A True Blood King’s Birthday

January 17, 2011

Birthday Wishes for Denis O’Hare:

Denis O'hare-Photo by Alexander BergLet’s all raise a bottle of True Blood to Denis O’Hare, who plays the Vampire King of Mississippi Russell Edgington, on HBO‘s True Blood.  Today is his 49th birthday. We can’t wait to see more of Denis in his next project, and we have thouroughly enjoyed his performances on True Blood!

From all of us here at TrueBloodNet.com – have a wonderful day Denis!

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True Blood’s Russell Edgington is a Top TV Monster

November 2, 2010

Television has a long list of scary characters. So how well does True Blood rate in the scheme of thing?

Denis O'Hare plays True Blood villain, Russell Edgington

"Now, it's time for the weather, Tiffany!"

To  honour Halloween, TV Squad has announced the scariest TV monsters of all time. And it seems that True Blood’s King of Mississippi, Russell Edgington has rated rather well on the fright-o-meter. While the article lists only six, Russell, from Season three of True Blood, comes in at number four, ahead of Lost’s Smoke Monster and the mutants from the original V.

It appears that this newcomer to our small screens with his progressively scary newsreading abilities is enough to scare us in the middle of the night.

But while the catch phrase: “Now, it’s time for the weather, Tiffany,” will eat into our nightmares for quite some time, there were some monsters who were considered scarier than Russell.

Number three was the observers from Fringe, which was beaten by the emotionless child, Anthony Fremont from The Twilight Zone. Taking the top spot as scariest TV monster was the flukeman from The X Files.

So will True Blood be able to top the list next year?

Source: TV Squad – Scariest TV Monsters of All Time (That Actually Scare Us)

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Broadway-Goers or Vampire Lovers for Denis O’Hare?

October 7, 2010

Broadway Fans versus True Blood Fans

Denis O'HareHe was wildly popular as the vampire King of Mississippi on HBO‘s True Blood. Now that the season is over, Denis O’Hare is making his way back to Broadway.

In a Broadway.com article, Denis was asked to compare the fans of True Blood with those of a Broadway production. He said it’s a toss-up.

“Broadway fans have to travel here to see their shows, so they have a level of commitment that’s more than just tuning in every week.”

However, with his successful TV stints, Denis is starting to hear such screams as, ‘Oh my God! You’re the King of Mississippi!’

Denis’ Experience with True Blood Fans

Denis talked about the True Blood fan madness he encountered at Comic-Con in San Diego. While he was amazed at the attendance level of 130,000 people, it was his inter-galactic fans that surprised him – the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

But the question was asked about the return of Russell Edgington in Season 4 of True Blood. Although he was left buried ‘alive’ in concrete, the show’s creator, Alan Ball, doesn’t always keep characters dead and gone. Denis had this response:

“I love the show and really hope I’m back next year,” he said. “It’s a very good atmosphere.”

Guess we’ll have to wait for next season’s spoilers.

Source: Broadway.com

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The Roles of Eric and Bill Were Too Sexy and Naked for Denis O’Hare

September 12, 2010

Denis O'Hare True Blood Russell EdgingtonDenis O’Hare as Russell Edgington:

As an actor, sometimes you watch a show and wish you had played one of the characters.  For Denis O’Hare, that’s what he was thinking as a fan watching HBO‘s True Blood.  He thought he could play the part of the magister, the one being played by his friend, Zeljko Ivanek.  So of course Denis was ecstatic when his agent called and asked if he’d be interested in playing the vampire king of Mississippi, Russell Edgington.

Talking in an interview with Vulture, Denis explained his attraction to the hit TV show.

“It was about normal people in a part of the world that we don’t often see dramatized.  They’re working-class people.”  “So much of our TV viewing is upper-class or upper-middle-class.  How can you relate to them?  These people have basic problems, like how do I pay for my car insurance.  I also liked the fact that there was this education about how the world works.  How does it work when a vampire meets a human?  What time do they actually have to go to bed?”

Getting accents right had Denis hiring a dialect coach to learn a correct, upper class Mississippi accent for the role.  “I listened to Haley Barbour, a lot, the Mississippi governor.”  Denis said he also learned a few Gaulish words – an ancient Celtic language – placing Russell‘s history “from about 5000 A.D to 1200 A.D. [I think Denis meant to say B.C.] in Charlemagne’s kingdon and the Frankish kingdom”.

