Recap: True Blood Halloween Party at Club Fangtasia

January 11, 2013

Australia Gets to party with True Blood Stars at Seamus O’Tooles:

Marshall Allman (Tommy Mickens) and Tara Buck (Ginger) arrive at Club Fangtasia, the HBO True Blood inspired Halloween event

Marshall Allman (Tommy Mickens) and Tara Buck (Ginger) on the red carpet outside Club Fangtasia

So another Halloween has passed and yet another outstanding True Blood Halloween party has been held at Melbourne’s Seamus O’Toole’s who transformed into the decadent Club Fangtasia for one night only.

This year, I veered away from my usual Sookie (Anna Paquin) theme and decided to dress up as Jessica Hamby (Deborah Ann Woll). My husband decided on copying that famous (and blood thirsty) scene from episode 4 of Season 5 of HBO’s True Blood and got all blood spattered as Roman (Chris Meloni).

There was the hotly anticipated arrival of the True Blood cast members, who arrived via limousine and were ushered down the red carpet after attending the First Contact Conventions Full Blood convention. Fans lined the walkway and there was plenty of blood-curdling screaming going on when Ginger passed by.

Getting photo bombed by Marshall Allman (who played Tommy Mickens in HBO's True Blood). With Lenore Mills, Rachel Tsoumbakos and Tara Buck (Ginger)

Getting photo bombed by Marshall Allman (who played Tommy Mickens in HBO’s True Blood). With Lenore Mills, Rachel Tsoumbakos and Tara Buck (Ginger)

For holders of the extra special VIP tickets, not only did you get to party until the wee hours, drink Tru Blood fangtails, go into the draw for some awesome prizes and participate in charity auctions, you got to hang out with Marshall and Tara in the VIP room upstairs! Both cast members were happy to chat to fans all night long and there were many great True Blood stories told by both of the stars (neither of whom could believe my transformation from Merlotte’s Jessica Hamby for the exclusive interview the previous day into Red Riding Hood Jessica Hamby for the Halloween event!)

Due to the adherence to HBO guidelines, there was no photography in the venue on the night, but that didn’t hinder anyone’s enjoyment as authorized photographers were on hand to take photos of the party goers. So for those of you who attended (or wished you had), make sure you head on over to Club Fangtasia’s Facebook page and check out all the great pics of the night!

Matt Le Guier, Kim Grimshaw, Paul Tsoumbakos, Rachel Tsoumbakos and Sherryn Pickering all bloodied up for Club Fangtasia's True Blood event

Matt Le Guier, Kim Grimshaw, Paul Tsoumbakos, Rachel Tsoumbakos and Sherryn Pickering all bloodied up for Club Fangtasia’s True Blood event

If you weren’t lucky enough to score a VIP ticket, there were still opportunities to see the stars in action when they made a few guest appearances downstairs. They chatted to the audience, helped out with the auctions and announced prize winners.

Speaking of prize winners, Kim and Matt (in the picture to your left, won a True Blood poster signed by several member of the True Blood cast, just by buying a ticket and turning up – and this was only second prize! The first prize was a signed True Blood picture as well as a brand new iPad. As for the coveted best dressed award? Well, this prize went to a couple who were outstanding in their costume design as well as maintaining their persona for most of the night. The prize (of $200) went to Sharon Taylor Alford and Paul Tabone for their original outfits. You can view the winning costume here.

Band Red Rockit rocked it up at Seamus O'Toole's Club Fangtasia

Band Red Rockit rocked it up at Seamus O’Toole’s Club Fangtasia

Marshall Allman and Tara Buck left late in the evening, but that didn’t stop the party. There was still plenty to do! Not only was there the awesome Aza MC, pole dancers and a rocking band Red Rockit, but DJ Courtney arrived straight off the plane and helped out also. There was a great chill out area outside the venue for when it got too hot inside. Many people mingled here and it was just as much fun outside as what it was inside. At the very back of Seamus O’Toole’s there is a large section of booths – a great place to put your feet up after dancing the night away!

Every year I go to this event, I am amazed at the dedication and sheer amount of hard work that goes into setting up this event. Garth O’Hehir, Jason Rigopoulos and Paul Allen orchestrate the event and this year they excelled themselves. Also, their staff and the various helpers that all band together to make this event work so well on the night are a credit to the team.

It truly was (yet again) an awesome night!

Oh, and if you wanted a drink in the VIP section, this is the guy that served you:

Bar staff at True Blood's Club Fangtasia

Bar staff at True Blood’s Club Fangtasia

(Photo Credits: Club

Also, a special thanks goes out to Lenore Mills, Matt Le Guier, Kim Grimshaw, Paul Tsoumbakos, Sherryn Pickering, Red Rockit and the bar staff for allowing  me to use their images for this article.


