Title and Casting Info for Episode 7 of HBO’s True Blood

April 16, 2013 by  

SPOILER ALERT! True Blood’s Episode 7 of Season 6 has a Title:

HBO's True Blood - Promo PosterAccording to SpoilerTV.com, the episode will be called ‘The Funeral’. This title alone has me worried for the cast members of True Blood!

Apparently a flashback to 1665 will occur. In this period of time, the plague was rampant and the casting call is for someone to play the role of King Charles II. There is also a second casting call for a scene occurring in a present day Tru Blood factory, although there is no indication yet as to what is required for this scene.

As an extra tasty little morsel, SpoilerTV are saying that Nicole’s mother, Mary, will make an appearance in this episode. Nicole is being played by Jurnee Smollett-Bell and you can find more information on this new character here.

Source: SpoilerTV.com – True Blood – Episode 6.07 – Title and casting info

(Photo Credit: HBO Inc.)