True Blood’s Valerie Cruz Interview

August 6, 2009

0721cruz_articleLee Hernandez of promised himself he would not watch Alan Ball’s hit HBO TV series True Blood until as he put it:

True Blood came to their senses and hired a Latina to appear on the show”

Well we know his wish came true with introduction of Isabel Beaumont played by Valerie Cruz. Lee describes Isabel‘s character:

Isabel Beaumont, an elegant, 600-year-old Spanish vampire-with-a-soul (think RobPattinson in Twilight) who rolls with the super-scary Dallas coven of vamps! I called Ms. Cruz to get all the deets on her biting new role, and the gracious (and super-intelligent) actress, who is perhaps best known for her role as Silvia Prado (Jimmy Smits’s wife on Dexter), gave me the 411 on all things True Blood, including why the evil Dallas vamps are not to be messed with, why her character may be on Bill and Sookie’s side after all and why a certain Oscar-winning Spanish actress may have served as the inspiration for her character’s Spanish accent.”

When Valerie was asked about her character and not being your typical Vampire:

“As far as vampires go, no. She has a penchant for humans and a vulnerability. She wants to try to find a way to coexist with them.” And also commented to the interviewer when she was asked, So in a crowd of evil vamps, Isabel is like the Edward Cullen of True Blood—a vampire with a soul? Yes, definitely! That is actually a very accurate description.”

Also adding on her age of being 600 years old and whether she feels it:

“She lived during the Spanish Inquisition and she’s 600 years old!
I think she does in the sense that she’s become a little world-weary”

When asked about her inspiration of the characters accent:

“I’ve been doing accents for a long time. The people I modeled it after would have to be  Penélope Cruz or Antonio Banderas, or somebody from Spain. That was very important for me [to get the accent just right], because when you have a character on a show that has a big cast, every bit of that character matters—from her hairstyle and accent to the way she dresses.”

When asked about The Dallas Vamps and her take Valerie responded:

“They’re big city vampires. They are crazy. Stan is crazy. They are looking for domination, and there are vamps in their nest that have no qualms about taking human life. They definitely feel like they’re the superior race, so to speak—if you can call vampires a race. There are definitely some crazies in there too. That’s why Isabel is so intense with Stan, because she’s outnumbered in regard to her feelings of starting a war—she doesn’t want to start a war”

The interviewer also brought up the perceived tension between Stan and Isabel and whether the tension was sexual in nature:

“No, they are definitely not. You’d think so, because they’re kind of these sexual beings, vampires. It’s like when Bill and Eric fight—there is a sexuality there, a tension that’s always there between, even the male to male vampire relationships. These are two people who can bite each other in the jugular, so there’s a basic carnal sensuality to those kind of people even when they argue.”

On the relationship between Valerie and Anna Paquin’s character who plays Sookie Stackhouse and was there tension:

“By next week, you’ll see that that is not the case. When they first introduced me, you don’t know who’s where, and you don’t who who lands on what side of the fence. You don’t know who’s for or against the heroes, which are Sookie and Bill. But that’s what adds a sense of danger to the show. You’ll see…”

On Valerie’s self admitted True Blood obsession while filming Dexter:

“Yeah! I was an absolute traitor! I would watch Mad Men followed by True Blood. It was so funny because every time we were nominated that year for an award on Dexter, those were the two shows we were up against—not that I don’t love Dexter. I think Michael C. Hall is one of the best actors out there, period!”

On the interviewers question regarding what makes a Latina vampire Different Valerie responded:

“That she has a definitive sense of style! She has a sensibility of her own sort of persecution too, which lends to her a sensitivity that the other vampires don’t have.”

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Valerie Cruz on Playing True Blood’s Vampire Isabel

July 1, 2009


Brooke Tarnoff of sent us this exclusive interview with Valerie Cruz.

We will meet Ms. Cruz this season on True Blood as the compassionate vampire IsabelMs. Cruz’s character Isabel although older than Bill Compton, is also compassionate and retains much of her humanity.

The article also focuses on some of the great cable roles Ms. Cruz has had the opportunity to play while fighting the stigma of being Latino in Hollywood

Ms. Cruz on playing vampire Isabel, and whether the story stays true to the plot line of the second book in the Sookie Stackhouse series”Living Dead In Dallas“:

“Yeah, I think it does. Isabel’s relationship with [lair-mate] Stan is more antagonistic than it’s written in the book. She’s a lot more compassionate than most of the other vampires. She wants to find a way to coexist peacefully with humans, rather than having complete disregard for human life. Most of the vampires that you meet – they’re more of the vein that humans – they can’t really be bothered. Isabel is unique in that sense. It’s the first time you meet another vampire like [Stephen Moyer’s character] Bill, who has a little more reverence for human life. She’s older than Bill. With age, having walked the Earth for 600 years, your sensibilities start to change.”

