Video: True Blood Cast Dishes Spoilers at Season 5 Premiere

June 7, 2012

New Couples, Old Adversaries, a Long Awaited Backstory:

Alexander Skarsgård, Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer at True Blood Season 5 PremiereWhen the cast of HBO’s True Blood turned out for the Season 5 premiere, they were interviewed on the red carpet. Everyone was happy to share information and insights into their characters and the events of the show itself.

*Warning: Mild spoilers ahead!

Alan Ball said that Season 5 is the season of church and state. It’s the season of politics and religion from the vampire perspective. When asked about Scott Foley’s character, Patrick, Mr. Ball explained that he made a bad decision in the heat of battle and it has far reaching consequences. Finally, Mr. Ball alluded to the introduction of some new romantic couples. He couldn’t elaborate because it would give too many story details away.

Jacob Hopkins (Alexander) described his character as feisty and strong minded. He says Alexander grew more obnoxious with each episode.

Denis O’Hare (Russell Edgington) said that vampire politics are the focus of Season 5. Mr. O’Hare explained that when people are brought back to life, they have to lose something. With Russell’s resurrection, he has lost his vicious ambition. In its place are a playfulness, ease, and humor. But make no mistake, Russell is still really dangerous. He still kills a lot of people, and kills them with glee. When asked, Mr. O’Hare said it took Russell about 4-5 episodes to heal. Most intriguingly of all, Russell unexpectedly falls in love again.

“Something happens from across the room. Something happens while sharing a body. Someone you know. You’ll be very surprised  by it.”

Lucy Griffiths (Nora) explained that Nora and her ‘brother’ Eric love each other very much but haven’t seen one another in a long time. Their relationship can be very fraternal, in that they can be very aggressive toward each other. They make a great team when they work together but otherwise they just mess each other up.

Stephen Moyer (Bill Compton) talked of the close relationship that developed between his character and Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgård).

“We’re good friends and it’s been a lot of fun. And we sort of love each other.”

Kristin Bauer van Straten (Pam) shared that Nora’s appearance caused a little bit of trouble for Pam. Ms. Bauer van Straten explained that she and Alex have been asking for Pam’s backstory for years and were thrilled to finally see it played out. She says the story explains the Pam we know.

Kelly Overton plays a new werewolf character named Rikki. She describes her character as a strong, resourceful werewolf, the opposite of the damsel in distress. She’s determined to find out what happened to the Pack Master and is not loving Alcide at the moment.

Rutina Wesley said that, despite people’s doubts, Tara is coming back.

Michael McMillian (Steve Newlin) said that becoming a vampire might be the best thing that’s ever happened to Steve. At first, he wondered if Steve would be self-loathing but the reality is, he’s very attracted to power. Jason is the guy Steve always wanted to be and he’s coming after Jason. But, Jason has a new vampire friend in Jessica.

“If you mess with Jason, you mess with Jessica.”

Apparently, the first four episodes are a Pam tour de force, and the origin story between Pam and Eric is fantastic. Fans don’t have long to wait now. Season 5 of True Blood premieres on HBO June 10th.

Check out the video below, if you’d prefer to skip to the good stuff (strictly True Blood related), it starts right before the 3-minute mark. Enjoy!

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True Blood Men on Shortlist

December 23, 2010

Shortlist Amusement with the Men of True Blood

ShortlistLocateTV asked to take a look at a new feature on their website called shortlists. Well, you bet! Any excuse to play around, especially when it has something to do with True Blood.

What’s a shortlist? According to LocateTV:

With the new feature, you can build your own themed lists of TV shows, film and people. You can also rate and comment on other people’s lists and share them with your friends. You can put shortlists together using any TV show, movie or person on LocateTV: pick a theme for a shortlist you would like to build click the “create your shortlist” button search for the TV, movies or people you want to add to your shortlist drag’n’drop their image into the shortlist bar at the bottom of the page (or click the “Add” menu and select “Add to my Shortlist”) when you have made your selections, hit the “publish and comment” button to share your list with the world.

There are about a dozen shortlist themes so far, with the promise of more to come. While it’s not yet possible to create your own theme, you can suggest themes to the site. (I suggested My Favorite Television Supernaturals.)