True Blood Halloween Party at Club Fangtasia

October 26, 2012

It’s Time to Announce the Awesome Stuff!

True Blood Club Fangtasia halloween Party Promo Poster 1So, you’ve heard me mention it time and again here on TrueBloodNet. Club Fangtasia is being hosted once more by the fabulous crew at the Seamus O’Tooles Irish Pub in Melbourne, Australia.

While the first two events were truly spectacular, this year promises to top all current expectations! But you need to get in quick as the very last 20 VIP tickets and 20 General Admission tickets have been released. Go to the Club Fangtasia website here if you want to snap a few up!

So what’s new?

  • This year there are True Blood celebrities – yes you can meet some of the actors that make the show so darn HOT! 
  • Spectacular prizes are on offer. Want a piece of your fave True Blood star? Then this is the best bet you have of winning it for nothing more than the purchase of your ticket
  • An all day event has been organised by First Contact Conventions called Full Blood and will include a day of True Blood activities. (Check here to see if tickets are still available)
  • Personalised autographs (of the celebrities attending the Halloween party) can be purchased at Seamus O’Tooles from 2-4pm on Saturday the 3rd of November (the day before the event)
  • True Blood auctions – bid on personal True Blood items belonging to the stars of the show! All proceeds will go to the charities of the celebrities choice – a win-win situation for all involved
  • True Blood merchandise – buy bottles of Tru Blood and Merlotte’s T-shirts among other great items
  • Fangtails: Tru Blood cocktails – need I say more?!
  • Oh, and, I will be interviewing the celebrities!

True Blood Club Fangtasia Halloween promo poster 2

So, who are these celebrities that I will be chatting to for TrueBloodNet? Well, as per the recent email sent from Club Fangtasia headquarters, it was announced that Pam (Kristin Bauer) has been summoned by The Authority and can no longer attend. Holly (Lauren Bowles) has unfortunately been caught up in one of her very own wiccan spells and will not be released in time, which means she will no longer be attending either. But there is still a super line up to keep even the most avid True Blood fans happy!

Replacing Pam is the fabulous Tommy Mickens (Marshal Allman), which is sure a fantastical feat since he was killed in a previous season! Luna (Janina Gavankar) has also graciously decided to replace Holly and is shape-shifting into a bird as we speak in order to make it to Australia before the 4th of November. Jesus (Kevin Alejandro), Lafayette’s brujo boyfriend is also confirmed as attending – his whole body and not just his head! And, finally, Ginger, AKA the screamer, (Tara Buck) is confirmed as well. Let’s just hope we can hear the music over her blood-curdling wails!

Want me to ask the celebrities a question on your behalf? Then let me know in the comments below and I’ll see what I can do.

Make sure you check back here regularly in order to read the exclusive TrueBloodNet interviews with the stars of True Blood as well as my recap of the Club Fangtasia Halloween party!

Sources: Club Fantasia – Website & email newsletter

First Contact Conventions – Full Blood

Rachel Tsoumbakos – True Blood Halloween Blog

(Photo Credits: Garth O’Hehir/


A True Blood Halloween Party at Club Fangtasia

September 28, 2011

Tickets are Selling Out Fast!

Club Fangtasia PromoFor Aussie Truebie fans, there is a very special True Blood inspired Halloween party being held again this year at Seamus O’Toole’s. I attended last year, and loved it so much that I will be there again this year. However, I have some bad news as well as some good news.

The good news is that there will possibly be a very special surprise for ticket holders this year. The bad news is that tickets are almost sold out! There are less than 80 general admission tickets left. The VIP tickets were sold out long ago. If you miss out now, your only chance is to hang around the club and hope that someone leaves early.

So if you are in Melbourne this Halloween and are looking for the best party in town, make sure you order your tickets here now.

Sources: Seamus O’Toole’s – Club Fangtasia

Club Fangtasia – Facebook Page

(Photo Credit: Seamus O’Toole’s)


True Blood Costume Party in San Francisco

October 27, 2010

Win Prizes on Friday, October 29th

Vampires, Werewolves and Shifters OH MY! The Mix bar in the Castro is holding a True Blood costume party sponsored by BARtab. Come out as your favorite character from HBO’s True Blood, Charlaine Harris‘ books or a fabulous Sookiverse character you’ve invented on your own and spend the evening with fellow fans and meet unknown friends.

Prizes for best costumes include tickets to a screening of Poltergeist with Jo Beth Williams, tickets to Trannyshack‘s Halloween party and tickets to Thrillpeddler‘s Schocktoberfest Kiss of Blood and bottles of the Tru Blood drink.

For more information or to RSVP visit The Mix and good luck to anyone that enters!

SOURCE: True Blood Party @ The Mix

(Photo Source: HBO Inc.)