On doing a disproportionate number of shows based on books including, The Dresden Files, True Blood, Dexter. and whether they provide unique challenges:

I feel like with ‘Dresden Files’, people were so passionate about that book series – and they kind of went off-kilter by casting a Latin person as the Murphy character – people really needed to get over that, and they did. I love having a book to reference, and I think it’s great too – as a viewer, I know when I have a favorite book and it comes out as a movie, it’s fun. It’s exciting that you get to see these characters you’ve had in your mind’s eye actualized visually, and I think it’s a lot of fun. It’s more challenging, in a sense, in that you want to be as good as what people have had going on in their heads for X amount of years, while the books have been out, and to stay true to the character.

Ms. Cruz has had the unique opportunity to work on edgy more out their shows. In her interview she mentions, which I completely agree with. “I think you see a lot of the coolest shows ending up on cable.”

Valerie Cruz’s character vampire Isabel will be debuting on the next episode of Trueblood On July 12th
read more of Ms. Cruz’s interview with Brooke Tarnoff on:

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True Blood Season 2 Premiere: What Makes Vampires Popular?

June 11, 2009

alexander-skarsgard-true-blood-season-2jpgThe True Blood Season 2 Red Carpet Premiere was held at the Paramount Theater in Los Angeles on Tuesday, June 9.  Anna Paquin , Stephen Moyer, Sam Trammell, Ryan Kwanten, Rutina Wesley, Alexander Skarsgard, Jim Parrack, Todd Lowe, Alan Ball, and William Sanderson are interviewed on the red carpet by AccessHollywood and are asked the question what is the appeal about vampiresTo watch the video click here.


True Blood Season 2 Premiere Red Carpet Interview With Associated Press

June 10, 2009

anna-paquin-true-blood-season-2-red-carpet-premiereThe True Blood Season 2 Red Carpet Premiere was held at the Paramount Theater in Los Angeles on Tuesday, June 9.  Anna Paquin, Michael McMillian, and Valerie Cruz are interviewed on the red carpet by the Associated Press and discuss a little bit about season 2 of True Blood.

SOURCE:  Associated Press


True Blood Season 2 Premiere Red Carpet Interview With New Cast Members

June 10, 2009

deborah-ann-woll-true-bloodThe True Blood Season 2 Red Carpet Premiere was held at the Paramount Theater in Los Angeles on Tuesday, June 9.  Michelle Forbes, Mechad Brooks, Deborah Ann Woll, Valerie Cruz and Mariana Klaveno are interviewed on the red carpet by Access Hollywood. To view the interviews click here.



Carrie Preston Talks About True Blood Season Two

March 26, 2009

arlenehboCarrie Preston talks about season two of True Blood and gives us some spoilers that will have fans excited and waiting anxiously for season two to begin. Now if you do not want to read any spoilers then do not continue reading. OK, you have been warned.  Recently Carrie Preston had the opportunity to speak to SCI FI Wire where she was able to provide in the interview little tidbits of what we can expect when Alan Ball’s hit HBO TV series returns for season two. Carrie who plays Arlene Fowler, the redheaded bar waitress who has a knack of choosing the wrong men (she has been married four times and her latest boyfriend, well let‘s just say her late boyfriend had some character flaws), says that for season two True Blood is going to go deeper into the supernatural world. Carrie states that:

“Things are going to get a little crazy on the show,” … “There’s going to be a bunch of new sort of supernatural things that are being introduced. Besides the … the vampires. And, as far as Arlene goes, well, let’s just say that Arlene’s not the type of woman to be single for very long.”

The regular cast of True Blood from season 1 return with a few additional characters including Valerie Cruz, Anna Camp, Ashley Jones, Michelle Forbes, Mehcad Brooks and Deborah Ann Woll who will all have a part in the storyline for season two. According to Carrie Preston True Blood has just finished filming episode 5 and will be starting episode 6 marking the halfway point of filming (there are 12 episode per season).

SCI FI Wire asked Carrie if she could explain some of the supernatural aspects that are going to occur in season 2. As Carrie indicated she can not talk in detail but can state some general overviews of what will happen. One thing that Carrie did mention is that season two is departing a bit away from the books (Charlaine Harris Sookie Stackhouse series which True Blood is an adaptation) and that the writers are expanding some of the characters and developing several different storylines occurring at the same time.

“…they’re fleshing out characters that are minor in the books, and they’re … changing some plot things, and they’ve really made it their own. … You’re going to see some characters doing things that you’re surprised at, which will be fun. So I think the show is going to kind of keep you on your toes, and there’s several different storylines that are spinning in the air. …”

The several different storylines that Carrie is referring to are ones involving Bill and Sookie, Jason and stuff happening with him, Tara and her experiences with her new friends and of course the others at Merlotte‘s will see some action too. When SCI FI Wire asked about Michelle Forbes‘ character, Maryann , Carrie stated that she is a mysterious character who is going to be prominent in season two. As to what she is and her powers, even Carrie states that “we’re still a little confused … as to what her powers actually are. But, you know, she is a very powerful force.”

Now the big question, does anyone die in season 2? Well all that Carrie could say is that you don’t know who is going to live or die and that goes for both the new cast members and the regulars. As Carrie says these are some of the questions she asks herself:

“… are you going to make it? Are you going to make it through the season? Especially now that they’ve departed from the books. Because when I got the job, of course, I read all the books to see if Arlene lives, and she does in the books, but who knows?”


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