Wes Brown: True Blood’s Luke McDonald

July 9, 2009

wes_brown_courtesy_hbo-jaimie_truebloodvu_t180Wes Brown made his appearance as the character Luke McDonald in season 2 of Alan Ball‘s hit HBO TV vampire series True Blood as Jason’s (Ryan Kwanten) new roomie, at The Fellowship Of the Sun Leadership Camp [to me it seems like more of a militia]. In the Houma Courier Wes talks about his roots in Louisiana before he moved to L.A., his transition from model to actor and his enjoyment and surprise of his role on True Blood.  On True Blood Brown says:

“The quality of the people on this show is really ridiculous,” Brown said, citing series creator Alan Ball “as tops on the television totem pole.” “When he speaks, I shut up and listen,” Brown said, “because I know nothing compared to these guys.”

On describing his new role Wes says:

Luke is a Texan, who is “extremely religious” and a “very competitive” former football player who due to injury, has channeled his pride and energy into the anti-vampire movement. His competitive nature sometimes puts him at odds with his buddy, Jason.”

Wes also said on the excitement of getting his role in True Blood:

“My car was parked at a bank near my home when my manager called to tell me I won the “True Blood” role. I grew so wrapped up in the moment that I started walking home while talking on the phone. I actually got so excited I forgot my car.”

Wes Brown started out as a model and in the article he talked about how modeling was a gateway to acting.  Brown said, he moved to L.A “to test the waters” and he was more lucky than most actors who spend sometimes years trying to find an agency and management to which he replied: “I was very fortunate.” When talking about his cast mates Wes only had praise in describing the atmosphere of the set which he described as:

“They don’t take it so serious to where it’s life and death. At the end of the day, they’re like, ‘We’re making a show about vampires. That’s fun,’ ” Brown said. “It seems like the more you have fun in creating these types of shows, the better they end up looking.” The show’s actors radiate authentic kindness and challenge him to improve, he said. “It (the show) makes me want to be better,” Brown said. “Wanting to be better is fun.”

To read more of Laura McKnight’s interview with Wes Brown it’s available at:
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Valerie Cruz On Playing True Blood’s First Latina Vampire

July 7, 2009

180px-valerie-cruz-10Marilyn Beck and Stacy Jenel Smith from nationalledger.com recently had the opportunity to interview Valerie Cruz. Valerie has been cast to play a 600 year old Latina vampire named Isabel on Alan Ball‘s hit HBO TV series True Blood.  Not only did she talk about her excitement of getting the part, but also about herself being a huge fan of True Blood. Ms. Cruz also had many praises for the show’s creator Alan Ball.

On Alan Ball in Valerie’s words:

Alan is such a class act. He’s there at every table read. The writers I’ve spoken to say he’s incredibly gracious — he trusts the people that he hires to really do a great job. The cool thing about it is, once you’re cast, once the whole thing is put together, he takes a step back and lets people do creatively what they want to do.”

Also Ms. Cruz said on playing a vampire:

“I’ve always loved vampires, so I was really excited about doing the show. Well, you’d be hard-pressed to find an actor who doesn’t get excited about the prospect of playing a character with this mindset that you live forever. The world just weighs on you differently, you know? That’s part of what makes vampires so interesting to play. In a sense they lack humanity, but in another sense there is a great humanness about them.”

Valerie last played Jimmy Smit’s wife on Dexter [Dexter was my favorite show before True Blood premiered on HBO now it’s my second] where Ms. Cruz added:

“My handful of Sunday nights when I could watch TV were ‘Mad Men’ and ‘True Blood,’ even though I was working on ‘Dexter’ at the time. It made me feel a little bit of a traitor.”

It must be exciting to be an actress and not only be a True Blood fan but also be a part of the world the show creates [I admit it, I’m jealous.]  To read more on Marilyn’s and Jenel’s interview with Valerie Cruz it’s available at:

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True Blood Season 2 Casting News: Hugo and the Fellowship of the Sun Members

May 19, 2009

chrisgartinTrue Blood Season 2 casting news for Hugo and for 2 individuals to play various members from the Fellowship of the Sun.  Christopher Gartin is cast to play Hugo who is described in casting calls as a man in his early 30’s to 40’s and appears to be a buttoned-down accountant or lawyer type and he is to play Isabel’s human boyfriend. He is locked up with Sookie in the bomb shelter of the F.O.T.S. Church. Mr. Gartin is scheduled to appear in three episodes: Episode 6 “Friend is a Four Letter Word,” Episode 7 “Release Me,” and Episode 8 “Timebomb.” Mr. Gartin has an extensive acting career appearing in “Aaron’s Way,” “Parent Trap III,” “Side order of Life,” and “Hitched” to name his many appearances both on TV and on film.  Mr. Gartin has two upcoming movie entitled “Son of Mourning” which has a scheduled release date of 2009 and “The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard” which is scheduled for release on August 14, 2009.
timothy-eulichTimothy Eulich is cast to play Rich who is described as a member of the Fellowship of the Sun member in his 30s who tries to stake Eric but gets pinned and trapped. He then tells Eric he’ll never make it past the rest of the group because they’re armed with wooden arrows.  Mr.  Eulich appears in Episode 8 “Timebomb” for this role.  Mr. Eulich has appeared extensively as a stunt double in various productions including, “Bones,” “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull,” and “The Mummy:  Tomb of the Dragon Emperor” just to name a few.  Mr. Eulich will continue to provide his talent as a stunt double in the upcoming features “Hard Breakers” and “Don’t Look Up.”

Shaun W. Loeser is cast to play a Soldier of the Son in Episode 9 “I Will Rise Up” as a terrified young man in his 20’s who attempts to flee from the enraged Bill while pleading for his life.   Mr Loeser has appeared as a stunt double in various shows including, “iCarly: iGo To Japan,” “My Name is Earl,” and “The Sarah Silverman Program” to name a few.  Mr. Loeser will be putting his talent as a stunt double to use on three upcoming films:  “Nine Shades of Pleasant,” “Table for Three,” and “Kambakkht Ishq” all scheduled to be released sometime in 2009.

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True Blood Season 2 Cast News: Meet Valerie Cruz

March 12, 2009

valerie-cruzValerie Cruz will be joining the cast of True Blood for Season 2. Ms. Cruz will play the role of Isabel, an elegant Hispanic vampire.  Ms. Cruz has appeared in many TV series including “Nip/Tuck”, “Hidden Palms”, “The Dresden Files” and “Dexter” to name a few.  She also has several movie credits to her name appearing in “No Man’s Land: The Rise of Reeker”,  “Cellular” and just completed “The Devil’s Tomb” co-starring with Cuba Gooding Jr., Ray Winstone and Ron Perlman set to be released October 2009.


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