Tanya Wright’s Debut Novel: Butterfly Rising

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An inspirational story of redemption and friendship as readers follow two women whose lives are changed forever as they embark on an unlikely spiritual journey; also slated for release as a feature film.

Actress Tanya Wright is thrilled about the publication of her gripping debut novel, BUTTERFLY RISING ((978-1453650363; $15.00; Paperback; 257 pp), which was inspired by her own experience with personal tragedy and transformation. Known to fans worldwide through her recurring role as the saucy, outspoken Deputy Kenya Jones on HBO’s hit series True Blood— as well as numerous other television and film roles including 24, NYPD Blue, ER and The Cosby ShowWright channels her powerful sense of drama and human emotion into the unforgettable and compelling story of two women who form an unlikely, life-long friendship and their fateful encounter with the mysterious ‘Lazarus of the Butterflies’.

When singer Lilah Belle’s brother dies, she decides to leave her hometown of Lucasville to find solace on the open road. Seeking a companion for the journey, she coaxes Rose Johnson– whose provocative reputation with other women’s husbands in the small town is the stuff of legends– to come along for the ride. These two broken souls steal a vintage truck and head toward a town called Newhope, where a chance encounter with the mythical– and possibly magical—‘Lazarus of the Butterflies’ brings about riveting changes for Rose and Lilah, altering their lives in ways that neither could have expected. The journey results in an unforgettable spiritual awakening which binds the women together forever.

“I hope the message in BUTTERFLY RISING inspires people to believe in their dreams, no matter how far-reaching they may seem,” Wright says. “In today’s world, it’s easy to put our dreams last on our daily list of ‘things to do,’” says Wright. “BUTTERFLY RISING—a bumpy and emotional journey towards hope and rebirth— is a story that suggests our dreams may actually be the bridge to leading a productive, fulfilling and extraordinary life. The journey of Lilah and Rose also exemplifies that second chances are infinitely real and deserved.”

An accomplished actress and writer, Wright found the inspiration for BUTTERFLY RISING in the loss of her brother and the transformation she experienced in her own life at that time. Originally penned as a screenplay, Wright directed and stars in a film version of the story that is awaiting national release. To learn more about the movie and the inspiration behind it, visit www.butterflyrisingthemovie.com.

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About the Author Tanya Wright:

Tanya Wright is an actress, writer and director. Currently featured in a recurring role on HBO’s “True Blood,” the Bronx, NY native is a multi-talented creative force. Following a brief stint at the New York Times, Wright moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. Since then, she has appeared in ground-breaking shows including “24,” “NYPD Blue,” “ER” and the Morgan Freeman-produced NBC feature “Mutiny.” Wright is also the writer and creator of several screenplays and television pilots, a soap opera, a web- based series and a reality show. She enjoys physical activities such as yoga, dance, bike riding and hiking and is committed to mentoring projects for young girls and other artists.

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Below is a video of Tanya discussing about her book, “Butterfly Rising“.