True Blood Introduces New Character in Season 4 Finale

September 9, 2011

Scott Foley as “Patrick”, Terry’s Army Buddy:

Scott Foley, Patrick on HBO’s True Blood (Cliff Lipson/CBS)Todd LoweTerry Bellefleur on True Blood, has been acting with a creepy baby and creepy baby doll all season and he is looking forward to working with adults again. There will be a whole lot of drama going down between vampires, witches, shifters and werewolves this Sunday on the Season 4 finale. Somewhere in the middle of that we will be introduced to a new character, Patrick played by actor Scott Foley, an old army buddy of Terry’s.  Lowe explains why he [Patrick] is coming to Bon Temps now:

“He looked [Terry] up. He found him and I guess he has something to say and something to talk about. You don’t just wander in and find someone at their workplace unless you have something important to share with him.”

Their encounter will not be a long one, Lowe reveals, and from what he says above it will take place at Merlotte’s. Foley‘s character is expected to return in Season 5 in a more substantial role. Lowe hopes that this character’s entrance into the series means that True Blood’s audience will get to know more about Terry’s past, maybe see some flashbacks of his time in the war. Lowe said about Terry’s past:

“I’d like to see where his post-traumatic stress disorder came from. Was it a series of events? Was it a friend or life that was lost in front of him? Was it someone’s life that he took? I’d like to see where that goes and see why Terry is so screwed up… I have a feeling it’s going to go kind of dark. I got a hint from Alan Ball that we’re going to see a little darker side to Terry.”

The season finale will take place during Halloween. Lowe’s response to this spooky setting for the finale:

“Wouldn’t you think it’d be just a little bit anticlimactic with all this other stuff going on? But I guess the people of Bon Temps find a way to celebrate the Halloween Holiday.”

We are mere days away from the finale of Season 4, but what about Season 5 and all it will have in store for Terry Bellefleur? Are you exited to see Terry’s character grow and learn more about his past? Will the arrival of Patrick bring conflict to Terry’s life? Is it possible this old war buddy is a supernatural? Share you ideas and theories with us in the comments section below.

Source: TV Guide: Terry Smacks Some Sense Into V-Addicted Andy


Nelsan Ellis: How He Brings Life to True Blood’s Lafayette

August 12, 2011

A Recent NY Post Interview with the Actor:

Nelsan Ellis as Lafayette Season 4Nelsan Ellis is a difficult actor to place. People have been telling him this his entire  career: “I just don’t know how to sell you”. That problem has ended with his portrayal of Lafayette, as the Julliard graduate has shown the world exactly where he belongs — in Bon Temps. Ellis differs from his True Blood character- he is straight and (obviously) doesn’t prostitute himself or sell vamp blood. Ellis describes where in his life he draws inspiration for Lafayette:

“He comes out of my anger, my pain, the femininity that’s in me from watching my mother, and my masculinity. He comes out of me. That’s hopefully how I make him human.”

Ellis did such an astounding job of playing Lafayette that it quickly became obvious to Alan Ball that he had to modify Lafayette’s original fate set out in the Charlaine Harris series — death. When asked Alan Ball admits:

“I knew the first day of working with him that Lafayette couldn’t die, because Nelsan is such an extraordinary actor and presence… I wasn’t going to let that go.”

Nelsan Ellis reveals that Lafayette will discover a new power this season and that Jesus (Kevin Alejandro) will have to help him deal with this ‘gift’. When pressed for more details Ellis would only respond: “Exploring new territory is fun”. He has more to say, however, about True Blood fans. Though he is grateful to them for their support of the show, Ellis is often overwhelmed by the ‘freakiest’ of fans. Ellis says he feels indebted to the fans,

“But I don’t want to sign boobs, you know? Or be propositioned.”

Not everyone in Ellis’ life is an enthusiastic fan of True Blood. The actor says his father, a Christian deacon and conservative, will “support me in his own way”. He turns on the show to give Ellis the ratings, but won’t watch. Ellis explains:

“This type of material – the violence, profanity, nudity, sexuality – was never allowed in his house.”

