True Blood Season 2: More Behind The Scenes From Louisiana

July 13, 2009

true_blood_bill_and_ericCurrently the cast and crew of Alan Ball‘s hit HBO TV series True Blood are in Clinton and Baton Rouge, Louisiana shooting scenes for episode 10 for season 2.  The local media has been covering the cast and crew’s visit to the area by featuring them in local news reports and articles. reports that the cast has be filming for several days in Clinton (which is standing in for the fictional town of Bon Temps, La). reports that “the town’s streets (and trees) were strategically strewn with trash but mostly clothing, for a saucy storyline to play out in a few weeks on the show’s 10th episode of the current season.”  Locals had the opportunity to watch, out-of-frame, Stephen Moyer (Bill Compton), Anna Paquin (Sookie Stackhouse) and Ryan Kwanten (Jason Stackhouse) shoot their scenes.

Missorleans990 sent us her account to what she saw on the set of True Blood:

“The cast and crew were in Clinton, LA, a small town about an hour north of Baton Rouge, filming on the main street. The police had the two ends of Main Street closed off, as well as the area around the historic court house. However, I could see that there were clothes strewn all over the street and sidewalks. According to the LSU newspaper, the Reveille, the Clinton Main street is serving as the setting for Bon Temps, and they were filming for episode 10. Some of the stars there were Anna Paquin, Ryan Kwanten, and Nelsan Ellis. Wish I could have seen more, but if they were filming on Sunday they got rained out, and when I drove by Sunday afternoon they had packed up and moved out.”

There was one interesting visitor that did happened to  “drop in” on the cast and crew of True Blood during their visit in Clinton.  An ailing Clinton baby bat fell from a tree near the East Feliciana Parish Courthouse (built in 1840) as the production was preparing to shoot a scene.

The set’s medic Holly O’Quin, who works as a nurse during the day at the Ochsner Health Center immediately went to the bat’s rescue and called her brother, Jeff Galpin, who works as a New Orleans stunt coordinator and animal wrangler for film-and-TV productions.  He stated toMs. Quinn to nurse the baby bat back to health by “feeding it regular doses of evaporated milk and egg whites” administered by a needle-less syringe.  Many on the set, including Anna, were concerned for the the bat’s well-being.  The baby bat made a full recovery and flew off at the end of production on Monday.

During their off time the cast and crew are taking the opportunity to enjoy the sights in Louisiana. reports that on Sunday, Stephen Moyer, Anna Paquin and several production officials visited New Orleans and attended a large dinner party at Galatoire’s where Deborah Ann Woll joined the group.

Several days earlier Stephen Moyer took in the sights of New Orleans on his own, walking the French Quarter.  During his excursion Stephen took photos of the French Quarter and took in a cup of coffee where some locals recognized him.  Stephen stated that:

“I saw a coffeehouse in a courtyard, and I wandered in there,” a native of England, about his first-ever trip to New Orleans. “The coffee looked great. And sitting at the table were two New Orleans mimes, dressed in silver, having a coffee break. They were talking (but) went into mime (poses) as I walked past.”

Upon getting his cup of coffee Stephen returned to the mines sitting at the table and offered them gratuity in exchange for taking their photo.

“This is the only thing she said,” said Moyer of one of the mimes, approximating her thick “True Blood“-homage accent. ” ‘Anything for you, Bill Compton.'”

WVLA- Baton Rouge at reports behind the scenes from the set of True Blood in Louisiana in a video clip. To view the behind the scenes video click here.

We must mention several special thank yous. To amberhavens for providing us with the link to the NBC True Blood Behind The Scenes video in NOLA. Also to Missorlean990 for providing us with her first person account from the set of True Blood.



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True Blood Season 2 Casting News: Extras Needed

June 16, 2009

Alan Ball‘s HBO TV series True Blood needs extras during their shoot in Louisiana during the month of July. Bam Casting LA, Louisiana’s leading casting company has placed a casting call for extras and here is the casting notice.

Welcome to Louisiana’s Leading Casting Company!

Currently Casting
Bam Casting is now casting EXTRAS for the HBO Television Series
Starring:  2009’s Golden Globe Award Winning Actress





You will be paid and you have to be available for up to 12 hours each day you work.  Filming July 6 – 10, 2009 in BATON ROUGE.

1. Click below to download our talent registration form or click on forms tab above.

2. Fill out the form and email to: Include a picture of yourself and your car.

3. If you have never worked as an extra/background, please click on the “ALL ABOUT BACKGROUND” tab above, to familiarize yourself with terminology and set etiquette.

click here for talent registration form



True Blood Season 2: Cast Answer Fan Questions

June 9, 2009

rutina-wesley-true-bloodRyan Kwanten, Rutina Wesley and Michelle Forbes discuss in this video clip the funny moments that have occurred with on the set of Alan Ball‘s hit HBO TV vampire series True Blood.

