HBO’s True Blood Included in Emmy Campaign Package

April 21, 2010

The race for Emmy nominations have already started as networks begin to send their Emmy campaign boxes to the 14,000 members of the TV academy who will cast their vote for their selections.  HBO has already sent out some of their campaign boxes which features booklets and DVDs of their TV series, specials, movies, documentaries, and the full miniseries “The Pacific.” HBO will also be sending out an additional separate package on May 5 that will contain DVDs of “You Don’t Know Jack” (Al Pacino as Dr. Jack Kevorkian), “The Special Relationship” (Michael Sheen and Dennis Quaid as British Prime Minister Tony Blair and U.S. President Bill Clinton) and Bill Maher’s special “I’m Not Wrong.”

The big news for True Blood fans is that two episodes from season 2 of True Blood have been included in the selection for consideration for an Emmy nomination, “Shake and Fingerpop” (Season 2, Episode 4) and “I Will Rise Up” (Season 2, Episode 9).

“Shake and Fingerpop” originally aired July 12, 2009 and was directed by Michael Lehmann and written by Alan Ball which focused on Eric, Sookie and Bill traveling to Dallas to help find the missing head of the local vampire community. They take Jessica along but on arrival, the driver meeting them attempts to abduct Sookie. Maryann throws a party for Tara who has now moved into Sookie‘s house. A lot of people show up and once again she weaves her magic, revealing something interesting about herself in the process. Sam Merlotte isn’t sure starting a relationship with Daphne is a good idea but she tells him she knows his secret. Lafayette is still recovering from his wounds when Eric makes him a proposition. Jason is still making an impression at Church camp and is asked to move in with Sarah and Steve Newlin.

“I Will Rise Up” originally aired August 16, 2009 and was directed by Scott Winant and was written by Nancy Oliver which focused on the vampire and human clean up in the aftermath of the explosion. Eric tricks Sookie into drinking some of his blood, much to Bill‘s dismay. As a result of the lapse in security, Godric‘s leadership falls under review but his response surprises everyone, especially Eric, who begs him not to go through with his plan. In Bon Temps, Maryann is out to find Sam Merlotte and complete the ritual sacrifice. She casts a spell on everyone in Sam‘s bar to get them to look for him. Lafayette and Tara‘s mother forcibly remove her from Sookie‘s house. Hoyt and Jessica get used to their situation and Hoyt decides it’s time to introduce his true love to his vampire-hating mother.

The first Emmy campaign box contains contents from TV series up for consideration which include:

Bored To Death – Episodes: “The Case of the Missing Screenplay”, “The Case of the Beautiful Blackmailer”, “Take a Drive”

Big Love – Episodes:  “Strange Bedfellows”, “The Mighty and Strong

Curb Your Enthusiasm – Episodes:  “Vehicular Fellatio”, “The Reunion”, “Denise Handicapped”, “The Bare Midriff”, “The Table Read”, “Seinfeld”

Entourage – Episodes:  “The Sorkin Notes”, “Scared Straight”, “Give a Little Bit”

How To Make It In America – Episodes:   “Pilot”, “Crisp”, “HUNG”, “Pilot”, “The Pickle Jar or Twice as Fat”, “A … and a Dream or Fight the Honey”

The Life and Times of Tim – Episodes:  “Tim’s Beard/ Unjustly Neglected Drama”, “Pharmaceutical Sales/ Rep Gone Wild/ Amy’s Got a Gun”, “London Calling/ Novelist”

Real Time With Bill Maher – Episodes:  “July 31, 2009: Niall Ferguson, Rachel Maddow, Joe Queenan, Jeff Sharlet, Michael Ware”, “Sept. 25, 2009: Paul Krugman, Michael Moore, Former Gov. Eliot Spitzer, John Waters”

The Ricky Gervais Show – Episodes:  “Space Monkey”, “Knob at Night”, “Charity”

Treme – Episodes:  “Do You Know What It Means”, “Meet de Boys on the Battlefront”

TRUE BLOOD – Episodes:  “Shake and Fingerpop”, “I Will Rise Up”

The second Emmy campaign box contains contents from movies, specials, family, and documentaries up for consideration which include:

“Temple Grandin”
“The 25th Anniversary Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Concert”
“Wanda Sykes: I’ma Be Me”
“Robin Williams: Weapons of Self Destruction”
“George Lopez: Tall, Dark & Chicano”
“A Family Is a Family Is a Family: A Rosie O’Donnell Celebration”
“Terror in Mumbai”
“Teddy: In His Own Words”
“By the People: The Election of Barack Obama”
“Schmatta: Rags to Riches to Rags”
“A Dog Year”

True Blood fans are hoping that this year will be the year for True Blood and that the Academy will recognize what we all already know:  True Blood is one of the best TV shows to come out on television in decades!


