True Blood’s Pam Dishes on the Upcoming Season

January 19, 2012

Need Another Reason to Look Forward to Season 5?

Alexander Skarsgård and Kristin Bauer van StratenIf you are anything like me and my friends, one of your favorite things about True Blood is Pam‘s great one liners. Between her and Lafayette there are plenty of great quotes throughout each season. E! Online sat down with Kristin Bauer van Straten to talk about the upcoming season and what’s in store for her character.

Though she was reluctant to reveal any plot details concerning the new season, Bauer still gave Pam fans plenty to look forward to. She gushed:

“Every script I get I go, ‘Oh my god, that’s better than I thought it would be.’ And wardrobe fittings, ‘Oh my god, that’s better than I could have imagined.'”

When you see one of the show’s actors this excited about things to come, you can’t help but to feel some of that energy and excitement. Bauer also spoke about working with Alexander Skarsgård, the sexy Eric Northman, and if his increasing fame has changed him at all. She spoke of Skarsgård’s fame, saying:

“He’s the same guy…We’re buddies. But watch I’ll go watch the movies and then get starstruck all of a sudden.”

Good to hear that he is still the same down to earth guy.

Though Bauer didn’t give away any plot point from the upcoming season, in my opinion that’s a good thing. That way we can all be shocked by those OMG neck twisting sex moments we all love!

Source: E! Online – True Blood‘s Pam Talks Season Five “Goodness” and Working With Superstar Alexander Skarsgård!

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Season 5 May Reveal How Pam Became A Vamp

January 9, 2012

A Trip Back In Time For Pam?

Kristin Bauer van Straten as vampire PamMany True Blood fans love the show’s in depth flashbacks, and judging from recent casting calls Alan Ball may be gearing up to give fans a flashback we’ve all been anticipating for a long time during Season 5.

Ball is looking for two characters in particular. A non-threatening man in his 30s and a prostitute oddly named “Washcloth Helen.” Both of these characters will be introduced to fans during a flashback to a San Francisco brothel in 1905.

The significance in this may be in the date. According to author Charlaine Harris, this is the year that Pam became a vampire. In the novels her transformation takes place in London, not San Francisco, but this may just be one of the many changes Alan Ball has made to the series. I for one am glad to still have Lafayette around!

Of course there is always the possibility that this scene has nothing to do with Pam or how she was made into a vampire. Now that she’s all pretty again, I hope we get to see lots more of my favorite sassy vamp this upcoming season!

Source: – True Blood Season 5 Speculation: What Happens in the San Francisco 1905 Flashback?

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Kristin Bauer Gasps at Sight of New True Blood Script

December 28, 2011

Pam Reveals Details of Premiere Episode

Kristin Bauer van Straten HBO promo S4We’ve known for a little while now that the title of True Blood’s Season 5 premiere episode  is “Turn, Turn, Turn.” According to Kristin Bauer van Straten, it’s rather poignant.  On October 26, she told that after she read the script twice, she thought:

Oh my god, [the title’s] perfect!  It’s so brilliant how each storyline, from where it left off at the end of last year, hits a major fork in the road that we’re launched into for the first episode of the new season. It’s very exciting. It left me wanting more so badly, and my only option was to read it again. These writers are really amazing.

She was, of course, tight-lipped about any juicy details, but when asked if there are any big changes for Pam, she laughed wickedly at the interviewer.  I suppose that’s about as good a hint as any that watchers can expect from the cast.

With seemingly endless months to go until the premiere, what big changes do you want to see in the new season? Let us know your wish list in the comments section!  Happy new year everyone!

Source: – ‘True Blood’ Season 5 Scoop: Kristin Bauer Reveals ‘Major Fork In The Road’

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Video: Kristin Bauer van Straten on Celebrity Ghost Stories

November 29, 2011

Season 3 Episode 12:

Kristin Bauer van Straten HBO promo S4Fans of both Kristin Bauer van Straten (Pam on HBO’s True Blood), and Celebrity Ghost Stories are in for a treat with this YouTube video!

Pam discusses an encounter from the other side, but first explains her beliefs:

“I believe and I know so strongly that we are beings that live in bodies and bodies come and go, but you can’t kill a soul.”

Bauer then goes on to discuss her father and the role he played in her life as she was growing up, as well as the devastation of discovering that her father had cancer and his subsequent death.

She then proceeds to discuss her life after the death of her father and how she managed to purchase a house that belonged to actor John Wayne and his wife.

Make sure you check out the whole video for her ghostly encounter in that house!