Russell A Hero or Villain

Denis was surprised at having to take his character over the deep end. Although creator Alan Ball warned him, he didn’t see it coming.  But when you have to pull a spine from a living human, well, you just can’t think your character is still sane!  But in his mind, Russell is the hero, not the villain of the show.

“If you look at it from his point of view — if Eric, Sookie, and Bill are the villains — they do terrible things to him.  They double-cross him, they lie to him, they use him.  They kill his lover of 700 years.  They take from him, then spurn his offerings.  We always play the scenes straight-up.  He’s desperate to believe he can have a friend in Bill.  He truly decided that Eric was someone who thought like him and felt like him.  He thought he’d found an ally.  It’s incredibly hurtful.”

Well, okay.

Denis O’Hare’s Look at the Other Characters

When asked about any favorite scenes on the show, Denis mentioned Season 1 when Sookie‘s Gran (Lois Smith) had Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) speak about his experiences in the Civil War.  It was a real historical person talking about events the audience only read about, that occurred 140 years ago.

When musing about the various True Blood characters he could have portrayed, did Denis ever picture himself as either Eric or Bill?

“No. They were all too sexy and too naked for me.”

Denis is such a fascinating person and absolutely perfect as Russell Edgington.  He had more to say, so you must read the entire interview here.  And as to how King Russell fares on the season finale, “anything is possible”.

Source:  nymag.com – Entertainment, The Vampire King

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VIDEO: Denis O’Hare Discusses True Blood

September 8, 2010

It’s become general consensus that Season 3 of True Blood is chock full of amazing characters, who are played by some wonderful actors. However, the one character and actor who has surpassed all of fans and critics expectations has been Denis O’Hare and his portrayal of Russell Eddington.

Known for his work in theater, Denis is know known for his role as Vampire King of Mississippi for the HBO series. Hands down his character, though only present in Season 3, has developed and grown as a character. Fans have watched in awe and in horror, as Russell has slowly moved from a Southern gentleman hiding his ruthless quest for power to a vengeful and angry predator.

In a video interview with Comic Book Resource during Comic Con International, Denis discusses his view on the vampire king.

Source: www.comicbookresources.com — CBR TV @ CCI: “True Blood’s” Denis O’Hare


Denis O’Hare Discusses The King Of Mississippi’s History

August 14, 2010

True Blood‘s Denis O’Hare, shared with Wired.com the concept behind the age, origins and history of the vampire King of Mississippi, Russell Edgington and the amount of research that went into creating the character.

SOURCE: Wired.com


Denis O’Hare Delights in his Role as Russell Edgington on True Blood

August 7, 2010

Season 3 of True Blood has brought us a gang of villains, the most evil and entertaining being Russell Edgington played by Denis O’Hare. During  Comic-Con 2010, Rebecca Murray from About.com snagged an interview with the King of Mississippi and was able to learn more about his character.

One of the first things Denis says about his character on True Blood is that evil is subjective. The character he is portraying has a goal and is very set to that goal; if anyone is gets in his way, they must be recruited or eliminated. On playing this powerful vampire Denis admits,

“it’s fantastic. I have a scene coming up where someone attacks me and I kind of like shrug my shoulder and they go flying into the ceiling. That was a riot to do. I love that. I got to give a look…I kind of gave a little irritated look.”

Aside from the physical demands of the show, the dialogue is also unique. The problem Denis faces with conveying the dialogue is saying it with his fangs in. However, the lines are beautiful and he cites the reason for this as the writers: Alan Ball, Alex Woo, Bucky [Buckner], and Nancy Oliver. For Denis there is a mixture of humor and philosophy in the words as well as a lot of heart. Apparently there is a fantastic scene in episode 10 that’s so heartbreaking that Denis couldn’t get the lines out. The beauty of the words, of the scene, kept him almost speechless. When asked who the scene was with, Denis simply said it was with a rent person.

It seems that everyone on the set is committed to the show as much as the writers and the actors. Denis happily remarks that everyone on the set is friendly and make you feel comfortable. He says,

“Everyone is a team and everyone kind of takes care of you. Joe Manganiello’s done this, you’re wearing a little tiny jockstrap or whatever, and I had my days. I was wearing a little tiny jockstrap and everyone’s totally cool. Everyone makes you feel normal as you’re running around and jumping in and out of these beds. So they’re fantastic people.”

