, Reed’s surroundings and eccentric student body proves to be far different than he could possibly imagine from the environment from which he came, forcing him to embark on a journey of self-discovery to understand who he is and what he truly believes.

Blue Like Jazz Cast at Portland, Oregon Premiere

Marshall Allman at Blue Like Jazz Premiere at Portland, Oregon

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Video: True Blood’s Marshall Allman in Blue Like Jazz

March 9, 2012

Tommy Mickens Escapes the Bible Belt:

Marshall Allman Blue Like JazzThe trailer for Marshall Allman‘s new movie, Blue Like Jazz, has been released. Blue Like Jazz is about a 19 year old named Donald Miller who is ashamed of his Baptist upbringing and goes to a college in Oregon to escape. He lets loose and in the process, hurts some of his new friends and works to make it right. The movie looks like it is a classic coming of age story with a slightly religious twist. Allman is not the only young star in this film. It also stars Claire Holt (The Vampire Diaries), Tania Raymonde (Lost), and Natalia Dyer (Hannah Montana: The Movie).

Blue Like Jazz is directed by Steve Taylor, director of The Second Chance, which also has a religious theme. Steve Taylor, along with Ben Pearson, wrote the film. It is slated to be released April 13, 2012.

I think Allman is really going to be able to show off his acting chops in this film. Truebies, watch the trailer below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Sources: Blue Like Jazz on YouTube



A Tribute to Tommy

September 1, 2011

We Say Goodbye to a Character:

Marshall Allman as Tommy S4 Ep9During episode nine of season 4, titled “Let’s Get Out of Here”, Tommy Mickens (Marshall Allman) who plays Sam Merlotte’s (Sam Trammell) brother, again shifts into Sam. He is able to “skinwalk” because he killed his parents. We found out that could happen from Luna, Sam’s love interest. Her mother died giving birth to her, and she shifted into her mother once. Tommy shifts into Sam to protect him from werewolf pack leader Marcus, who was married to Luna. Tommy as Sam goes to meet Marcus, and when he arrives there are other pack members, along with Alcide Herveaux (Joe Manganiello). After some heated words, all the werewolves (except Alcide) proceed to beat the living daylights out of Tommy. After several blows, Tommy turns back into himself. Marcus becomes alarmed, and Alcide picks Tommy up and leaves. During the last episode, “Burning Down the House”, Alcide wants to take Tommy to the hospital, but Tommy declines, sensing that he’s not going to make it, and prefers to go home instead. They arrive at Merlotte’s the same time as Sam, who is frantic, and wants to get him some vampire blood to save him. Tommy declines, knowing he is dying, and having come to terms with it. Inside, the brothers share some last words, and a tender moment, seeming to work through their issues. Sam sheds some tears, and Tommy dies.

We’re sorry to see Marshall go, he played his character well. Here is a small photo tribute to Tommy:

 Marshall Allman as Tommy S4 Ep2

Marshall Allman as Tommy S4 Ep3

  Marshall Allman as Tommy S4 Ep7

 Marshall Allman as Tommy S4 Ep6

 Marshall Allman as Tommy S4 Ep5

 Marshall Allman as Tommy S4 Ep10

Truebies, will you miss Tommy and/or Marshall?  Leave us a comment sharing your thoughts.

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Video: Red Carpet Interviews at Season 4 Premiere

June 25, 2011

See What the Cast Has to Say About the New Season:

True Blood Season 4 poster-redChris Balish, co-host of KABC Television’s On The Red Carpet, was lucky enough to interview some of our favorite cast members at the Hollywood premiere of True Blood’s season 4.  According to Stephen Moyer (vampire Bill Compton), this season:

“We’ve got a lot of elements, we’ve got a lot of things in the air this year. I had very little to do with the witches, I do work with them a little bit and that’s been really fun. It’s very new, something completely different. They have a power that we’ve never explored before. ”

Speaking of the challenges writers of this genre might face, the actor further explains, interestingly:

“I think that the tough thing for any writer that’s doing a vampire show is to work out what is catnip and what is Kryptonite for the lead baddie, or the goodie — vampires. What is going to be something that can overpower them or something that is going to be attractive to them. So the witches are part of that element.”

Since working alongside his wife (Paquin) is all he knows, he seems to think that after filming has wrapped, he will become a “crazy stalker groupie”, tagging along on whatever project she works on next.  How sweet!  No doubt many of you would not mind that a bit.

Anna Paquin (Sookie Stackhouse), like the rest of the cast, is not allowed to divulge much, thanks to strict instructions from Alan Ball (series creator, writer and director).  She expressed relief that they’d be done filming soon (which they probably are by now!), saying:

“I’m so excited for everyone to finally see it so we can start talking about it and stop having to give these annoying interviews where I’m like, ‘I can’t tell you that!’”