Ellis discusses the difficulties in playing an openly gay African American and as such, was especially honored to receive a nomination earlier this year for an NAACP Image Award. Nelsan Ellis said about this award:

“Traditionally, homosexuality is something the African-American community doesn’t deal with well…It [NAACP Image Award] made me happy because I thought maybe they did this on the merit of the work, you know what I mean?”

Nelsan Ellis is also very passionate about domestic violence. When he was a student at Juilliard his sister was murdered by her husband. He has used this trauma in his acting and also in writing a play, “Ugly” which he has adapted into a screenplay and now hopes that HBO will do stating: “Domestic violence is an epidemic in this country.”

What questions would you like to ask Lafayette? Are you inspired by Nelsan Ellis’ story? Leave your comments and questions in the section below!

Source – NY Post: Rise of Lafayette 

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Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer Interview at TCA Press Tour

August 7, 2011

Real-Life Husband and Wife:

Bill and Sookie S4 Ep6We’re halfway through the fourth season of True Blood, and things keep getting more and more intense as the episodes progress!  During the HBO segment of the TCA Press TourAnna Paquin (Sookie Stackhouse) and Stephen Moyer (Bill Compton), who are not only co-stars, but husband and wife in real life, discussed several of the current storylines on True Blood.  Paquin and Moyer each had a lot to share during their interview.  First off, Paquin discussed Sookie’s stubbornness and pointed out that if she wasn’t so stubborn the show wouldn’t be quite as exciting.  (So true!)  The next question went to Moyer in regards to his reaction to finding out that Bill was going to be the new king of Louisiana.  Moyer stated that he knew the idea was being thrown around toward the end of Season 3 and that he felt lucky because of the fact that he’s had the opportunity to play the part of such an interesting storyline.  When Paquin was asked if she felt that it was fair for Sookie to have so many horrible things happen to her, she replied:

“I’m having the best time of my life. Are you kidding me? And, I’m not just a little thing, thank you very much. I can hold my own. I dare Alan Ball to come up with something I’ll say no to.”

Throughout the interview they go on to discuss several other topics such as whether or not Paquin envisions her character ending up with one character or the other, whether good oral hygiene (vampire) or good grooming (werewolf) is more important, and the current tense relationship of Bill and Sookie, to name a few.  They also talked about whether or not they discuss stuff that they would like for their characters to do on the show.  Moyer instantly pointed out that Alan Ball is very open to ideas and that they often pitch ideas as to what they would like to see happen.  Paquin added to Moyer’s reply and said:

“I certainly feel like they write to our strengths, or maybe that’s a giant coincidence. I don’t think I’ve ever really gone in with, ‘I think this should definitely happen.’ Sometimes I pitch things that are a joke. There was a scene in episode 9 with me, Steve and Alex, that I pitched, which I can’t tell you about, but that was sort of a joke, but not really. Sometimes I wonder if I say things that are really outlandish and, because of the nature of our show, maybe they actually might end up in the show.”

I have to say, I’m extremely curious as to what this ‘outlandish’ scene with Sookie, Bill, and Eric could be.  Anyone have any ideas?  I have an idea, but I want to see what everyone else thinks before I put it out there!   Next they talked about some of the great lines that they get the opportunity to say, and each of them pointed out that Kristin Bauer Van Straten (Pam) gets a lot of great lines and that she quotes them so beautifully.  I completely agree with that.  I absolutely love Pam’s character on the show!  Later on in the interview Paquin is asked what she does to stay in shape, and she admits to “working out like a crazy person.”  Moyer’s response:

“It is utterly insane. I have never seen anybody do what she does, and with so much gusto, and happily.”

Toward the end of the interview they were asked what their ideal getaway was when they get time off.

Moyer’s response was:  “A quick 10 minutes in the trailer.”

Paquin’s response:  “We love to go away.”

I like how she didn’t comment on his answer!  The interview, as a whole, was an excellent read.  Click here to read the entire interview.  It’s definitely worth reading.  Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer are absolutely hilarious!  Some of their responses really made me laugh out loud!  So what do you guys think about the interview?  What questions would you like to ask Stephen and Anna, given the chance?  Let us know in the comments below!