Source: YouTube –  Kristin Bauer – Celebrity Ghost Stories S03 EP12

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Kristin Bauer van Straten on ABC’s “Once Upon a Time”

September 29, 2011

Vampire Pam Takes a Turn as a Witch:

Kristin Bauer van Straten HBO promo S4

Kristin Bauer van Straten revealed via her Twitter account that she was heading to Vancouver to film an episode for ABC’S “Once Upon a Time.”  According to, “Once Upon a Time” is set in Storybrooke, a New England town full of fairytale characters who have forgotten who they are and have been thrust into the modern world.  While she didn’t give away too many details, she did mention getting ready for the role (and who she will play!) on Tuesday:

“Just got to Vancouver & had fantastical wardrobe fitting! Not sure Maleficent’s future But the present is pretty fun!”’s Meg Masters also revealed that Bauer will appear in the series’ second episode which will air on October 30th.  She will be joining a list of regulars from other shows who will be making one-episode appearances.  So, not to worry, Truebies!  Her cameo does not suggest that Vampire Pam will be going anywhere any time soon.  Though information is light, fans won’t have long to wait before seeing her take a scene-stealing turn on another supernatural show.

Are you excited to see Kristin Bauer van Straten in a new, fantastical role?  Do you think that this may lead to her being typecast in “supernatural” roles?  Share your thoughts below!

Sources:  TVLine, @BauervanStraten and

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True Blood’s Kristin Bauer van Straten Talks to Bella Sugar

September 14, 2011

New Tarte Cosmetics Range:

Kristin Bauer van Straten, as vampire Pam, in HBO's True BloodRecently, Annie Tomlin, Senior Editor for Bella Sugar, got to catch up with True Blood’s Kristin Bauer van Straten. They were both at the launch party at Sephora for Tarte’s new makeup range that has been inspired by the HBO show, True Blood.

The actress appreciates the fact that Tarte does not test on animals, a cause very near and dear to her heart, and is proud that her True Blood makeup artist designed the new line. Her favorite new item is the eyeshadow palette that she likes to call the “Pam palette”. It not only has colors that would look fabulous on vampire Pam, but it is packaged in a beautiful corset cover.

Make sure you check out the full interview before you go out and purchase your very own vampire makeup.

Source: Bella Sugar – True Blood’s Kristin Bauer On Staying Eternally Beautiful

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Kristin Bauer van Straten Talks Vampire Style with Runway

September 3, 2011

Her Style, On and Off-screen:

Kristin Bauer van Straten, vampire Pam on HBO's True BloodRecently Runway interviewed Kristin Bauer van Straten (who plays vampire Pam on HBO’s True Blood) about what makes Pam such a stylish vampire.

The actress was quick to praise the True Blood costume designer, Audrey Fisher and summed Pam’s unique style up as such:

“What I love about Pam is that she dresses for every single occasion. She really is a Barbie. In season one-for the vampire trial-she was Safari Barbie. For her day job before the club opens, she was Exercise Barbie (even though a vampire doesn’t need to exercise). We have done Harley Barbie. Kill Someone Barbie. Ladies Who Lunch Barbie. But a consistent theme, thanks to our costume designer Audrey [Fisher], is that every single detail is perfect.”

Bauer pointed out her own personal style faves too. She prefers Gap and Frye for something comfortable to wear. But when it comes to the red carpet, she is partial to Ralph Lauren.

As for vampires in general? Well, she admitted that she was known to leave her window open when she was younger in hopes that a vampire would come for her. Now, however, she loves the fact that she gets to play a vampire who loves being exactly what she is.

In real life, Bauer is not only an accomplished artist, but an advocate for animal welfare. She admits that she is not the only person on set who is environmentally conscious also.

“We have a couple of obsessive recyclers. We really have a lot of do-gooders on this set. At table reads, we’re often signing items for charity auctions. This goes all the way to the top of our show and our network — from animal rights to gay rights to help for disease research [to aid for] third-world children. It’s an amazing group of people.”

Speaking of artwork, she quite often uses her own artwork to raise money for her favorite charities. Currently she is planning to do a piece on Stephen Moyer (Bill Compton) to help raise money for the Amanda Foundation (a dog and cat rescue charity). There will be a concert also, that features True Blood cast members.

Beautiful, talented, and full of heart? We’ve got nothing but love for this lady. Truebies, would you agree?

Make sure you check out the full article here.

Source: – True Blood’s Kristin Bauer: Interview with a Vampire

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Video: Why Pam from True Blood is Loved!

August 11, 2011

Wet Paint Gives 3 Reasons Why:

Hey Truebies! In this video WetPaint gives their three reasons why they love Vampire Pam, played by the talented Kristin Bauer van Straten.

Reason #1: Pam has the best lines. Ever. Example?

“I’ll give you 24 hours to deliver that witch to me, and if you don’t, I will personally eat, f***, and kill all three of you.”

