Talkin’ True Blood with Rusty Lipscomb: “Release Me”

August 12, 2009 by  

What exactly is Maryann? And what about shaking, vibrating thing she does?  Horned mask and really scarymaryann_season_2_true_blood2 claws?  Maenad?  Handmaiden of Dionysis?   GOD??  How about one evil lady!   She had quite an orgy going on and all those naked people must have been really cold out there at night!   The wardrobe department surely had their hands full trying to robe the extras between takes!  With all the night shooting the weather is always a factor.   And believe it or not, there are many background actors that do not mind doing nudity indoors or out.  I am sure we will not be disappointed when all is finally revealed about Maryann.  She and her bloody legs and that dead (and fake) rabbit coming into Sookie’s house, yuk!  The Propmaster [Editor’s Note: Bryan Duff] is the one to get the animals that appear to be dead and this rabbit looked really good, very realistic, as did Maryann‘s bloody legs.  The makeup department does a great job [Editor’s Note: Dan Rebert is the Makeup Effects Producer]!

I must say that I do like seeing more of Eric on the show but I think he was much hotter with his long golden locks, I do miss that.  There seems to be something going on with him..does he really want Sookie for himself or is it just dominance over Bill??  I liked the bloody tears he shed over Godric and the emotion that they reveal.  That is new for Eric and it adds to his appeal.

Do you think that the gun Sam had hidden in his fireplace (hope he didn’t keep it loaded!), is a special kind of gun?  Why not just keep it in his safe?  I have always liked Sam, he’s a good guy albeit a bit confused about the ladies.  He finally finds one of his shapeshifting type, she’s cute, she’s available and she’s working for Maryann!  He’s not a lucky in love kind of guy.  I enjoyed decorating his office and his trailer in season 1.  There’s been a lot of comments about the Dog watching over the golden haired Girl print on his wall.  It is from the late 1800’s and the title is “I Dare You to Touch Her!”  I found it in an antique store in Paso Robles, near where I live and I couldn’t resist it.   Lots of the set dressing came from this area.


Then there is Hoyt and Jessica.  Who would have guessed and they are so, so cute together.  I loved the multiple red candles and the red rose petals in the very contemporary, monochromatic hotel room.  So sweet, so romantic and wouldn’t Hoyt‘s mother, Maxine, have the biggest fit!  Speaking of the hotel rooms, what a great looking set; fabulous fireplace, love the rolldowns that sun proof the rooms and they are so well furnished!   The only thing bothering me about them is the presence of Lorena.  I thought she was beautiful as the Civil War widow in the candle lit cabin, but now she is keeping Bill and Sookie apart and we can’t have that…but she is still beautiful.  Will Bill be able to break the hold she has on him and help Sookie?

And so much is going on at the Fellowship of the SunJason, whose body has that definite WOW factor, always manages to get the lady and get himself in trouble.   Ryan Kwanten does such a fantastic job with this character, you got to love this naughty, yet naive boy who can’t resist reaching into the cookie jar.  Could Steve Newlin be any perkier?  And his wife, Sarah, be any prettier?  Do they ever stop smiling?  But they do have great teeth!  There is so much more happening with the Newlins, Sookie, Godric, Jason getting shot……looking forward to the next episode!