Source:  Collider – Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer Interview True Blood Season 4

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Joe Manganiello, True Blood’s Hottest Werewolf Spills: Alcide-Sookie Hook-up and More!

July 29, 2011

Exciting Things to Come?

True Blood Season 4 Joe Manganiello as AlcideJoe Manganiello (Alcide) was recently interviewed by New York magazine. He had a lot to say about his workout regime, his True Blood role, high school and of course more True Blood! Just because he is finished filming this season of True Blood does not mean that he can relax. He was recently cast in What to Expect When You’re Expecting, alongside Jenifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz.

Workouts are a necessity when you spend most of your screen time with your shirt off. Manganiello’s trainer, Ron Mathews also works with Hugh Jackman. But Manganiello doesn’t starve himself stating:

“I’m allowed to eat anything I want, ’cause I’m a man. I choose not to, because I’m disciplined about my job.”

Captain of his high school basketball, football and volleyball teams, Manganiello has always been ruggedly manly. He talks about the more artistic side that he says was “pushed aside” growing up in western Pennsylvania. You would think this future werewolf stud would have had girls lining up around the block for him, but he didn’t even go to his prom! Instead he went to see a re-release of Blade-Runner. He relates this back to Alcide saying:

“I guess I identify with Alcide that way. I didn’t really see eye-to-eye with the jocks… I was somewhere in the middle.”

Season of the witches has been the theme of Season 4 and the werewolves are not immune to their influence. Manganiello said that their “actions trickle down”. He also stated that shape shifters and werewolves are going to “butt heads big time”. Perhaps a Sam/Alcide showdown is in the future?

We’ve all wanted to see more of Alcide and everyone’s been wondering if he and Sookie will ever hook up. Manganiello’s response:

“I really do believe – and some of the producers and writers agree with me – if Sookie didn’t disappear, Alcide would’ve built that house for her. As you can see in episode three, Alcide is obviously worried. The way the door was answered, he wanted to kiss her! Being a werewolf, he’s had to stomp on a lot of his impulses. All I can say is when anybody continually stomps on impulses, there’s going to be a reaction. What’s amazing this season is that you see those emotions and physical reactions.”

A werewolf bottling up his emotions sounds like a ticking time bomb! Can’t wait to see how this plays out.

Manganiello has said that he gets naked a lot this season, but five episodes in we’ve hardly seen any nakedness. His response:

“Everyone has to take their turn, and it’s just my turn. Yes, there is some nudity, and you’re gonna see some werewolf sex here.”

Exactly who will be having that werewolf sex? We aren’t sure, but we will be tuned in to find out.

Do you think there is any hope for Alcide and Sookie? Share your theories and ideas with us in the comment section.

Source: New York Magazine – True Blood‘s Joe Manganiello On An Alcide-Sookie Hook-Up, Werenudity, and Working Out

(Photo credit: HBO)



True Blood Season 4, Episode 5, “Me and the Devil” –Review/Recap

July 26, 2011

Oh my Godric!

Eric and Godric S4 Ep5This episode begins where the previous episode left off, with Tommy being dragged mercilessly across the ground with a chain around his neck. Unfortunately for Tommy, his parents haven’t changed after all. Just as Joe Lee releases the tight grip he has on the chain and turns his back, Tommy begins to fight back — with the end result of him accidentally killing both of his parents. I have to admit though, I saw something like this coming to them eventually…

Still in the dark, abandoned woods, a confused Marnie questions Lafayette, Jesus, and Tara as to “what just happened?” Lafayette is quick to answer that she just successfully pissed off yet another vampire and then took a nap. Marnie then tries to convince the trio that a spirit possessed her body and saved them all, once again, from the vicious vamps. Marnie is convinced that this spirit is their ‘protector,’ but unconvinced by her explanation, they all quickly leave.

Arlene and Terry decide that the best thing they can do for their family is to call the Reverend and have him rid the house of whatever spirit is lurking within the walls. Reverend Daniels and the new Mrs. Reverend Daniels (aka: Tara Thornton’s crazy mother) show up and carry out their version of what appears to be an exorcism with a little bit of humor thrown in. Come on, I know I wasn’t the only one laughing hysterically at their catchy little tune! It’s apparent that both Arlene and Terry had more confidence in the Reverend and Mrs. Daniels than they should have, because they didn’t waste any time hopping into bed, oblivious to the pack of matches that suddenly erupted in flames on a nearby chest of drawers.