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Sophie-Anne LeClerq – Vampire Philosopher Queen

February 22, 2010

True Blood is one of the few TV shows worth repeated viewings, which is a testament to the quality of the production from conception to realization. Alan Ball may claim that True Blood is popcorn television, but there’s real meat (or is that blood) in there as well.

The True Blood Season 2 episode Frenzy, written by Alan Ball, attracted a fair amount of criticism after its first airing in the US. Critics described the episode as being too wordy; filled with exposition at the expense of action and plot development.

The scenes with the vampire Queen of Louisiana, Sophie-Anne LeClerq, were those that attracted the greatest amount of negative criticism, much of it aimed at Evan Rachel Wood whose responsibility it was to bring the wordy Queen to life.

So who is Sophie-Anne LeClerq and why is she so wordy? Does she spout philosophical wisdom or base sophistry?

Sophie-Anne is an immortal being, who in Alan Ball’s words: “very powerful, capricious, and most likely insane.” She has been a vampire for several hundred years, but was turned in her teens. She has accumulated the knowledge of several lifetimes, but interprets it all with the mind of a teenager.

We first meet Sophie-Anne in her Day House. Inside it is a luxurious confection of light, water, and desirable things (objects, humans, and vampires). Outside, dioramas of sand and sea block out the real world. It is opulent, perfect, unreal, and terribly sterile.

Queen Sophie-Anne LeClerq explains to a somewhat nonplussed Vampire Bill that everything in existence imagined itself into being. She also takes the philosophical position that there is no such thing as “good” (and by extension “evil”) or “time”. She forces her companions to play endless games of Yahtzee, which she extols as the “most egalitarian game in the world” as it is based purely on the chance roll of dice and requires no skill.

She is her own creation. She is what she imagines herself to be. The philosopher René Descartes famously posited “I think therefore I am” and Sophie-Anne appears to think she is one of Plato’s imaginary Philosopher Kings (or, in her case, Queen) and, therefore, she is.

In understanding Sophie-Anne you might remember the scene in the movie A Fish Called Wanda, where Otto (don’t call me stupid) West asserts that, that “Apes don’t read philosophy” and Wanda shouts back at him “Yes they do, Otto. They just don’t understand it.”

Now I’m not calling Sophie-Anne stupid (I wouldn’t dare), but she is a cautionary tale of knowledge without wisdom, power without limits, behavior without boundaries, life without death. She is the polar opposite of Sookie, who is wise but not learned, powerful (in her own special way) but ethical, strong but kind, and bounded by her mortality.

Source: Quote from Otto and Wanda taken from the film A Fish Called Wanda (1988) – MGM

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True Blood’s Allan Hyde Talks Godric on Monday

February 13, 2010

Got to have Godric? Check out a live interview with Danish actor Allan Hyde, who brought the 2,000-year-old vampire to life in Season 2 of True Blood.

Artists On Demand Radio offers up a taste of Allan, who will give a live interview on Monday, Feb. 15, at 10 p.m. EST. Interviewers will ask Allan about his work on True Blood, his future plans and how he got his start in acting.

Godric‘s abbreviated story arch left everyone wanting more, and wishful thinking has fueled rumors of a possible Season 3 return. Allan has previously hinted at Godric‘s return in Season 3 flashback sequences, but wouldn’t give away anything definite.

Fans can listen to the interview and chat online, or phone in questions by calling 347-884-9941 (Press 1).

Source: Artists On Demand Radio

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True Blood Season 2 DVD and Blu-ray Cover Art

January 12, 2010

We were all excited last June when True Blood fans found out they could go ahead and pre-order the complete second season of this hit show on Blu-ray Disc or regular DVD. HBO had not sent out a release date and still hasn’t to this day. But with the shooting having already begun on the highly anticipated season 3, which is set to air in June, HBO has already begun to leak out the cover art for “True Blood – The Complete Second Season”, which we expect will be released around the time of season 3’s premiere. What fans are most excited about is the Blu-ray edition which has a blue corner banner describing the 5-disc set having “Exclusive New Blu-ray Features” and “True Blood Enhanced Viewing” of all 12 episodes. Sounds fangtastic! I can hardly wait to get my hands on a copy! As HBO releases more details about the season 2 box set we will be sure to pass all the juicy info on!

