Theo Alexander and his Big Moment with Alexander Skarsgard

August 11, 2010 by  

Most viewers are still in shock after Sunday’s explosive show of True Blood where it seemed as though everyone on the show was either fighting or making love, or both. Theo Alexander who plays the lovable but high maintenance Talbot. It appears as though viewers really loved how he whined to Russell about his new “wife” and how easy it was for him to demand that Eric get naked.  Many of us stood up and cheered for him on Sunday, and just as the action began,  Eric Northman literally back stabbed him.

During an interview after Sunday’s showing, Theo was asked about how his family will react, Theo assures viewers that his mom will receive the DVD set without that scene. The Greece native recently was home and has received nothing but positive support for his role on the show both by his friends and viewers.  When he was asked how he prepared for that day and scene, Theo said that it was very hard for him to play that scene and there were a lot of nervous energy between him and Alexander. Other actors had even given him advice, but he knew that he would just have to be as professional as possible and really  take a few moments before the scene to unwind, Theo mentions that he played a slow love song that really reminded him of his character.

“I did some acting exercises. I was playing the archetype of a lover, so I put on a sexy, slow song and almost did like a belly dance. I tried to get into the mindset of just being sexy and not caring about your sexual preferences and just acting on that attraction.”

Theo explains that in order to prepare for his role of being Denis O‘Hare‘s lover of 700 years, he and Denis had to really get to know one another. They went camping, went to dinner and mainly just talked. He says that in his eyes, they bonded almost immediately.  Theo has a lot of respect for Denis and seems to genuinely be in awe of him.

“We thought about the important moments, like when I was turned into a vampire. We thought about secrets between us, ranging from our sexual lives to how we played good cop/bad cop in front of people, because they truly have a different persona in front of people than what they have in their own bedroom. We had secrets from our characters’ personal lives though that we never revealed to our costars. The most important thing for me was to “fall in love” with Denis as an artist and as an actor. That wasn’t difficult because he was so kind and so open. I’m very proud to call him a friend now. For a young actor to work with someone with a Tony who gets international recognition for his craft, it’s very flattering.”

So, the big questions are will we see more of Talbot and how angry will Russell be after Talbots death. Theo has an answer to one of our questions,

” Well, my vampire goes through ancient rituals and he comes back as a straight, nice vampire and he goes out with Sookie. [Laughs] At least, that is my plan for Talbot.”

Very Funny. See how this love story unfolds this Sunday on HBO.


Photo Credit: HBO