Am I the only one whose heart skipped a beat as soon as I laid eyes upon a confused, shirtless Eric standing in the doorway of Sookie’s room, alongside the pale, nevertheless stunning deity, also known as Godric? Godric tries to convince Eric to join him in draining Sookie, but Eric clearly doesn’t want any part in it. As much as I hoped Eric wasn’t dreaming and that Godric was somehow still ‘alive,’ as soon as Godric began to attempt to convince Eric to drink Sookie’s blood, I knew it had to be a dream. Eric awakens from the dream and goes directly to Sookie’s room, waking her in the process. “Eric! What the hell!” she yells, and after a few seconds he replies with the simple explanation of, “I had a bad dream.” Classic. If I didn’t know any better I would think that this was yet another one of the old Eric’s tricks to get closer to Sookie, but fortunately this isn’t the case. Sookie spends the next several moments consoling Eric after his ‘bad dream’ left him not only confused but depressed as well. He asks if he can stay there, in bed with her until sunrise, and she agrees as long as he promises to keep his fangs and hands to himself. Eric stated:

“I would never hurt anyone as beautiful as you.”

Who else out there is loving amnesiac Eric and his adorable newly acquired  innocence?

Bill is surprised to find a determined Portia at his door. She comes in and pushes herself on him, but he’s quick to remind her that they share the same bloodline and that their relationship can no longer continue where they had left off. Portia, who is apparently pro-incest, tries her best to convince Bill that there is nothing wrong with the two of them being in a relationship. However, Bill still refuses to accept her advances, and finally he glamours her into being completely terrified of him.

The next day Sookie pays Marnie a visit and asks for a reading. At first Marnie declines, but she soon gives in and gives Sookie the reading she asked for. Sookie then begins to listen in to Marnie’s thoughts, and before long Marnie describes someone close to Sookie who has a message for her. Sookie is surprised to learn that her Gran wants to know if she’s falling in love and also asks her to look after her brother. Then, Gran begins talking to her directly knowing that Sookie is listening in to Marnie’s thoughts. She advises her to get away from this woman quickly because she poses great danger, and Sookie takes her advice and leaves.

Lafayette and Jesus leave Bon Temps in an attempt to find Jesus’ grandfather, a shaman, who he believes will be able to help them with their current vampire crisis, while Sam and Tommy come up with a plan to hide the bodies of their parents. On the way to dispose of their corpses, Andy Bellefleur pulls them over to the side of the road and insists on searching the van after seeing blood smeared on the door. Lucky for them, Tommy thinks fast and shifts into an alligator, not only terrifying Andy but also satisfying his curiosity as to the contents of the van in the process.

Hoyt and Jason are eating lunch at Merlotte’s when Jason overhears Holly mention that the full moon is the following night. Jason instantly goes into panic mode at this realization, unsure of just what will happen to him once the moon is full. Alcide answers a knock at the door to find a man he doesn’t recognize, who introduces himself as Marcus Bozeman, the pack master of Shreveport. Marcus is furious that Alcide hasn’t made any attempt to stop by and introduce himself to the pack. Alcide, unimpressed, explains that he’s “currently exploring free agency” and that if Marcus doesn’t get his foot out of the door, that he’ll break it. Marcus then leaves infuriated.

Sam and Tommy finally arrive at the swamp and begin to toss the corpses in the water; while in the process Tommy begins to have a breakdown and is certain that he is going to Hell for murdering his parents. Sam explains to him that murder is ok as long as you’re at war or defending yourself, and finally concludes that Tommy was at war with his parents and murdered them in self defense, so he has no reason to fret.

If the Daniels’ hymn near the beginning of the episode didn’t make you laugh, Jason, Jessica, and Hoyt’s next scene surely did. Jason is shocked to find Jessica in bed with him and even more shocked that after she has “rocked his world”, his vision clears — and rather than Jessica being on top of him, it is Hoyt. He quickly awakens from the dream, traumatized by what he has just witnessed in his unconscious state.