(Photo credit: AP Photo/Chris Pizzello)


True Blood Season 2: HBO Escape the Everyday Sweepstakes

May 23, 2009

HBO is running the “Escape the Everyday” sweepstakes to promote the return of season 2 of True Blood with a Grand Prize of $10,000 towards HBO, TV service, Internet, phone and so much more courtesy of HBO.  There are also instant win prizes consisting of the True Blood Season 1 DVD, Fangtasia t-shirt, Fellowship of the Sun t-shirt, American Vampire League t-shirt, and True Blood Logo Mug.  The sweepstakes begins May 23, 2009 and ends on July 3, 2009 at 11:59 p.m. ET, so each day you have to login onto the site to increase your odds of winning.

How to Enter: During the Promotion Period, go to and complete and submit the registration form including a valid home address. P.O. Boxes are not permitted. Once you submit the registration, follow the links and instructions to select one (1) of the three (3) scenes. Then, you can enter the Sweepstakes and Instant Win Game as outlined below:

I. Sweepstakes: Interact with the scene by clicking on objects to locate and collect items (each an “Item”). One (1) Item per scene will be made available for collection each week during the Promotion Period. You will automatically receive three (3) Sweepstakes entries for each Item you collect. You can also obtain up to six (6) additional Sweepstakes entries per day by entering codes (each a “Code”). To obtain Codes, click “Enter Code” and you will proceed to a website where you will find six (6) videos. After you watch each video, you will receive a Code. You will receive one (1) Sweepstakes entry per Code entered each day during the Promotion Period.

II. Instant Win Game: Within each scene, locate the Instant Win Game area of the scene: the table in the bar, the fireplace in the house, and the grave in the graveyard. Click on the objects within the Instant Win Game area of the selected scene to play the Instant Win Game. You will be able to play the Instant Win Game one (1) time per day from each scene for a total of three (3) times per day during the Promotion Period. The Instant Win Game results will be instantly displayed. Potential winners of the Instant Win Game will be provided directions for validation. All potential winners are subject to verification before any prize will be awarded. Administrator is responsible for the functionality of the Instant Win Game.

Limit: Each participant may receive three (3) Sweepstakes entries per Item collected during the Promotion Period and one (1) Sweepstakes entry per Code entered each day during the Promotion Period. Each participant may also play the Instant Win Game up to three (3) times per day during the Promotion Period. Multiple entrants are not permitted to share the same email address.  Only valid in the U.S. Click here to be taken to the HBO Escape the Everyday Sweepstakes website.



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Closer – Bill and Sookie Fan Video

May 14, 2009

This fan video was made by ARCHeather on YouTube done to the song “Closer” sung by Kings of Leon. This is another wonderful fan video that shows how much Bill and Sookie love each other and how much they always want to stay with each other.  The music in this video is very powerful and the words sung by the lead singer of this group conveys the strong passion that exists between Bill and Sookie.  A great song to go with this video and a story of the beautiful about the lasting love between Bill and Sookie and the world of  True Blood. Enjoy!


True Blood Season 2: Blood Copy Look at Vampires in the Workplace

May 13, 2009

bcworkEven though vampire Andrew has been turned for only a short time period he sure does seem to know a lot about the inner workings of the vampire world.  It seems that he has learned quickly what jobs vampires can and cannot do since they can only work during night but then again you have to ask yourself  “Do vampires really need to work?”  I mean then don’t need to eat and if they need a car or a place to stay they could always glamor someone into giving them the things that they need or money.  However, there are some that do prefer to in engage in the activity of  work for the purpose of profit or perhaps just to keep themselves busy somehow.   Anyways there seems to be a market that is specifically geared towards vampires and ones that suit them.

According vampire Andrew vampires need coffins shipped, homes made light proof and who else would know better than another vampire.  Also since they can work through the night everyone can benefit with 24 hours service in everything including lawyers, accountants and great police officers for the graveyard shift.

To help quell the air of mistrust and suspicion of vampires, the benefits of their inclusion in society is being promoted.  Think about in terms of an employer.  No sick days, they are not influenced by drugs or alcohol, and are fast workers.  Who wouldn’t want to hires vampires. Well go see for yourself on vampire Andrew’s blog at Blood Copy and weigh in on the debate about vampires in the workplace.   A good thing or not let your voice be heard.

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