It seems that True Blood fans will see more of Russell Edgington this season than fans of the books have ever seen. Denis believes that they’ve taken the fun and flippant character of the book and have expanded him into a powerful plot mover.

The fans of the books and the show have embraced Russell and Denis. Denis jokes about it, but says he’s never had people yell at him–beside his mother.  He seems amazed that people are actually screaming for him. He admits its fun, though a little terrifying. Though the fans aren’t sure at first if it’s really the King of Mississippi they’re encountering, given he isn’t wearing the wig he puts on the for the show. He tries walking away while fans rack they’re brains, but like good fans they realize who he is and he is gracious enough to take photos with them.

Fans love vampires and the supernatural. Because of this, Denis has played some bizarre and crazy supernatural/scifi characters, but Russell ranks up there with the most bizarre. But what’s the fascination? Denis reveals,

“Because they’re not all about one thing. They are multi-layered and complicated so they may be a vampire, but they have emotional lives. They have fears. They have wants, they have needs, and they are not all bad or all good. They’re flawed like anybody else. They get tricked. They fall in love. They get infatuated. I think in this season I kind of get infatuated at least twice with two different characters – major characters – who then betray me. So it’s a very human thing in a lot of ways. I love that.”

This is only a small gem of the funny and wonderful things Denis said about True Blood.

SOURCE: video.about.com

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VIDEO: Denis O’Hare Explains Fangs and Sucking Sounds

July 31, 2010

Denis O’Hare talked with AP-Red‘s Jason Drew about his career, his method of character development and his role of Russell Edgington, True Blood‘s Vampire King of Mississippi.

Was he into vampires before his role as the 2800 year-old vampire king? At 8 years of age he pretended to be Dracula and even had a book titled “How to Care for Your Monster”.  He also watched Dark Shadows as a kid.

What’s great about Charlaine Harris‘ story, he says,  is that vampires come out into the open.  That’s her invention and it’s great.

Denis described the differences between the soft fangs and hard fangs.  The soft are for biting but not for talking.  He actually lost his during one scene! They are not held in with adhesive.  In addition to having a fang wrangler, Denis said he spends a lot of time creating the various sounds required for sucking blood and biting.

Talking about his True Blood role, Denis said it was decided before he was cast that they wanted a more charming, powerful and deadly king.  That differs from the book’s Russell.

When the correlation between some of the vampire issues was made, such as the Vampire Rights Amendment and the current gay marriage controversy, Denis said it’s rather interesting that Russell and Talbot have the most stable relationship on the show.  After 700 years together, they’re still committed to each other.

Watch the video.  And do not miss True Blood‘s Episode 7 on Sunday on HBO.


Denis O’Hare Says It’s Good To Be King

July 30, 2010

Fancast.com had a few questions for the vampire king of MississippiTrue Blood‘s King Russell Edgington, played wonderfully by Denis O’Hare, is causing a great deal of angst this season for Bill and Sookie fans.

When asked about the king’s intended plans for the vampire blood addicted werewolves in his employ, Denis said that all his plans have to be revised due to certain events occurring in episodes 7 and 8.  “Things start to go really crazy.”

Now we’re intrigued.  What about more somewhat disturbing scenes such as the eating frenzy of the stripper in the king’s limo?  All Denis would share is that Russell is in bed with someone in episode 10 when stuff happens.  He would not say what things, nor would he admit to his bed partner being male, female, human, vampire or werewolf.

Of course playing with wolves has been one of Denis‘ more fun experiences on the show.  He said working with real wolves is incredible.

“I got to meet one young wolf and actually sit down and pet him before he knocked me over on my ass.  They’re fantastic animals.”

Stating that it is, indeed, good to be king, Denis admitted that Russell can do whatever he wants – order people around, eat who he wants.  “It’s fantastic.”  And yes, the show should move from Bon Temps to Jackson, where there are better restaurants and large plantation houses.

Asked if he was rooting for Bill or Alcide, with regard to Sookie, Denis put it simply.  “I’m on Team Russell.  My team.”

Watch more True Blood drama unfolding Sunday night on HBO.

Source:  fancast.com

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VIDEO: Denis O’Hare at Comic-con 2010

July 26, 2010

True Blood‘s Denis O’Hare was interviewed at Comic-com 2010 and discussed his love for the show and how his character, the vampire king of Mississippi, Russell Egington, is covered in blood and deals with blood in many different ways on the show.  Enjoy!


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