Back at “Sookie’s” house she and Tara are having a deep discussion about Tara’s girlfriend and her life in general. Tara explains to Sookie that Naomi, Tara’s girlfriend, has found mail addressed to Tara Thornton and that she wants to know exactly who this said “Tara Thornton” is. Sookie advises her to come clean with Naomi and tell her everything. Then, without warning, Eric appears in the room and Tara completely loses it, spewing every evil thing Eric has done to Sookie and her friends, wondering out loud why Sookie would ever give him shelter, and storming out the door in the process. Eric, disheartened at some of the knowledge he has just learned about his former self walks out the door, leaving Sookie alone on the couch. “Eric, please don’t go,” Sookie pleads as she follows him out the door. She reaches for him and he comes to her, embracing her securely in his arms. Then, can I get a drum roll please… They FINALLY share a very intimate, much anticipated, “real” kiss. How many of you wished that for just a moment you were on the receiving end of that? Don’t worry, you weren’t the only ones!

Meanwhile, Pam goes to Bill for help regarding her recent bout with decomposition and convinces him to have Marnie taken in and questioned. However, this proves to be a failed attempt considering Marnie knows very little of the spells she has cast with the help of an unknown spirit, who Bill later identifies as being Antonia, a sorceress who once lured several vampires from their sleep and into the light, destroying them all in the process. During this conversation Pam accidentally lets it slip that Eric has lost his memory. A confused, furious Bill then demands to know exactly where Eric is. Pam denies that she knows where he is at first, but finally is forced to admit to Bill that Eric is with Sookie. A distressed Bill then flees from the house. Who knows what he might find once he arrives at Sookie’s…

What do you all think he will find upon his arrival at Sookie’s house? (I think I might have a good idea!) And what about Pam? Do you all think that Marnie will be able to break the current spell placed on her? What’s your current favorite storyline? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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True Blood Season 4: HBO Makes It Official

July 21, 2011

True Blood Season 4 has been given the green light by HBO according to their press release!  Many True Blood fans are extremely excited to hear that it is official that the series will be returning Sunday, June 26 at 9:00 PM EST for season four!

Looking for spoilers? See the True Season 4 News and Spoilers.

View Comic-Con 2011 teaser for upcoming weeks of True Blood Season 4

View teaser for upcoming weeks of True Blood Season 4

View the first six minutes of True Blood Season 4

Congratulations to the entire cast and crew of True Blood regarding this wonderful news! Here is the official press release from HBO.


HBO has renewed the hit show TRUE BLOOD for a 12-episode fourth season, it was announced today by Michael Lombardo, president, HBO Programming. Created by Alan Ball, the series will begin production of new episodes early next year in Los Angeles, with debut set for summer 2011.

“The new season of TRUE BLOOD is off to a terrific start, as enthusiasm for this unique show continues to build among both subscribers and critics,” noted Lombardo. “We’re looking forward to more chills from Alan Ball and his gifted team next year.”

“I am beyond thrilled to be able to continue working with this amazing cast and crew,” says Ball. “This is the most fun I have ever had.”

Mixing romance, suspense, mystery and humor, TRUE BLOOD takes place in the not-too-distant future, when vampires have come out of the coffin, thanks to the invention of mass-produced synthetic blood that means they no longer need humans as a nutritional source. The show follows the romance between waitress Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin), who can hear people’s thoughts, and her boyfriend, 173-year-old vampire Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer), who went missing at the end of season two, and is now the object of a frantic search. Alan Ball (creator of the Emmy®-winning HBO series “Six Feet Under”) created and executive produces the show, which is based on the best-selling Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris.

The 12-episode third season of TRUE BLOOD, which launched June 13, has already inspired critical raves, with Entertainment Weekly calling it “faster, sleeker, more vicious, more fun than it already was,” as well as “summer’s best TV.” USA Today hails the show as “fabulously wild,” while the Washington Post describes it as “electrifying.”

Season three credits: TRUE BLOOD was created by Alan Ball; based on the Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris; executive producers, Alan Ball and Gregg Fienberg; co-executive producers, Brian Buckner, Nancy Oliver and Alexander Woo; supervising producer, Raelle Tucker; producer, Mark McNair.