Reason #2: She is the ultimate badass, unlike the current mindset of her lovesick maker and king.

Reason #3: “Pam always looks fierce with a capital ‘F’.”

We couldn’t agree more!

What did you think of these reasons? What are your reasons for loving Pam? Leave them in the comment section below.

Source: – Why We Love True Blood’s Pam De Beaufort

(Video credit:  wetpaint on YouTube)
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Kristin Bauer van Straten Talks About Pam in Season 4 of True Blood

August 8, 2011

Digital Spy Reports:

Pam in spiked denim S4 Ep4Recently, Digital Spy has reported on what Kristin Bauer van Straten has to say about playing Pam in Season 4 of HBO’s True Blood.

There appear to be major complications in her life. She had this to say on how Pam will try to deal with all the drama and attempt to return her life to normal:

“We find out this year the lengths that she will go to make that happen and the methods that she’ll try, which as we’ve seen are going to be very different than what Bill would do and would be very different from what Eric would be able to do.”

Kristin is also quick to note that she is glad to see that Pam doesn’t have a complete meltdown after Eric goes missing and is found, minus a memory. She is glad that Pam chooses to go down fighting rather than crumble in a heap, which was possible after the degree of vulnerability that her character showed in Season 3.

Pam also has to deal more with her relationship with Sookie. Especially since they are both fighting for Team Eric this season. But, needless to say, with HBO, nothing is ever simple:

“Pam finds Sookie alluring as well, like many vampires. The only thing keeping Pam from going after Sookie is that Eric doesn’t want to share this one. On top of it, Pam is a bit possessive of Eric. So it’s a really complicated relationship.”

While, in regards to Eric and his amnesia, she had this to say:

“Alex without memory… Is that not the sweetest thing? So charming. Alex is so charming and so funny and so smart. He’s just the loveliest guy and… the scenes with him this year… I told him, the girls are going to be stratospherically in love, not that they weren’t already.”

So is it true, do we love Eric more with his amnesia?


Sources: Digital Spy – ‘True Blood’ Kristin Bauer Teases Eric Storyline

‘True Blood’ Kristin Bauer: ‘I Admire the New Pam’

‘True Blood’ Kristin Bauer: ‘Pam Will Go Feral’

‘True Blood’ Kristin Bauer: ‘Vampires Try to Rein Pam In’

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HBO’s True Blood Comic-Con 2011 Panel: Spoilers and More!

July 31, 2011

The Cast and Alan Ball Answer Moderator and Audience Questions:

Comic-Con 2011 logoThe True Blood cast came out on stage at ComicCon to rousing applause and it’s clear from these videos, there were many die-hard fans in the room. Many spoilers were announced and teasers were uncovered. The panel included: Anna Paquin (Sookie), Stephen Moyer (Bill), Ryan Kwanten (Jason), Rutina Wesley (Tara), Alexander Skarsgård (Eric), Kevin Alejandro (Jesus), Kristin Bauer (Pam), Nelsan Ellis (Lafayette), Deborah Ann Woll (Jessica), and Alan Ball.

A few juicy bits gleamed from these videos:

  • Rutina Wesley “secretly loves the UFC”.
  • When an audience member asked if Eric will remember his time with Sookie, Alan replied: “I feel like that’s too much to give away…no, yes, maybe” Of course, the one question we all wanted answered!
  • When asked if there was any hope for Bill and Sookie the audience started to cheer, but it quickly turned to boos.
  • Anna takes you through the “sausage party” that consisted of her, Joe and Alexander filming the scene at the lake – minus the clothes for the men.
  • The panel is asked what their favorite parts of the season have been so far – some answers might surprise you!
  • The Comic-Con panel contains actors from many nations and it’s apparent when the audience starts asking questions that they are just as multinational.
  • My favorite question of the night was to Alexander Skarsgård: “What in his (Eric’s) history created such a straight up badass?”
  • The most interesting bit of news came from an audience member who asked if the show keeps up the pace it has with the books (a book a season). How long will this show stay on the air? Alan’s response: “As we get further down the road less and less, this season is based on the book…I think the show has a tremendous amount of life. I hope to get to the point where it becomes a problem for us in the writers room why the vampires are aging.”
  • Noticable absences were Sam Trammell home expecting his baby twins, and Joe Manganiello who is working on a film project.

There is so much more to see in these videos. Check them out and tell us what questions you would have asked, or what answer you would have liked to hear!


Sources: Wetpaint: True Blood Comic-Con 2011 Panel Video, Part 1

WetPaint: True Blood Comic-Con 2011 Panel Video, Part 2

WetPaint: True Blood Comic-Con 2011 Panel Video, Part 3

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