Pre-Order on Amazon – True Blood: The Complete Second Season (HBO Series)

Pre-Order on HBO Shop – True Blood: The Complete Second Season


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HBO Playing Encore Showing of Season 2

January 10, 2010

Hey True Blood fans! Need something to help get you through to June and hyped up for season 3 of this amazing award winning series? HBO has got just the thing!! An encore showing of season 2!! That’s right, beginning in March 2010 HBO will be showing season 2 of True Blood in its entirety! This gives Trubies a chance to re-live all their favorite moments from season 2 and perhaps catch some they might have missed. Be sure to tune in and get caught up just in time for the anticipated season 3 of True Blood!! IT’S SO GOOD IT HURTS!! For more information you can visit HBO’s website here.


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True Blood is One of the Top Ten Shows of 2009

December 31, 2009

True Blood has been put high on the list of yet another ‘Top 10 Shows of 2009‘ list. This time, it is number 3 on the list of Hal Boedeker of the Orlando Sentinel. Here’s what Hal had to say about True Blood:

True Blood” is television’s best vampire series. Its stellar second season featured fierce contributions from Alexander Skarsgard as the sexy, underhanded vampire EricMichelle Forbes as the mischief-making, orgy-throwing Maryann; and Ryan Kwanten as the surprisingly heroic Jason. Of course, Anna Paquin remains the show’s vital center as lovable, mind-reading heroine Sookie Stackhouse.

Of course, this synopsis of the reasons that True Blood Season 2 was so great missed a few other reasons, like the short-lived Godric storyline (which Allan Hyde was so amazing in), the tender, loving relationship between Sookie Stackhouse and her vampire love Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer)  and the set-ups of future storylines that are sure to come up in Season 3.

To see the rest of the rankings, go to the Orlando Sentinel and take a look.

SOURCE: Orlando Sentinel

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Vote For True Blood: Top 3 Finalist for Breakthrough Performance For The 2009 Emmy – Round 3

September 20, 2009

true_blood_cast_group-2True Blood has made it through round 2 and is one of the top 3 finalists for “Breakthrough Performance” for the 2009 Emmy!!! VOTE TODAY TO MAKE TRUE BLOOD WIN THE EMMY TONIGHT!!!  SPREAD THE WORD, POST EVERYWHERE AND TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW TO VOTE FOR TRUE BLOOD TODAY!!! Tune in tonight, Sunday, September 20th at 8:00 pm EDT for the 61st Annual Prime Time Emmy Awards to see who wins the “Breakthrough Performance” award!  LETS MAKE IT HAPPEN! LET THE EMMYS KNOW TRUE BLOOD IS NUMBER 1 AMONG FANS!!! GO TRUE BLOOD!!! GO TO AND VOTE AND TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW TO VOTE FOR TRUE BLOOD!!!

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Sam Trammell Talks About The Season 2 Finale With PopWrap

September 17, 2009

sam-trammellShortly before the season two finale of True Blood, the New York Post’s PopWrap had the opportunity to interview Sam Trammell, who plays shapeshifter, Sam Merlotte. Sam, who has been nominated for “Breakout Performance” for the 2009 Scream Awards, has had a busy year on and off the screen. PopWrap talked to the actor about the upcoming finale and what lies in store for Sam Merlotte and the rest of Bon Temps. Fans have thoroughly enjoyed watching season two of True Blood and watching the mystery of Maryann unfold. Sam’s character, Sam Merlotte, has been the primary target of Maryann and has played an important role in this storyline. When asked if the show exceeded his expectations, Sam replied:

“When the writers told me the stories for this year — having the whole town go crazy — I thought people would either be totally on board or we’d have some big problems. Thankfully fans took to it. This season felt like a show’s last year — we blew it out! I don’t know how much crazier it can get, but I know the writers aren’t playing it safe at all.”

PopWrap talked with Sam about how the show acquires more and more viewers each week and if he thought that was because the show cast so many actors of different races, creeds and sexualities. Sam agreed, adding:

“That and I think Alan Ball always casts interesting people — actors you haven’t seen a lot, which I think helps. If I had been on 10 different TV shows, it might not work in the same way. Take Godric for example, Alan saw his audition tape and hired him despite the fact that he didn’t have much experience. And he was great — Alan has an amazing eye for talent.”

When asked if he had a favorite episode or scene from this season, Sam said he enjoyed the scene where his character joined up with Jason and Andy after the town went crazy and he ended up being “smited.”

“I know, it just seemed so silly. We really had to trust everybody not to make it look like we have egg on our faces. But the way they shot and edited it was so good, it was totally creepy because you are looking at Jason through the town’s eyes and you realize how utter madness has taken over.”

Sam also discussed a few other scenes that he thought were pretty amazing.