After looking through the shortlist themes, I decided to have some True Blood fun with the Celebs I’d Like to Datetheme since it was easy to think of my shortlist-in-the-making as being organized around a slightly different theme. My True Blood bias is obvious, I’m afraid. Considering that I have the attention span of a two-year old, for me to succeed at creating a shortlist, the process was going to have to be both obvious and easy. And it was. And that means . . . taa dah!

I created my very own shortlist consisting of 10 of the male cast members of True Blood.  (Ten is the maximum number of items for a shortlist.) The images used to populate a shortlist come from the LocateTV site itself. This means you can immediately drag and drop the relevant image to your shortlist. Dead easy, even for me, and I over-think everything while overlooking huge glowing buttons that say Click Here. The downside, however, is that you are limited to images provided by the site. More on that in a bit.

A shortlist of True Blood Actors

Take a look at my shortlist here.  My list is ordered alphabetically by first name, by the way. If you have a look, you’ll see you can vote up or down the actors I elected to include, as well as comment on the awesomeness of my shortlist. Or disagree. Or make your own. Frankly, I think mine will be hard to beat, but don’t let that discourage you from trying!

Fun but With a Few Shortcomings

One of the current shortcomings is immediately and glaringly apparent; no pictures available for four of the ten actors on my list. There were images for Alexander Skarsgard, James Frain, Joe Manganiello, Stephen Moyer, Ryan Kwanten and Sam Trammell, but none available for Denis O’Hare, for example. Or any of the others I selected.

Another issue, though some may disagree, is that others can’t vote on your list unless they are registered users. I tweeted about my list after I was done, and that registration requirement proved to be a roadblock for some people. So, be warned, registration is required to vote on my awesome shortlist. There are a few other hiccups I noted but nothing major.

Shortlists in Conclusion

I had fun creating my shortlist and it’s easy to share yours via social networks like Facebook, Twitter and the like. The lack of picture availability is an issue I hope to see resolved soon.

Go forth and vote for my shortlist of True Blood men or create your own even awesomer list. There is now, of course, a crying need for a shortlist of the women of True Blood someone would like to date. Just pointing that out.

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True Blood Season 2: Episode 9 – “I Will Rise Up”

August 18, 2009

Hoytt: New Honey of VampiresAfter a suicide bomber obliterates the Vampire party, Eric takes advantage of Sookie’s kindness and sucks her into his web of deception. After Sookie swallows some of Eric’s blood, she starts to see him in a new, sexier light. In a dreamscape, Eric shows that he does have a softer side.

Sookie and Jason reflect on the past, covering old wounds that seem finally able to heal. Jason admits that he still has not dealt with their grandmothers death and after realizing that the siblings are the only surviving members of the Stackhouse family, resolves to do things right from here on in.

Lafayette and Lettie Mae storm Sookie’s house in an attempt to save Tara from Maryann’s influence. The move was spawned from an earlier visit to Merlotte’s where Lafayette attributes his cousins facial bruises to Egg’s hand. Tara is carted away from Sookies house while putting up possessed resistance

Hoyt introduces his mother to Jessica in a dinner meeting that ends up in bloodied tears due to the harsh words of Maxine. Bon Temps jail is filled to capacity with people who have been picked up due to misdemeanors and upon learning that Sam has flown the coop Maryann lets every last reprimanded person free.

In Dallas, Eric and Godric deal with the PR backlash of the bombing and recent events with Nan Flanagan. Godric chooses to take the fall and step down as Sheriff, and decides to meet the sun as Sookie stays by his side as a favor to Eric.

Top 5 of I Will Rise Up

  2. Eric in Sookie’s dream state, there seemed to be a little bit of chemistry between those two characters. As Bill fades into a shadow of what he used to be in season one, maybe this would spice things up.
  3. Bill explaining that since Sookie has some of Eric’s blood in her, then she would experience a sexual attraction to him. Is this why she is attracted to Bill?
  4. Godric‘s parting scene. Some amazing dynamics between Godric and Eric helped make the whole scene work well. Each episode we are shown some top dramatic performances.
  5. Tara being taken from Sookie‘s house. This makes me interested in finding out what is going to happen when Sookie returns to her house being taken over by Maryann. I would say that due to us having three more episodes to go- this leaves room for it to get U.G.L.Y.

