The Dark Door: Vamp Stamps

May 8, 2010 by  

Greetings all dark hearted and dark curious lovelies. Though the current popularity of the vamp milieu and True Blood is no secret I still find myself amused at some the forms in which it appears. These bracelets were a somewhat isolated item in a rather kitschy ‘attraction’ store:

“I [heart] Vampires”      “Vamp it Up”

Initially I laughed but then it occurred to me: what a useful device. How much easier would it be for vampires to find a willing donor. None of the wasted time or pesky legalities of attacking the unwilling and being chastised by the AVL.

“Ah, but what of the hunt?”, you say. The hunt always exists as an option but some days efficiency is best – like the difference between having time for a gourmet five course meal vs. a microwave dinner.  And we all know how the artificial Tru Blood is to real blood like soy milk is to moo juice – not even of the same scientific kingdom.

“I want to be IMMORTAL”

Is having a possible infinite number of days and freedom from human illness and frailty enough to make such a long existence satisfying?  Hmmm.

After being on this earth for so long – like Eric Northman‘s 1,000+ years –  wouldn’t all human pettiness and tendency to repeat the same mistakes be enough to make the undead want to move to Mars (with some form of replenishing blood source of course)?

“Just let me try it,” I hear – much like those who wish to test the money-is-the-root-of-all-evil theory by being smothered in it first and reporting back later. Can’t blame you.

In the end, my final bracelet choice I found particularly amusing and appropriate:
“Give Blood. Date a Vampire

With the impending  arrival of characters like Alcide on the True Blood scene I believe we shall soon see a rise in Werewolf paraphernalia. May I suggest: “Howl at the Moon”, “DON’T Bite Me” and “I Want to Be Hairy”.

photo credit: Earienne