Ten Reasons Why We Love Vampires!

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true-blood-close-upVampires have always been a popular genre, from the days of Nosferatu,  Dracula, Anne Rice’s vampires, and right up to the modern day: from the zeitgeist kick started by Charlaine Harris and Stephanie Meyer, right up to cinema’s latest offering, “The Vampire‘s Assistant.”  But what is it that people find so compelling about the subject?  Lets have a look at some of the key programs and characters that have appeared lately…

True Blood has to be top of the list, especially for fans of our website!  Taken by Alan Ball from the hit series of books penned by Charlaine Harris with fans eagerly awaiting the tenth book in the series, this show is now heading into its third season on HBO, which already shows it has massive ratings and critical success in a time where shows have been canceled after two or three episodes.  This is due in large part to the sheer skill and force behind the series – fantastic actors, incredible writing, and extraordinary production values, which all contribute to making this show the massive draw that it is today.

The Vampire DiariesTrue Blood for teens, but don’t let that put you off!  Taken from another set of books by L.J Smith, this is the story of a young girl torn between two brother vampires, one good and one evil… but who will win Elena’s heart?

Kristen Stewart – The female breakout star of Twilight; we get to watch her portray the struggle of a human in love with a vampire, with all the Sturm und Drang of their relationship continuing on in the next release of the installment, New Moon, which is released on 20th November…

Lesbian Vampire KillersVampirism’s answer to the Zombie hit Shawn of the Dead; it hasn’t reached the same heights of success, but has proven to be an cult comedy hit, helping to ‘feed’ the interest in the vampire genre…

Dead and Lonely – a new web series that has just premiered at ifc.com on the 26th October, revolves around two lonely singles from Los Angeles who meet through DateOrDie.net, a popular dating website.  The twist in this tale is that one of the singletons not only has a lonely heart, they also have an unbeating one!

Stephanie Meyer – the author of the Twilight saga, and arguably one of the main forces for bringing vampires into the forefront of today’s popularity boom, penned her saga after she dreamt the whole story… A magical start to a magical story!

Alexander Skarsgard – This handsome Swede plays Eric, the Sheriff of Area 5 in Louisiana, the bad boy who also attracts – and is attracted to – Sookie and Bill‘s competitor.  Mr. Skarsgard’s prescence has helped raise the already steamy temperature in Bon Temps. Many fans of the show look forward to seeing the viking vampire and the possible intrigue he will bring on screen.

Robert Pattinson – The male breakout star of Twilight, the reluctant British sex symbol has become the one to watch, pulling in massive crowds eager to see him play Edward Cullen, Bella’s vampire lover.  Not too shabby for the boy who first became known through a supporting part in the Harry Potter films; its from one set of blockbusters to another for Mr. Pattinson…

Anna Paquin – The embodiment of Sookie Stackhouse, Anna is the heart of True Blood, relatable and a touchstone of reality in the fantastic world of Bon Temps.  Although not without skills and talents of her own (most significantly, telepathy), she brings courage, humanity, and light to a show, which otherwise may become immeasurably dark and foreboding.  When watching a show like True Blood, its nice to have a character who is experiencing the same wonder and discovery as ourselves, the viewers.

Steven Moyer – Like Tom Cruise managed to do in the 90s, this decade Stephen Moyer, the male lead on True Blood, has infused elegance and gentlemanly regal into his role as Bill.  A vampire who has returned to his birthplace of Bon Temps to live a peaceful life with his human lover Sookie. However, Bon Temps seems to be a place of turbulence and Bill’s desire for peace has been disrupted once again, this time with dangerous consequences for himself as he has been kidnapped by unknown forces. Like Sookie, we all are asking “Bill?”

No matter what type of vampire you enjoy watching or reading, there is plenty of new interpretations and adaptations to satisfy any vampire fan!

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