Valerie Cruz On Playing True Blood’s First Latina Vampire

July 7, 2009

180px-valerie-cruz-10Marilyn Beck and Stacy Jenel Smith from recently had the opportunity to interview Valerie Cruz. Valerie has been cast to play a 600 year old Latina vampire named Isabel on Alan Ball‘s hit HBO TV series True Blood.  Not only did she talk about her excitement of getting the part, but also about herself being a huge fan of True Blood. Ms. Cruz also had many praises for the show’s creator Alan Ball.

On Alan Ball in Valerie’s words:

Alan is such a class act. He’s there at every table read. The writers I’ve spoken to say he’s incredibly gracious — he trusts the people that he hires to really do a great job. The cool thing about it is, once you’re cast, once the whole thing is put together, he takes a step back and lets people do creatively what they want to do.”

Also Ms. Cruz said on playing a vampire:

“I’ve always loved vampires, so I was really excited about doing the show. Well, you’d be hard-pressed to find an actor who doesn’t get excited about the prospect of playing a character with this mindset that you live forever. The world just weighs on you differently, you know? That’s part of what makes vampires so interesting to play. In a sense they lack humanity, but in another sense there is a great humanness about them.”

Valerie last played Jimmy Smit’s wife on Dexter [Dexter was my favorite show before True Blood premiered on HBO now it’s my second] where Ms. Cruz added:

“My handful of Sunday nights when I could watch TV were ‘Mad Men’ and ‘True Blood,’ even though I was working on ‘Dexter’ at the time. It made me feel a little bit of a traitor.”

It must be exciting to be an actress and not only be a True Blood fan but also be a part of the world the show creates [I admit it, I’m jealous.]  To read more on Marilyn’s and Jenel’s interview with Valerie Cruz it’s available at:

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Valerie Cruz on Playing True Blood’s Vampire Isabel

July 1, 2009


Brooke Tarnoff of sent us this exclusive interview with Valerie Cruz.

We will meet Ms. Cruz this season on True Blood as the compassionate vampire IsabelMs. Cruz’s character Isabel although older than Bill Compton, is also compassionate and retains much of her humanity.

The article also focuses on some of the great cable roles Ms. Cruz has had the opportunity to play while fighting the stigma of being Latino in Hollywood

Ms. Cruz on playing vampire Isabel, and whether the story stays true to the plot line of the second book in the Sookie Stackhouse series”Living Dead In Dallas“:

“Yeah, I think it does. Isabel’s relationship with [lair-mate] Stan is more antagonistic than it’s written in the book. She’s a lot more compassionate than most of the other vampires. She wants to find a way to coexist peacefully with humans, rather than having complete disregard for human life. Most of the vampires that you meet – they’re more of the vein that humans – they can’t really be bothered. Isabel is unique in that sense. It’s the first time you meet another vampire like [Stephen Moyer’s character] Bill, who has a little more reverence for human life. She’s older than Bill. With age, having walked the Earth for 600 years, your sensibilities start to change.”

On doing a disproportionate number of shows based on books including, The Dresden Files, True Blood, Dexter. and whether they provide unique challenges:

I feel like with ‘Dresden Files’, people were so passionate about that book series – and they kind of went off-kilter by casting a Latin person as the Murphy character – people really needed to get over that, and they did. I love having a book to reference, and I think it’s great too – as a viewer, I know when I have a favorite book and it comes out as a movie, it’s fun. It’s exciting that you get to see these characters you’ve had in your mind’s eye actualized visually, and I think it’s a lot of fun. It’s more challenging, in a sense, in that you want to be as good as what people have had going on in their heads for X amount of years, while the books have been out, and to stay true to the character.

Ms. Cruz has had the unique opportunity to work on edgy more out their shows. In her interview she mentions, which I completely agree with. “I think you see a lot of the coolest shows ending up on cable.”

Valerie Cruz’s character vampire Isabel will be debuting on the next episode of Trueblood On July 12th
read more of Ms. Cruz’s interview with Brooke Tarnoff on:

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