(Photo credit:  HBO Inc.)


GetGlue Stickers- Show Your True Colors With True Blood

June 20, 2011

Hey Truebies! We know that Season four of True Blood is almost here, and we know you’re counting down to the premiere on Sunday, June 26 at 9/8c, only on HBO. You may be experiencing #TBWithdrawal, however HBO and GetGlue has a way to prepare for the new season with new True Colors stickers.

To earn these stickers, you’ll have to use your best mystery-solving skills and make Sookie proud, but the reward will be great. These stickers feature the characters of True Blood,  so check-in and start earning them!

Source- GetGlue

Share Twitter Contests:Countdown to True Blood Season 4

June 16, 2011’s Countdown to True Blood

It’s’s Countdown to True Blood Twitter contests! Our twitter account, @truebloodnet, will run a series of contests as we count down the days left until True Blood Season 4. For the next 10 days, we will post several contests; one every few days as we count down to the first episode of True Blood Season 4. Each contest will be for a prize where one winner with the best answer will be chosen. However, on one random contest question between June 15-26, we will choose 10 winners for that daily contest! Good luck to everyone!

Current Twitter Contest:
Enter: June 15 – June 26 11:59 PM PST
Winners: (10-25)
Prize: Various Prizes


How to Enter:

– Each day or two, there will be a new contest question posted to Twitwall/Truebloodnet daily from June 15- June 26.
– will tweet the link to each new contest question posted to the Twitwall every 1-2 days.
– You must enter your answer(s) in the comments area on the @truebloodnet Twitwall.

We’re looking for the funniest, wittiest answers out there from the True Blood Fans!


-You must add #trueblood to the end of your answer for your entry to be eligible.
-You must be following @truebloodnet for your entry to be eligible. This is also required so we can send you a DM if you’re chosen as the winner.
-You may enter multiple times daily, but different answers please.
-Keep your answers honest, yet funny and respectable.
-If we choose your answer, we’ll tweet your response and send you a Direct Message to claim your prize. Please respond within 24 hours.
For all Twitter contests sponsored by, the winner will be randomly selected by
Restrictions: All Twitter Contests are open to all participants. International Mailing Addresses
Contest Rules

2011 Winners
6-15-2011 thru 6-26-2011: Could Be You!

Previous Contest & 2010 Winners
4-30-2010: S. Twaddle (Puyallup, WA) – True Blood Season 2 Mini Poster –
5-7-2010: J. Pons (Spain) – Dead Until Dark Book 1 –
5-14-2010: G. Elems (Reno, NV) – True Blood Eric/Bill Key Ring –
5-21-2010: S. Kentner (Poplar Bluff, MO) – True Blood Season 2 Cast Mouse Pad Mat –
5-28-2010: C. Vez (Switzerland) – True Blood Season 2 Cast Mouse Pad Mat –
6-1-2010 thru 6-13-2010: Over 55 Winners too many to list!


Photos: True Blood Season Four 22 Stills

June 10, 2011

Hi everyone – check out the 22 True Blood Season 4 Photos that HBO released last week on the True Blood Fan Page!   These stills appear to be from the first episodes of the season. In case you missed them, here’s a few below!

You can view all photos in our Photo Gallery.

Source – Official True Blood Fan Page Album – PHOTOS: True Blood: Season 4
Photo Credit – HBO


True Blood Season 4 Trailer Round Up Part 2

May 13, 2011

Wetpaint Summarizes Why Waiting Really Does Suck:

As we wait for the June 26th premiere, Truebies must rely on the trailers of Season 4. Fan site Wetpaint has collected all the trailers released so far, and neatly summarized what we can expect from some of our favorite characters, while also introducing us to a few new folks in Bon Temps.

We see Pam‘s attempt to save her maker, an amnesia-suffering Eric, Sam‘s new girlfriend with a jealous ex, and Arlene and Terry‘s baby nightmare. Check out the video, hosted by Wetpaint’s Jager Weatherby, and tell us — does this hold you over or just make you thirsty for more?

Source – – True Blood- Waiting Sucks: True Blood Trailer Round Up Part 2


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