Sam Trammell and Rutina Wesley at The Las Vegas Yelloween Party

November 2, 2009

Over the weekend True Blood fans had the chance to party with Sam Trammell (Sam Merlotte) and Rutina Wesley (Tara Thornton) at the Veuve Clicquot’s Yelloween party at the Lavo nightclub inside the Palazzo Hotel and Casino on October 31, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Sam‘s costume was probably best described as a  “Viking Sorcerer”, wearing a horned viking helmet with long blonde braids, a wizard’s robe and wand.  Rutina on the other hand, was dressed in a black and red pirate outfit. Both True Blood stars mingled with guest at the Halloween bash which probably had its fair share of vampires roaming around.

Sam Trammell and Rutina Wesley

Sam Trammell

Rutina Wesley

Sam Trammell and Rutina Wesley

Rutina Wesley

Sam Trammell

Here is also a video of Sam and Rutina being interviewed at the Yelloween red carpet and partying by Sam and Rutina‘s clip begins at the 1:05 mark.

(Photo credit: PRN / PR Photos via


Kristin Bauer Talks About Halloween True Blood Style

October 26, 2009

Kristin Bauer as True Blood's PamIn writing a piece on True Blood vampire-themed Halloween parties, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel called Wisconsin native, Kristin Bauer (True Blood‘s Vampire Pam) for suggestions.  Kristin Bauer, who is a native of Racine, Wisconsin, plays the delightful Pam on Alan Ball‘s hit HBO TV vampire series True Blood and was asked by the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel asked how a sweet girl from Wisconsin can to into such a deadly vampire.

“It’s shockingly easy. Somehow, I just try to do my most dry and sarcastic self,” she said. “The other aspect that I concentrate on is to try to physically look immortal and powerful. Honestly, I think 90% of Pam is from (costume designer) Audrey Fisher. With Audrey dressing her, the work is almost done,” said Bauer, who wears an enviable collection of high heels in the show but who prefers flip-flops at home. “The wardrobe is stunning, and the shoes are unbelievable.”

Certainly, any fan of the show knows that even Eric Northman notices that Pam has great pumps. There is a stark contrast between the “dressed-to-kill” tight-bodiced dresses and glam makeup Pam wears for work at Fangtasia and the way she dresses when she’s off duty, generally looking more like a soccer mom than a bloodsucking queen of the night. But in both settings, she has those amazing pumps, and anyone planning to dress as Pam for Halloween will have to plan the wardrobe around those Pam-tastic shoes.

Kristin also talked with the Journal Sentinel about the surge in popularity of Alan Ball‘s True Blood HBO vampire drama:

I think people find the show compelling because it’s really well-written. It’s layered with social commentary and metaphors to what people deal with in life, and really, just what it’s like being alive on planet Earth.

True Blood vampires are the hot theme in Halloween this year, and the Journal Sentinel has some great recipes to spice up your get-together.  In honor of Pam, they recommend serving a Vampire‘s Kiss martini, which is, of course, blood red with pomegranate juice as a base.

The Vampire‘s Kiss martini will be the featured drink on Thursday, when Kristin and some of the other other members of the True Blood cast and their pets will attend the True Blood Hounds event, a True Blood themed fundraiser for the Los Angeles animal rescue, the Amanda Foundation.

Kristin has other ideas for what Pam would serve her guests on Halloween, however:

“She would definitely serve, what we called at home, cannibal sandwiches, with the raw meat and onion. Blood orange martinis and … red velvet cake because it’s so sophisticated. That deep red cake, it’s so shocking. Like Pam.”

Though Kristin loves Milwaukee regional favorite kringles, she won’t be serving them to anyone during the fundraising event.

I order it all the time and have it sent to people out here. They love it. Even though everyone here is trying to lose weight, and they beg me not to send it to them, I still do because they’re so good.

Kristin has been very busy while waiting to start filming the next season of True Blood, with appearances on Private Practice, The Secret Life of an American Teenager, and Three Rivers. But she can’t wait to get back into Pam‘s shoes once more:

The two hospital shows had very mortal storylines. All that human stuff is seriously taxing. I keep telling the (“True Blood“) producers to get us back into production…I seriously just want my fangs and heels back.

The fans want Kristin and the rest of the cast back as well.

For more True Blood Halloween party ideas from the Journal Sentinel, check out their character inspired recipes, including Pam‘s “Vampire’s Kiss” Martini, Eric Northman‘s Swedish Meatballs, Sookie Stackhouse‘s “I’m a Little Bit Nutty” Pecan Pie Bars, Lafayette Reynold‘s “Shut Up and Eat it” Gumbo, and Bill Compton‘s “Glamour” Dip and Chips.


(Photo credit: HBO Inc.)


True Blood Halloween Party Planning Ideas

October 23, 2009

Sookie StackhouseMy sister is the consummate themed party planner in my family.  No one will forget her Star Trek party at which costumed guests “beamed into the party” via circles on the floor and a light up panel on the wall of her entry room manned by my nephew who stood at a control panel in his “Red Shirt” costume.

