Talkin’ True Blood with Rusty Lipscomb – Dayroom Info and More

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rusty-2Rusty Lipscomb, retired Set Decorator for HBO‘s True Blood, was so kind as to look into some questions we had from the fans and she chatted up Laura Richarz, the current True Blood Set Decorator to get the 411 just for you fans!

Gretchen asked:

I would love more information about Sophie-Anne‘s Day Room.

Rusty answers:

The pool house (day room) is located on an estate in Malibu, CA. and overlooks an outdoor pool and the ocean. [Editor’s Note: I’m SO jealous!] The interior decoration is entirely made of shells; the chandeliers, the wall sconces, the mouldings and the statuary and was entirely designed by the owner of the property.  Laura Richarz, set decorator, added new cushions to the existing furniture, the yahtzee table and cushions, handmade shell pots and palms.  Suzuki Ingerslev, production designer, designed the diorama boxes on the exterior of the windows to simulate a daylight seaside scene for Sophie-Anne‘s pleasure. The diorama boxes had long capiz shell chandeliers for a hanging light source.


I don’t know about the rest of you but I honestly didn’t notice there was anybody other than Bill in the room in this photo much less a pool or those great dioramas in the background!  Luckily Bill wasn’t lounging in his trunks in every shot of this beautiful and mysterious room and I did get to enjoy the visual impact of the set. I hope we get to see the ‘day room’ again with some focus on those diorama’s that obviously took so much work!
Net wrote:
Is there a picture anywhere of the back of Gran’s house?  I have seen all of it
but the view from the back.  Thanks!
Rusty kindly replies:
A photo was not provided but here is some information regarding that mysterious 4th side.Everything being built for the show does have to fit within a budget!  That being said, things do not get built or in this case, finished, unless they are scripted or necessary to the action. [Editor’s Note: So it possibly didn’t exist until the end of season 2!] The back of the house is featured in episode 12, were Maryann meets the bull.  The darkness of night and the direction of the camera did not allow for good viewing of the back of the house.  If it had, a rose garden would have been revealed, which is the source of the roses that are always on the dining table and in the kitchen.  There is also a picnic table, metal chairs, a potting bench and the clothes line used by Gran in season 1.  Hopefully, we will see this side in daylight in season 3.
The above photo was tweaked to show a bit more of the house (I know adjusting the gamma reduces the impact of the white bull and white dressed Maryann, but we’re trying to look at the house here!) Thanks so much Rusty and Laura!  It’s just wonderful to see how these things happen behind the scenes.  It reminds me of those logic tests I used to take which taught me never to assume the fourth side of a building is the same color as the front.. in television we can’t even assume there IS a fourth side of the house!
If you have any other set questions to ask Rusty please put them into the comments section below!
(Photo credit: HBO)