Rutina Wesley, who plays Sookie’s best friend Tara, simply reiterated that we will find out where her character has been, that she’s better, and she obviously has a new ’do.

Deborah Ann Woll, the lovely New Yorker who plays baby vamp Jessica, shares that this season is her favorite.  She does love Jessica & Hoyt’s relationship, and hopes that things work out for them.

Spoiler Alert:

Marshall Allman, the youngun’ who plays Sam Merlotte’s little brother Tommy, reveals some interesting and possibly disturbing news:

“It definitely turns weird when Sam hits on Tommy. So he’s added incest and murder to his rap sheet. But, you know, Sam’s got some weird secrets up his sleeve.”

Finally, we have Joe Manganiello (werewolf Alcide Herveaux), who shares that this season we will see a new pack, one he dislikes.  There will also be tension among him and some shapeshifters.  Speaking of tension of an entirely different sort, when asked, “Are you going to get along with the faeries and the witches?”, he slyly responds:

“Well, Sookie being a faerie, yeah — I’d like to get along with her.”


Only one more day, Truebies!  Buckle up, it’s going to be a wild ride!

Sources: – True Blood’s Stephen Moyer, Anna Paquin, Rutina Wesley Dish Spoilers for Season 4

Deborah Ann Woll Talks True Blood

True Blood Actor Talks Odd Coupling

Joe Manganiello on True Blood Romance

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Season 4 Spoilers of the Supernatural Variety

May 6, 2011

Mayhem in Bon Temps:

Joe Manganiello as Alcide We’ve got some mild spoilers for you, straight from the horse’s mouth.  Or rather, the werewolf’s, witch’s, and shifter’s.  Joe Manganiello, who plays True Blood’s werewolf Alcide, gives us a general feel for the ambiance next season:

“There’s going to be a lot of people not getting along. The witches are starting trouble with the vampires, and the werewolves, of course, don’t like the vampires, either. And the fairies don’t like the vampires.”

Kevin Alejandro portrays Lafayette’s boyfriend, Jesus Velasquez.  He just happens to be a brujo, or male witch, and ends up sharing a disgusting meal with his man:

“Lafayette and I go on a huge adventure where some unfortunate things happen. We end up having a very creepy breakfast with some really interesting people, and Lafayette has a real hard time with it. It’s going to turn your stomach!”

Which would you rather eat, poisonous snake venom, goat tongue, or cow face?  None of the above, you say?  Well, unfortunately, the handsome couple do end up ingesting one of those three “delicacies”.

A brother-battle ensues as Sam and Tommy take to the skies as an owl and a hawk — but the shape-shifting doesn’t end there.  According to Marshall Allman (Tommy):

“Tommy takes shape-shifting to a whole other level with a unique wild-card creature that will prove to be a game-changer in Bon Temps’ supernatural power play.”

How much crazier can it get?  We’ll all have to wait and see!

Source: – Keck’s Exclusives: True Blood Ups the Insanity

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Battle of the True Blood Alpha Males – Make Your Vote Count!

February 20, 2011

Who’s The Sexiest Male True Blood Character?

TBN Hottest Men

Okay True Blood fans, we all have our “favorite” True Blood characters, but who is the HOTTEST guy of them all?  Now’s your chance to be heard!  We here at want to know, which True Blood man gets your heart pumping and keeps you tuning in each week!  Is it suave and seductive Vampire Bill or do you prefer your guys tall, dark and wolfie like Alcide Herveaux. Speaking of tall, maybe it’s tall, blond and Viking you go for and Eric’s your guy? Of course, if you like your men like you like your dessert, all sugar and spice and twice as nice, you have quite a selection to choose from on True Blood. From dark, spicy and delicious Lafayette Reynolds and his strong and sexy witch-doctor boyfriend Jesus, to alpha dog Sam Merlotte, whose bark is worse than his bite, to little brother Tommy who’s a real party animal. Then there’s the perennial lady-pleaser Jason Stackhouse. Does that diamond cut body of Jason’s combined with that hurt little-boy seductiveness bring out the woman in you? Or maybe one of the Bellefleurs curl your toes? How can you not love sweet, if peculiar, Terry Bellefleur? But, if you’re into handcuffs, and a little discipline, there’s always Andy who’s waiting for a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T from you! And finally, there just isn’t anyone sweeter than Hoyt Fortenberry whose shy and loving nature is only ruined by a side of crazy momma.

So let us know, who do you love? Can’t quite make up your mind? That’s OK, you can vote for up to 3  guys who make your palms sweat and your heart skip a beat (if your heart’s still beating that is!) Click the boxes below and let us know, who’s the HOTTEST True Blood Man?