“I also loved my scenes with Daphne. Seeing Sam open up was some of the work I’ve enjoyed the most. And of course when we were revving up to have sex on the pool table was great because we never get to see Sam happy like that. He so often has a wall up, protecting himself because he understands the weight of certain situations better than anyone else. Like, he knew Maryann was trouble the whole season but no one else did. That really weighed on him.”

sam-and-andyThe interview went on to discuss the season two finale. Sam talked about how a main character in the show was in big big trouble and that the finale would end with quite a cliffhanger. Did it ever! As fans know, we have to hold out for season three to find out what has happened to our beloved vampire Bill! I can hardly stand it! PopWrap also talked to Sam about whether or not his character would regret having told Jason and Andy that he can shapeshift. Sam explained that it’s possible it could come back to haunt his character but that he looks forward to seeing how that plays out. He was also asked if he thought Jason would ever let up with the chicken/egg questions.

“[laughs] Yeah, Jason’s got a lot of questions. He’s very curious, he’s very childlike in that way. Andy seemed more disgusted by the idea and didn’t want to talk about it.”

PopWrap then brought up the fact that Arlene’s little boy, Coby, seemed really interested in Eric during the scene at Fangtasia. Sam commented with:

“Oh, that’s interesting, he was rather curious about Eric. You know, the way a lot of this works is that the writers have their ideas and break the stories, but then they watch the shows and tweak those plans. I don’t know if they have anything in mind for Coby but the way he played it could definitely change their plans.”

PopWrap then discussed what Sam would like to see happen with his character in season three. Sam had this to say:

“I’m very curious about his biological parents. I think it would be cool for him to meet them somehow. I’d also love to see him find another person to feel safe around. But given what happened with Daphne, I think that’s far off. Unless a lot of time passes between season two and three.”

I agree with him on that — fans are dying to find out the mystery behind Sam’s background and his biological parents. Sam Trammell has definitely given us a lot to look forward to in season three. I’m just looking forward to him bringing Sam Merlotte to the screen the way only he does!

SOURCE:  PopWrap

Photo Credits: HBO Inc.


Vote For True Blood For “Breakthrough Performance” For The 2009 Emmy – Round 2

September 16, 2009

true_blood_cast_groupTrue Blood has made it through the first round and is one of the top ten finalist!!! KEEP VOTING DON’T STOP!!!  Continue to visit the site everyday to vote for True Blood.  On September 20, 2009, the top three finalist will be announced at which time you will be asked to vote for the winner. Then tune in the evening of September 20th at 8:00 pm EDT for the 61st Annual Prime Time Emmy Awards to see who wins!  LETS MAKE IT HAPPEN! LET THE EMMYS KNOW TRUE BLOOD IS NUMBER 1 AMONG FANS!!! GO TRUE BLOOD!!! You can go to and vote each day for True Blood.

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Michelle Forbes Reveals Finale Secrets

September 11, 2009

michelleforbesMaryann, the front of all troubles in Bon Temps, might be on her way out of  town. But before leaving, actress Michelle Forbes, who played Maryann, spoke with TV Guide Magazine and shared interesting things that we all need to know about the awaited season finale.

Forbes confessed she had so much fun shooting the finale and even revealed that she kept losing her focus.

“We were all out in the woods having so much fun. I kept losing focus because I was watching them do these hilarious and insane things.”

Perhaps we might even think that she’s armed with culinary skills since her character has been doing a lot of cooking. But she humorously said,

“My cooking skills are not to be discussed. That’s what God provided restaurants for. I did, however, have a 5 a.m. flambé lesson to cook that heart. I thought I’d better have some coffee before I started. I was nervous I was going to burn the studio down, but it was pretty easy.”

Moreover, she commented about the scene in which she was chopping Daphne’s heart. It looks like a real one, but she doesn’t even know what it was. And being a vegetarian herself, cooking a lot of meat must be really tough for her.

“I’m not sure what it was, but we all got creeped out when I cut into it because it made the worst squishing sound in the world. The irony is that I’m a 30-year vegetarian. I’ve been an animal activist my entire life, so the role of Maryann has been a bit challenging – especially with the lovely meat tree – Di-meat-tree, as he became known.”

Forbes tagged the creepy and disgusting tree outside Grams house as “Di-meat-tree”. Fact is, it was  filled with real meat and it reeked as the weeks passed. Someone was even tasked to sit by the tree with a gun at night to protect it because there were bobcats and coyotes around.

She also revealed Maryann’s vulnerability:

“Once she believes the god is finally coming, that will be her vulnerability. Or shall I say her Achilles’ Heel.”

Looks like Sookie and the rest of the gang should find a way of  making Maryann believe that her god is really coming.

When asked about the mysterious vibrating egg in the bed with Tara and Eggs, she just said,

“I’m going to pass on that one because I want people to be surprised as they go into it.”

Truly, Michelle Forbes gave us yet another reason why we should anticipate for the season finale on the 13th.


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