Make sure you tell us your top 5’s in the feedback below!

[Editor’s Note: Or.. if you’re the editor you get to sneak them in here!]

  2. No Maso/Sadi/Anarchy Sex at all.  I don’t mean to sound like a prude but man that was such an awful scene between Tara and Eggs last week!
  3. Hoyt tellin’ his mama off.  He’s a grown assed man, Maxine! It was a long.. time comin’.. someone cue Sam Cooke!  The casting department of this show just rocks, every time attention turns to someone who was a minor character last season they rise to the occasion.  Jim Parrack is rockin my world this season.  Warm, sensitive and strong. (Do I need to even say how much I love Jessica???)
  4. Lafayette and Lettie Mae staging an intervention.  You go, girlfriends!  I swear Lafayette has more courage than can fit into one human body, even one as sexy as his.  He KNOWS true horror but he still ‘mans up’ every single time (and I use that phrase “mans up” in a totally omnisexual sense.)
  5. Everything Eric this episode, Alexander did a superb job. He looked like he was faking when he was supposed to without looking campy, he looked sexy in bed (even if he is too darn tall 😉 ), he looked like his heart was ripped out when Godric went to meet the sun.   I’m sure the Eric/Sookie Shippers are happy.  Although I didn’t have the same take as Dan, I thought that Sookie imagined Eric having a softer side not that he actually DOES have one.  Although it’s not technically one scene, kudos to Mr. Skarsgard.

Special all time favorite top five scene: Godric meeting the sun.  It was simple, it was elegant, it was horrible and beautiful and somehow just perfect.  I loved Godric but it was the right decision to let him meet the sun.  How long could such pathos go on without wearing thin?  Kudos to the FX guys, the lighting department, the camera men, the location scouts, the film editors, the writers, the director, the casting department, the actors and most of all Alan Ball for making the right call.  It’s right up there second only to the pie scene for tear jerker and 3rd favorite overall (Sookie‘s run through the cemetery to Bill is my all time favorite scene!).

Scene that peeved me this week:  Each week there seems to be one scene that gets under my skin.  Sometimes, it’s unnecessary explicitness, sometimes it’s a small plot hole, this week it was Sookie sucking the silver, and blood, out of Eric‘s chest.  I understand they needed a plot device to connect Sookie to Eric to test the bond between Sookie and Bill.  The problem I have is that I HATE it when women are written as dumb as an ox, sister to Jason or not, blond or not. Seriously, not only should you be suspicious that Eric is faking when Bill walks away and leaves him there, and when Godric isn’t hovering over him to be sure he’s OK, but was anyone else sucking the silver out of other vampires anywhere in the room?  Many of them had their humans there.. yet you’re the only one SUCKING the silver out?  Why wouldn’t you just dig it out with your finger?  I mean, come on..!  Has that ‘a snake bit my penis and I’m going to die if you don’t suck the poison out’ line ever worked in the history of humans, of primates? Not EVEN if you see the dead snake laying in the room.

And the worst part is, it wasn’t necessary to make Sookie this incredibly stupid.  She could have quite simply gotten some of his blood in her mouth as he protected her from flying silver during the explosion.  Or maybe have Eric even ‘wipe her mouth’ while she’s still stunned with a bloody hand if you want him to be a devious rat.  It makes it very hard for me to care what happens to Sookie when she’s this stupid.  Just like I have found it hard to care what happens to Jason half the time.

Despite that rant, I have to say this was my second favorite episode this season for all the other reasons listed.  I dreaded the episode ending and it went for too fast and was too darn short!  And now I’m torn between, “Is it Sunday yet?” and OMGodric it’s almost the end of the season!

I now return control of the horizontal and the vertical, sorry for the rant.  Awaiting your comments below!

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True Blood Cast Attend HBO’s Hung Premiere

June 26, 2009

On June 24,  some True Blood cast members attended the L.A. Premiere of the HBO’s ‘Hung’Kristen Bauer, Michael McMillian, Mariana Klaveno, Adina Porter and Tara Buck attended the premiere.