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A True Blood Newbie Teases her Character Over the Airwaves

January 16, 2011

Janina Gavankar Talks True Blood on LA Talk Radio

Janina Gavankar

The newest blood to join the True Blood cast is Janina Gavankar and she’s already dropping hints about Season 4. Fans will come to know Janina as Luna, the newest shifter in Bon Temps as well as her being the first Native American character on the show. She chatted with her good friend Sheena on LA’s talk radio program the Sheena Metal Experience during  the two year anniversary of her radio show.

Though she wasn’t into weres and vampires when she was a girl, Janina looks forward to reading the Sookie Stackhouse novels to see who the Luna in the books is, although she wants to create her own version of the character. The actress who is of mixed Indian and Dutch descent even enlisted the help of make up artists to changed her skin tone to add a red tone she doesn’t naturally have in order to really show the character’s Native American blood.

As with all shape-shifters and weres on the HBO series, Janina does have to get naked, but she isn’t too bothered by it. For her it’s all about the character and the fact that transforming from one vessel to another is the shape-shifter way. She does reveal that viewers will get a lot more insight and history on shape-shifters and she even gets a scene with shifter Tommy played by Marshall Allman. That’s right Truebies! When we left the season finale, Tommy’s fate was unknown, but it looks like Janina has spilled the beans and fans everywhere are relieved that she did!

All About the Music

Aside from loving her character, what else does she love about True Blood? The music, of course! Janina herself is talented singer and she, like all fans of the show, sees how much the music influences and creates the scenes we all know and love.

It seems the world of the shape shifters is expanding with Season 4 and with Janina’s dedication to creating a well developed character, the who’s better competition between vamps and shifters will be heating up.

Source: LA Talk Radio– The Sheena Metal Experience

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Marshall Allman Film Scheduled for DVD Release December 14th

December 4, 2010

The Man Behind Tommy Mickens Shares His Other Work

Marshall AllmanThe talented young actor who joined True Blood in Season 3 as Sam’s brother, Tommy, is also making a name for himself in movies. Marshall Allman starred in an independent film called The Immaculate Conception of Little Dizzle, which is coming to DVD December 14th.

In this bizarre dark comedy, Marshall plays a janitor named Dory who, along with his coworkers, takes part in a market research study. They all get addicted to cookies that produce some very strange side-effects. The cast includes Tania Raymonde, Matt Smith, Tygh Runyan, and Vincent Vieluf.

Dizzle was an Official Selection at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival, where it was described as a “spirited and wildly imaginative debut feature” for writer-director David Russo. It has been compared by critics to films like Clerks and Eraserhead. Based on trailer, however, it looks entirely unique, and something you have to see for yourself.

SOURCE: — The Immaculate Conception of Little Dizzle on DVD, December 14

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Marshall Allman is in a New Movie

November 30, 2010

Tommy Mickens is Ready to Roll

A new movie, going by the name of ‘Sugar‘, is about to go into production by Village Entertainment. Marshall Allman, who plays Tommy Mickens in Season 3 of HBO’s TV series True Blood has been cast in it.

The movie is loosely based on the life of Rotimi Rainwater, the owner of Village Entertainment. He will be making his directorial debut on this movie using a script that he co-wrote with Tony Aloupis. Ali Palitz from All Is Well Films will co-produce it.

The producers have partnered with ‘My Friend’s Place,’ which is a nonprofit organization that provides valuable resources such as food and education to the homeless. The movie will be shot in part on location at ‘My Friend’s Place’ and they hope to raise much needed funds for this wonderful organization.

Other stars of the movie will include Shanae Grimes who played Annie Wilson in ‘90210‘ and Darcy Edwards from ‘Degrassi: The Next Generation.’ Grimes will play the role of a post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)  sufferer who is living on the streets of Venice Beach, CA.

Casting is Still Underway

A couple of roles are still up for grabs. So if you want to star along side a True Blood cast member, then there may be a role just for you! They are still looking for a male who can play a 21 year old and is an excellent skate boarder. They are also searching for a Pacific Islander or a Latino female to play a streetwise homeless friend of Sugar’s.”

‘Sugar’ is scheduled for release in late 2011.

Source: Feature Film Auditions – Indie Feature film ‘Sugar’ auditioning actors in Los Angeles.

(Photo Credit: HBO Inc.)


True Blood Season 3 Spoiler Clip: Jessica Tells Off Arlene

August 19, 2010

HBO has released a spoiler clip from this Sunday’s airing of Episode 10: “I Smell a Rat” featuring Jessica, Arlene and Tommy cleaning up after closing at Merlotte‘s.  Arlene watches Rev. Steve Newlin preach about the evil of vampires following the incident with the killing of the anchorman at the hands of Russell Edgington and speaks her mind about her feelings about vampires and Jessica lets Arlene know what she thinks of her.  Enjoy!

Once again many thanks to BLT & Associates and HBO for sending this video to us!

Ep. 34: Clip – Jessica confronts Arlene

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