This year, I think I can rival her party planning skills this Halloween with a True Blood party of my own.


For the perfect invitations to your True Blood Themed Halloween party, has invitations made for fans and endorsed by HBO.  Simply download the .pdf files to your computer and print them in color, and you’ll be sure to impress your guests.


Rob Kalesse at Spark suggests that you “Change all the lightbulbs in your house to lower wattage, or even darker colors like purples, reds and black lights. Remember, vampires don’t appreciate the light.” Candles will give the ambiance similar to Bill Compton‘s house (which is what I’m planning to go for), and decorating in reds and blacks with low wattage white Christmas lights will give the feel of Fangtasia.


Last year, my dogs went as Princess Leia and Darth Vader, but I’m definitely ready to retire the Star Wars idea in favor of making them shapeshifters.  Spark jokes that I should “Name them all Sam.” I plan to make it more authentic by dressing one of my dogs in a Merlotte‘s Bar and Grill T-Shirt and the other in a Fangtasia Shapeshifter Dog Bandana.

Spark recommends getting “some of those ‘Hi, My Name Is’ stickies, and ask your guests to write whether or not they’re human, vampire, telepath or shape-shifter under their name,” though I am all about costumes myself.

If you’re stuck for costume ideas, you can check out for Costume ideas for all your favorite characters and then go to the and click the shop tab to buy all the stuff you’ll need, like a Merlotte‘s T-shirt and waitress apron or a Fangtasia pint glass.


Angel Vee at Associated Content has some great ideas for True Blood Vampire food, including recipes for Vampire Red Velvet Cake, Vampire Cherry Goulash, and Black Popcorn Balls.  Also, remember the specials at Merlottes include: Lafayette‘s AIDS burgers, Hoyt‘s favorite Chicken Fried Steak (like a chicken and a steak had a delicious crispy baby), Terry‘s Jailhouse Chili, and fries with ranch.  And check out our What’s Cookin’ archives for more delicious recipes from Lafayette (a.k.a. Arlene Culpepper).

Be sure to have some Tru Blood beverages on hand as well, whether you plan to use them for mixed drinks or for drinking straight from the bottle (I wouldn’t recommend microwaving the stuff, though, however authentic it might seem, since it’s not likely most guests actually will like it at 98.3 degrees).  For drink recipes, check out True Blood Wiki’s Merlotte’s Bar Book.


Music is such a huge part of the show.  I’ve downloaded all of the True Blood soundtrack songs from iTunes and created a playlist just for the party,throwing in some of the KDED songs mentioned in Charlaine HarrisSookie Stackhouse novels as well.

Spark recommends you put your “TV on mute and set up the DVD player with Season 1 playing so your guests can relive their favorite moments from the show” and since I still have the Season 2 episodes stored on my DVR, I can show them as well, though you’ll want to make sure that if you’re following this suggestion, your guest list is adults only.

And just to go that one step further, I’m even setting up tables in one room for a Yahtzee tournament.  Of course, we play to five million.  People might end up at my house for a while.  I swear, I don’t cheat, however.  What would be the point?

With all these ideas, my party should be epic.  What’s my costume?  Sookie, of course.  Maybe even with some fangs.

SOURCE: Spark,,,  and

(Photo credit: HBO Inc.)


True Blood Cast Members To Attend True Blood Hounds Halloween Party

October 16, 2009

True Blood HoundsHalloween is in the air and bloodcurdling decorations are popping up everywhere. While everyone’s busy thinking about their Halloween costumes, you can have the best way to embrace Halloween this year. If you’re a True Blood fan who happens to be an animal lover and you’re aching to meet the cast members of Alan Ball‘s hit HBO TV vampire series True Blood, then come to the True Blood Hounds Halloween Party on Thursday, October 29, 2009 from 6:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. on The Via Rodeo at Two Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California.

An exclusive VIP champagne reception will be held at Tiffany & Co., with Sam Trammell, Nelsan Ellis, Rutina Wesley, Kristen Bauer, Michelle Forbes, and Ashley Jones in attendance from 6:30pm to 7:30pm followed by the general admission to the event from 7:30pm to 10:30pm which will feature a Silent Auction,  Cajun Cuisine by McCormick & Schmick, Vampire’s Kiss Martinis, a Doggy Costume Contest, and music provide by DJ Wolfie.

The event will benefit the Amanda Foundation, a nonprofit organization founded in 1976 that rescues dogs and cats who are in the city and county shelters. Which simply means that you will not only be enjoying this incredible event, but at the same time you will be helping the rescued animals.

The True Blood Hounds event kicks off the three-day Bow Wow Beverly Hills series of in-store dog adoptions from October 30th through November 1st.

To know more details and for ticket information, visit


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