Michael Mcmillian

Kristen Bauer

Kristen Bauer


Mariana Klaveno


Adina Porter


Tara Buck

The premiere of Hung starring Thomas Jane airs on June 28th. Watch the Trailer of Hung.

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True Blood Cast Signed T-shirt Fundraising Auction

April 8, 2009

An authentic signed Bon Temps Football t-shirt worn by actor Ryan Kwanten who plays Jason Stackhouse on the hit HBO Series, True Blood is up for auction.  This is a Spring Benefit Auction and all monies raised will support the art & music programs for the PS 51 The Elias Howe School in New York. 


Click photo to enlarge

The back of the Bon Temps Football t-shirt is signed by 16 True Blood cast members:

Alan Ball–Executive Producer and Creator
Anna Paquin–Sookie Stackhouse
Stephen Moyer– Bill Compton
Ryan Kwanten–Jason Stackhouse
Rutina Wesley–Tara Thornton
Nelsan Ellis–Lafayette Reynolds
Sam Trammel–Sam Merlotte
Jim Parrack–Hoyt Fortenberry
Todd Lowe–Terry Bellefleur
Deborah Ann Woll–Jessica
Ashley Jones–Daphne
Adina Porter–Lettie Mae Thornton
Alexander Skarsgard–Eric Northman
Carrie Preston–Arlene Fowler
Chris Bauer–Andy Bellefleur
Michelle Forbes–Maryann


Click photo to enlarge

For information on bidding visit the auction for details


Stephen Moyer in People Magazine

October 26, 2008

It is great that Stephen Moyer is finally getting the recognition he deserves for a wonderful performance in his current role of Bill Compton, in the new HBO hit series “True Blood”.

Stephen is featured on People’s website in a one minute video showing the 100 Sexy Men In One Minute for 2008. You see Stephen’s picture at the 1:04 mark.  To see the video click the link below.

SOURCE: 100 Sexy Men In One Minute for 2008

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Entertaiment Weekly Interview with the Cast of True Blood

September 5, 2008

Entertainment Weekly conducted a video interview with Alan Ball, Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin to discuss their new HBO TV series “True Blood”. The cast members went into detail to explain the plot of the series and the characteristics of their characters. To see the complete video click the link below.

SOURCE: Entertaiment Weekly Interview with the Cast of True Blood

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Stephone Moyer Interview With TeenTelevision

September 4, 2008

Bill in Fangtasia

Lynn Barker from TeenTelevision had the opportunity to talk to Stephen Moyer, who plays the role of Bill Compton. A 173 year old vampire from the Civil War who returns back to his hometown of Bon Temps, Louisiana to “mainstream” among humans in Alan Ball’s new HBO TV series “True Blood”. Stephen explains how he got the part of Bill Compton and his preparations for the role. He discusses the development of his character and his interaction with the other characters. To read Stephen’s complete interview click the link below.

SOURCE: Stephen Moyer: True Blood’s Vampire Hunk

(Photo credit: HBO., Inc.)


Alan Ball, Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin:Talk About True Blood

September 2, 2008

Jordan Riefe from The took time out to interview Alan Ball, Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin to discuss with them their new HBO TV series “True Blood”. Alan talks about how he became aware of Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse series and how he took the format from the books and incorporated them onto television. Alan further explains the various storylines in the series and how they can be seen as metaphors for today’s society. Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin discuss in the interview their own character’s perspectives regarding the events surrounding them. To read the full interview please follow the link below.

SOURCE: TCA: True Blood With Alan Ball, Anna Paquin, and Stephen Moyer

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Anna Paquin Interview with h Magazine

September 2, 2008

annapaquin1_full-225x300Anna sat down with h magazine to discuss her character, Sookie Stackhouse, on the new HBO TV series “True Blood” and the storyline behind this new Alan Ball show.  Anna talked about the preparations that she had to do for the show and working with the cast and with Alan.  She also divulged her experiences at college and her career as an actress. To read the complete interview click the link below.

SOURCE:  Tasting New Blood With Anna Paquin

(Photo credit:  Robert Todd Williamson)